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and you know in this this is really interest to the to the alliance i mean i would like to see nato completely dissolved and have a completely new security arrangement in europe i think that's what donald trump actually was thinking about during the campaign so i mean what the outside world must be look at i know they are looking at him in bewilderment because where is he going to go next i mean the idea tack on syria recently that was against international law the whole world looks at it that way not the foreign policy blob in washington they probably never heard of international law go ahead michael. i think that. the u.s. presidency for some time maybe thirty forty years has been captured by. the sort of set relationships that have spent have and in many ways the dependent countries of nato even the great powers like france germany and britain are centrally pulling the strings and i think part of trump's approach was
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to put them in a situation where they felt less secure about the relationship and the us would be more and more willing to to come to mr trump and that seems to have worked yes just as his blustering yeah and it seems to have created the movement in north korea. neither germany certainly not britain and france either are willing to spend up and take over the defense of their realm and they are not merely dependent on the u.s. but they've grown yes. needy and so the u.s. doesn't want to be in a position where it has to jump every time nato gets a twitch and so what he's doing is redefining the strength of the u.s. in the alliance. without overcommitting and also this kind of
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representation speaks well with his base and they are excited because the us is acting like the great power but my let me ask you let me ask you but do you know would this paradigm here does it actually make america more solid in the alliance and does it make the alliance more solid because what we have here is a moral hazard ok they're not the europeans are you know they say they're going to spend money and all that but they're just going to look to washington for their defense and you have a president is actually quite skeptical about all of these things i mean that's kind of a very dangerous thing to be in ok because you i mean the european nato allies are like drug addicts they keep going to washington to get their next fix i'll give you the last twenty now give you the last twenty seconds in this part go ahead and michael go ahead. the u.s. is in a stronger position and the the word injurious that you brought up is only relevant
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i think if there actually is a threat to nato and with the angle on the horn with mr putin all the time i don't really see the great crisis especially now that the u.s. has backed off a little from ukraine that was the great danger and well my want me problem there i'm sure i see more of let me jump in here we're going to go to a break we're going to talk a lot about ukraine in may mark my words here after a short break we'll continue our discussion on trump's foreign policy stay with our team. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to be able to meet people this is a simple song alone even some company gets from elsewhere though the. invites
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private companies to take over the utilities. allowed so miss you guys you got. to go. this is just a good time out. for you member of the lift. locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. dairy date downwards the one notable. moment was off selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce thoughts credits tell you that gossip and tabloid lifestyles support this. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to fight. these are the
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hawks that we along with all the white. welcome back to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter were discussing trumps foreign policy. let me go back to georgia new york in interesting thing where the mccrone visit and when we have to resume her. domestic crisis is that home we i'm thinking of the salisbury alleged chemical weapons attack then we had the attack on syria and it really into is interesting to me how they talk about syria now we had mccrone he
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said france and the u. u.s. and allies to quote build syria of tomorrow oh by the way the united states is making it illegal for other companies countries and companies to actually help syria rebuild it can't be in the part of syria where they do mass to government house control so george it's about exactly one hundred years ago we had sykes pekoe it rejoined the middle east it seems like imperial habits die really hard and on top of that don't you think france the united states and its allies helped the syrian people nuff go ahead george. yeah there's exactly right it was hilarious listening to macro on discussing syria and this role that the end of the france was going to play in syria that there's even realize that a few days earlier. the syrians were celebrating
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a day of independence independence when france evacuated syria that's that's that's what the syrians are celebrating the departure of the french the idea that they can now going to be welcoming their former colonial masters with open arms is a lot of bull but i do think that the american french british policy in syria is actually rather dangerous because while this is a they have no real prospect of winning because they don't have any likely candidates who can form any sort of a government in syria what they can do is to prevent any kind of a settlement in syria and i think that's really what they're going to try and do which is to prevent any kind of consolidation of syrian government control because all the various candidates i mean the americans proposal for the s.d.f. we're which is a largely kurdish that's. not no go because the turks don't want them and the
