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armies have their own tens of israeli with all of that missiles. to hit. destroy some all three an army sports leg that one. air defense but to be on one we bought israel says this was as a retaliation to iranian rockets fired towards the northern golan heights now israelis seem to have gone into shelters while this happened there were sirens here in israel and. but now business is as usual defense minister victor lieberman. has spoken today in a press conference saying that iranians should be aware because if there will be rain here in israel there will be a flood nobody wants a conflict nobody wants war but everybody does seem to want to defend
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israel's borders. so in other news the british prime minister has apologized quote unreservedly for the u.k.'s complicity in handing over an al qaeda link to a libyan opposition leader and his pregnant wife to the government of the now slain libyan leader moammar gadhafi the couple will also receive compensation of half a million pounds prime minister has now written to them to apologize on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize reserved we are profoundly sorry for the ordeal that you both suffered. wrote it. has been following that session in the british parliament and joins us now from the u.k. good afternoon to you paula the story surrounding this apology does seem to be pretty controversial doesn't it. there's been a lot of reporting on the story not that much background detail on the man at the center of it. bell had she is now
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a prominent libyan politician but while moammar gadhafi was still in power he was a prominent anti gadhafi opposition leader and a leading member of an anti gadaffi militia as well which is called the libyan islamic fighting group the l i f g that would explain why he fled libya back in two thousand and one just a little bit more information about this group the ally f. g. it operated from one thousand nine hundred five until last year it was considered an al qaeda affiliate and the group stage three attempts to assassinate gadhafi himself so pretty violent organization so much so that it was regarded as a terrorist group by the u.k. and the u.s. nevertheless despite his checkered past shall we say and his wife have been on a quest for an apology from the british government ever since he was released from
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prison six years ago and documents discovered after the fall of gadhafi revealed that british m i six agents were involved in bel hodges kidnapping so the kidnapping took place in two thousand and four in thailand bel hodges wife fatima was four months pregnant at the time and cia and m i six agents together kidnapped kidnapped them and handed them back over to the gadhafi government where claims he was then imprisoned and tortured for six years his wife fatima was released after four months just before she gave birth so a massive victory for the couple today they've managed to get the british government's top lawyer jeremy right to come. come out in parliament today to apologize so publicly to them on behalf of the government they were handed a letter written by the prime minister herself saying that the intelligence here
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intelligence services here in the u.k. got it wrong that they apologize unreservedly and even awarding half a million pounds compensation to bell hodge's wife fatima for the psychological trauma that she experienced as a result of the ordeal. ok thanks for the background i was up for us in london thank you. i don't trump controversial picks the cia director has been grilled at a senate confirmation hearing she was quizzed over her alleged involvement in the torture of terror suspects although the session was interrupted by protesters denouncing the nominee. because. you would. think that was. was. this. much.
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to. stop her from you know you know. or the second person in that video who was wrestled to the ground by security and then escorted out a seventy nine year old cia veteran ray mcgovern you served the agency for twenty seven years but then became a political activist protesting the use of torture mcgovern as a staunch critic of jena hospital we contacted his lawyer who told us the activist spent a night in jail. now the cia enhanced interrogation program was the main focus of your house senate grilling and promise that under her leadership the agency wouldn't restart the controversial program there was a certain amount of ducking and diving at the hearing. you believe the program in terms that you can interrogate program was consistent with american values we have decided to hold ourselves to a stricter moral standard are they consistent with american values senator i
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believe very strongly in american values i want to trust that you have the moral compass that you said you have i have conducted myself honorably and in accordance with u.s. law do you believe that the previous interrogation techniques were immoral what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to the answer the question. and i think i've answered the question i did not torture and morality were the main topics of discussion at today's hearing there was some very clear opposition to haskell but those who were skeptical were concerned about her prior involvement with the cia's enhanced interrogation techniques which many describe as a torture program first some background on the controversy has will reportedly ran a cia prison in thailand where these techniques were used and she's accused of destroying tapes that documented these interrogations human rights organizations have even called upon the public to reach out to their representatives and oppose
