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at the time neither agency would confirm or deny it unlike his lawyer several law enforcement agencies from the united states approaching people in afghanistan including mr khan and requested assistance and assigned the standard payments made services requests from my client and others but now com is free no criminal charges no trial and no explanation why now at this point perhaps we can assume that the law enforcement agencies know what's best for the public and just don't feel a need to share their secret collaboration with the worst of the underworld kept secret so you can sleep better at night. r.t. new york r.t. has requested comments from the us federal bureau of prisons over khan's release and will update you when we have response. i once green an area close to the french capital is now under tons of illegal waste but clearing up the problem is proving difficult for the all thora t's and even more frustrating for
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the locals. let me tell you how concrete blocks wooden plates i had to write
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a little east check ups because i would remind you all of that land that is private property will be public authorities can not interfere with a private time. for these if you only vote for politicians to do the job so they protect the lands today though we can say that the state. today marks the two hundredth birthday of renowned philosopher and economist call
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mox for better or worse is. profound ideas have often impacted and shapes the global political landscape and remain as divisive today as they did during marx's life our europe correspondent peter all of a visited the philosopher's hometown on the eve of celebrations there. germany is commemorating one of its most famous sound controversial think is saturday is the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of the author of the communist manifesto karl marx to say that his ideas of class struggle and the overthrow of the ruling classes by the workers were hundred maying divisive here well that is beyond understatement marx's ideas were truly at the root of the ideological division between east and west germany post world war two but that's not stopping his place of birth tree in the south west from hosting a series of events to mark his big birthday bash.
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it surprised many when it was announced that the guest of honor at the big party in trio would be sean claude younker the e.u. commission president hardly house proletariats credentials in fact the former prime minister of luxembourg has been accused in the past of exuding the worst excesses of the bush was he so perhaps mr younger has been a closeted common rate of marx all these years marxist con marx is not responsible for all the atrocities carried out by his followers and his writings does capital and the communist manifesto change the world as we know it so marx's name and image
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has appeared all over the place from a major street here in the german capital to these t. shirts you can even save your capitalist penny just inside the heads of one of communisms founding think is marxist also appeared in more than east. share of t.v. shows and advertisements as well. because the final question on that beautiful non-materialistic i'm afraid will be all i hear on the english football copy nine hundred forty nine. games again but i didn't really didn't know it would go beyond the wondrous left the three walk. i. heard coming that dad. my son is are coming.
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in. from. the ideas put forward by moxie here alongside frederick angles haven't been consigned to the nineteenth hole for that matter the twentieth centuries a recent poll of people from twenty eight different nations showed that hall for them said to get a better society we should follow socialist ideals however it is worth noting that in the same poll around the same number said that political systems based on the writings of these two were far more likely to be oppressive i asked the people of what they thought those mosques have a place in today society and politics so when it comes to politics like maybe you use it to get votes but it's now very early like that ideology and it has never
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been practiced so it doesn't exist and not only like about. economic inequalities but also other types of inequalities that could be used like they could use marxist theory to be examined to. culture capitalism. seals labor from people since labor from the workers and. from from our point of view. it's still important you that my dear is a good important but that's not a utopia in reality things in that differently at marxist funeral in london in one thousand eight hundred three angles said his friend the greatest living thinker has ceased to think well that may well have been but two hundred years after his birth the ideas put forward by marx continue to inspire others to think peter all of us. well earlier we spoke with philosopher slab voice about call mark his legacy. work
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today but of so called marxism all these phenomena like politically correctness the new leftist moralism puritanism but event in march of them into one is really if i may use old marxist more a kind of only. the moralism must of the left. political correctness if you ask me why you round one is a reaction to political correctness is the last liberal defense against a true a month you are tory social and economic movement. two journalists have launched a legal battle in the us over their alleged inclusion on a government kill list a federal court is now questioning why they've apparently been mistaken for terrorists the accused men say the program which put them on the list is called
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skynet it uses algorithms on what's known as metal data network to establish if possible terror links or radicalization it analyzes travel patterns and communications as well as the proximity of an individual to terror groups well i might move down is one of the men who says he's been incorrectly identified on the list he's a former bureau chief for the media outlets al-jazeera in pakistan and has conducted interviews with members of al qaeda however the other man on the list probably caused suspicion that this video. biters and now hearing to leave the city of aleppo now if you can get a little bit closer here you will see what this is this is an explosive belt. now top al qaeda clerics have even described abdul karim as the terror group's
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media man karim has faced a backlash for what some have called uncritical reporting on al qaeda and al nusra but despite that he was given a platform by some western media outlets you know. i'm. sorry. the stuff that goes with. out sometimes you will hear someone say that they are part of al qaida but what is their real affiliation to al qaida other than some romantic notion to be honest with you the two journalists deny any links to terror and say the program hasn't considered that profession they went on to say the methods of skynet could result in the unjustified killing of innocent people and that their inclusion has violated the u.s. constitution and international law we've discussed the case with an international
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criminal lawyer. we don't really know what's going on even in this case it would seem that the whole case has been predicated on this thing skynet or or these things that this kill list so to speak that they have raised that they actually cannot prove if this is true there are some problematic issues that this does raise not just the fact that may or may not exist but how this case would proceed in u.s. courts with such confidential information and then trying to prove or at least be able to prove that the evidence points to us wanting to target them if skynet is real and that is what it does this points to a much bigger part in u.s. policy officials going back of course of the obama administration where they not only don't understand the threat of terrorism don't understand the roots of modern day terrorism because they have to use computer algorithms rather than utilizing experts and people with knowledge. to most ill to come this hour after this short break.
