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do you think that. that. that this is fine by. i really i'm just what. it think it's. what it looks. right i'm just trying to take my breath because it's very bad it's like. i didn't know if we don't do a lot the way that. well last week the united nations cussed the good of israel for its handling of the ongoing protests campaign in gaza it say's the killings by israel's defense forces violate the fourth geneva convention which prohibits the targeting of civilians. it's difficult to see how tire burning or stone throwing. or even more of cocktails thrown from
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a significant distance that heavily protected security forces in defensive positions can be seen to constitute such threat. in the context of an occupation such as gaza killings resulting from the use of force may also constitute willful killings which are a grave breach of the fourth geneva convention well israel has responded to the yard cry from the united nations and human rights groups the state's attorneys claim the protests fall into the state of war can't agree. on rights laws they're for do not apply to the idea of rules of engagement or reserve colonel with the force is told us that in his view the israeli military's actions are being taken in self-defense. any nation america friends of course israel has the full right to defend themselves we are not facing just a simple pacific mout of nice people who are facing people who want to invade our
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country and when someone wants to invade your country you have two possibilities once you let him go in and you just leave. in war you have to put the beauty's or you when you lose you cannot let people kill you you know they are to react you have to act first because the rule of the game in this terrorist military rule is to be on the initiative not to be on the reactivity. moving on now two journalists have launched a legal battle in the u.s. to contest their possible inclusion on a classified government kill list the pair have drawn criticism for their controversial reports from flashpoints in the syrian conflict with some accusing them of sympathizing with extremist groups joining me live on the phone with more articulate my pen high caleb what more do we know but this who are the journalists
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. well the hearing on tuesday regarded two journalists who say essential that their rights are being violated the issue at hand is whether or not the united states can take unilateral action against american citizens if they are suspected of being terrorists and now the two journalists they claim that they are on. a list of people who are what it's essentially being called a kill list people that could be hit by drones people who could be killed it's a database of suspected al-qaeda linked terrorists now the two journalists say that they have no links to terror they deny their links their official complaint says that the methodology is employed to have or actually resulted in unjustified killing of innocent people they call this an arbitrary and capricious action by the agency and they say that the united states constitution and international law is being violated now one of the journalists is bull little of dual karim now bill of
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dual karim has been included in a number of mainstream media reporting this is bill will a dual karim reporting from syria. behind the scenes some of them. i'm. not going to spend some. time on this stuff to go through with. you on how sometimes you will hear someone say that they are part of al qaida but what is their real affiliation to al qaeda other than some romantic notion to be honest with you. now top al qaeda leaders have actually referred to bill a dual kareem as our media man furthermore we have seen videos with him in which he stands next to suicide bombers and talks about the explosive belts that they're wearing and kind of goes over them now he says that on five different occasions he's been targeted by u.s.