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her nomination but president trump seems to have no qualms with her questionable history in fact he's even praised her for being quote tough on terror so it's unclear whether or not trump's support will be enough for easy confirmation but what does have to say what happens it gina has bill has had practically every senior position in the cia's headquarters she's currently the acting director of the cia i knew her when she was the chief of staff in the counterterrorism center she's been in the senior intelligence service for decades but i think that she's not qualified to lead the cia because the actions that she took during the dark period of the cia's torture program disqualify her she has been doing literally everything she can think to do other than. telling the truth about the cia's torture program to get this job gina haskell had the opportunity to say the right
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thing that this was a dark period in u.s. history people made mistakes the program was immoral it was illegal it was unconstitutional she never said any of that. international still ahead israel has kicked the director of human rights watch for the country would have a look at why just after the break. away anti american anti-democratic and take a look at that quite plainly by a standing the stock price approach rather it was that risk but so it's trading i think there are three hundred thousand dollars a share so the message from charlie munger and warren buffett to americans is let's you've got three hundred thousand dollars to buy one share of berkshire hathaway you're a player you're a peasant here you know they are the neo feudal lords that are building the system milking the system abusing the system and gaining wealth as raunchy a coupon clipper as
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a nickel and dime or they add nothing to the economy. but again i would trailhead for folks the work permit the director of human rights watch in the country if he said the decision was based on a dossier compiled on omar sheikh his activities over the course of the last decade she can reported on israel and the palestinian territories for the rights group a
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has held his post since april of last year and israel has given him now fourteen days to leave the country we spoke she care who told us that the real motive behind the decision was the was to muzzle criticism of the israeli government's activities . their reality is all of the allegations in the dossier relate to human rights activities many of which took place years ago before i joined human rights watch when i was a student in university and the reality remains that even according to the interior ministry neither i nor human rights watch promote boycotts and human rights watch is an organization that covers over ninety countries across the world we've won a nobel peace prize you know for efforts we document abuses not only by israel but also by the palestinian authority and by hamas this is the first time of course human rights watch that israel has ordered human rights official out of the country who've been working here for nearly three decades i met
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a fifty plus year occupation characterized by systematic rights abuse and institutional discrimination so their real name is clear it's to muzzle dissent. well commenting on the situation human rights watch says this is not about the director himself but about shackling in the organizations activities in israel it also says it supports the director and will fight for the decision to be reversed and why she care again says the organization will push on with its work regardless of the obstacles barring me from operating here wal-mart stopped our reporting will continue to document or its abuses and be vocal about the right situation on the ground but i think it's a very worrying signal guarding where israel is and is going we intend to challenge this decision before an israeli district court. and we intend to continue to raise pressure not only to reverse this decision but also to rescind the law
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that calls for banning entry of activists fully into that decision or your first and then i will be permitted termine in the country. the controversial white helmet screen praised by the west as a rescue team working in syria has been guaranteed continued support by the british prime minister to resign may that after washington's decision to pull the plug on the syrian aid funding which includes the white helmets last week the trumpet ministration froze the us funding with fantasies of civilian lives at risk will the prime minister stick up pledge the government to plug the funding shortfall that now exists and is sure these heroic rescue workers can continue their work. again i say to the honorable gentleman we recognize the very important and valuable work that the white house mates are doing they are as he says doing this in registry difficult conditions they are incredibly brave to be continuing that work
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we do support them we will continue to support them and my right understand the international development secretary will be looking at the level of that support in the future while the issue was raised today during prime minister's questions particular why. about the white helmets came from a member of the labor party and in particular asking the question because of course the us government decided to cut their funding for the white helmets and so the question went what would the british government be looking to do to plug vat's gap now it's interesting that the us government has taken that decision because just a couple of months ago in march the white helmets and their senior leaders were in washington taking high level meetings with us government officials who were praising them for their work and praising them for their life saving activities as it's been put but not everybody is a fan of the white helmet so we've been repeated allegations that they have been linked to al qaida tied groups and that they have been on the front lines where
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groups like al nusra have been present working hand in hand and also that some of their rescue missions have been nothing but stunts to try to win the world sympathy . now the white house continue to maintain that they're purely a humanitarian group and that they have no links to any extremist groups or the like but it's interesting they were founded by a former british army soldier a former master nuri by the name of james missouri yeah and so it seems that with
