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tv   News  RT  May 10, 2018 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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the summit between the koreas and the us in russia so this is plain serious thing michel. you know so north korea look i mean that the images of the shaky hands crossing the border is was one of the most heartwarming geo political images i can remember seeing so it's a great thing i hope that there is peace. i will say this though before we get all excited regarding the state of geopolitics around the world you know i haven't written a single post and i write a lot of posts on geopolitics i haven't written one single post ever about north korea and how i'm concerned about it because i just wasn't concerned about it and as you know now because you've been talking about it forever the key to the to the u.s. imperial dominance around the world is the petro dollar ok and oil is the key to the petro dollar so to me the korea what korea was never you know as much as trump was belligerent is tweets about it it was never to me the crown jewel for the u.s. empire i still think that's
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a rant and i believe with the addition of bolton and pump a zero to high positions in u.s. diplomacy and intelligence that there is going to be some serious fireworks in the east because again that's where the key to maintaining u.s. imperial powers not in north korea there's no who there's no giant oil reserves there but it's in the middle east so while it's great what's going on the korea and i hope it continues. the middle east is where i've always been worried and continue to be worried. an animal a style. that they have ran on board of michael bolton as setting the stage as far as our military posturing in that area michael yes so since trump was elected you could tell he was going to totally go against all of his campaign promises based on who he who he hired to be around him all these bank stars sit same with trump you have to watch out who he hires and so john bolton and mike pump a zero or two the most lunatic neo conservative types you could possibly pick and
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and so that's a sign that something something is definitely a foot with iran and you know mates. wealth is when trumps going to make a decision on the saran deal and now netanyahu is saying that he's got evidence he's going to show tonight you know this is the guy that twenty twenty twenty two thousand and two netanyahu predicted that if we got rid of saddam hussein there would be huge positive reverberations throughout the middle east and that's the same guy we're going to listen to on a ranch so yeah it's disturbing but you know we'll see how it shakes out. just to make a correction there i want to again refer john bolton as michael bolton of course everyone has one has got a mustache and the other one's and they all come that way i got to mix them anyway there's two different guys there so. yeah i mean but this middle east pressure cookers been building out for decades and. you know the prognosis there is quite terrifying but live is that potentially trump could be pulling out of u.s.
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military and south korea as part of a global kind of retrenchment of the pentagon and a lot of posturing going on in the middle east could also bring a prelude to a deescalation of military spending because a he's not a guy who likes to waste money even though it's the bank of the few times he knows why waste money i mean i think those are valid points however i think trump's inherent. antagonism towards iran is very personal and very real not just that there's jared cushier influence there is the fact that we're trying to go on his first official state visit visit saudi arabia where he might come peo just going as first visit saudi arabia so this to me this is this is a much bigger thing and no i think the trump legitimately and for a variety of personal reasons as well feels feels as if iran needs to be
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essentially taken out or neutered in the middle east because for the united states in the you know the establishment essential they realize that. it's total control of the middle east isn't continued that that threatens the you know polar world which it does which you does all right we're going to leave it right there actually in point to leave on michael kramer thanks so much being on the kaiser report sure thanks max all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy i would like to thank our guest michael prager of liberty blitzkrieg dot com if you want to reach us on twitter it's kaiser report and select time by go. to support no doubt armenia is not ukraine or georgia and that our experience is unique to certain extent we're building on the success and the fielders of past efforts to address the issues that you're talking about so in many ways we have
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a leg up on anything that's been tried in the past this is not just a democrat a grassroots effort by the armenian people for the armenian people. twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest killed people. but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you on the list is a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to put me in the center of the pole with you and the great great you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three in the world cup
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in russia. this special one. needs to just. the review theology team's latest edition may go up as we go so i need to look. at what politicians do. they put themselves on the line. to get accepted over checked. so when you want to be president and. want to press. it to the right to be press this is what the four three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of how. this should. milton's i would say i'm not american but americans helped out really.
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world war two cures the depression farce united states is concerned prosperity of course from store. for the for us the whole world what it what and. historical rewrite ever since world war two to foment the cold war against russia against communism and. socialists nish bush you so so you call me out you all just a swath of we're so used to all go. well i think world war two. has been distorted credibly by the anglo-american media and that's because they wanted to minish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler.
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utterly i. was. a cia veteran is thrown out of the confirmation hearing for donald trump's pick to head the agency to make protests over the nominee's reported involvement in torture program. the us president blames iran in the middle east after announcing washington could read on its commitments under the iran nuclear deal i don't think they do understand life if you look at what's happening in the middle east. syria. yemen other places they're involved in. the u.k. says it will continue funding controversial aid group but the white helmets just.
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like you say that it's safe. for terrorists. they made the turn here in moscow welcome to the program on r t international we have this hour's top news headlines. u.s. president donald trump's controversial pick for cia director has been grilled at a senate confirmation hearing over her alleged involvement in the torturing of terrorist suspects the session was interrupted by protesters denouncing the nominee . was. resisting the many respects.
