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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 4, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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well. i really. think it's. just going to take my breath because it's very bad like. i don't know if we don't do a lot the way it was. last week the united nations castigated israel for its handling of the ongoing protests campaign in gaza it says the killings by israel's defense forces violate the fourth geneva convention which prohibits the targeting of civilians it's difficult to see how tire burning or stone throwing. or even more of cocktails thrown from a significant distance that heavily protected security forces in defensive positions can be seen to constitute such threat. in the context
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of an occupation such as garza killings resulting from the use of force may also constitute willful killings which are a grave breach of the fourth geneva convention israel's responded to the cry from the un and human rights groups the state's attorneys claim the gaza protests quote fall into the state of walkout agree that human rights laws therefore don't apply to the i.d.f. rules of engagement or reserve colonel but the force has told us that in his view the israeli military's actions are being taken in self-defense. any nation or america friends of course israel has a full right to defend themselves we are not facing just a simple pacific margin of nice people who are facing people who want to invade our country and when someone wants to invade your country you have two possibilities once you let him go in and you just leave or you defend yourself in war you have to
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put the beauties or you win or you lose you cannot let people kill you you know they are to react you have to ask first because the rule of the game in this terrorist military rule is to be on the initiative not to be on the reactivity. two journalists have launched a legal battle in the u.s. to contest the possible inclusion on a classified government kill list both have drawn criticism for the controversial reports from flashpoints in the syrian conflict with some accusing them of sympathizing with extremist groups khaled maupin's got more on this. now the issue in tuesday's court hearing was whether or not the united states could take unilateral action against american citizens suspected of being terrorists now the two journalists deny that they have any links to terrorism but they say that they're on a kill list people who could be hit with u.s. drones or air strikes for being terrorists now the two individuals in question one
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of them is bill little dual kareem now the little dual kareem has been widely criticized for the fact that his reporting on terrorist groups like al qaeda and al nasra seems to be rather uncritically seems to almost glorify the people have said he's an extremist propagandist we do know that top al qaeda clerics have said he's there he's they've actually referred to him as our media man furthermore we've seen him reporting with potential suicide bombers a showing off the equipment the suicide belts or vests that they wear despite all of this criticism it's important to note that the little of dual karim has been featured in mainstream american media ya know the scenes of them. i'm. not going to spend some. time on this stuff to go through with. you on how sometimes you will hear someone say that they are part of al qaeda but
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what is their real affiliation to al qaeda other been some romantic notion to be honest with you the other person who filed in the lawsuit is aka med dunn who is the bureau chief of al jazeera in the city of his lama bad now he's done interviews with top al-qaeda leaders and he's also faced similar scrutiny in allegations the two journalists say that they have no links to terror they deny their links their official complaint says that the methodology is employed to have or actually resulted in unjustified killing of innocent people they call this an arbitrary and capricious as. action by the agency and they say that the united states constitution and international law is being violated it refers to a program a computer program called sky net and apparently this computer program uses algorithms it follows a person's location and the communications that they're having and uses a computer algorithm to determine whether or not they are
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a terrorist now it's not known exactly what is all that is included but it is possible it's alleged that this computer program essentially would determine whether or not the person would be killed in a drone strike this is this program skynet is being widely criticized as violating human rights violating the rights of journalists and it seems to point to a big problem of artificial intelligence when you have a computer program determining whether or not someone is a terrorist or not and whether or not they could be killed in a drone strike. the u.s. is reportedly freezing is funding a controversial syria emergency response organization the white helmets lose be met with major disappointment by the group's leaders who say it's going to impact on their ability then to save lives the u.s. has been funding the white helmets to the tune of more than thirty two million dollars but the group says it's also being bankrolled by several other nations although the u.s. is now thought to be cutting its funding the state department though recently praised the one helmets efforts in syria. we recognize and appreciate are very
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grateful for all the work that the white house continues to on behalf of the people of their country and on behalf of the u.s. government on all the coalition coalition forces they're doing incredible work and rescuing in some state and some cases in other cases it's recovery efforts they're an incredible group of individuals lost despite the group being widely criticized for some of its actions in syria along the way its members of a paid the number of times in videos of killings published by the a terrorist group the white helmets of also posted videos which they say show them conducting rescue operations to save the lives of wounded civilians some of which have seen medical experts that it could decide their actions is unprofessional it's a controversial topic let's see what patrick and this is going to think about it the executive editor of news website twenty first century was hey there the what helmets often in the news do matter what side what you think about them here
