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tv   News  RT  April 28, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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china and russia are buying gold as i told you mine gold is like us we don't think he's right to pay you know no one lives in a fiancee house to house is blown away by the huffing and puffing of the big bad feel wolf and then taking over to you got countries like india there like one step in one step back a second household sector has all the gold their government asked exactly and then the big bad feel will often pop in the deep of the prosecution but what the government has blown away then you've got the countries like china and russia that have said rouse may have twenty four karat gold bullion on and the big that feel wolf off the cuff and it didn't belong there elsewhere.
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but if you join us today for us the democrats are in hot water off the secretly recorded odio reveal the party's leadership trying to pressure a candidate for a u.s. house seat in colorado to drop out of the race he would like me to get out of the race. i know your fundraising. you guys are someone money. time democratic smaller. someone some more and then try to read the primary.
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but you were part that process. levy tillman supports a single payer healthcare system and equal rights for women on the community he was endorsed by the state senator in may last year but as we've just heard has been asked to drop out of the race the house minority leader however has defended the leadership's interference in the primary rights so i don't see anything inappropriate let. mr hoyer was engaged in a conversation about the realities of life in a race to see who can win the general election it's not the first time the us democrats are trying to influence elections e-mails revealed by wiki leaks showed the party's officials tried to use bernie sanders religion against him in favor of hillary clinton both were representing the democrats in the race for the u.s. presidents will see it in twenty sixteen more over leaks also showed that the former democratic national committee chief secretly and in appropriately gave
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clinton debate questions in advance that it was during the democratic primary the current chair of the democratic national committee however says incidents like this are a thing of the past but we're moving forward we have to make sure that everything is fair and open and everybody has a fair shake and that's what we're going to do well the taped recording released by the intercept put that into question journalist and author daniel believes democrats are becoming less democratic. there's a split in the party between the base and the and the higher echelons the elected officials it's totally undemocratic it's smoke and mirrors the base thinks they're getting a choice but they really aren't because the the real candidates or the side are chosen behind closed doors but the democratic party is in a danger of self-destruct it's it's trying to think that will win in two thousand and eighteen if it passes itself off the republican lite party. but that's
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a very risky tactic because it risks the danger is the wind up needing its base of support which will either stay at home or vote for green candidates or others who are challenging the democrats from the left so they're trying to try to walk a very thin line and i don't think they'll be they'll be able to to do it. three people have been reported dead and almost nine hundred wounded in just the latest palestinian and two occupation rallies in gaza that's according to the palestinian health ministry the protests are part of the six week great march of return demonstrations local journalist a hindu could bury was there for us that. i
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was a little bit of it was headed out of the you. know. was like thank god here. we are in the central hospital in gaza strip where this hospital receive all the injuries from that that fence that fence that area. from the five locations that are protesting the first friday of the great great march of return this is another injury that came just right now from the fence there have been severe injuries in the had in the legs. in the post minutes we received at least ten people with severe injuries to the stomach and head. in the minutes the ambulances are still carrying hundreds of injured people to the hospitals there is
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a lack of medicine and medical equipment in the hospitals and they are crowded so as you see this is another ambulance just came just right now. from your defense and as you see this is the ambulance has at least a fire palestinians that have been injured what happened right now near the fence is that at least two thousand palestinian protesters and try to interfere and break the fence and what happened is those are your choices every addict there violently and they started to shoot i want these palestinian protesters what broke the price that according to palestinian minister brown at least their twenty palestinians are in severe critical condition and they. declared their death and any minute. the israeli army tweeted that rioters were trying to breach the front and that its soldiers operate in accordance with the rules of engagement the army also added that its goal is to protect israeli civilians that it could not allow security
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infrastructure to be damaged it's now the fifth week of the so-called great march overturn in gaza over forty palestinians have already being killed and up to six thousand wounded in the i.d.f. using a controversial kind of rubber bullet a doctors without borders says it's teams have treated more people this april than in all of twenty fourteen and that was during the gaza war the following images from the ground showed journalists covering the rallies have also been injured the un has also denounced the use of live ammunition by the israeli defense forces against palestinians. israel's failure to consistently prosecute violations committed by members of its security forces encourages them to use deadly force against a fellow human beings he even when they present no threat in the context of an occupation such as gaza killings resulting from the use of force may also constitute willful killings which are
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a grave breach of the fourth geneva convention. one of france's largest banks is facing a backlash after it emerged that one of its employees is a spokes person for a right wing political movement then we don't know who to fortunately. for what. you know but you can look up until august. critics are calling for the dismissal of remain s.p. no telephone in the bank directly and posting tweets one tweet alleges he's a migrant hunter one his days off another asked with a bank of finances the political group that he represents bold romanus been there was a spokesperson for generation event and they're a movement that positions itself against europe's current migration policies last week its members attempted to block an alpine pass used by migrants he france spoke to us be enough he says the aim was to raise awareness. that's our
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objective was to bring the attention of public authorities politicians and media to the situation in saunas which was a route for illegal migrants although as a spokesperson i became a target for various attacks on my private life this campaign started on certain twitter accounts of people who pushed it anonymously meaning they were hiding behind their pseudonyms people started sharing my employer's phone number urging people to put pressure on him to get me fired but i also get a lot of messages of support from people of various backgrounds people who agree with us and who support our cause. gaijin activities that are completely legal and peaceful whereas they are trying to do illegal things they help illegal migrants into france which is reprehensible and law enforcement should be able to see the difference sharing a time with us here on r.t. international on this saturday we have much more to offer you at the top of the hour.
