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but gives the port authority led coalition with intelligence your military advice and logistical or priority is the fight against al qaeda and you arabian peninsula and isis in yemen extent of our support is refueling and sharing and samir khan reports on the pentagon's mixed messages concerning its role in the conflict in. this latest development contradicts the pentagon statements that indicated that u.s. military assistance to the saudis in yemen was limited to intelligence logistics and aircraft feeling but so far what we do know is that a team of a few green berets apparently arrived on the south of the u. many border sometime last year and according to the pentagon they've only been there to protect the border however reports suggest that they've been helping them destroy the ballistic missile launch sites and it's worth mentioning that even though this war has been going on for
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a few years saudi arabia hasn't been successful in welling the hooty resistance so it's fair to say that maybe u.s. involvement will help the saudis do just that but thanks to the saudi onslaught the conflict in yemen has morphed into the world's worst humanitarian crisis and there's been some domestic backlash here in the u.s. and american politicians have been pushing to end u.s. support for the saudis but this latest development might lead to a messy legal battle given that there was no public debate on whether the u.s. should get involved because it seemed as if it was consciously kept from the public so i honestly wonder how americans will feel knowing that their government could be indirectly fueling the world's worst humanitarian crisis and that includes american politicians who works washing washington's indirect role in the conflict even though there was no direct military support so it'll be interesting to see how they react to this. so we're now joined live by robert naiman who's a policy director from just two foreign policy robert thanks for being with us here on our international. u.s.
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officials have admitted that special forces were sent to. the saudi arabia yemen border late last year to help fight the who the rebels now how does this change the picture of what is going on in the region so the key thing is that the new york times is reporting that the u.s. soldiers are participating in targeting. hooty targets inside yemen it doesn't matter where they are they are actively directly participating in hostilities with saudi arabia against hutus in yemen so the two key things about this one is that congress has never authorized it under article one of the constitution and work hard clause under section two c. of the war powers resolution which is us law congress not the president decides
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when the united states will use military force the pentagon lie to the u.s. senate when the claim the u.s. was not directly involved the second thing is that under international law united states is a cold belligerent it's not it's not standing aside it is a part just then means that the united states you know like when a bunch of people rob a bank joint in some liability every war crime that the saudis give me in yemen united states officials are joining lee liable for that war that waiting that saudi arabia bombed ninety to her jewels are jointly liable on her national law for bombing now and killing no civilians well i mean it seems to me that with each conflict as we go back and back and back in american history there is a further separation between america and actually u.s. military involvement in america and what i mean by that is there was no public
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discussion or vote in congress on the direct u.s. involvement in the saudi yemen conflict you to alluded to this is going to go. now that this information has come to come out. are there last oh it seems like we're having some technical difficulties with robert naiman we'll see if we can get him back and touch on the subject as we have some very important contacts we want to get to but live t.v. sometimes these things happen well at least ten palestinians have been injured in violent clashes on the israel gaza border that story and much more still to come you're watching international. thank.
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you. thank you this is our t.
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international not least ten palestinians have been injured in clashes on the israel gaza border. oh about out. and. about how tough. it out on the out all around ten thousand protesters turned out for the rally for a sixth consecutive friday israeli soldiers used live fire and to tear gas to push the crowd back of the i.d.f. claims that rioters were trying to break through the border fence with more on the developments here is local journalist he and. the sense the morning they israeli snipers have been calling and warning the israeli if the palestinian protesters to stay away the palestinian protesters started burning the tires to blur the vision of the israeli snipers since the morning the israeli army is stated that they deployed to one that one hundred fifty new snipers israeli snipers targeted
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a paramedic not a man with his alone as that make with live ammunition that the damage there is going into the holiday to the medical field going and as you see those are the snipers are targeting the finest in truth a serious matter and that maybe it's an journalists they have been using a lot of tear gas since the morning like i am they didn't stop it to a crowd of fighting guys because they were just trying to disperse all these the protesters and actually were getting effected by the tear gas that is getting that is if it is fired by the israelis like was. i really i'm trying but. if that's still a thing it's. interesting to look at the. sense of thirtieth of march of the israeli soldiers have been injuring more than
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seven thousand palestinian protesters and at least forty five palestinians were killed this is the one of the medical points each area melaka east gaza strip and this is a medical point was targeted to directly target by the israelis by tear gas bammer they stated that the israelis were using a new type of of tear gas against the protesters that caused a very very severe effects and those all the critical injuries today are from this tear gas. last week the united nations slammed israel for its handling of the long running protests in gaza in which at least forty five people were killed the organization says the israeli military is violating the fourth geneva convention which prohibits the targeting of civilians it's difficult to see how tire burning or stone throwing. or even more of cocktails thrown from a significant distance of heavily protected security forces in defensive positions
