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tv   Politicking  RT  April 27, 2018 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution you craft to have someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. a dokken defeat for the administration but the president's so-called travel ban may
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just get past the element legal hurdle we action from longtime democratic congressman and current ohio gubernatorial candidate dennis kucinich on this edition of. welcome to politicking on larry king a federal judge ruled this week that the trumpet ministration must halt its plan to end the deferred action for children arrivals program the obama era policy that. children brought to the united states illegally to stay in the country and work toward permanent citizenship separate mr terms controversial travel ban which he talent throughout his presidential campaign and attempted to implement in the beginning days of his a ministration has been legally challenge since and it may wind up passing the old legal test with the supreme court we'll get a quick analysis on this and
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a lot of other things from the former ohio congressman dennis kucinich who also twite dismayed runs for the democratic presidential nomination and is currently a candidate for the ohio governor's office will also get into the controversy the former congressman faces regarding payments to his political action committee from a group considered pro assad and the pro syrian government deficit all compete for joins me from cleveland ohio i've been interviewing did this for forty years. welcome aboard. larry thank you so much for the invitation and i always look forward to our conversations and yes this is somewhat of a fortieth anniversary for us so happy anniversary and same to you ok the federal judge go back to the trump was with the station saying that they not only have to accept renewal applications from dreamers but also because this was
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a make of that ruling well i'm happy about the ruling you know i've been a strong supporter of the dreamers i think it it really reflects on who we are as americans that we would try to send these young people out of the country when they're in many ways a great hope for america south to continue our tradition of drawing people in from around the world having having this great melting pot that is been so reflective of who we are so yeah i agree with the federal decision and i'm hopeful that if it goes to the supreme court that the supreme court will uphold it because the through no fault of their own these young people find themselves in the country and why should they be denied educational benefits why should they be nice be denied opportunities they're part of america for all intents and purposes they are americans so look enough of these enough of this division about separately the
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muslim travel ban that the supreme court level of war so i do you come. again it's not a close question i mean it's freedom of association it's freedom of religion and frankly i think it's a mark against america's highest aspirations that we would create bans for people to travel this country to this country but i'll tell you one thing i mean no matter where people are from whatever country whatever the religion or the. persuasion of the country look if someone has a criminal record. specifically with respect to violence i think that we have a right to ban people from coming into our country but to do it on the basis of religion that's against what america ought to stand for ok dennis you were a long time congressman you were mayor of the great city of cleveland and now you're one of six candidates seeking the democratic nomination for governor why.
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well i i think that i can bring a transformation to this state in terms of its politics. i stand for universal health care for all ohioans no more premiums co-pays and deductibles get the for profit incentive out of health care cover everyone help people survive major illnesses and economically because a lot of families go get crushed ice and for education for all to your free college i want to get rid of assault weapons it's a big problem nationally five states have banned assault weapons i want to know how to be the sixt i want to make sure that we end fracking where it's damaging our water supplies and stop deep injection wells i want to do everything i can to make sure that ohio. is a place where elementary and secondary education becomes important right now a billion dollars a year of take it out of our education budget by for profit charters and i want to
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end that practice there are so many areas of reform that ohio is right for to rebuild the state a new deal type program where we rebuild our roads bridges water systems sewer system put ohioans back to work new energy proposals new agricultural proposals it's about transformative government and i'm i'm ready to do that why is it politically tough to figure out of ohio. well you know i think when you analyze it only on a base of political parties it's tough to figure it out but when you look at the aspirations of people for jobs and good wages and for decent homes and health care it's a little bit easier to figure out because there are aspirations that are common to all ohioans but unfortunately my pocket of the democratic party missed the boat when it went for nafta that hurt them in ohio these other trade agreements hurt the democrats in ohio when the democrats participated in