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join me every first week on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart chilton and coming up today oil prices are starting to impact companies and consumers in
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a negative way will ask horner of simpler trading who is getting it the hardest and there are some numbers that really mean something related to unemployment steve malzberg fills us in on how fourteen states are pretty pleased and with an unprecedented meeting between the leaders of north and south korea alex behind all of which takes us off on the economics of the two nations getting along plus the media prefer germania continues hollande cook host of the big picture here on r t of america helps us sort out the latest developments all of that coming up but first some headlines german chancellor angela merkel was here in washington d.c. today to meet with u.s. president donald trump on the heels of french president emanuel mccrone visit to the u.s. but the photo ops with party hugs and weirdly long handshakes that marked the mccrone visit were absent from today's diplomatic scenery in contrast to more crones lengthy itinerary ms merkel and mr trump only held
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a three hour meeting that the german delegation called a quote unquote working session agenda items included trade most pacifically the recent round of u.s. tariffs imposed upon imported metals and tariffs as they relate to automobiles the two also discussed u.s. sanctions against russia chancellor merkel fears that those those tariffs may impact german companies president trump at a joint press conference with ms merkel criticized nato allies like germany for not contributing enough to other g.d. . p. to the mutual defense he also talented what he views as positive reaction to his steel and aluminum tariffs and during the meeting chancellor merkel reportedly pressed mr trump on the six party agreement on nuclear issues with iran to which both germany and france are both parties although ms merkel acknowledged at the presser that the deal was quote anything but perfect on may twelfth president trump is widely expected to reimpose economic sanctions on iran that were lifted as part
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of that agreement. amazon microsoft has released their q one earnings report posting impressive results with both company's bottom lines boosted by increased revenue from cloud computing amazon sales were up forty three percent versus q one of twenty seventeen to fifty one billion dollars their profits more than doubled over the same quarter from last year and the figure of one point six billion dollars is in profits have roughly tripled and us analyst estimates amazon also announced that the annual fee for their prime service amazon prime will increase one hundred nineteen dollars per month that's up from ninety nine dollars the higher fees will hit new members on may eleventh and the renewables for others will start on june sixteenth meanwhile microsoft's profits for the first quarter of twenty eight hundred doubled for the q one of twenty seventeen at the six point five billion dollar level on a thirteen percent increase in revenues seven point four billion of that income
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came from cloud computing supported by a success of cloud platform microsoft as your the company also garnered nearly twenty seven billion dollars of revenue this quarter far more than the twenty seven point seven seven billion projected. as we've reported here before the witnessing some of the highest oil prices in recent years since two thousand and fourteen in fact those higher prices are translating to increased operating expenses for many companies and individuals who have become pretty pleased with local energy costs brant crude prices trading at ice futures europe and london were trading around seventy three dollars per barrel today and in west the west texas intermediate w t i trading in new york at nymex trading just north of sixty eight dollars per barrel regular gasoline in the u.s. was priced at two dollars an eighty cents per gallon nationwide that's actually up a nickel from last week and it's up forty cents from a year ago and here to discuss the impact of higher oil and related prices is
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rajeev horner of simpler trading so nice of you to join us at the end of the week we sure appreciate it as always with w t i prices above sixty bucks a barrel for a lot of this year we are starting to see impact of higher energy prices playing out with companies yesterday american express reduced their profit forecast for the year and referenced a twelve percent increase in the average price of jet fuel over the last two weeks alone which are which companies are there out there that are being impacted the most by these higher prices i've had my eye on the jets for some time now i think the airlines obviously are going to be the ones that and the front of this narrative will be sold off the sharpness but i actually see some opportunity on the weakness so i think you're really out in front of this entire narrative right now.


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