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syrians are not going to accept kurdish rule and so there that's that that's out. so what they're going to try and do is i think keep the the the war going blodgett by feeding again the various jihadi is and therefore just like your previous prevent what they see as russian consolidation in syria and i think that's the danger and i do think that ukraine is also dangerous think there is are you two there is there are still very powerful forces within the washington notably the john bolton's. the. who want to. up ukraine and really want some kind of a war that it will i go to daniel and. see it western mainstream media doesn't take any interest in these things but i'm a lot closer to this situation and things are getting to a boiling point in ukraine that's why may is going to be
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a very hot hot month oh right before the world cup in moscow i'm sure there's no connection there and daniel i mean you know looking at and syria we could talk a little bit maybe about ukraine and some more later but you know you have this flip flopping going back and forth and i'm going to agree with michael i think that trump is really expressing the views of his base that they don't like these foreign entanglements these interventions and the terrible waste of money when he wants to get an investment bill passed in the united states which desperately needs an improvement in infrastructure here so i mean he seems to want to have both ways when he can't have both go ahead daniel. yeah tweets and rhetoric aside from policy is always something to decipher with this president but i disagree with both of you a little bit on a few points one on nato there's not this grand reese came where france and germany and everyone are in love with us over nato and are going to reach their commitments
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and fact our commitment of two percent is bogus because we don't even count iraq or afghanistan intervention in our nato estimates and if we really included things properly there would be a little more of a balance but none of that has worked out and also backing off of ukraine i guess i'm agreeing with you peter and disagreeing with michael a bit we did not back off of ukraine whatsoever and i have spoken on this program many times on the proxy war with ukraine and with syria and sanctions that are meant as part of a geo political bipolar scheme of. ours with china and south korea to counter russia and natural resources in the arctic and we're trying to bankrupt russia from being able to develop up there and in fact over the last two weeks i mean i get new news on that all the time where we're demanding that the waterway be open for international development and traffic as well as what we're doing in syria to
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continue to back allow the turks to do what they're doing in the north working with europe and now encouraging the gulf to come in and develop and basically take over northern syria trump spoke with mccrone and basically talked about how it was allers an orange territory to a man iran is not spanning into the better terrain ian and that's why i mentioned sykes pico because that was a partition and this is what they want to do is another point yes michael you know one of the things that's happened in the last week or so and i jump on one you want to finish your point go ahead go ahead go ahead daniel finish ship yeah i was going to say one one final point nonintervention is not trump space trump space that tea party thirty six percent are all neo cons and hawks as well of the baby boomer generation so well that rhetoric sometimes works because that might be what trump is thinking for the minute or not they are the john bolton's and might bump
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am i that i know her eventually when you have always and you know it's very there's it was there was a really interesting post-mortem of the two thousand and sixteen election and there is evidence very strong evidence that a number of counties were flipped because of the anti-war sentiment that they were democrats but they were they actually supported trump's noninterventionist views so i would differ with on michael i have a kind of much bigger question to ask you over the last week or so we've heard these murmurings that. france and the united states. and great britain want to start going around the security council. well at the united nations so they can pursue their syria policy i find this really very troublesome and dangerous here because we have to remember what the security council was a stablish for in the first place it was to make sure that would never be another third war third world war and now they were the major powers and we're talking like
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nineteenth century terms again these great powers they don't want to use international institutions they have poor international law or they're just above it that is very dangerous because it's dysfunctional is the u.n. is it the you want united nations security council actually works the way it's supposed to where you don't have a coalition of great powers that brush aside the concerns of others here i find it truly disturbing and it's the same powers one hundred exactly one hundred years later they carved up the middle east and they want to do it again go ahead michael . the u.s. is in a difficult position i think of. trying to restrain developments that could really up and world i don't know stability peace whatever you want to call. ideal situation that still better than the worst and this kind of pushing locally is what israel and saudi arabia are doing viz of iran you see that in qatar
