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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  May 3, 2018 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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congress failed its responsibility to understand the dimensions of its dekker late declaration and sadly that they have as the a you a map has been stretched about as thin as it could ever possibly be imagined in order to justify u.s. military action in syria and other places and now congress has got that authorizing military force feeling again and particularly u.s. senators bob corker and tim kaine you member tammy rand with hillary a lot of years ago. they're both looking to replace the original a you a map with a new and improved trump proof two thousand and eighteen version of the a you mad. but i'm a but are they are they truly trying to put congress back in control of the us war machine or the really just midterm elections smoke and mirrors with potentially deadly consequences let's find out as we start watching hawks. you get the. real thing. at the
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bottom. of the day like you that i got. this. week so. rather than watching the harks i am tired robot example of the wallace and oh wow are really going to fix that whole. i like guy pervert a call there you have f. the authorization of the military for it's like reading its own phone for is kind of the sound your soul makes when you look at all the comfortably after she was wrought since its inception i know and it's not all that different from the old a you are not that doesn't really take care of the problems that even people you know like barbara were serving and it's not really dealing with that issue here so the
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new way. repeals the two thousand and one and two thousand and two laws but it states in at least two places that it will prove provides elm interrupted authority to can continue using the two thousand and one a. so basically we're talking about is that we're break it's kind of like what the new i am. is like we're breaking up. if you're lonely and in a jam. not really changing a whole lot just kind of we're we're we're no longer in the relationship on facebook it's complicated yeah i got you. ok gosh you know when your tax will still show and apparently the relationship never ends between the president. and you have no sense they say that and they it just says that we have to talk about it every year we don't have meetings about it because you know what meetings i'm talking about they don't even do it doesn't think congress doesn't talk about things when they need to before they sign as and then their only answer is well we'll talk
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about it is like i was like a divorced relationship congress is building like so they're taking all of their personal lives and suddenly like putting that it was that they passed like on only talk to my wife like every four years we're going to hash some things out but i'm not really going to get divorced so we just disagree to talk every four years like the biggest married of leave here like i'm not twenty what is you know what also does what else do you appreciate this a lot of debate has been had over you know kind of stretching the i.o.f. them saying look look it was it was designed back in nine eleven and two thousand and you know two thousand two thousand and two and now they're using it to like justify fighting isis which wasn't even didn't even exist back in you know two thousand and one isn't even associate with al qaeda to a completed group the new one kind of like says oh no we're going to fix that problem so corker the corcoran cain a move adds more groups to the list of whom it's ok pretty united states to bomb they are the taliban and al qaeda oldies but goodies and islamic state in iraq and
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syria and the ever lovely designated associate forces whatever the hell that means well or whoever the hell that means which as of right now includes al qaeda in the arabian peninsula al-qaeda and syria the hakani network and al qaeda in the islamic magreb and mike and i was in my mind but where is the united states not in fact arming al qaeda in syria. or are happy you know you know rebels. a little bit i think we got the colors i would rather colors of that's why i can't keep up with what you don't think i'm the other. dynamic thing this does is it also and this is very scary it a lot of debate happened because you know who the president can detain that kind of a perpetual war right so the may. also decides a new route for adding to that list i just mentioned right so the president can add to that list he can say this new group over a year that i don't like they can be on the list he can do that but congress says
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that he has to write to them first yes forty eight hours to write to them saying i want this new group as part of the you i'm out and then congress can debate it all and they're trying to say this is a check and balance to take away power from the presidency but i want to all right let's say that they don't like the group that he that he that he put forth right ok so then they're going to say ok they're going to vote draft a bill saying no you can't put them on the list when he's going to veto it here she was present going to be to it right and then they're going to be two thirds to overturn the veto which is never going to happen you know so it's kind of going to have those rules going to check and balance things out as i say i don't i don't think resistance means what they think it doesn't really it really does it not when you're just going to handing thing you're changing the wording because it's midterm elections you want to say who stood up to trumpet change there you are many people don't really it's the same thing that never ends and you can bomb where we want. the boy scouts of america was founded in one thousand ten the girl scouts of america in one thousand eleventh and over the last century much of the core
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philosophy of the separate but not equal organizations has remained unchanged until now the boy scouts of america announced in early april of this year that they would officially be allowing girls and young women ages eleven to seventeen to join under their new scout me and program and this week they announced that their flagship program for scouts eleven to seventeen was changing its name from boy scouts to scouts b.s.a. not the organization's name to be clear just that one program and some people many people are not happy about it mainly you guessed it the girl scouts of america by. august kathy hope and not hard on the national president the girl scouts of the usa were scathing letter to boy scout president mr randall stephenson stating that she found the idea of the boy scouts letting girls end quote unsettling that b.s.a. would seek to up and a paradigm that has served with those boys and girls so well through the years and that they should quote not consider expanding to work crew girls the letter went on