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there's yet to be any official state department confirmation this funding actually going to happen but if it is the case why would washington be pulling the plug on something that they say we're doing such a good job that praising this organization so why cut the money for the. well quite simply. they're running out of room to operate in syria as the syrian arab army and its forces clear up and liberate areas like it's been good for instance like duma like. last year. that's where the white helmets operate they operate exclusively in terrorist areas in syria nowhere else they are not with the syrian public they are not with the normal population in syria and they are not serious civil defense they stole the name from the real syrian civil defense of the white helmets are not syria's civil defense they are quoted by the united states and the u.k. mainly but they've also got money from the netherlands from germany from the e.u. from jim and from other european countries as well well as. fund raising and they
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will no doubt use this latest announcement of your arms like syria campaign which is funded by i am an ash are sorry who is a loyal magnate syrian expatriate who is bankrolling the opposition in exile so they'll use this as a fundraising opportunity to hopefully raise money saying that oh we need the money but there's nothing there running out of place to operate it live it's the rock the kurds don't want them so where are they going to go if it's us funding cut does go ahead it is simply president from being proud pragmatic putting his holmes in saying it could he has said along the way he wants to meet might make america great again spend the money there eccentric central is he trying to disentangle themselves in the controversy as some people say it of the why elements what you think is really going on here. what i think is going on is that the damaged brand and other media outlets ourselves a twenty first century was specifically when it really broke this story open wide
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open in two thousand and fifteen and since then a lot of people have come to realize that this isn't what it's advertised as this is basically a video production unit it's in the information operation this used to underpin regime change and essentially destabilize syria or to create an emphasis for a western. administered no fly zone or for an airstrike like we saw so the children and the parents in those videos that we saw from. the i.d.f. strike on april thirteenth they say no chemical injuries doctors accepted by saying that there were no injuries that video was used to justify the u.s. u.k. french bombing campaign which is based on a lie that video that we saw and everyone has seen was staged the witnesses who come forward afterwards and it's obvious there was no injuries there this was a staged event this is a hugely embarrassing thing of course it's in people who don't want to have this pointed out to them especially in the u.s. specially in washington d.c.
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especially in london and paris but it is stage that chemical attack in that video that they used poor justification of the bombing campaign there was no chemical attack in that video so the white homes had damage brand and i think the white house wants to maybe pull back and avoid further embarrassment to be associated with this and you go and maybe quietly push it off and bury it subsumes some soldiers about the o.p.c. double even deal with the still carrying on the ripple on what may have happened that they haven't reported back yet. what sides you know do you think president trump is therefore moved bit swiftly it. well that's that's a good question so you have something to do climbing over there or we don't know exactly how the investigation come out what they will find what they have why but do you know obviously w. or not assign blame all they can do is really for the existence of the alleged
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namely sarin in chlorine according to u.s. and u.k. were basing that speculation on social media videos or not actual evidence this is what wonder about. yeah ok patrick thank you so much executive editor of news website twenty first century was pretty good. the iraqi man who became famous for throwing a shoe at then u.s. president george w. bush is about to embark on a political career of his own tartaros ideas running for the iraqi parliament in next week's election having returned to his country just two months ago it's a decade on and from when the former president bush touted the u.s. invasion of iraq to crowds in baghdad. when he was a t.v. journalist of the time after his stunt he was arrested and convicted for assault on
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a foreign leader he was sentenced to three years in prison but released after nine months said he then moved to lebanon and set up a humanitarian organization to help iraqi war victims following the stunt he became a hero for many iraqis and coincidentally so did the shoe after separation from its owner it quickly became a symbol of protest against his imprisonment the company making the show even renamed the model is bye bye bush at one point it was briefly on a tour with a bronze statue at an iraqi orphanage we spoke to mr ellis idea about the incident and his political ambitions now. what i enjoy about that i think what happened was this i was arrested along with my brother we were left in solitary confinement for three days we were only released after i went on hunger strike without water for three days i told them i'd rather die than stay in prison they broke my teeth my nose my leg they electrocuted me whipped me they even broke a table or a chair over my back i don't know as i was blindfolded this was something i've
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never experienced before and the torture by the or thirty's by the rule of law good . luck and look what the bottom line i thought i had to change the miserable state of affairs in iraq i did not consult anyone but it was a personal decision that i took after a long deliberation the george bush incident which is in the past it's history in our history remember that when the americans invaded iraq and some iraqis were on their side but others beat them with shoes but i did not and will not exploit this incident with the people who have been putting up posters on the streets showing me throwing a shoe at george bush that most of these have been taken down and i reject them because this is not part of my campaign. a british police monitoring group has forced u.k. authorities to release its counterterrorism training materials after years of cold battles the document reveals that anti fracking activists are considered extremists
