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tv   Boom Bust  RT  May 5, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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iran tear gas to push the crowd back the i.d.f. claims that rioters were trying to break through the border fence with more on the developments here's a local journalist hinde kodori. the sense the morning they israeli snipers have been calling and warning the israeli if the palestinian protesters to stay away the palestinian protesters started burning the tires to blur the vision of the israeli snipers since the morning their israeli army is stated that they deployed to one that one hundred fifty new snipers israeli snipers targeted the pavement it. would be his alone as that nick with live ammunition that the damage there is going into the holiday to the medical field going and as you see these are the snipers i take it think that is in truth a serious man and that maybe it's an journalists they have been using a lot of tear gas since the morning like i am they didn't stop but it's rather fine
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because they were just trying to disperse all these the protesters and that you were getting effected by the tear gas that is getting that is it's fired by those are the snipers. i really i'm trying but. if that's still a thing it's a. sense of thirtieth of march the israeli soldiers have been injuring more than seven thousand palestinian protesters and at least forty five palestinians were killed this is the one of the medical points each area melaka is the gaza strip and this is a medical point was targeted to directly target by the israelis by tear gas bammer they stated that the israelis were using a new type of of tear gas against the protesters that caused
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a very very severe effects and those all the critical injuries today are from this tear gas. last week the united nations slammed israel for its handling of the long running protest in gaza in which at least forty five people were killed the organization says the israeli military is violating the fourth geneva convention which prohibits the targeting of civilians. it's difficult to see how tire burning or stone throwing or even molotov cocktails thrown from a significant distance of heavily protected security forces in defensive positions . can be seen to constitute such threat. in the context of an occupation such as gaza killings resulting from the un for full use of force may also constitute willful killings which are a great breach of the fourth geneva convention. israel has responded to the outcry
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from the un and humanitarian rights groups government attorneys claim that the gaza protests fall into the state of war category and that human rights laws do not apply in this situation reserve colonel with the i.d.f. told us military actions are justified any severing nation america friends of course israel has a full right to defend them so we are not facing just a simple pacific margin of nice people who are facing people who want to invade our country and when someone wants to invade your country you have two possibilities once you let him go in and you just leave or you defend yourself in war you have to put the abilities or you we know you lose you cannot let people kill you you know they are to react you have to act first because of the rule of the game in this terrorist military rule is to be. not to be in the reactivity.
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human rights lawyer curtis doebbler told us israel's use of deadly force against the gaza protesters is unlawful it could well be sometimes an internal armed conflict but what is important is that an internal armed conflict human rights continue to apply i think israel is their own security concerns i think are something that will be viewed very much from their own subjective perspective but do matter what those concerns are there are limitations that law imposes on actions that they can take and when. taking actions. actions into what the community sees as occupied territory and those actions must be in conformity with the law line to occupied territory and in this case that includes not only international humanitarian law but also international human rights wall the protect individuals from inhumane treatment degrading treatment from attacks on
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their life. and the pentagon has admitted that u.s. soldiers are directly helping saudi arabia protect its border with yemen and previous comments in which officials said the u.s. is only helping the saudis with aircraft refueling logistics and intelligence sharing. but do support. and logistical support a priority is the fight against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and isis in yemen . support. reports now on the pentagon's mixed messages concerning its role in the conflict in the. this latest development contradicts the pentagon statements that indicated
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that u.s. military assistance to the saudis in yemen was limited to intelligence logistics and aircraft refueling but so far what we do know is that a team of a few green berets apparently arrived on the south of the u. many border sometime last year and according to the pentagon they've only been there to protect the border however reports suggest that they've been helping them destroy people with sick missile launch sites and it's worth mentioning that even though this war has been going on for a few years saudi arabia hasn't been successful in quelling the who is the resistance so it's fair to say that maybe u.s. involvement will help the saudis do just that but thanks to the saudi onslaught the conflict in yemen has morphed into the world's worst humanitarian crisis and there's been some domestic backlash here in the u.s. and american politicians have been pushing to and u.s. support to the saudis but this latest development might lead to a messy legal battle given that there was no public debate on whether the u.s.