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this latest pledge by the u.k. government to look into plugging that funding gap the links between britain and the white helmets looks at second. when you. run the reporting then i will finish with football because for only the third time in the club's history lokomotiv moscow secured the russian premier league title over the weekend and just a short while ago the club's president popped into c.s. to talk about the achievement and also the upcoming world cup. firstly look congratulations your team the champions of russia has the trophy to prove it to you how does it feel thank you andrew well it's for the absolutely fantastic for us and you know it from suede for for fourteen years is typo and now we're also the breaking we're sitting here just thirty five days away from the world cup been around the stadiums of russia to see that how do you perceive russia and its and the prospects for the world cup i think my personal opinion of those who are in the
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is this small me most small stuff to to achieve no courage to come about but in general we're absolutely ready and we are waiting we're very exciting i'm personally very excited because it's dramatic and i'm sure you followed western media too. and there's a lot was a lot of negativity surrounding tournament before they start it doesn't matter which one and russia is no different people are concerned about crowd trouble. i'm one hundred percent sure they will we know a little but very calm very very you know. everything will be all right because you really made a tremendous job to police in the clubs and selves we influence the people we said to greece we should be we should be very welcomed we should really spread it must for your of a welcome us to to to to our guests too because it's it's a it's a huge thing for the country for the clubs for the russian food before you need something absolutely unbelievable to dream you go you leave
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a dream now for them it's something from best. looking forward to already and that's the news today we're back with more as usual don't forget in about half an hour don't forget there are plenty of other stories too at our website at r.t. dot com. what holds. you something that. they put themselves on the want. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something or want to be brits. it's a right to be for us this is what before us three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my calls. deep seated by seizing the. americans i would say i'm not american but americans
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helped out really. world war two cures the depression cars the united states is concerned prosperity of course in store. for the for us the whole world what it what our. historic ever since world war two to foment the cold war against russia against communism and. justice nish closeness to the soviet army out to all costs right so you could call them go. well i think world war two has been distorted incredibly by the anglo-american media and that's because they wanted to minish the role of russia. and stalin who
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actually defeated hitler. chose seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me that is yet to stamp out these days it comes to educate and in games from equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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guys are this is the kaiser report coming to you a way that only we can do to get ready yeah. max i'm going to show you an image and please don't go preserve the hay because this guy is scary looking. exclusive charlie munger compares trading bitcoin to trading freshly harvested baby brains which is quite interesting because he to me looks like a freshly harvested baby brain eating freshly harvested baby brains a quote from charles monger does not dissuade anyone from considering him to be part of the illuminati does it apparently this is what they do. that are freshly are resting baby brains all the time while underperforming the index funds and the s. and p. for ten years straight these guys are losing people money as compared to an s. and p. index they get bailed out in two thousand and eight for their fraud they support
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wells fargo a terrorist organization in america that's actually performing financial terrorism with the blessings of warren buffett and charles monger and he has the temerity to criticize bitcoin the same way he missed apple for the first oh let's say hundreds of thousands of percentage points he missed these out their annual meeting saying who used term because we have a sexual relationship with a wal-mart people we couldn't possibly invested amazon because words such as little from brasco no mob nobody heard about and these are you know basically doing and i mean the list goes on and on the guy is a menace ok well let's talk some sort of like technical logistics of why i think they're talking about this why they keep on dissing be a coin part of it is because they keep on being asked. about it ok and i think this is crucial to understanding why they keep on coming out with a number of warren buffett recently in the past year called it rat poison in poison
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here in this interview with yahoo charlie munger calls that trading freshly harvested baby brains at their annual event this last weekend charlie monger's compares crypto currencies to turds and dimentia warren buffett does not like crypto currency is a position he read it reiterated at the berkshire hathaway annual meeting his grievances against bitcoin and its ilk are many it's a nonproductive asset has no intrinsic value it's a breeding ground for charlatans who take opportunities to rip off people trying to get rich in something they don't really understand he said that crypto currencies will come to a bad ending warren buffett eighty seven in terms of charlie munger who's ninety four i like cryptocurrency is a lot less than you do he said to warren buffett to me it's just dementia is like somebody else's trading turds and you decided you can't be left out i think because charlie munger is ninety four warren buffet's eighty seven they're both getting ready to you know shed their mortal coil and exit berkshire hathaway.