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and when else truth seems wrong why don't we just don't all. the world get to cheap out just didn't come out to. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the global economy is so tightly wound that these sanctions don't work but they used to because the supply chains are completely overlapping the what is central one country drives economic problems and another country that you're not trying to set so forget sanctions is delagoa workable that the global economy is to integrate too fragile it's too. interdependent.
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welcome back in our schools in the u.s. state of illinois might soon have to change their curriculums to teach more about the contributions made by the elegy bt communities in u.s. history summers has passed a bill on wednesday meaning it could become a bit obligatory if it can one if it clears one more hurdle and is approved by the states house of representatives l g b t topics will see to change to the topics ranging from science to civil rights and from art to sport new school books if the bill is approved will have to represent and promote the diversity of american society and it would make illinois the second state to make the changes to its
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curriculum after california the bill being passed has got plenty talking to with some saying history will take on a more accurate portrayal while others have expressed concern especially considering illinois has a large religious population to discuss the issue further we spoke to media commentator gina loudon and human rights activist peter tatchell. it's very important that people understand the contribution that gay people have made i think is about informing straight kids so they understand bt issues they their prejudice is broken down if a history book or any book whatever write about me personally i wouldn't want them to leave with my religious background my ethnicity and certainly not my sexual orientation fantastic extraordinary people from tchaikovsky to richard the lionhearted their gayness or their bisexuality is not the major factor but it's
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just about acknowledging that l.g. beauty people have existed throughout history and have made a very important contribution to the sciences the arts sport and culture well i think in an effort perhaps to be inclusive we've made a mistake a miss estimation if you will and what's happened is that a lot of groups have been taken advantage of by politicians who are willing to prey on people based on those identities i think that you know identity politics has been a response to exclusion because of decades of exclusion and marginalization some communities of how to organize it hasn't worked and what it's done instead is it's divided us up into little groups that then can be taken advantage of by politicians and jews right we don't want to be typecast about the fact that we're jewish or day or black those are just one aspects of who we are but in some cases those are the aspects of who we are which other people target for hatred and discrimination my
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concern begins and ends where government gets involved in deciding who is relevant who is not relevant who is more relevant and then dividing us into little groups because when government has enough power to do that they also have enough power to take that away. the pentagon has admitted that u.s. soldiers are directly helping some. the arabia protect its border with yemen now it's off the u.s. officials there are military's role was limited to sharing intel and refueling craft in the relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia it's true. here your security there are. certain issues. but do support the story led coalition with intelligence your military advice and logistical support a priority is the fight against al qaeda and you arabian peninsula and isis in
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yemen the extent of our support is refueling and sharing intel samir khan reports on the pentagon's mixed messages concerning its role in the yemen conflicts this latest development contradicts the pentagon statements that indicated that u.s. military assistance to the saudis in yemen was limited to intelligence logistics and aircraft feeling but so far what we do know is that a team of a few green berets apparently arrived on the south of the u. many border sometime last year and according to the pentagon they've only been there to protect the border however reports suggest that they've been helping them destroy people with sickness on launch sites and it's worth mentioning that even though this war has been going on for a few years saudi arabia hasn't been successful in quelling the who is the resistance so it's fair to say that maybe u.s. involvement will help the saudis do just that but thanks to the saudi onslaught the conflict in yemen has morphed into the world's worst humanitarian crisis and
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there's been some domestic backlash here in the u.s. and american politicians have been pushing to and u.s. support to the saudis but this latest development might lead to a messy legal battle given that there was no public debate on whether the u.s. should get involved because it seemed as if it was consciously kept from the public so i honestly wonder how americans will feel knowing that their government could be indirectly fueling the world's worst humanitarian crisis and that includes american politicians who were questioning washington's indirect role in the conflict even though there was no direct military support so it'll be interesting to see how they react to this. foreign policy analyst robert nyman thinks that washington's position isn't entirely honest over the war in yemen to say that you support ending the war while you are doing everything in your power to help one side prosecute the war is a contradiction. and you know. i could not continue the war
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now u.s. weapons without u.s. intelligence targeting and refueling and u.s. diplomatic support nations so they're alone no one when they say they want to and they are the united states government is participating directly crucially in keeping the oracle under international law the u.s. is directly parts payton and the u.s. is legally liable for every saudi work or. cultural appropriation has become a popular go to when people aren't happy online one young girl found that out when she posted up a picture of her wearing a chinese dress on twitter and faced a storm of criticism for ignoring the cultural heritage party's online project in case you missed it looks at how offensive it really is to appropriate someone's culture.