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should get involved because it seemed as if it was consciously kept from the public so i honestly wonder how americans will feel knowing that their government could be indirectly fueling the world's worst humanitarian crisis and that includes american politicians who were questioning washington's indirect role in the conflict even though there was no direct military support so it'll be interesting to see how they react to this foreign policy analyst robert naiman told us the u.s. position on the conflict is contradictory. to say that you support ending war while i know you are doing everything in your power to help one side and prosecute the war is a contradiction the saudi and united arab emirates could not continue the war and now us weapons we know u.s. intelligence is targeting and ridiculing and u.s. diplomatic support of united nations so they're alone no one when they say they want to and they are the united states government is participating directly
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crucially you can work under international law the u.s. is directly heated and u.s. is going to be equally liable for every saudi worker. to journalist have launched a legal battle in the u.s. over their alleged inclusion on a government kill list artie's came up and as more now the issue in tuesday's court hearing was whether or not the united states could take unilateral action against american citizens suspected of being terrorists now the two journalists did not i that they have any links to terrorism but they say that they're on a kill list of people who could be hit with u.s. drones or air strikes for being terrorists now the two individuals in question one of them is bill little abdulla kareem now the little of dual karim has been widely criticized for the fact that his reporting on terrorist groups like al qaeda and al nasra seems to be rather uncritically seems to almost glorify them people have said
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he's an extremist propagandist we do know that top al qaeda clerics have said he's there is they've actually referred to him as our media man furthermore we've seen him reporting with potential suicide bombers are showing off the equipment the suicide belts or vests that they wear despite all of this criticism it's important to note that a little of dual kareem has been featured in mainstream american media ya know. just some of them. i'm. not going to spend some. time on the stuff that goes. on sometimes you will hear someone say that they are part of al qaeda but what is their real affiliation to al qaeda other than some romantic notion to be honest with you the other person who filed in the lawsuit is aka mad as a don who is the bureau chief of al-jazeera in the city of his lama bad now he's
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done interviews with top al-qaeda leaders the two journalists say that they have no links to terror they deny their links their official complaint says that the methodology is employed to have or actually resulted in unjustified killing of innocent people they call this an arbitrary and capricious action by the agency and they say that the united states constitution and international law is being violated and it refers to a program a computer program called skynet and apparently this computer program uses algorithms it follows a person's location and the communications that they're having and uses a computer algorithm to determine whether or not they are a terrorist now it's not known exactly what is all that is included but it is possible it's alleged that this computer program essentially would determine whether or not the person to be killed in a drone strike this is this program skynet is being widely criticized as violating
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human rights violating the rights of journalists and it seems to point to a big problem of artificial intelligence when you have a computer program determining whether or not someone is a terrorist or not and whether or not they could be killed in a drone strike. international criminal lawyer jennifer or breed told us that it will be difficult for journalists to prove they were targeted by of u.s. government we don't really know what's going on even in this case it would seem that the whole case is being. medicated on this thing skynet or or these things that this kill ist so to speak that they have raised that they actually cannot prove if this is true there are some problematic issues as does raise not just the fact that may or may not exist but how this case would proceed in u.s. courts with such confidential information and then trying to prove or at least be able to prove that the evidence points to us wanting to target them if skynet is real and that is what it does this points to a much bigger parliament and u.s. policy officials going back of course of the obama administration where they not
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only don't understand the threat of terrorism don't understand the roots of modern day terrorism because they have to use computer algorithms rather than utilizing experts and people with knowledge. united nations has sent a special envoy to the u.k. to look into reports of a surge in hate crime in the wake of the two thousand and sixteen bags of referendum but the move has been met with anger by euro skeptic politicians these visits are completely pointless that politically motivated they're inspired by the extreme left and the idea is to kick the u.k. this visit is completely unnecessary and is nothing but a stitch up by pro you can painters who seek to paint the seventeen point four million who voted to leave the you as racist. the un special rapporteur of fact finding mission will last until may the eleventh day the cumi will then compile a report on racism intolerance it's and discrimination in the u.k.
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for the un human rights council we asked an anti-racism activist and a conservative commentator for their views on the case we've seen hate crimes rise we've seen religious hate crimes rise we've seen greater incidences of intolerance with communities on british streets well i certainly think that there is an effort to brand the brics. is a is a rhesus one generally i don't think that there has been still a significant rise in the sort of behavior links to the brics it that they object to evidence points in the opposite direction the figures show a clear spike in religious and racial attacks post the brics it referendum i think the united nations will be horrified to discover that racism in britain is certainly become worse since her last inspection over four
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years ago the sewer around the bricks votes has largely been creates it by the establishment and remain oppressed and leave campaign is a bindon in denial they fail to challenge the racism and xenophobia elements within their campaign pledges been no attempt to clean their campaign as it were from those elements who do hold these very obnoxious and extreme views supranational concessions like the un light organizations like the european union there are of the sle not happy about the brics they don't line people who king their own nationality and running around their own sacks. the international olympic committee is launching an appeal at a tribunals in switzerland to maintain doping bans on dozens of russian athletes
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and the i.o.c. is challenging a february ruling from the court of arbitration for sport back then c.a.'s overturned a decision to ban twenty eight russian athletes for life for alleged doping violations during the winter olympic games in sochi now the court deemed the evidence against them insufficient and reinstated the athletes medals law professor that's you a son of a believes in the i c o o's challenge is purely symbolic logic do you do you see you the goal of the international olympic committee is more political and legal in nature it wants to send a message and make it clear that it stands against these cas rulings which reduced sanctions against russia on fleets and i wanted to fight to the end to see these rulings in a lot of committee knows perfectly well that it has very little chance of success for the cast verdicts which is now being disputed will more or less favorable to thirty nine russian athletes they're extremely detailed up to one hundred sixty pages long and when you read them you can see that they're puffy reasoned and