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airstrikes now the other person who filed in the lawsuit is aka med dunn who is the bureau chief of al-jazeera in the city of his lama bad now he's done interviews with top al-qaeda leaders and he's also faced similar scrutiny in allegations so these are the two individuals in question they've interviewed top al qaeda leaders they seem to have connections with leaders of al qaeda and al knows a little of dual karim in particular has been criticized for his reporting that they say is really uncritical in the way he describes al qaeda he seems to report on their activities of al qaida and al nasra in almost a sympathetic way above the term. is one we're hearing you know more and more just pricked out done for this. while it refers to a program a computer program called skynet and apparently this computer program uses algorithms it follows a person's location and the communications that they're having and uses
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a computer algorithm to determine whether or not they are a terrorist now it's not known exactly what is all that is included but it is possible it's alleged that this computer program essentially would determine whether or not the person would be killed in a drone strike this is this program skynet is being widely criticized as violating human rights violating the rights of journalists and it seems to point to a big problem of artificial intelligence when you have a computer program determining whether or not someone is a terrorist or not and whether or not they could be killed in a drone strike. live from new york this month and thank you. an iraqi man who became famous for throwing his shoes at then u.s. president george w. bush is about to embark on a political career of his own moon turn to our elves id is running for the iraqi parliament in next week's election having returned to his country just two months
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ago it's a decade on from when former president bush tided the u.s. invasion of iraq. well. he was a t.v. journalist at the time after his stunt he was arrested and convicted for assault on a foreign leader he was sentenced to three years in prison but released after nine months xavi then moved to lebanon setting up a humanitarian organization to help iraqi war victims following his stunt he became a hero for many iraqis and coincidentally so did his shoes after a separation from its owner it quickly became a symbol of protest against his imprisonment the company making the shoe even renamed the model by bush and it was briefly honored with a bronze star to an iraqi orphanage we spoke to mr al zaidi about the incident and his political ambitions. wow what
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a about that i thought as for what happened was this i was arrested along with my brother we were left in solitary confinement for three days we were only released after i went on a hunger strike without water for three days i told them i'd rather die than stay in prison and not totally broke my teeth my nose or my leg you electrocutions me and whipped me even broke a table or a chair over my back i don't know as i was blindfolded up to what this was something i've never experienced before and the power torture by the authorities by the rule of law could. but the bottom line i thought i had to change the miserable state of affairs in iraq i did not consult anyone and i'm not much it was a personal decision that i took after a long deliberation the george bush incident is in the past and it's history now history remember that when the americans invaded iraq and on that and some iraqis are on their side why they don't but others beat them with shoes but i did not and
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will not show you this incident with the people who have been putting up posters on the street showing me throwing a shoe at george bush to me that most of these have been taken down and i reject up because this is not part of my campaign. but ninety minutes into the program next strains between the u.s. and pakistan over the continued jailing of a doctor who helped hunt down osama bin laden the details when we return. well it still seems wrong but. just don't call. me. yet to seep out just because i took it and it gets me because
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. do you suppose. they put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be. that you going to be close as it was before three of them will be good. interested in the water. you're back with r.t. international washington's rocky relations with pakistan are being tested again
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after suggestions that a doctor who helped the cia find osama bin laden could soon be released from prison pakistan insists he's going nowhere despite his continued incarceration being a source of contention with the u.s. which has long accused the country of being reluctant to tackle terrorism breaking down that story for a similar account. the pakistani doctor who helped the cia track down and kill the world's most wanted terrorist osama bin ladin is still in prison two years after this promise from donald trump do you think you can get the darker out and yes i do i think i would get him out in two minutes i would tell them let him out and i'm sure they'd let him out in may two thousand and twelve shaquille a freebie was sentenced to thirty three years behind bars.
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jobs. in. two thousand and eleven for being money to the militants of that. and he was assisting in medical term that he was making some arrangements for their meeting in is a hospital i met him in two thousand in june and he said that i am innocent and the charges they are totally illegal but last week his family were given a glimmer of hope there are reports that a possible deal to secure his release after he was apparently moved to a secure location because of threats to his life but according to the pakistani foreign ministry none of that's true i'm not aware of the new deal regarding dock to secure a pretty on behalf of the ministry of foreign affairs i can assure you that he's not being handed over to the u.s. it's an issue that u.s.
