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lives to save. lives . i'm going to. look. at least somebody from the. field thought of going to look into all the little salt in the soft fluid as they're going to look and if you could tell when i promise i can settle for a man that should give them
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a little please please please look. please. let people and you. just. simply please. please. please. please. lend.
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look look look look look look please. please. please. please come and. see if i can you would like to see look. look. lead. the way.
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i look you want to listen rose was no my littlest was. it so good a lot. of it is just this is a loose study of the moment of them which was so much love and thanks. jennifer you. feel the love of guns in the blue of the land of the friendly the flood on the full sun we don't believe it would go to see this film closer to. the us. all you have to move this.
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was the second losing on the spot. oh i don't. want to. go back yet. sometimes they also. say camels good morning nothing. to back out it's enough to know me. i don't say i want him to find the dances on the soft field far i can tell you that scientific heart just how. all man it is there is every now and then some that would be had a bit of flair. if you give. him a cell phone with my mom. telling me. that
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we do have only the first set in my. office. all. in the world. and i got it from internet. and so i walked off for a little mic relations with another country has. been around. for been so since a lot because there were a lot. of doors with people not getting out of there for.
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what they have to do to other people what is your. hour. or all day. think there was. it called good killers or. the only ones who i think did it did to me. out of one of us when. they asked me what we can do. and if you want to. just thought corporation it should be. yes i'm. not there. but that's me. we want to went after years of because. if we cannot enter. we are sick but it is wrong. i don't think there is a. vision the only.
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he did to me know i have a philistine has a talent. and. he has or doesn't if he had the it thought of mom would you know how the. children you work and the number. of them it was a little bit to you all to hear although we talked to jenny here yeah and that's about it is not normal and you need to look on the magical bucket in the middle of the day you similarly sort out what did you think that. you. had. a vision for i mean another idea and. in this little. demand of my you may use hello no not to look allow them. to be to myself. and had a negative view that other yet mentioned that here they felt of the if you know
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less conceptual bullshit then again in the summer of the in the top of this i want to be as you well know down in cold p.d.q. myself you can also do it i don't want a lot of the scenes that are on the go they must all become the pseudo was eleven. and then i'm unclear. how i'm going to behave when i come along. in our fall that. unless they come with no money. senator. welcome.
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to natalie. for me i do but i love them. that's why i started to work for wildlife moments in racing in the in the study. when i started. with the right tools to make it as more than. before it was knocking over you know it is six cases and all designs. and all these
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kids or old things inside and all the work zoo is changed so i stopped all the change in this book. but. how to move the suit. so this is the minimum standards. it's neither of those things.
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please look at. these meetings. good. luck of.
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half. a world cup twenty eight team coverage where you. signed one of the greatest kill people. but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach . you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to go to the center of the beach with all we with you and we'll show you all the great britain if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go.
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alone. and i'm really happy to join the for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one. meets just at the reno theology team's latest edition of make up as we go so i need to just look. at. one else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me lol just to stamp out these things you can stick out to. and gain from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look
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for common ground. both the palestinians and israelis need. to give. in the illusionary dreams of getting revenge on the other we are staying here they are staying here in the valley surely we have to find ways of living side by side peacefully. in the political will and will live for his moment. to cause the extinction of the will to continue. as. it is and to telephone a settlement. had a clue how can i be ready. just on the other one hundred percent of how much you know he's. talking about i think you know to think you know. if you did
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misattribute. to get him into terrorist model for us to me. a little bit hot commodity we would treat women our pixy. sort of almost any sort of the need for us to near see the super slightly. out of them want to see shocking millionaire cream on top of the no. help us of them. must have. made nigel massey. even a spotted it's only been more for carla and than about what i can predict what to feel sure you. get that one follows the end of the five hundred two he a little cocky and how to do the quality of the talk a little. bit i mean be in the air and make a little out of the. little
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. middle age too badly. no there was a real. feel that was out of sync if you. must we shouldn't allow the lack of air on the heavy on here. yet in my head it will a man of. ox look at the serious looking man i'm going to come up. to a lot of the to fall the hell and get me at the end of. it as it hasn't in ten years in my little house in in kenya. you know there's been feet up i mean i want to be bad. ok.
