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otherwise it will be a free for all there a better alternative to the homelessness crisis. the key witness in the russian doping scandal fails to confirm a number of allegations against the country's athletes in this court testament and . also to hugs and handshakes and history in the making north and south korea's leaders agree to return in true p.p. weapons during their first in the decade meeting and more than a dozen syrians testify at the hague saying that an alleged chemical attack in the town of duma was in fact staged. they were scared they started to pour water on me i don't know why they did this of on for them as professionals we saw that there were no symptoms suggesting chemical weapons had been used and also this hour protesting garza that have already seen forty killed in thousands injured in the past month is set to go on for another two.
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but i welcome you watching at international just gone two pm here in moscow good to have you company and i will start with breaking news to you because it's been revealed that the former head of moscow's anti doping lab could go to go to chen cause of a key witness in the russian dope russian doping scandal failed to confirm a number of allegations against the country's athletes during his recent testimony to the court of arbitration for sport let's get the details now marty's hugo's you done with us in the studio you just give us a bit of background to this and also why is it noteworthy that. testimony is now being questioned well short so what happened last year twenty eight russian athletes who were previously banned for their lifetimes by the international olympic committee from ever participating in the olympic games they were cleared by the court of arbitration for sport which is basically the highest. judicial body in
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sports so this is what happened it made big news and now what happened now is the c.s. . laid out some details as to why they decided why the judges decided to clear those athletes and the thing is. of who was the key witness in the case built against russian athletes for the first time was cross-examined in the court by by the defense and by the prosecution and in the process of that cross-examination what happened his testimony showcase that his allegations that the allegations that he had previously made against russian athletes well that they are not speculative there was circumstantial best for example what he said that he never saw this steroids cocktail this so-called steroids steroids cocktail administered to russian athletes that he only saw lists of those athletes some lists who were
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prescribed with the drug with the illegal drugs neither did he administered that himself also he revealed that he does not know how these steroids and the you know how the dope basically was smuggled abroad to be huge that international competitions also he revealed that he never witnessed how exactly clean urine samples were collected so that they could be later swapped with the dirty ones so a lot of. this basically reveals that a lot of his testimony a lot of his allegations are built on something that he did not actually see a witness him self but rather gathered from you know chats with these colleagues and so on. sure. i was hoping to facilitate one of those the most elaborate. in sports history was aware of the existence of a russian doping system. ok
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we're just looking at their interest was that an award winning documentary was made about is that a change of case or based on the change of testimony but as you said in court now the court of arbitration for sport is questioned and said basically it's very hard to prove what of his alleged now but a change that was that key witness was in the mclaren report. that was the basis for those sanctions against the russian athletics team so what did mclaren himself have to say well yes mclaren did appear in front of the judges and basically you could not explain a lot of things either because his report was the foundation for the international olympic committee to disqualify all those russian athletes so he could not explain for example why he relied on testimony so heavily why he never questioned his
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words he couldn't answer the question also he couldn't reveal other sources of information he used to you know to put together the infamous reports and also he could not apparently convince the judges as to why he believes that the present is the presumption of innocence in this case should be just thrown out of the window in case of russia and that russia should just basically why he believes that the ball is in russia's court and while russia should just now prove that it is a clean nations of your i mean we should also say that there were eleven athletes who sanctions were upheld there was doping going on in the eyes of the c.s. too but with regard to those twenty eight athletes i mean despite now being reinstated if you like in having those bands overturned their careers were stained by this well stained could be too weak of a word actually to describe this because the basically a lifetime ban means that their careers ruined and now they are reinstated but many
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are not any of them for example were invited to the olympic games to this year's olympic games in pyongyang. so. none of that none of that actually happened so for example one of the athletes cleared. the russian skeer he was stripped of the medals of the medals that he got in sortie in the olympics back in twenty fourteen now he's reinstated he's supposed to get his awards back but even despite the fact that he was reinstated he was still not allowed to participate in the games in south korea so and he i mean this is not the only case a lot of careers have been world almost ruined by the decision that a lot of questions are being raised right now you know it is also important to stress that russia does not deny the fact the reason that it has an ongoing doping probe problem and russia from the outset was saying that it was ready to cooperate
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with the investigation to reveal who was doping who was world who was cheating basically who's trying to cheat the system to deliver the punishments and just. deal with the problem russia's only issue with this whole situation has been that athletes who were most likely innocent i mean as the as last year's decision by the court of arbitration for sport proves many of them were they were innocent but they were still punished this was russia's case against the accusations made by roche uncovered and then the mclaren report sure unfortunately mud does stick doesn't it takes a long time to remove itself ok thanks to you that was our thinking. now north and south korea's leaders have wrapped the official part of their historic summit with emotional handshakes and hugs too it was the first meeting of its kind
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for the countries in over a decade after hours of talks they reached a number of key agreements that could significantly warm relations with leaders in . that said seek full denuclearization of the peninsula the countries also vowed to stop all hostile actions against each other and to gradually reduce their weapons arsenals additionally the leaders agreed to hold talks with the u.s. and china to to arrive at a proper peace treaty so let's take a quick look then at how they spent the day together for. the. rock of i
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reaffirmed. thank you craig thank. you thank you thank you. well korean leaders there have spent over an hour in a face to face talk and joke that he wouldn't interrupt his counterpart sleep in the early mornings anymore but it's likely referring to the north's missile tests which usually do take place at all. i feel. well the leaders are also treating each other to some coloring delights to kim jong
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un sent a special chef to the border to prepare cold buckwheat noodles for moon while the south korean leader ordered a traditional swiss potato for it if it came to remind him of his school years in switzerland and portal for dessert we're told there will be a cake with the symbol of the united career on it and it's understood too that north korea's first lady is also attending the dinner her first public function outside the country so let's look back then briefly at how the fall between the two sides happened.