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can be seen to constitute such threat. in the context of an occupation such as garza killings resulting from the un prove who use of force may also constitute willful killings which are a great breach of the fourth geneva convention. israel has responded to the outcry from the un and human rights groups the government attorneys claim the gaza protests fall into the state of war category and that human rights laws do not apply in this situation it reserve colonel with the i.d.f. told us the military's actions are justified any soaring nation america friends of course israel has a full right to defend them so we are not facing just a simple pacific margin of nice people who are facing people who want to invade our country and when someone wants to invade your country you have two possibilities
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once you let him go in and you just leave or you do in war you have to put the beauties or you we or you lose you cannot let people kill you you know they are to react you have to act first because the rule of the game in this terrorist military rule is to be the only thing not to be in the reactivity. human rights lawyer curtis doebbler told us israel's use of deadly force against gaza protesters is unlawful. it could well be sometimes an internal armed conflict but i think what is important is that an internal armed conflict human rights continue to apply i think israel is their own security concerns i think are something that will be viewed very much from their own subjective perspective but no matter what those concerns are there are limitations that the law imposes on actions that they can take and when they're taking actions into gaza they're taking
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actions into what most of the international community sees as occupied territory and those actions must be in conformity with the law fly into occupied territory and in this case that includes not only international humanitarian law but also international human rights wall that protect individuals from inhumane treatment degrading treatment from attacks on their life's. journalists have launched a legal battle and the u.s. over their alleged inclusion on a government kill list are to scale up and has more. now the issue in tuesday's court hearing was whether or not the united states could take unilateral action against american citizens suspected of being terrorists now the two journalists did not i that they have any links to terrorism but they say that they're on a kill list of people who could be hit with u.s. drones or air strikes for being terrorists now the two individuals in question one
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of them is bill little abdulla kareem now the little dual karim has been widely criticized for the fact that his reporting on terrorist groups like al qaeda and al nasra seems to be rather uncritically seems to almost glorify that people have said he's an extremist propagandist we do know that top al qaeda clerics have said he's there he's they've actually referred to him as our media man furthermore we've seen him reporting with potential suicide bombers are showing off the equipment the suicide belts or vests that they wear despite all of this criticism it's important to note that a little of dual kareem has been featured in mainstream american media behind the scenes. i'm. not going to spend some. time on this stuff to go with. you on how sometimes you will hear someone say that they are part of al qaida but what is their real affiliation to al
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qaeda other than some romantic notion to be honest with you the other person who filed in the lawsuit is aka med dunn who is the bureau chief of al-jazeera in the city of his lama bad now he's done interviews with top al-qaeda leaders the two journalists say that they have no links to terror they deny their links their official complaint says that the methodology is employed to have or actually resulted in unjustified killing of innocent people they call this an arbitrary and capricious action by the agency and they say that the united states constitution and internet. national laws being violated it refers to a program a computer program called skynet and apparently this computer program uses algorithms it follows a person's location in the communications that they're having and uses a computer algorithm to determine whether or not they are a terrorist now it's not known exactly what is all that is included but it is
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possible it's alleged that this computer program essentially would determine whether or not the person to be killed in a drone strike this is this program skynet is being widely criticized as violating human rights violating the rights of journalists and it seems to point to a big problem of artificial intelligence when you have a computer program determining whether or not someone is a terrorist or not and whether or not they could be killed in a drone strike. international criminal lawyer jennifer breeden told us it will be difficult for the journalists to prove they were targeted by the u.s. government. we don't really know what's going on even in this case it would seem that the whole case is being predicated on this thing skynet or or these things that this kill ist so to speak that they have raised that they actually cannot prove the burden of course in court in u.s. courts would be on them to prove that this does exist that their names are in fact on it as terrorist if this is true there are some problematic issues that this does raise not just the fact that may or may not exist but how this case would proceed
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in u.s. courts with such confidential information and then trying to prove or at least be able to prove that the evidence points to us wanting to target them if skynet is real and that is what it does this points to a much bigger part and u.s. policy officials going back of course of the obama administration where they not only don't understand the threat of terrorism or don't understand the roots of modern day terrorism because they have to use computer algorithms rather than utilizing experts and people with knowledge. all right the united nations has sent a special envoy to the u.k. to look into reports of a surge in hate crime in the wake of the two thousand and sixteen brick said referendum but the move has been met with anger by euro skeptic politicians these visits are completely pointless that politically motivated they're inspired by the extreme left and the idea is to kick the u.k.