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oh oh oh. oh oh oh young girl just enjoying high school prom no thank goodness you missed this picture is the moment that civilization went just too far. cultural appropriation or appreciating stuff from other cultures may seem like a completely made up full bloom the kind of thing it's not worth. but are we really going to believe that innocent young the traditional chinese dress just so she could look nice when i'm angry guy on twitter who had never met you teenager and probably shouldn't be looking at strangers social media feeds smirk when he said my culture is no no goddamn dress mr angry is a chinese american named jeremy lam who one would expect would know a thing or two about mixing culture is if we don't all pretend to be outraged right
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now the aware of this world stop we will start to eat chinese food as if it a new thing when they start using goods made in china in everyday life china's culture is not your god damn i thought what about indian children a attitude from the simpsons he's going under the radar for thirty years but is now finally being criticized by one guy who can't just take someone from another culture and affectionately turn them into a much of the most successful show of hold on i'm groundskeeper willie scotland how are they getting away with that so how do we stop this before we end up in the nightmare scenario where different cultures learn about appreciate and accept one another start with you or have say no to inappropriate appropriated styles i don't off shore boldness risk ernest's but what are they going to do. like your grandma speaks snoop dogg's grandma runs you dress. it's just not worth the risk yeah you
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gotta stop it if you're no indian you stole it i'm gonna have democracy and elections and stuff like that tough the greeks want it back tracking it computes that's russia's back off calm right really there's only one option that will make us happy that great culture is build walls and stop sharing ideas or just drink a cappuccino in a camera no and see if that can take it. well back at the top of the hour.
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is one of the most controversial products about china it's a solid vegetable and it's very cheap because it can't be completely absorbed. to lead to metabolic disorders and risk causing diabetes hypertensive diseases cancer was conditions even so the production has still be the increased in twenty seventeen there's no peak at sixty three million tonnes twenty times more than the amount of all its oil produced the rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of palm oil plantations which is means the destruction of the rain forest.
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in two news you're alone more than ten million hectares of unique rain forest have been destroyed and it approaches the just. so. so. so. so far. i'm well again i i think i would be yes i. don't want to get
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a whole. new look at. that in me. but i'm actually at the end of their new related discussion again if i look at the guide and i mean i look at them all when jerry. but i'm going. down by hand
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and i see one good. and then a moment and i decide i'm saying i'm in this crowley deal but i'm going to get up and go get the gun and look at that it's about i.d.c. me the game in which i did the. gracious moment that are. going to me get that they're going to. go to me. and. i said. get that. guy you then see about getting. back on. monday. it will go nightmare. house but it. gonna. be.
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intense and sustained use of pesticides to keep our moral plantations free of weed and insects has poisoned the environment making it impossible to grow rice vegetables coal. these are the main foods for the local population. the seasons of the region have called the toxins to spread out from the palm oil plantations and they end up in local rivers which means the water isn't safe to drink so the best interests of the local population have been sacrificed to the meteoric growth in palm oil production and profit for the companies that make it.
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a me and. you know it was our second date me. yeah ne ne had the last of wessex e. he said you do need a lot are you young but i did them by the nice guy and now he's going to be a good day that he needed to get at the let me be saturday that he had a really. good. series as you can. almost see. i would have a little bit and. america. i would. thirty percent of the adults in the village of someone young work on palm oil plantations the restaurant subsistence farmers.
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to find fertile fields that can be cultivated they have to travel several kilometers from the pommel plantations that a densely packed around the local villages. around the skin under very. very hot. terry. terry you know. but the beef with my face on it will definitely thought out. so me and mum.
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so. if. we got the. and the sunni four and you go. along by d. for flow through. but for far we feel as i do i love the thought for a game i don't. feel i could do about. the menu. and i don't care for. us.


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