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meanwhile the u.s. president donald trump has displayed a striking shift in his thinking about north korea's leader moving from a war of words just a couple of months ago to open price you can have. rocket sick puppy shooting rockets all over the place we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea they will be met with fire fury. we're having very very good discussions. john. he really has been. very open. i think very honorable from everything we're seeing all the nato chief u.n. stoltenberg has given a somewhat mixed reaction to the ongoing meeting of the korean leaders by wealth. into korean summit i think that servant encouraging we must continue to put
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pressure on north korea and to continue with the sanctions despite the pressure on north korea her final peace treaty could now be possible human rights attorney erik's the right king says to cories are ready. i think what we can expect is. exciting moment in time which. as they said is south african history and hope. you have it in a certain time in a certain slates and i really am hopeful that from these talks we can see the framework for a full peace treaty to finally end this conflict since both sides are very willing to do that if the south and north create the framework in their own steps and self-determination then the us as as much smaller ought to play if we can agree that and hold to the notion that ending the hostile policy creating
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a peace treaty with the u.s. and south korea will lead to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. local syrian doctors have testified that they saw no patients and signs of chemical poisoning in the aftermath of the alleged attack in the town of doing the witnesses explain how events unfolded on april the seventh to the u.n. back chemical watchdog alongside russia's representative however not everybody was willing to listen to their accounts is not against the explains. when these radios emerged pundits and politicians took them as gospel the truth conclusive indisputable and irrefutable proof of as had chemical since the chemical weapon that killed dozens of civilians and astaire's that the asshead regime has previously used in chemical attacks the assad regime has used this same yellow gas
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canisters the n.s.c. telling fox news they have a high degree of confidence that it was yours they must have had solid evidence you don't just flow into a hundred cruise missiles in an act of war without convincing proof beyond any doubt right. right wrong. we were in the basement and then heard someone outside scream go to hospital we were scared they started to pour water on me i don't know why they did this. pundits and politicians who've never been to syria where it happened witnesses the locals who were there in the hospital in question say they didn't see a thing all the exhaust was white helmets dousing confused of aliens with water neither did the doctors see anything. on the seventh of april i was in the emergency room treating patients injured during the fighting the same day around
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seven pm we started receiving patients with breathing problems about fifteen cases this happened because people were nailing smoke and dust but they only showed symptoms of choking and nothing more it all happened because one missile hit a building nearby and a lot of dust got into the hospital rooms with. the screams chemical weapons chemical weapons were used to create panic this lasted for about an hour we were treating the patients and then sending them home so we had no fatalities or instances of people suffering from poisonous substances this isn't helping western journalists their leaders insist it happened syria russia and locals insist it didn't dead end usually when you put your mind to not a monologue if you don't understand normal language let's try a different way if you're impervious to arguments let us bring you the witnesses so russia aboard more than a dozen witnesses to the west to the u.p.c. w.
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and invited western press perfect opportunity for journalists to get to the bottom of this right. right how low do you have to go to bring a little child all the way and threaten them right off the bat the nile but here's the what if we came here willingly we demanded the red cross allow us to come here . wrong in truth there isn't the right answer no matter what you say to some people no matter what you show them they'll never ever come around or change their views how threatened do you have to feel to change your story into the noise a chemical weapons attack stubborn doesn't do this fellow justice he's really the reason that the boy had to fly over the yes my son is young and it's been difficult
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for him to make it here of light here is no easy thing so little has just told you the truth something you do not want to hear it was a necessary measure we needed to show that there was a line in a very dangerous one. anyone who hoped there would be a breakthrough was in for a disappointment hours of testimony and the evidence all for naught that you mentioned in a russian press release that somebody here was going to be present to was a witness of producing davidito of the white helmets and i was wondering where this witness is and if he can tell his testimony. more and more it's my view all these witnesses we heard from today are the evidence the white helmets feel is fake i don't know maybe i missed something in one ear out the other with no pause in-between. ghastly if they're you watching nationals to
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lead another patient is expected later today we'll have a look at the details on that just after the break. from foreign policy could be described as double speak the president doesn't have a defined policy approach even goals are difficult to discern is this what the art of the deal is trumps foreign policy making america great again the world safer. as i go. through them think he's right to play you number one was in effect. blown away by the huffing and puffing of the big bad wolf and then to give number two you got countries like india that are like one. household sector has all the gold their government exactly and then the big bill will often fall to the people the problem
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is that to survive with the government has blown away then you've got the countries like china and russia that have said wow so twenty four karat gold bullion and the big bad wolf and it didn't blow their house away. welcome back now another palestinian ninety occupation rallies expected in gaza friday as part of the on going great britain in the past month the event is seen forty palestinians killed and i have a five thousand. i. i. was i was married. to
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someone i looked as if. i. was. israeli army denies using excessive force against the protesters and it also accuses hamis too which controls gaza of using children to carry out acts of terrorism israel out of israel's defense minister has called on people not to approach the border meanwhile doctors without borders recently released a report saying that seems to provide medical care to over six hundred palestinians injured by bullets since the start of the month but they also say that the number of patients treated in just three weeks of this month is higher than the number treated during all of twenty four take the gaza war we spoke with the head of the mission in palestine who believes that many of the injuries will result in
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disability what i can tell you is that what goes on there was such an absurd thing we white. so you staying in the news it's pushing the truth of the cross but when you. put this to this. point tonight. we were all taught fragments for you since you know musicians and now i think teach . those who owns. this company explode you people. you know french are also. very serious injuries. to a lot of time also we're being shown so. so it's not a question no just destroyed it. months and. years well we are quite sure of it so. we are very afraid of.