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a wall street bailout that hurt us in ohio because there are a lot of homeowners who lost their homes or went underwater lost their equity and they were upset that the government help wall street not main street and then there's the wars that our party has often bought into wars based on lies that have forced and not forced because families to send their beloved children to fight or to or to serve some didn't come back some were seriously injured and you know there's been a breach of faith on the part of the democrats the democratic party establishment and so people are open they're looking for new paths one thing done this uniting the democrats is there any feeling but on the other hand you on a number of issues been complimentary to the president even more complementary than you were to taste which the incumbent governor who can succeed himself but who certainly consider it the most moderate of the prominent republicans how do you
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explain this trumpeted a sick feeling on your part well first of all john case it is not running for reelection he's not a factor in this race let's talk about president trump. you have to remember larry i started in politics fifty one years ago donald trump's been here a year when he talked about ending any new trade agreements and said they were working against america i agreed with that when he talked about get. america out of these foreign wars i agreed with that but there are other things i disagree with you bet for example building a wall immigration policies the infrastructure he wants to privatized a lot of it nope and you know and the facts are we continuing in these wars i disagree so you know i i feel this way that as potentially the next governor of ohio i need to reserve a right to work with anybody in the government in the interest of the people of
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ohio i do not think it serves a potential governor well or the people of a state or the american people to engage in partisan conflict for the sake of partisan conflict i'm not that kind of person if i have a difference of opinion with a democrat or republican i won't hesitate to state it but at the same time i don't happen to think that it's wise for the democratic party to put all of its political capital and simply opposition to the president without offering a viable alternative we're not hearing a party talk about jobs for all about health care for all about getting out of iraq and afghanistan and and libya and one hundred thirty other countries were stationed in with over eight hundred bases we're not talking about the party yet taking a transformative position but i am in ohio and so what i'm doing in ohio is showing
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what democrats actually can stand for you've heard some controversy over syria president trump has called all assad a monster you've met assad what do you make of them. well he's trying to hold this country together i don't agree with all his policies but i think that every country has a right to make a decision as to how it should be run i've talked to the opposition in syria people who oppose president assad and what they've told me is that we don't like him but we don't want other countries coming in here and taking over our country we don't want other religions coming in and taking over damascus and then we have to fall in line with what they think we want to solve our own problems here you know that the situation in syria is continues to be a flashpoint for the entire middle east and my concern is this that when you have russia there and you have the united states now there and iran there you have the
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makings of a potential for a much broader world war and so my involvement has always been to try to keep things on a path towards peace to open up a dialogue with all the parties not just one person but all the parties to see if there's a way to to lessen the violence you know unfortunately the last few years it's continues to. be to be generated i heard you have to admit assad has done terrible things well look larry i'm not an apologist for him by any means and i will not and i'm not but i will tell you this that it serves the united states no purpose to get into a world war over syria so do i oppose the president's policies there of course but the question i have is how do we make it so that we use diplomacy to get
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away from having a conflict with russia which could lead to a world war of devastating consequences may not and. or we could say it's not a gubernatorial issue but you did you are attacked did accept thousands of dollars from the two brothers you attended a conference last year in london funded by a group sympathetic to the government. take us or money from that side well first of all the two brothers are not sympathizers they're democratic party supporters they have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to democrats or help raise tens of thousands of dollars for democratic candidates across the spectrum including the former governor of ohio criticized me for. being funded by them so you know they're they're americans they were born in lebanon war torn country at that time and they want to see peace in the middle east they're
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christians they don't want christians to be slaughtered in the middle east and they support peace as i do and i feel that they're being smeared as well now with respect to the group. that i gave. you had individuals there who are part of the house of lords of the of the u.k. you had the archbishop of canterbury was at the same event i was invited to attend in a speech that i gave which is on my website at percentage dot com was one where i talked about peace it wasn't in support of of the regime it wasn't in support of any particular group i was talking about fundamentals of how we explore the science of human relations to try to get people to settle their differences without violence and the imperative of nonviolent conflict resolution in the middle east larry i've been spending my whole life standing up for peace and i'm not about to change that
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and any time that i'll give you then stay right there we'll have a little more politicking after the break.