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so look. here if it. might. i know but there's this if you can prove that the mission employee doesn't have enough times and to listen and then. excuse me. i don't know. if that was not to look at that. but it's not as. if you can pull the acknowledge a little differently purely going to be restored you'll be in the rattle something
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of a drink yet feel. so if you know. but only hear your words here. you have been going on before they don't take thought it was a man who caused a misplaced share the blame that suzy's a feeling anyway from the bush people but. then you're alive then i go into look the study hall meeting with me yeah no charge no doubt just over they should make you question that it was obvious to me that you. do not want to see. and you know it and that plans to expand their job as we move forward that a lot of other counties can see from the a.t.o.
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this week and it looks at them and said jump and the redesign for this week as as. you want there was a tenuous four months by like the snow to home you'll see me just get your outlets out to. come back to help us if. we should do leave the city feel it gave them all over possible. he could give you maybe a fifth which would be the you know maybe ms for me to get a seat ok and mental fit of the committed to do it loving people you like and it this is in my capacity as selfish to him first the idea i'm not sure and tingles we can only. if you leave gets filled with stool. still.
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to give a live and. not a political is a less a good long story called kiddo of dollars from cooking the books. they don't see yet. difference because that's how i think it's also that it's about it i'd be surprised if we have some influence but. i can fly i can fly. as a. ship. a. very tender to get into because. it was there with the will to get me to work. there yeah you would get me through a flood yeah i'm going to go for gold i didn't come there is a possibility to tell you this is broke and maybe you can get it notes in perfect record but the man at the sound in my political bid you know that. something hot like and gives it to at number six when we can deal with these balkan you're going
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to live in places to those children and. you don't need to know it's not for. social change. this maybe if these two paths this it could take on you don't need me to come back for the robotic chairs around should become. part of. the you just need. to leave. the first. i believe something with. the we have the local
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council to show the school. money because it was for that it was. just. for only. sixteen years. can divide. but money just come from very fast and go very fast. linda go over and. saw. this is liberal and. if people start to understand you start to understand you not understand. believe so than any other be able. side he was. a very good man who understand what i mean but the minute. i mean for the look for me. but some of the gun. the
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thing. nothing. out there was. i think for the thing. this is a. vision. point it is really. big a make. people think.
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yeah it's needed that general down the public and international relations office saturday at kind. going to see panicky in palestine. is so close no good. i want to ask you about the allegations of evil as well the world is the news of our lovely kids you. carry. your. yes yes you see out how we will be used by this visit. and i love you too thank you for your influence in following all of our
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application. you see it is so far so good you see fortunately everything here in palestine is a little to politics. but. this is most of those are muslims one of the this is a little of us on the going to the. visit of the local mosque about something. it is right there. that. i was.
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ok. only. had enough of them and so would have done so well. jim i hear something a lot of old and i said ok and he said you know that i said i was only in the realm of the question of who are you to them for. how you. say we how are you i think if you have those who are close or how difficult. has it been i'm joking i do have a good little kid. who didn't look at the news he just moved to beyond the canal to some kind of i don't know and the thing where the person from home rather plead with him to some time couldn't he hasn't been at the club the kid you could tell you who she worked at the local equivalent to close and
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a good mood would be if you feel i mean you want to perhaps you can join in the afternoon hang it up call me do what i think he made a comment i made it very back. to . transform policy could be described as double speak the president doesn't have
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a defined policy approach even goals are difficult to discern is this what the art of the deal means is transform policy making america great again the world safer. most people think to stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read in truth to stand up lose distance is just the dance the right questions demand the right answers. questions. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenalin much comes
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from. and you can use a nice plain definition and the extremes who will fully support. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. important people of course colorful all possible for so for the last. undismayed and infirm then on monday we're all good on policy in the start. of a broader where no i figure out really did a poll that i now want to get. the meaning in reason is that at least if you don't buy the involves it's constantly evolving.
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shaykh side of history in the making north and south korea's leaders agreed to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons during their first decade mean. more than a dozen syrians testify at the hague saying that chemical attack in the town of duma was in fact this day. you know they have all they were scared they started to pour water on me i don't know why they did this as professionals we saw that there were no symptoms suggesting chemical weapons had been used. protests that have already seen forty killed in the thousands. to go on for another two weeks.


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