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to attack the boy scouts decision as dangerous and reckless saying the girls need a safe space and that the girl scouts are the only ones equipped to handle the needs of young women the most puzzling of all was an accusation that they were secretly testing the idea to appeal to my little millennial parents apparently that's a crime the question is why are the girl scouts treating young women and girls as mindless commodities that are only allowed to be used by their own gender in such a public way and what does it say about women when the leader of a major women's organization is using the emasculation of one of the men's organization in order to keep their membership numbers up and keep those cookie sales rising. the great questions are going to say those this is a great question when you were talking about this earlier it struck me too this was the good stuff for the boy scouts to do every didn't they just for themselves a few years back and like a barrel of hot water over homosexuality and scully had already lost as there's
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always been as good as their records that is ahead right here to me represents a good step hey you know we're not going to be going to not going to an exclusive club anymore we're going to come and join this particular thing great ok problem solved why is there so much craziness and why of all people the girl scouts they upset about this i don't i don't you know i think it's a bad look as a feminist i think it's about book i really don't like this kind of stuff i understand the viewpoint of people and the thing is it's making it seem as if the last wants to be politically correct here and nobody is trying to be politically anything it's literally about family is in the boy scouts and look the families wanted to do this they wanted to have something. inclusive the girl scouts don't provide that or you're their daughter doesn't want to participate in those programs now one of the exam i want to sort of rebut to her letter and the view it's kind of a nasty little thing going on here the idea that same's that sex education is better for girls she says and the people keep repeating this idea that says
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research has shown that girls do better research shows that kids do better in same sex and educational environment so boys and girls separately that's not true it's not scientifically proven it has it like the the data for that is inconclusive evidence is the statement saying is really telling the thousands over three or four thousand young girls have signed up for these programs and what they're the thing with the girl scouts don't realize is that what you're doing is shaming them and saying they're not being girl you're literally sitting there saying your not the right kind of feminist your not the right kind of of girl you're doing it wrong you don't belong with the dirty icky boys they have cooties. which is really unsettling for me because they don't have a whole they can't act like they're so far ahead they were two years ahead of the boy scouts the girl scouts were about letting in gay troop leaders and transgender students they really only put in
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a real set actual stamp program last year where guys have had the boy scouts have much bigger i you know ed in full disclosure i was a boy scout explorer back in the day when i was in my twenty years well you know and i honestly it's just it's the programs are different and look i always go back to the basic thing it's kind of like free market it's like look if your organization can't compete and both boys and girls want to go join the scouts your boys then you need to change your organization and make it more like to where girls want to come here instead of a simple kind of i saw the big deal with you know if you believe in your program it should just be about your program and i'm going. sure and a man would love to get in on some of that cookie money right you know i'm sure the boy scouts really hey we'd love to sell some of those cookies there you are no fun facts real quick about the iraqi money the girl scout troops that sell them only get about seventy five to eighty cents for every four dollars box of cookies most of the rest of that goes back to the main organization that does not give any funds
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to local. troops but it's important also no doubt that this kind of patriarchy hurts the boys too because it in two thousand and eleven gender and context content and approach compared gender messages and girl scout and boy scout handbooks by kathleen and denny and the university of maryland they found that the programs were still pushing these very outdated gender roles to both sexes only two percent of girls got activities include science well six percent of boy scout programs do while six percent of boy scout programs were related while eleven percent growth scout activities were really so you see these like you know the differences here the study also point out that the negotiation between traditional progressive feminine identities is a problematic balance for girls today the gender messages being communicated the girl scouts appear to be preparing girls to one day take on the dual roles of devoted worker and selfless mother while the boys' handbook communicates clear messages about how to role normative masculinity and scientific rather than an artistic orientation to me let everybody learn whatever they want so that they
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themselves individually can have happy fruitful lives and this is leave gender out of it thank you all right which is what we do is we go to break card watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter as your poll shows at our t.v. dot com coming up we question the trustworthiness of base focus facebook questions the trustworthiness of the news thankfully we have political commentator steve malzberg to help sort out all of this trustworthiness so stay tuned to watching the . good politicians do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president injury or somehow want to preserve.