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officials often bring up but given the frosty relationship between washington and islamabad over counterterrorism and other disputes there's still no sign of a resolution for shaquille afridi. a british police monitoring group passed forced u.k. authorities to release its kuntar terrorism training materials after years of court battles the document reveals that the fracking activists are considered extremists much like radical islamists or neo nazis and they're treated accordingly. you know i don't. believe he believes. that. the police have been involved in dragging disabled people out
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of wheelchairs on the public highway over salting people and of standing by and watching private security companies employed by the fracking companies come out of this site on to the public highway and attack people punching people in the face putting people in to sleep or hold positions all kinds of. have happened. well law enforcement emergency staff say however that the activists are feigning injury for the cameras and making false claims over police brutality here's why those activists the reason the fight against fracking just going through it it's a method of gas extraction where a high pressure a mixture of water and chemicals is pumped into rock to release gas now it's considered by many environmental groups to be dangerous as the chemicals used in the process could contaminate both the. growing water there of also being planes or
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fracking and used earthquakes tremors some of those fighting for the extraction method to be bound are categorized as domestic extremist nuts they are included in the framework of the british counterterrorism program known as prevent and protesters are being monitored by anti terror agencies one case core start reach involves. a disabled protester crosser rude here and earlier talk to the woman in. five. hour. i don't think they did consider me a threat i was simply a nuisance. they were wanting a big lorry to the side and i was in the way and. all this really an elderly person fairly frail now i wasn't a big difficulty if to them six policemen could have handled me stream well three
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policemen i think it was me quite easily it was no difficulty to them so i couldn't have been a threat did anyone officially apologize to you following that incident oh no no there's never been any apology i've never had any official communication about it how do you feel about the fact that anti fracking activists like yourself being compared to radical islamists and neo nazi. it's ludicrous just playing with words. in one way it doesn't bother me that and say what they like they used to say i didn't name names hurt you. it it's how they treat you as a result whether they'll decide to shove me in prison or something that would certainly. more gray than it is now. a special date in the russian calendar is fast approaching on the ninth of may
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victory day will be celebrated across the country and ahead of the event marking the end of the second world war in europe r.t. has been to check out rehearsals for moscow's annual military parade. fourth piece is a little odd but no military. thing. but every year we try to make you feel. these speak of is why this yes minutes a day rate is nothing like any other before the stomach area is being shown for the first time and we are going to write one of them.
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practice makes perfect they say seemingly simple maneuvers like this one still being told that simple when there are dozens of vehicles involved and they all have to be in sync that's why moscow's main streets have been blocked off for these beasts to refine them a new buzz. this a.p.c. is designed to absorb explosive damage from landmines and it all will deflect even piercing rounds now it's not the only vehicle to be making the first show at this year's parade so let me give you a tour. these unmanned drones will be shown to the public officially for the first time at the parade there were initially being designed as the purely reconnaissance aircraft but now they can carry bombs to. and
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finally how about this jam and they says on the red square no this is not a ploy over you holywood blockbuster but rather this tank support unit it will. also be for the first time featured a parade on the red square so now this is of course is just to me a face to what to expect the actual parades to do q and then on the ninth of may and have a look yourself what these guys are prepared. igor is down off the list second world war affected families who lost loved ones on r.t.s. joining in the commemoration on celebration of heroic fetch it.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on off and spearing dramatic developments only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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to a. political lens used to be able to get them outside to start with a few truthful something fun instead i'm interested that money tied up when i look to the saps pick some of the markets and i think a lot of those make. it will show up because the law gives league up a book be a slow. and. easy to keep me company. are you willing. to keep. the the. plan to. end these years i believe
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and you don't know. how shame will. still come in the admission from the. welcome to the stan collymore show i mean maybe i'm in columbia filming for a future episode so watch the spice but this week's episode comes from paris frank a beautiful world cup winner six time with us we're going to be chatting to a foreman same item on the legend is ian roche and rob blanch it's goes up to manchester to look at some of the world's caustic for sure welcome to the stand callable show.
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we here in paris such it likes to talk about the great. french football. and that was when the local. let's go back to nineteen ninety four for my european champions how disappointing was it as a nice young footballer to not qualify for nine hundred ninety four that was a disaster because we had to gain. we needed one point to go through and to go to the united states and they do work we lost the two games we had a home and it was a real disaster i mean. the dream that we have we had to see that beautiful squad
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going to the united states fell off in one we started off with goals for the last second and. everybody was ashamed of being a french guy loving football you have to remember that you do european championship in one thousand two was also a disaster when we went out after the group stage so. we had the idea of rebuilding everything in fact in international way and when he took charge of the of the job we just followed him he had an idea of creating a club inside the the selection this team studied to be built around ninety five ninety six just before the european championship in england and where we when finishing i think. it was a real new adventure to recreate the time to recreate something to be ready for years after in one thousand eight hundred.