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much like radical islamists or neo nazis and adds that treated accordingly. you know i don't. believe he believes. more. that. the police have been involved in dragging disabled people out of wheelchairs on the public highway of assaulting people and of standing by and watching private security companies employed by the fracking companies come out of this site on to the public highway and. punching people in the face putting people into sleeper hold positions all kinds of have happened. of course most of emergency crews say
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however that the activists of feigning injury for the cameras making false claims of police brutality is one of those activists see reason to fight against fracking the meantime it's a method of gas extraction this graphic where high pressure a mixture of water and chemicals is pumped into the rock to release the gas back up it's considered by many environmental groups to be highly dangerous though as the chemicals used in the process could then contaminate both the soil and the ground water table have also been claims of fracking is used to earthquakes and tremors some of those fighting for the extraction method have to be banned categorized as domestic extremist as we just said that's how they're included in the framework of the british counterterrorism program known as prevent and protest is a big monitored by antiterrorist and says to one case that caused outrage involves three police officers dragging it is sable an elderly protester across the road and karen talked earlier to the woman in the video she's eighty five she's called power
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. i don't think they did consider me a threat i was simply a nuisance. they were wanting a big lorry to enter the sites and i was in the way and. i'm obviously an elderly person fairly frail now i wasn't a big difficulty if to them six policemen could've handled me stream well three policemen i think it was handed me quite easily it was no difficulty to them so i couldn't have been a threat did anyone officially apologize to you following that incident oh no no there's never been any apology i've never had any official communication about it how do you feel about the fact that anti fracking activists like yourself are being compared to radical islamists and neo nazi. it's ludicrous just
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playing with words. in one way it doesn't bother me they can say what they like they used to say didn't they names won't hurt you. it it's how they treat you as a result whether they'll decide to shove me in prison or something that would certainly. more gray than it is now. a special day in the russian calendar is fast approaching on the ninth of may victory day will be celebrated across the country and ahead of the event marking the end of the second world war in europe artie's bring to check out the rehearsals for moscow's annual military parade. well look my he told me. that every year we drive.
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these people like this this minute break is nothing like any of us before the stomach area so it was the first song and we are going right along. right just makes perfect place to vent seemingly simple maneuvers like this one still being told that simple when there are dozens of vehicles involved and they all have to be in sync that's why most of those main streets have been told for these beasts to refine them a nuber. this a.p.c. is designed to absorb explosive damage from landmines and it all will deflect even
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omma piercing rounds now it's not the only vehicle to be making the first show at this year's parade so let me give you a chill. these unmanned drones will be shown to the public officially for the posts time at the parade they were initially being designed as the purely reconnaissance aircraft but now they can carry bombs too. and finally how about this jam and they says on the red square no this is not a plug over you holywood blockbuster but rather this tank support unit it would. also be for the first time featured at a parade on the red square so now this is of course is just to me it taste of what to expect at the actual parade so do you mean on the ninth of may and have a look yourself what these guys have prepared. yeah but away from the modern day
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hardware except treats very much a time to reflect the second world war affected countless families who lost loved ones just of rice say goodbye for this half hour a day we want to show you too how a personal level so many of us here at r.t. are also joining in the commemoration and celebration of heroic veterans.
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greetings and salutation. it's important to have a great bad guy like watchers any successful television writer will attest that planning and setting the stage for next season's big bad is of vital importance as you move from one season to the next all your great dramatic t.v. shows operate this way by the end of season one after the good guys bank was there posey got introduced the next potential bad guy for season two i mean how else are you going to keep folks you know bingeing steet his streaming and paying their
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monthly dues and it certainly appears that the same approach that has worked so well for netflix and h.b.o. also works for us foreign policy with tensions on the korean peninsula now appearing to kind of cool down and that dreaded military industrial profit killing piece were being thrown around where oh where oh where will the warmongers and profiteers look next for twenty eighteen's big bad villain well thanks to a absolutely ridiculous court case that our good friend prime minister of israel himself benjamin netanyahu and his dunder mifflin style power point skills it appears that iran will fill the role of bad guy yes according to mainstream headlines this week not only is the run currently potentially maybe not really sort of kind of not so much in violation of the much maligned twenty fifteen nucular deal which prevents them from building or pursuing nuclear weapons but did you know that iran is also. in the nine eleven terror attacks as well oh yes this week
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a.b.c. news reports that u.s. district judge george daniels in a default judgment has ordered the country of iran to pay billions upon billions of dollars to parents spouses siblings and children of more than one thousand nine eleven victims of course this comes despite the fact that the nine eleven commission by a little run did not in fact open a direct role in those attacks at all unlike say a little u.s. ally saudi arabia where fifteen of the nineteen hijackers called home but you know what little little things like contradictory evidence facts and you know common sense get in the way of a good propped up villain for the headline reading masses well ladies and gentlemen let's cut through the fairy tale bad guys and get back to reality and start watching the hallmarks. of. the. real thing with. the bottom.