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that you'd like to be prosperous what about for freedom or can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. played. played. played . i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars timestamping
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each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market shark thirty percent this one is pure some with four hundred to five hundred trade per circuit for sure and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one doesn't show you know for two minutes the one and only one but. according to marketing studies the average american spends over two hundred hours a year on facebook with generational differences among the millennial smartphone addiction obviously driving that number much higher for younger americans but it's
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not just cat videos and vacation photos that we consume on america's biggest social media platform quoting the pew research forty five percent of americans turn to facebook to get their news with a staggering twenty percent saying that's their only source for news now with that in mind and may be of some concern that facebook c.e.o. mark. burg announced this week a new system to rank news outlets by trustworthiness and task thousands of human sensors and computer algorithms with deciding what qualifies as fake news or propaganda and if the new found passion for moderating the human mind isn't enough zuckerberg has also endeavored to moderate the heart as well announcing a new dating service targeting giants tender and ok cupid so to parse the xuxa bold moves we've brought in none other than political commentator and bold news moderator. lack of saying. what are they going to sell girl scout cookies on facebook that's the question because now i have a paying for thin mints after the letter i know the guy only telling about that is
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a mo as a man i said. before we get on the show and let's go to mark zuckerberg and money legislature legislators are implying that platforms like facebook and other social media which have this responsibility to police the accuracy are legitimate to the legitimacy of news posts just like they would hate speech or calls for violence now in your opinion as a long time news media better is that social media's job is a basic books job. though because who the heck is facebook i mean i know that it's kind of rhetorical question to me they're a bunch of leftists in my view and what they've been doing since they changed their algorithms back in january of two thousand and seventeen according to two separate reports out last month conservative sites and conservative pundits have and news organizations have seen ahead of fourteen percent less traffic and liberal sites and the like have seen an increase of two percent so i know what their goal is and it was obvious that those hearings to you bring in politicians you know they
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brought up to zuckerberg diamond and silver and other examples of conservatives who were suspended or or part is sure lost their account and they said could you name any liberals who suffered that same fate he couldn't name anybody i mean it's obvious what's going on here it's censorship of conservatives but i was there. the conservatism and i will agree with you that definitely there has been a concerted effort i think those algorithms and that sort of community police theory of our political correctness that's what's caused a lot of that is you have a lot of sort of far left activists who are very good at going in and just sort of reporting everything and they do it to me to do with their life the world communist youth organization and things like the two of you know you see this kind of happening on both sides which is interesting because nobody trusts that you know the biggest irony of this whole conundrum is that while facebook is taking the role of this objective judge of trustworthiness was to me as kind of
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a joke as someone who's also used to work in digital media might come on many people don't trust the social media platform the ability ability to do that and a recent hugo poll actually reveals that over sixty percent of users don't trust facebook when it comes to questions of integrity and privacy with all of this sort of perception how can facebook even take on such an ambitious role as to educate all of us about what's right. it's cold it's cold could mean it's a shell game he with it look at all we found out about facebook so much so that they had to go before congress and now all by the way now we're going to judge what's news now it's our responsibility says our responsibility to to bring the country together to have a common set of accepted news facts to make sure we're not polarized as a nation to support sure no liz i'm really that's your role all of a sudden who says you say i mean these asia saying don't look over here look over
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here it's very dangerous and you know he's a liberal. i know you don't want to go to that liberal conservative i'll go further yet they'll be extreme left news groups and news sources that will be punished as well. with that because he and is a which won't be ready for five to ten years so his thousands of people that he'll hire to judge what's fake news watch hate speech they're going to pick what they think it is and it's going to be a biased view the whole thing is totally totally nuts and smacks of the worst kind of censorship yet and i will say this about i'll say this on the left right issue i don't think any anyone should call themselves a leftist or think that they're liberal if they're out there stealing people's user data and not respecting privacy above all things because to me that's a very left of my my privacy is my privacy and i don't care who you are even if
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you're the cops like you know for me i'm like he's such a photo liberal i can't even i can you know i mean it's interesting because facebook's investment in news moderation is going to rely on this combination of human the value waiters and artificial intelligence which to me sparks this interesting question who do you trust more or rather less you know in judging what is real news or break news or are newsworthy you know the potentially biased human who is going to make decisions based on what they believe or a computer algorithm which is going to make mistakes because it's a computer algorithm designed by people so here is the thing if only everybody was as honest and smart as the three of us here the fact of the matter is the seriously the fact of the matter is when somebody says well it's our responsibility we're going to determine what's news we're going to make sure that no fake news is there we're going to judge what hate speech is well then you know what just say according to us this is what we believe is fake news this is what we believe it's
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a speech and we're not going to let you see it if you want to see everything then go somewhere else that's why i respect him if he said that but to make believe that he and his minions are the operators and the judges of the in the grand scheme of things of what you and i in a democracy. see because he said so that's not yeah that's not free speech at the end of the it's not freedom of the process and it's not it goes directly against the constitution because now granted facebook is a private business like you said you can jump onto it if you want to you can jump off the georgia so they do have that right as a private business to do i just don't like the fact that you have the government and you know mainstream media pressuring them to do this that's what i really upsets me about all of those and they're actually i was not voting i'm sorry i was going to have but the voting i mean the people on facebook are going to vote and determine who. who is more trustworthy c.n.n. or or or r t and yesterday i did just say i think they put it out by mistake or