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this visit is completely unnecessary and is nothing but a stitch up by pro you can painters who seek to bring the seventeen point four million who booted to leave the you as racist the un special rapporteur as fact finding mission will last until may eleventh tendai will then compile a report on racism intolerance and discrimination in the u.k. for the un human rights council we asked an anti-racism racism activist and a conservative commentator for their views on the case. we've seen hate crimes rise we've seen religious hate crimes rise we've seen greater incidences of intolerance with communities on british streets well i certainly think that there is the knesset still you brand the brits. is a is a rhesus one generally i don't think that there has been still a significant rise in the sort of behavior that links to the brics it that they
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object to evidence points in the opposite direction the figures show a clear spike in religious and racial attacks post the brics it referendum i think the united nations will be horrified to discover that racism in britain he's certainly become worse since her last inspection over four years ago that the sorority around the bricks that votes has largely been created by the establishment and remain oppressed and leave campaign as a bindon in denial they failed to challenge the racism and xenophobia elements within their campaign they just been no attempt to clean their campaign as it were from those elements who do hold these very obnoxious and extreme views supranational concessions like the un light organizations like the european union
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there are of the sle not happy about the brics they don't line people of the king their own nationality and running around their own sciex and there does of me i'll be back in thirty two minutes with more news there with the desire to international . we're. going to.
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take a. all make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round the certainly the one percent. we can
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all middle of the room sit. room in the real news room. this is a boom bust broadcasting all around the world i'm bart chilton coming up today a former colleague of mine jenny lead who worked as an enforcement attorney at the consumer financial protection bureau joins us what's being done at the c.s. t.v.
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which is being run by a fellow who opposed its very existence plus there are national security concerns at a busy u.s. court r.t. correspondent mythos a sweet report and after the break the april jobs report is out from a commerce department and we have an impressive panel on tap to begin to the numbers all of that ahead but first let's hit a few headlines. the former chief executive officer of volkswagen ag has been charged with fraud by u.s. prosecutors justice department prosecutors allege that martin winterkorn approved plans to conceal the installation on diesel engines of so-called defeat devices those are illegal software that kept the missions artificially low during tests the grand jury indictment in detroit's federal district court was unsealed just hours after the end of the annual shareholders meeting in berlin the deception of balts wagon was revealed in september of twenty fifteen resulting in
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a global scandal payment of fines and civil damage payments totaling twenty six billion dollars and last year a corporate guilty plea by both wagon on charges of conspiring to violate the flagship u.s. air quality law the clean air act what your current personal legal troubles could have a heavy implications for a bolt weygand which is still official which they still officially blame the emissions deception on only low level engineers winterkorn is now the six and highest ranking b.w. manager to be charged in the scandal some shareholders have filed a lawsuit alleging that the german automaker has still not come clean about executive wrongdoing and are seeking ten billion dollars in damages from the carmaker. amazon is getting rough with elected officials in their hometown of seattle the seattle city council is considering a seventy five million dollars plan to increase the supply of affordable housing in the city and a tax on major local importers
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a so-called head tax to finance it five of the nine council members have now co-sponsored or expressed support for the bill arguing that the influx of high wage jobs has also pushed up rents and home prices seattle has been declared a state of emergency on almost this for two years now amazon the largest local employer has responded by announcing that they will suspend all current building projects in the city. ending the outcome of the city council vote on the affordable housing measure social council member show must someone accuse amazon of blackmail amazon recently announced a one point six billion dollars and quarterly profits and c.e.o. jeff bezos is the world's richest man with an estimated fortune of over one hundred billion dollars. another labor action by u.s. teachers has ended with the teachers declaring victory teachers in the state of arizona returned to work today after a six day walkout compelled which compelled governor doug doocy to sign
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a bill that would fight in say twenty percent raise for teachers by twenty twenty an additional investment of one hundred thirty eight million dollars in education spending while the settlement fell somewhat short of the teacher's full list of demand which included an immediate twenty percent pay raise and a rollback of recent education cuts the leaders of the arizona education and so she can say they will redirect their members energy toward voter approval of a ballot referendum on an income tax increase for educational funding in the november election. i cannot tell you how pleased i am that we're going to turn to the consumer financial protection bureau the c.f.p. b. and that's because a former colleague of mine is with us now that that agency is being run by congress former congressman mick mulvaney who is also president trump's o.m.b.