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and then also what you mentioned the meddling britain and france which have been doing it in syria well for two hundred fifty years and of course when i talked about the u.s. aggressive in this in ukraine i was referring to secretary of state clinton and i think the u.s. needs to pull back in the off with the positive effect of seeing to meet the needs of the base reigning in the neo cons who are not yet completely in control and not pursuing policies that will inevitably lead to war while at the same time looking strong so this i think brings us to the nub of current the current vector of mr trump which is to make a deal with korea which is outside of the realms that we've been talking about and that would give of his administration the sufficient authority then to more
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effectively rein in israel britain france saudi arabia's that are causing all sorts of pesky problems and might create a basis for coming to some kind of agreement with mr putin in the future and that the vehicle for that the framework for that has not been established but that doesn't mean it cannot be established so it's a it's a very fine line i think the president is trying to to follow well there's so many opportunities that are being squandered left and right that's what makes this such a. dangerous and tragic time you know you know george you know let's look at the reputational issue here i've said it many times in this program here trump wants to tear up the randy a well he wants to make a deal with the koreans i mean i mean it that's kind of odd you know i mean because because then the next minute administration comes in and they're going to run negative well i mean the united states put itself in such an awkward hypocritical position by doing that particularly again i don't like giving credit to barack
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obama i really don't but this was a good deal ok and i'd like to correct the president of the united states all that money that they got it was their mind he it was their assets it wasn't a gift to everybody because it was paulson arms deal they didn't completely go through in the one nine hundred seventy s. and four hundred million dollars and they had to pay interest on it so no there was no gift to iran go ahead george reputation issue. the course yes if course absolutely correct and that's all point i mean that it's very hard to see how any kind of agreement is possible in north korea because the north korean leaders would be absolutely insane to give up their nuclear capability in return for wal-mart in return for an empty american promise that we won't attack you why would anyone want to believe that you know once trump goes the next president
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whether it's pens or nikki haley will immediately go back on her agreement and will indeed attack north korea so. it would be an absolutely insane policy to go for just going back to what you were saying beat about the. going to the united nations general assembly i mean it's so hilarious because the only power that has actually be acted in accordance with international law on the syria has been russia or russia is in syria in the caribbeans with international dangers at the rejoice let me jump in here legitimate government job in syria gentlemen we've run out of time i hope i never will ever say president nikki haley that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests in washington and in new york and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time and remember crosstalk.
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i'm. chilling. with fear like him and the thought police i believe facebook's market share is increasing despite all the blue ha ha concerning its surveillance technology that they sell has better info to foreign governments but yeah the
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multi-trillion dollar market top of these companies is a testament to the nature of the plot for the platform is now superseded the nation state facebook's got two billion users that's bigger than china so it's the biggest kind of entity there is in the world or has ever been in the world probably ever be in the world. would hope to. be put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. get into going to be pros we'll see what will befall me in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the walls of my. question.
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today there are four million students studying abroad and a trend is on the rise in the game of global competition international students are very much coveted the best research graduates are entirely taken care of as for the huge number of students that can afford studying abroad they represent an irresistible financial honeypot the expression global student market has become a household term among university head offices. in france and germany the foreign students don't pay tuition fees just yet but it changes soon to come in england they contribute fourteen billion euros ten billion pounds a year to the national economy a foreign student pays between twenty and thirty thousand euros
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a year twice as much as the european student and it represents an additional consumer in the country a dream client. so the university of manchester has about ten thousand international students which is the most of any u.k. university or there was a percentage it's not the highest so those students are important to us for a number of reasons they bring diversity they bring different cultures they bring different backgrounds different ways of thinking our own students benefit from studying in an environment with students from very different backgrounds of course they also bring income to the university which is important the largest community chinese students which make up just under forty percent of the total international student body and the crowds lining the streets around. the president visited was really in. during his visit president.