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the boards which are exposed we nori thirty years out there we expect these complications and who do you organize to requests special to resist certain force officials say against our state was more common job that we have sent to request the i.d.f. asking for comment on the doctors without borders report as well as on claims to that it crowd dispersal methods can leave people with serious disabilities low so far we've not had a response in the meantime israel says it uses non-lethal sponge tipped bullets however they are believed to be harder and heavier than older versions they can not only cause severe injuries but can also kill as happened back in twenty fourteen but an israeli human rights group recently released a video showing shoulders of soldiers in the west bank discussing the use of live ammunition.
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while an israeli x. policeman received a nine month sentence for killing a palestinian teenager in twenty fourteen court except the claim that he had mistaken a live bullet for a rubber one the story caused outrage after early this month. a palestinian girl was sentenced to eight months in jail for slapping an israeli soldier but we are split with commentator i mean older and to comment on the crimes and punishments of course it is not similar to a coup and when one puts on a scale eight months for just get an officer or trying to slap him in the face and nine months for the earlier case it doesn't seem just but yes there is no level playing field always and everywhere in the world governments will give their uniformed personnel more leeway and would be
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more lenient towards them then towards those who resist the government we may find it. totally unjust but this is the reality and not only in israel so if you shevardnadze did speak to the i.d.f. chief of staff about the current has collation in the region asking whether his position actually allowed him to stay neutral the full interview will be aired on r.t. international here throughout the day but here is a quick preview do you are obviously a very apache arctic man who served and served his country are you able to take a step back and say this from a distance how unbending both sides are. you think the both the palestinians and israelis need. to give. in the illusionary dreams of getting real from the other we are staying
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here they're staying here it's an israeli palestinian challenge is reproduce the issue was disappointed. to give this support and i really think that for the benefit to the future. the future of the palestinian kids born yesterday or today will be born to morrow and same since for my kids or other kids in israel it's most need to sit down and try to solve it was the help of the others but i was can also be false. and you can see that interview in full a bit later on that's how things are looking so i thought today about with more in thirty five minutes.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch or the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money killian erroneous and spending two to twenty million flying. it's an experience like nothing else on it because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so will transfer. thinks it's going to. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people
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living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. me house on a city parking space is not a solution perth to someone monitoring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. greetings
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. guilt hawk watchers. or good judgment guilt eats away at your insides before you even realize an apology is needed necessary. the united states in the last thirty forty years appears to be a country operating on a guilty conscience but is too proud is too consumed with patriotic blindness to admit their confront that guilty conscience may ninth just a little over a week and a half away the united states congress will decide whether to confirm or reject president trump's nominee for director of the central intelligence agency jeanne aspel the controversy surrounding her connections to the post nine eleven torture program one of the darkest chapters in recent u.s. history has helped pull back that well maintained veneer of a washington d.c. filled with nothing but good honest patriotic public servants and has an exposed
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the city split into racked over its guilty conscience some willing to confront the guilt had on while others choose to excuse ignore and even revel in the sins of torture and abuse and write in time for this epic braley play taking place over how schools nomination is ali ahmadi you may remember him arrested after nine eleven here in the united states for alleged ties to al qaeda declared an enemy combatant by then president george w. bush and then held for thirteen straight years inside the u.s. the only he was the only non u.s. citizen detained outside of guantanamo bay eventually in two thousand and nine he pled guilty to conspiring to provide material support to al qaeda this of course is after he spent six years in solitary confinement despite never never actually being charged with
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a crime and now he's adding his voice to the many who claim they were brutally tortured and degraded while in u.s. custody alomari told the guardian quote i do not need apologies i need accountability what they said and did to me was torture. so the question is will the united states face its very guilty conscious or will gina i'm just following orders haskell become the next director of the c a let's find out start watching the hawks. good. with. the bottom if you. like you know that i got.


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