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thirty documented it would be very difficult to find any legal arguments against them so i think that the i.o.c. is actions the most in bulletin legal briefs the. u.s. is considering whether to halt funding for a controversial syrian rescue group called white hell that's going to leaders claim the move would impact their ability to save lives and the u.s. state department told r.t. that it is actively reviewing assistance programs its spokesperson added that washington expects the white house wants to continue their work with the help of multilateral donations the u.s. has so far provided the white house with more than thirty two million dollars but the group says it is also being bankrolled by several other nations the state department recently praised the first responders efforts in syria. we recognize and appreciate are very grateful for all the work that the white house that's continues to do on behalf of the people of their country and on behalf of the u.s. government on all the coalition coalition forces they're doing incredible work. the
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u.k. though has reaffirmed its commitment to the white helmets and the work they do in syria that is despite the group being widely criticized for some of its actions in the country its members have appeared a number of times in videos of killings published by the al nusra terror group white helmets have also posted videos which they say show them conducting rescue operations to save the lives of wounded civilians some of which have seen medical experts later criticize their actions as unprofessional patrick from the twenty first century wired news website believes the white helmets are becoming increasingly irrelevant they're running out of room to operate in syria as the syrian arab army and its allied forces clear up in liberated areas like for instance like duma like. last year. that's where the white helmets operate so they'll use this as a fundraising off we're going to go raise money saying that we need the money but
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there's not a clear running out of place to operate. the kurds don't want them so where are they going to go this is basically a video production unit it's an information operation that's used to underpin regime change and essentially these stabilize syria. russia is gearing up for its annual victory day celebrations and ahead of the may ninth vents r.t.u. went to check out through her cells in moscow. would be awkward. but yeah we tried to make. these people why this is going to. be seen nothing like that before the thumb of
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our youth. you'll want to stop and we are going to write one of. practice makes perfect they say seemingly simple maneuvers like this one still being all that simple when there are dozens of vehicles involved and they all have to be in sync that's why moscow's main streets have been blocked off for these beasts to refine them a new because. this a.p.c. is designed to absorb explosive damage from landmines and it all will deflect even piercing rounds now it's not the only vehicle to be making the first show at this
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year's parade so let me give you a tour. these unmanned drones will be shown to the public officially for the first time at the parade they were initially being designed as the purely reconnaissance aircraft but now they can carry bombs to. and finally how about this german aces on the red square no this is not a plug over you holywood blockbuster but rather this tank support it will also be for the first time featured a parade on the red square so now this is of course is just to me a taste of what to expect at the actual parade so do you chew in the ninth of may and have a look yourself what these guys have prepared for you. know the second world war affected countless families who lost loved ones just before i say goodbye for this update we wanted to show you too on
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a very personal level so many of us here at r t are also joining in the commemoration and celebration of heroic veterans.
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it. is one of the most controversial products of our time it's a solid vegetable fat and it's very cheap but because it can't be completely absorbed by our bodies it can lead to metabolic disorders and risks causing diabetes hypertension diseases and cancer as conditions even so production has still been increased in twenty seventeen it is now peaked at sixty three million tons twenty times more than the amount of all if oil produced that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of oil plantations which means the destruction of rain forest.
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in indonesia alone them. unique rain forest have been destroyed and it approaches the just. so. some i say are. i i think i would be yes i think. you get a whole.
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new look at the ban guns on hand at any time. somebody. but i said at the end of their new related discussion again if i do move to beguile then i doubt any more when jerry brown when you are. done by her and the lies you landed there i would wonder a little more than that it is i'm not saying i miss kelly but i mean you get banged
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up a lot i was nearly go look at the disability uni again initiated the. gracious moment that are. going to show me. i think that they. need a. good. guy you. back and. being at. a big mess about going at it will go nine you're scaring the. house about it that's what i did and i gonna. be. intense and sustained use of pesticides to keep our moral plantations free of
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weeded insects as poisons the environment making it impossible to grow rice vegetables coal. these are the main foods for the local population. the seasons of the region of the talks used to spread out from the palm oil plantations and they end up in local rivers which means the water isn't safe to drink so the best interests of the local population have been sacrificed to the meteoric growth in palm oil production and profit for the companies that make it. a me and a lot done. ok ok you know yeah it's
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a good day any. any any at the bottom in your. head to do in a day like are you young but i did them by the nice guy and now he's going to be a good day that he needed to get at the let me be saturday. as you can. see. i would have a little bit and get us some bacon to put america. in the muppet the moon and all of us i would. thirty percent of the adults in the village of similar work on palm oil plantations the restaurant subsistence farmers.
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have to find fertile fields that can be cultivated they have to travel seven kilometers from the pommel translations that are densely packed around the little cold villages. under very. very hard. very. very you know. the before my face and i would definitely thought i was. so mean. and therefore not. so. very. smooth. but i will got out. of the angry
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skinny thought and you got along great with the number id. juggle for of three if they were on but that the morning that we. thought we had one thing i think i love the idle threat for if i don't you're thady and i don't a month well after that the only. thing i could do about that are down and i'm by the menu. and i'm down and i don't. want a bottle and i think when you look around you'll. find one obviously still thought i would. still be out in the cool.
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side yeah but i've shot for. five for the third without any for september to see family thought i'd be starting to see through and the thought of any thing he can get out of for thirty days he. still i don't know the man at the foot of. most of the people who live and someone young john i have new choice but to be a subsistence farmer.


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