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matters. not to say. the thinnest lightest material. rise with. a stopping point. since the early ninety's chinese higher education is experiencing a spectacular growth. over the course of thirteen years the number of students grew from seven million to thirty five million studying abroad has become an absolute must for all the chinese new benefiting from the economic boom this year over seven hundred thousand young chinese studying somewhere in the world a four hundred percent increase in fifteen years and the trend is unlikely to reverse.
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a new business is multiplying worldwide. companies in rolling students in international universities in terms of commercial office universe does in the u.s. u.k. and australia clinch first place. bond tricky. colonel. i don't have a dog for what you think i'm just out of a proper urn tree shorter you're going through the water. i don't even once you are jogging our way the balcony out you since you mean you go wash you and i join jim. we are we out of it isha thanks for asking that much better than the audacity. of the halakhic engine oil disaster movie bashing catherine options for
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soup but boy you are here soon. quit comparing arson yada yada yada. ching a step i mean. that in all your shit because i caught it. all for you. so fragile that in your quest i mean passionately calderon's out what should i have been for her strong issue. not all chinese students going to ford studying and leading universities in those that truly matter not all students can afford to study abroad. most of them are enrolled in universities based in their home province they dream of a brighter future in such cities the shanghai or beijing hundreds of thousands now migrate every year to big cities. but the chinese economic system isn't quite ready
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to absorb all these young graduates. dong is one of them he studied bioengineering for four years in a college from his province today he makes a living from the jobs he dreams of working in the film industry he belongs to this new class of people that are educated but pull. your hair we shall know you hold live bait you didn't mention. your reaching to do or our local how they are coming on our chin that you. only hire our younger and see that you are or you are. going to hard it is when your in the center and she got on the whole you. leper you know
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how during. to the harsher oh no the ocean mood change on the road ci ci player no it's some draw down the she's in the home for you in a discussion and she. you're a woman. and you. and your. very. own. to. be your. own lawyer. or the. mood you were called to.
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rule on you know hide your. room or you know. things despite disenchanted hopes of upward mobility china has no intention of slowing down the development of its universities it wants to become a key player of global higher education the us australia and western europe all covered this new market countless partnerships are entered into every year between china and foreign countries. the entire world has its eyes set on china and china has its eye set on the entire
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world in two thousand and three tony university researches developed the shanghai ranking the most media tightest the most controversial and the most followed ranking report worldwide. a world ranking based on the number of nobel prizes fields medals and publications in scientific journals the united. it's clearly dominates the ranking among the top hundred there out of the fifty american universities eighteen dish four french and four german. so i'm afraid international rankings are important and i sound afraid because i absolutely hate them but in some parts of the world in particular they are counted rankings as though it's your home of the dog all the stuff in and out of your dear ones from sean food he couldn't use poison if
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a phone call in the end us up on us didn't go on the. doors only visited on the fact is this often up in the end and raking in sit what's your one and. only phone via houghton. from there such a habitat it does rank can of gone from quantity even that and for freddie up the gauge and institutes your own dimension bins or as mention the others i know who my dear fellow and i know all manner of god they come on this minute credit at even the messenger in then there would be the frog went into a scientist would you when you visited got of the phone to not mention quality of to someone to shower and get for didn't end up so vent mark just kind of want to be you know about as lynn up. whereas the criticism is substantial very few years in university presidents resist this ranking grace the narcissistic offer
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is tempting be seen and be identified as the best and so countries increase university merges with an explicit objective build up the number of research labs multiply publications and accumulate awards their goal climbed the rankings. in france the most representative project settled in the south of paris eighteen of the country's top leading higher education and research institutions grouped under a unique bana here lies the future pinnacle of french education and research the next french of it stanford or mit a poll of sheer excellence amidst fields of beetroot. the new york on that you're a dog galley notable on it. for the.


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