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in july twenty seventh in philadelphia to a freelance journalist working with on time militant shelling in syria. to own it his sacrifice quality has established the khaled also to have a memorial of lives they will recognize war reporters who often risk their lives for the sake of the truth and through that piece you can submit to your published works in either a video or a written form go to a war and on t.v. don't comb into now. trumps foreign policy could be described as double speak the president doesn't have a defined policy approach even goals are difficult to discern is this what the art of the deal means is trumps foreign policy making america great again the world safer. so back to politicking i'm
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told he would dennis civics the former u.s. representative from ohio and the democratic candidate is trying to get the candidate to be the candidate for governor of the great state of ohio he's. usually last year on fox news uses special counsel bob muller's investigation of the russian elections of third was a deep state conspiracy against donald trump you still believe do you think the president should fire moeller well i would advise him against firing moeller and my comments related to the deep state related to this larry that there were elements in the pentagon the state department and the cia who are obviously trying to. influence the trumpet ministration to be more hawkish more interventionist
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and frankly it appears they have succeeded now i want to. compare something here you have to remember that when we went against iraq when we attacked iraq. there was no case for that but who was pushing for that was it george bush george bush didn't understand international relations but people in the pentagon in the cia and the state department they pushed him to attack iraq saying there's weapons of mass destruction well they lied so what happened under another president president obama came up with a deal with russia over syria and the attacks in syria and he had an agreement where he sent john kerry to meet with minister lavrov and basically it was a cease fire about to occur and so what happened a few days after that without the president say so there was an attack on a syrian army barracks and killed a hundred soldiers russia pulled out of the deal. who did that the president do it
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no it was an extra constitutionally by elements in the pentagon in the cia and in the state department that's what i'm talking about it's about elements in the government who have their own idea of the way policy should go but they were elected by the american people and should we be concerned about that you bet we should dentist you have a favorite candidate in twenty twenty for your party. you know i've got an election on may eighth and let me tell you i can't think of anything beyond may i may. dennis don't make this the last time thanks for talking to us today larry it's just great to be with you and let's do it again thank you now part two of my recent conversation with the multi award winning musician producer and singer moby he's featured in a new documentary about electronic dance music entitle what we started and recently stopped by to talk about that and some politics too here's part two of that
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interview watch her in reviewing the latest album rolling stone said your most satisfying works in recent years have been where you plunge into gloom head first what's your reaction to that on the album we have a dark cloud is coming the last goodbyes the waste of sons who are very good in prominent animal rights activists this takes part in your views ik i mean it's. what have you become moby. i'm equally optimistic and pessimistic you know what you only you know you know cory booker correct yeah so corey is an old friend of mine we've known him since before you as the mayor of new york and what he's a great guy wonderful man and when he was elected to the senate or when he joined the senate he called me up and the first thing asked me he said he said to what can we do to help animals because i've committed animal rights activist and we started
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talking and we were talking about martin luther king jr quote the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice and we realize that like if you look at the last couple of thousand years of humanity from like the code of hammurabi on it's been one of slow but fairly steady progress you know granting rights to disenfranchised people but and so that is my cause for optimism you know i think that humans do eventually figure out how to do the right thing even if it takes them a while my pessimism is climate change you know in order fact in order for us to progress as a species in order for us to live happy healthy lives we need a stable climate and i don't think people fully understand just how dire the consequences of climate change are going to be some people think it's hopeless all you can do is slow it down but you can't it's going to happen it's going to happen i mean like to put it in perspective the last time the earth had this high a concentration of c o two in the atmosphere sea levels were two hundred eighty
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feet higher. so we're sort of on borrowed time and that's that's the thing that scares me the most do none scientists political hacks kind of people. argue against that they don't know anything about science short term self-interest you know i mean like that is the interest of all of us on the planet we're all here you would think so i i mean. i don't know i've never been a ted cruz i've never been a marco rubio i just assume that you know like when they accept so much money from oil and gas companies ultimately they understand they have to be the mouthpiece for oil and gas companies that the heads of the oil and gas companies are all going to be affected by it anyway yeah i mean it is a sort of paradox or irony that like when wealthy people who've made careers despoiling the environment when they make a lot of money the first thing they do is buy a beautiful house in a beautiful natural place you know and you'd think that there would be