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to. stop her from you know you know just. the second posting on the video. who was a wrestled to the ground by security and then escorted out is seventy nine year old cia veteran ray mcgovern he served at the agency for twenty seven years but then became a political activist protesting the use of torture programs and mcgovern is a staunch critic of juno hospital and we contacted his lawyer who told us the activist did spend a night in jail. well the cia's in holland's to interrogation program was the main focus of a agency had no money gina hospitals senate grilling and she's been accused of being directly involved in torture practices in the past and though hospital promised that under the hood leadership the agency would not restart the controversial program certainly was some ducking and diving at the hearing. do you believe the program in terms that you can share
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a geisha program was consistent with american values we have decided to hold ourselves to a stricter moral standards are they consistent with american values senator i believe very strongly in american values i want to trust that you have the moral compass that you said you have i have conducted myself honorably and in accordance with u.s. law do you believe that the previous interrogation techniques were immoral what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to answer the question. and i think i've answered the question i have not torture and morality were the main topics of discussion at today's hearing there was some very clear opposition to haskell but those who are skeptical were concerned about her prior involvement with the cia's enhanced interrogation techniques which many describe as a torture program first some background on the controversy has will reportedly ran a cia prison in thailand where these techniques were used and she's accused of
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destroying tapes that documented these interrogations human rights organizations have even called upon the public to reach out to their representatives and oppose her nomination but president trump seems to have no qualms with her questionable history in fact he's even praised her for being quote tough on terror so it's unclear whether or not trump's support will be enough for easy confirmation but what does have to see what happens it jeanne has bill has had practically every senior position in the cia's headquarters she's currently the acting director of the cia i knew her when she was the chief of staff in the counterterrorism center she's been in the senior intelligence service for decades but i think that she's not qualified to lead the cia because the actions that she took during the dark period of the cia's torture program disqualify her she has been doing literally everything she can think to do other than. telling the truth about the cia's
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torture program to get this job she now has full had the opportunity to say the right thing that this was a dark period in u.s. history people made mistakes the program was immoral it was illegal it was unconstitutional she never said any of that. the most recent poll suggests that only a third of americans believe the alleged involvement in torture renders hospital unfit for the post of cia chief so we asked her some people on the street what they think. of the play so immoral immoral it's pretty cruel and wrong i don't think it's morally morally right. it was going to stop a terrorist attack it would be i don't like that. but i don't claim to understand why or how it's done sometimes so it might be necessary if it kept americans you know here safe from terrorism or information leading to any. terroristic activities
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of course. israel has fired more rockets into the disputed golan heights targeting iranian outposts for a second night in a row about sixty rockets were fired by reportedly twenty eight israeli jets as well as ten rockets from the ground and tel aviv claims it was responding to twenty rockets launched by iran from syrian territory into the golan heights the first rocket attack by the israelis was launched just shortly after donald trump analysis his decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal which was reached back in twenty fifteen in his latest statement the u.s. president blamed iran for quote bedlam and death will see how we do with the red probably we want to very well with them but that's ok too. they've got to understand. life because i don't think they do understand life if you look at
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what's happening in the middle east with syria with yemen with all of the places they're involved it's bedlam and death and we can't allow that to happen. down off takes a closer look at the points on both sides by the u.s. president. another statement from trump and we are in for another treat it's so juicy you can't help but savor it let's take it from the top and see how we do with the rare probably we would do very well with them but that's ok too. of course he probably won't do very well with iran he just we may go on a deal that let the country's economy breathe more freely for the first time in decades and by a chain reaction trump probably won't get along with a bunch of other countries either yes all those nations who decided to stay in the deal reiterating their support for it did trump see this coming the rift with his own allies probably doesn't matter that much after all the america first mantra got
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trump elected and if you don't get it you're in for a life lesson. understand. life because i don't think they do understand we keep pedia has a whole article on american exceptionalism and this tirade could very well lead a section to it we get it mr trump you say understand life we here understand how america wants it and roll over and play and here's why according to trump everyone should be on board with his iran decision if you look at what's happening in the middle east with syria with yemen with all of the places there involved it's bedlam and and we can't allow that to happen what a set of arguments apparently it's ok to support saudi arabia and their bombings of yemen a deadly come pain that resulted in the world's worst manmade humanitarian crisis all courtesy of american weapons american logistical support and american
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intelligence and with syria i must have missed the moment when iran joined the u.s. in sending the money and weapons to jihad is saddam groups seeking regime change trump has laid out a list. of demands to iran most notably he called on to iran to drop the quote quest to destroy israel and explicit indicator over who trumps trying to court him and this is how we run feels about trump's move it was it was. was it was. and the american flag isn't the only thing in tatters now so is the iran nuclear deal which has left europe scrambling for response one thing is clear though they won't be taking a leaf out of donald's art of the deal. over
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a million people took part in an immortal regiment march in moscow on wednesday the event on those on commemorates those killed in the great patriotic war that was first held in two thousand and eleven since then it has become a key part of v.-day celebrations around the world hardly any family in russia was left unaffected by the great patriotic war in which around one in every six soviet citizens lost their life. or trying to was marching with the crowds. the biggest and the most emotional event perhaps on the calendar in this country is making moscow cheer and cry at the same time i can tell you that this is a feeling that makes your heart so it is truly incredible that people are carrying the poor.


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