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office of management and budget director who is doing double duty as he heads a c.f. p.b. and o m b and interestingly as a congressman mr mulvaney actually opposed the creation of the agencies and to some he has blue ford on the radical agenda to scale back consumer protection or to get discreet scoop right now with jenny lee was a partner at the law firm of dorsey and whitney boy am i pleased to have you here thank you so much for doing that thanks so much for having me. ok so is it the case the enforcement is being stopped the nothing's going on right now that's what some would contend you know you've been there you want to force an attorney there that's correct it's a great question i'm glad you asked well the fact of the matter is even though there is a lot of extraordinary news coverage and press reporting on the bureau the c.f.p. the fact is that enforcement is alive and well so the horseman attorneys they're still doing i mean they've got a law they've got regulations are supposed to do it now you know you've been i both
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worked at a regulatory agency and when you're there when you're there you do take some direction from either the chair or the director in the case of the c p b what sorts of things can they do to actually govern either enforcement or regulations at sea of people specifically yeah absolutely well yes i used to work in the bureau's office of enforcement and after mulvaney was appointed last november the thanksgiving weekend i was very interested to know because i still have that intellectual curiosity as a former investigator let's see what the court dockets say and let's see what the proof in the pudding which show and the fact of the matter is that there are an extraordinary large number of cases so a hundred fifty plus maybe two hundred nonpublic and public and for some actions twenty plus litigation were matter or some of these sort of residual from before
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the thanksgiving weekend these would be the status quo point in snapshot today so those that accumulated under director quarters tenure as well so if we say going forward you know it's either after thanksgiving or just take counter you're twenty eighteen do we have a bunch of nude foresman actions since then actually what's really interesting when i review the court dockets in my line of work cases. over the country there is a lot of enforcement activity and we can talk about those as well but what's pretty interesting is this dichotomy between how much of a means to scribing the new direction of the bureau which is really aspirational in terms of future hopes of change versus what's actually going on in the court dockets well i mean it might be aspirational for him jenny but i mean if you know his testimony was a couple of weeks ago i thought set a pretty low bar he said i'm there almost every day boy if i could almost be here
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every day i think they'd fire be pretty quickly and then the other thing is he said as i haven't burned the place down that bar is below the ground it's so low so his aspiration seems to be talking about putting companies and we all need we need companies companies our economy but i think it seemed to me like he's prying to put companies back into consumer financial protection bureau i mean it was consumer not company financial protection bureau now as you know he's going to be a balancing act how does he do that how does he not just say we're going to scrap the things that mr cordray put in place and go in sort of a different direction the key to how he can do that would be to have legislative change because the bureau really can cannot be understood without looking at its blueprint its mandate which is the dot frank at title ten and many of the changes that director mulvaney is proposing are pretty provocative but they can't be done
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or implemented alone they require an act of god change legislation yet at the the we like to say that the the legislation is a skeleton and the rules of the regulations of c.f.b. are my old agency are the flesh and bones are the that the flesh than you are flesh these things are ok so companies and individuals shouldn't say hey the c. of p.b. is asleep at the. which we can get away with doing things that may not be appropriate they still need to be mindful about what's going on right absolutely the best thing for companies that approach the c p p should know and understand is that you need to cut through the political white noise that's going in both directions and look at the actions of the agency what is it actually doing and it's important to have a cold sort of sober and clear eyed picture of the bureau enforcement supervision program which is alive and well ok and we did see it was sort of interesting we
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were talking earlier that we covered the. the wells fargo settlement but i don't know three or four days before that we were doing a headline about how mr mobility was sort of not moving forward on on the enforcement actions and then they had this big settlement with wells fargo which was in tandem with the office of the comptroller of the current currency so to your point there are still some actions going on out there jenny what do you think companies should be looking forward and what should we be looking forward as observers of this in the next i don't know month or so couple a couple months perhaps yes i think that what we need to look at as we move ahead is the pattern that the mulvaney led biro has shown so far and even to your point before the wells matter there were several enforcement actions that were alive and well there was a ninth circuit appeal on a payday matter that the big.


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