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a lesson learned like oh we only have this one home if you make a nuclear bomb why would you be surprised if someone dropped a nuclear bomb on you yeah yeah it's kind of like a musician like it would be absurd for me to complain about people not paying for music when i don't pay for music that's right it's hypocritical yeah a lot of the world disappear critical a lot of inconsistency. you've written a memoir porcelain but there's so much more to your life story another book going to come i hope so i just actually just finished writing the first draft of it oh really i hope it comes out in about a year and it we have a title. you know i think so. i also don't know what exactly is going to be included because you know i've got about two hundred fifty thousand words and it's going to more of a second one looking at like childhood and adulthood with the childhood chapters sort of contextualizing to adulthood chapters porcelain plus yeah yeah the extended
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version how do you use change the more you share your most optimistic and pessimistic do you sway more to the pessimistic. that's so hot. there's there's so much evidence for both. but as i said the thing the two things that scare me the most about our culture our species climate change and antibiotic resistance and it's that question how do you get people to care about things that aren't impacting them on a daily basis you know how do you get people to care about the catastrophe that's unfolding just down the road and i don't have a good answer for that. great author told me years ago that talking to people about generations not yet born philip wylie was the road generation of vipers he told me talking about people not yet born goes right through you don't care about
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your great great grandchildren you'd rather build factories that have small kitten and call it moldy and sun than worry about moby's sons grandchildren yeah we are as a species selfish remarkably short sighted selfish and shortsighted and we could discuss it from our like anthropological hereditary perspective like you know we come from scared monkeys who were happy to be alive one minute to the next so we haven't evolved and learned how to have that sort of forethought it's very hard though yeah since we don't know what was happening before we were born and i assume we don't know what's happening after we die it's very hard to say to someone think about generations not yet born when you will be gone yeah well especially i
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completely agree and i also think that. so many people are struggling to get through today you know it's like someone who is stressed out and has financial concerns and home concerns and health concerns to say to them here's why you should be worried about thirty years from now sixty years from now ninety years from now if they're barely getting through today they it's almost like they don't have the bandwidth to be concerned for what's going to happen to future generations who's going to be the next president of united states. i hope that's a good question i mean i'm a. progressive left wing democrat so i would love to see elizabeth warren. i really love claire mccaskill but i don't know if she could necessarily appeal to the progressive wing of the democrats. i mean there are a lot of. harris i do think to sit in the well i mean obama
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ran after being the senate for two years so but i do think with with women making up fifty one percent of the united states it's absurd that we've never had a female president you know at the very least fifty one percent of the time we should have a female those arrested that hillary disappoint you. i mean i've known as you have it i've known hillary for a long time i met her. back in the ninety's and we worked on a bunch of different charitable things in new york when she was a senator and choose a great senator she had what i think of as like the john kerry problem which is remarkably area die knowing policy backwards and forwards but ultimately really being uncomfortable campaigning you know like the person who wins an election is usually the person who loves campaigning and i see again all those groups. for the
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entire interview with moby go to or a dot tv and to watch the film what we started check out amazon and i tunes. thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag that's all for this edition of politicking.
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goes the fullest indians and israelis need. to give up. in the news in every dreams of getting revenge on the other people staying here they'll stay here and eventually we'll have to find ways of living side by side peacefully
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. los angeles the city of luxury and free but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle to the earth or to use accept such solution tiny house on a parking space is not a solution you craft someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all there are
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a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. the key witness in the russian doping scandal fails to confirm a number of allegations against the country's athletes in this court testament. also to come hugs and handshakes and history in the making north and south korea's leaders agree to return ensured nuclear weapons during their first in the decade meeting and more than a dozen syrians testify at the hague saying that an alleged chemical attack in the town of duma was in fact staged that they have all they were scared they started to pour water on me i don't know why they did this of on you and as professionals we saw that there were no symptoms suggesting chemical weapons had been used and also this hour protests in garza that have already seen forty killed and thousands injured in the past month is set to go on for another two.


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