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like you that i got. this. week. watching the hawks am i wrong and on top of the wallet and that lawsuit is silly silly for such a serious issue and i think it's silly it is silly because one this is a it's purely symbolic there's no way that they're they can legally make. ever or anybody in iran or an iranian or an arabian bank pay this it's not it's not a buying there's no binding mechanism to make around pay for the us the other problem is that as you said there one is that the media is playing this is if it's
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. the judge and i was a court case they went over everything and he really one is case because he argued it as you said it was a default judgment and if you don't know what to do you fall judgment means is you sue somebody if they don't show up you when they will if they don't file some paper they would if they never respond you would like there's i want evidence in court like massive evidence that's being argued in your side's evidence one out to prove that iran was behind nine eleven yeah i mean it was crazy and you exaggerate this suit was actually filed back in like two thousand and four you know back fresh off the you know iraq has w m d days you know those days are great because i knew they were going to figure out who actually was responsible for nine eleven you know that somebody you know who was in new york city at that time i thought it was al qaeda and then when the twenty three pages came out were like oh they were saudi arabia so please explain to me how this wonderful new data that we got from that you know who says this may i know right. and that's good at the power points but you know basically like when you look at it the lawsuit this lawsuit going to run came into
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being because of it back in twenty six we talked about on the shore the you know congress passed just a second sponsors of terrorism act or as many you call it just a and that basically allowed sovereign states to be accused of terrorism to be sued for liability again like you're saying pretty much all surface it's not like anyone's going to ever pay this jack so where do you send the bill and what's interesting is that the court you know this court in the you know in this deep hole judgment may have found because in the case that they blamed the islamic republic of iran the islamic revolutionary guard corps the central bank of islamic republic of iran and other long named things are you know they said basically they're liable for these thousand deaths of the families who are suing this is a family brought lawsuit. but what's interesting about that is that it all still kind of goes back to saudi arabia right i mean you're looking at him isn't it really just well he's got a very interesting because the. no do you know they said there's no new material.
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in what he had said in a radio and foreign minister's mic point and foreign minister. when he looked at it when he was looking at everything it was this idea. to put it in real estate terms what he said was when you buy a house and move your family in or demolish it to build a skyscraper you cannot come back two years later and read it go she had to praise . and this is where. even the attorney on the case ultimately pointed toward saudi arabia so you have a deal that has nothing to do with nine eleven that is post nine eleven that the previous administration and many other countries sat down at the table and said let's look forward and then you have a case. that's being thrown around right now oliver is trying to demonize an entire country so even the attorney on the case so as he points to saudi arabia as as like the who's actually like central and fact a.b.c.
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news. he had told. how full of motley rice. to a.b.c. news but those fine overshadow the mountain of evidence presented against saudi arabia with remain central to the plaintiff's case so here's a case where that really says so here a view is more at fault but because of this one. of the symbolic and i don't use it to go and say let's read reorganize a nuclear deal it's not a deal it's an agreement it's how we keep people from dying and that's what leaders are supposed to do yes yes. i mean that's it right there and as you were talking about to the reaction the man who is well with his little cute little power point thing is absolutely ridiculous and you know it's a good analogy the they were in you know really as i'm brought up they're. just we don't need more villains we need better politics and the better for policy.
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if you eat blue crabs there is a fifty percent chance your purchase supported the crab industry in hooper's island maryland in fact maryland is the nation's leading producer and processor of blue crab meat with nearly six hundred million dollars injecting the u.s. economy cheer from the crab industry which is why it's so important that only five of the eight seafood companies on hoopers island were able to get visas for their migrant workers due to a lottery system installed by the new administration and hopes of creating more job opportunities for americans but it's proving nearly impossible to fight american workers willing to make less than five hundred dollars a week with no overtime or wage protection in seasonal jobs that can lead to skin infections leisure. and more which is why the maryland blue crab industry relies so heavily on migrant mexican women who travel north to work under the age to be visa program but this year the pieces were given out in a lottery not on the first come first serve serve basis they have been in previous
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years meaning forty percent of the labor the crab industry needs will not be there which leaves the interdependent economy in maryland at risk since each unfilled visa leads to two and a half jobs lost in the area as the president chesapeake bay seafood industries association jack brooks private quote it devastates our community is our local markets the people who make our boxes right here in our county the people who service our quitman our truck drivers our truck repair people the local markets it goes on and on and on so the question remains if us natives aren't willing to enter the job market to fill these less than desirable jobs why are we discouraging legal migrant workers whose labor keeps these rural communities like reapers island thriving. because they take a job. that is like this blows my mind when you see stories like this is like here you have a system set up keeping business is a employees doing all those people are agree.


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