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maybe they put out they got caught and they just took it down every post even your own post you had a box to check is this fake speech yeah that's come on that and that brings me to this the thing about free speech they gave speech to me is a very unsettling term because it's it's it depends on what your perspective is and one of the most interesting facets about this debate is where does free speech and hate speech again so they say they're going to fix this now. it is you were saying this idea of this these these these buttons saying is this the speech is this the future of free speech where you know the everybody has to decide is this puppy pics or politically is i said ok enough for a p.g. thirteen audience like what what is the future of the i don't know well let me the end well let me let me say during the campaign i said that if you will if you forget the second amendment which we need said but if you want to be worried about something be worried about the first amendment as i believe hillary was going to go
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with follow the european model which more and more punish is opinions and free speech and labels that hate speech and throws people in jail if you say something that offends a certain group so i think we were headed in that direction with supreme court nominees that would have come forward from hillary so having said that my little political spiel there i think this is what the liberals believe in this is natural for zuckerberg and he thinks it's his job to do this well i'm you know i steve i wish we would have seen this kind of like outrage over facebook's action and other you know people over in silicon valley one when the edward snowden issues came out and they found out that they were just handing over our private data to the n.s.a. without you know we knew violating our personal fourth and fifth amendment rights there you know i wish we would have seen that kind of outrage then the last thing i'm going to ask you about is you know they're not just stopping at moderate moderating new. mentioned earlier piers morgan's our birds and it's like a bird is intent on moderating our love lives as well matched the owner of dating
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haps tender and ok cupid so it stocks tumble today on the news that facebook will now enter the dating service steve are you going to are you going to sign up for facebook. servers do you trust well here is that you trust them with your love life now well they already have all my information and if you're on it your all your information so i know you have to sign up but you don't have to give them anything they got it you know i've never full disclosure i'm divorced but i've never. i had the nerve to put my picture on a dating site ever i just never have. and now my picture is already on facebook and like i said they got all my information so who the heck knows but you're right he's pulling a fast one on all these dating sites they're going to suffer they are we go a little bit time when there are certain and i know it's free market and all that but is there a certain time when you've got facebook which is has more people involved in the countries on earth you know. is that too big is there
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a certain point where you have to say you know what we need to kind of break this up this monopoly you could almost call it well i've always advocated and pleaded for some rich conservative to start the counter face of the counter to facebook but they're talking about doing that with google now what exactly what you're saying i don't know a facebook is going to fall into that maybe down the road if the political climate is right for it will happen well well steve malzberg always a pleasure to have you on thank you for coming on talking with us today i love it thank you. seeped in history and culture t has been treating people across the globe for thousands of years but chinese is in a category all its own which is why when new yorker shannon tang couldn't find one place. that served authentic chinese tea in new york she started her own but before opening her new york city tea house tea drunk for business shown on tang traveled to the united province of china to get her tea leaves from an ancient tea leaves
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the actual source hiking far into the mountains on steep slopes the leaves are picked cleaned and dried and repaired using ancient techniques to create which gentle calls the pinnacle of teak culture since it comes from the original source some of the masterpiece produces a service can only be picked fifteen days out of every year with the help of local farmers so here is to shoot down tang and those following in our path of preserving the past by bringing it back into the present so i like that look there's things that we can learn from the past those things the techniques and i do use and philosophies even the existed thousands of years ago that it takes to work look at legal work and you've got to study the past to best prepare yourself for the future you know i think as a lefty you know a good cup or two you can't complain they're all right so having time to hope better serves over to everybody remember in this world we are told that we are
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above the sword tell you all i love you i am i robot turtle and i'm top of the wall this keep on watching those hawks out there and have a great day and night everybody. thanks to their survival guide that's taking your time all the stored safely i believe. you should know there you don't get it back. well it's no good this is a repatriation scheme look at the way the seven years. bill of the century you guys are.
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palm oil is one of the most controversial products of odds on it's a solid vegetable fat that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million tons that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of palm oil plantations which it means the destruction of rain forest. get into the zero a lot more than ten million hiked as of unique rain forest has been destroyed and it's a process that just keeps going. funny i've been saying the numbers. they matter the us has over one trillion dollars and . more than ten dollars each day. eighty five percent of. the bridge with six percent market so thirty percent you're done
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with four hundred five hundred three. and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. two point one billion dollars. but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember that one one just so you can afford to miss the one and only.
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america's new top diplomat promises to bring first one to the u.s. state department is like pump a zero is officially sworn into office with the full backing of president. obama. on the why the plan to reduce gun crime the paines poll was movement in the u.s. needs to pay for violent incidents and is believed to be responsible for a number of deaths. and we think exclusively to the survivors of the saudi led. coalition strike which hit a wedding party in yemen at least twenty people were killed in the attack. and there's a subtle at the moment of the bombardment the rocket landed on the whole world hundred a month old boy was turning.


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