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groups. when people talk about me knowing me from from the french site i was a tough guy when i go to england i was kind of you know a little. shy guy playing in england against stan collymore and being afraid of being king. and the fact is that's true but going to england for me. it was you know learning the fighting spirit and never let it go always having the hope that we can finish something even if you. we're losing too neal and. that's what we learned or did you feel before the tournament did you feel in the friendly matches was it all preparation to win the tournament we were we were in good we were in good we didn't play well just before the world cup
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didn't have the feeling that we could goof that far. down and already have done it on was in the time. averaged ninety seven ninety six of world european championship and remember if you see all the games which we had a ninety eight he got suspended. after the second game came back for the the quarter final against italy two very good games for the quarter and the semi is. done in the final what was your individual emotion about getting that final call that principle to supply federation francis for you all included congratulations you included in the final twenty three players to represent france at world war i know i i looked on we keep caps you. know important it is and i'll probably haul you know when you know you you read your name and just before the world cup i had maybe like twelve twelve caps for the for the national
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champs so rookie kind of going off but lots of calls were not coming to and and and when you know you're going to play you walk up in your country and it's it's a good try you know your family calls you you see how you see i mean and i'm going to fight for for you to make sure that everybody is going to be proud of. the tournament itself you go through the great stages some substantial appearances because obviously laurent blanc was the yeah it was the talk much of money how did that make you feel first when i saw said being rick along being red carded. i felt ashamed in a way that i knew that if we would would we would want would be i would be the first eleven and i finished on my it's already my place three days before the walk up i couldn't watch t.v. or listen to radio or read papers because it was always how could we. so you really
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feel like a piece of and i didn't know what to do and i said to my ex-wife i said you know what if we win we can and if we lose we're going to stay in england and we'll never come back to it to friends well it went well it worked well i played a good decent game and we won so everything is perfect of the of the day you know but the fairytale could have been a nightmare so laurent blanc gets a red call in the semifinal. you then went to ensure that you were playing and i never said we had to talk two months before the walk up where you say ok you know what there is law and marcel would go and play if any one of them is regarded or injured you played saw as soon as it was recorded i knew that it would go through i would play teligent fill in the dressing room it's a mixture of things that time goes very slow before the game you want to be on the
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pitch you want to play you what you desperate to be in the bottle in the bottle and it is getting very long and i remember coming tuesday into the stadium getting out of the bus and taking my heart rate i was one hundred eighty so you're ready sprints and i was already there and then when we went into the dressing room it was over i was a little different because it was hounded up i can relax you mentioned nice family friends it's worse it's worst you have the pressure of a country don't want to ruin the the party after you know you everybody was ready to party and they did but you can ruin it and they have the dates again it's a football game so when you are into the game you don't think oh it's a walk up. i have to be better because you're welcome not you know some players think some players get rid of their delusion if they lose their their. their calm i guess the play the game before has to be done i think it's different between a champ and and somebody you know less not quite less ready to to to fight for
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those this intensity of the of the game and the pressure of the kid gets is if that's your pocket or the guy when out i was in it. you playing the game you've got one of the world's best strikers you have a fantastic guy does your confidence grow as the guy and he's operated differently after the first bull you know you know when the first touch is you know when you control well you pass well you know you feel confident and the first time that i had on i think it was rivaldo i said i mean i mean and i'm ok i'm going to be good until the end so you know that things can change but you start well so you know what do you feel i did better than my idols which is impossible i'm normally so it took me like i would say three four years maybe at the end of the mike area that i realized i became a work of player you know when i mean friends every day every day there was somebody say oh thank you very much for the world cup for the last twenty years or so.


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