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cryptocurrency these big coins is a response to their legacy their witnessing what that what they caused this is their response to the financial system they created they had wished this had happened after they were gone and these are just old men railing against the youth who who have like basically given them the middle finger for their financial system that they left behind this new generation has tossed out that the financial markets have been rigged horribly by the likes of the crony capitalists over their berkshire hathaway and their friends at the central banks and even the st louis central bank head recently said that this new generation is embracing crypto as a reaction to the two thousand a crisis so i think that's important to understand that these two old men they are like the dominant figures in the financial world that because it is a response to so it makes sense that there go they've been called out brutally so
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without anyone in a big queen itself doesn't need to call them turds with the mental let me explain that berkshire hathaway is anti american and anti-democratic and you can look at that quite plainly by understanding the stock price of berkshire hathaway which never splits so it's trading i think there are three hundred thousand dollars a share so the message from charlie munger and warren buffett to americans is unless you've got three hundred thousand dollars to buy one share of berkshire hathaway your play a beer a peasant your you know they are the neo feudal lords that are building the system milking the system abusing the system and aggregating wealth as raunchy a coupon clippers and nickel and dime are they add nothing to the economy they have no warren buffett has not had an original idea in his entire life he simply uses insurance premiums to take huge stakes in companies and uses political influence to manage without a return that's underperforming the s. and p. they had a one point one billion dollar right off the market that has had the last year the
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first year. trump has been like the biggest returns ever in s. and p. five hundred history and the dow jones has three in all the market history and yet they somehow had to write down a large percentage is like getting you know this famous a porn star now crush the williamson and what's her name since the only down or made daniels to teach sunday school is getting warren buffett to talk about technology he has said for years he knows nothing about technology he knows about a rail. road system he knows about. trains and he knows about wrigley gum and chewing gum he's been trying to buy hershey chocolate bars for this entire career because he likes chocolate he likes candy and he's in it that's the stuff you understand it's got to be really simple like to like him and charlie eat baby food because they're too old to eat regular food so he buys baby food and that's is that mentality that's the level of his understanding technology he's an idiot he's a dunce doesn't understand it he missed all the technology stocks i mean look bill
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gates they were a train ride for days and try to get warren to buy microsoft stock he bought one share as a novelty and missed the entire move in microsoft's stock he's a complete dunderhead when it comes to the technology sector which by the way is the main driver of the american economy not old world railways stocks and everything or above represents a guy's a minute again and he's also a huge holder of wells fargo and so that sentence from him is remarkable in light of what has happened with wells fargo member i'll remind you it's a breeding ground for charlatans he says of bitcoin who take opportunities to rip off people trying to get rich and something they don't really understand here is one of the largest players warren buffett in all his holdings in the whole c.d.o. disaster in and out right scam fraud against the american people and pension fund holders in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight two thousand and nine wells fargo created million. of accounts for their clients their customers
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unbeknown to their customers they didn't know that they had these accounts they what wells fargo opened in order to basically bump their own a charlatan like act to bump their own figures so users are burning around for charlton and that should be applied to wells fargo and all the banks yes but wells fargo particular he's a big owner of the right he's there because shareholders that's a breeding ground for charlatans they illegally open accounts for people they stole money from people he never said anything about it has no comment about it and charlie munger no comment about wells fargo never they didn't have any comment about that actually the only thing they said is that regulators should go easy on them now because they've already paid enough in fines these are proven troll with all the money they stole to show lot of money that i think they got to steal like ten cents keep you know ninety cents of every dollar they stole that's their business model right and so warren buffet's like oh you know crypto charlatans
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wells fargo that's the charlatans we like those are the charlatans we approve of those people steal money for us we miss crypto because we're not as we're overrated as stock pickers well ok let's also point out that because of the financial system remember i said that because when was birth the genesis block happened in two thousand and nine the white paper was published in two thousand and eight this is that the peak of the financial crisis the disaster that the likes of warren buffett and all his buddies created he's friends with all those guys on wall street all the big bankers all the ones that perpetrated frauds with their c.d.o. and all their other mortgage backed securities and other you know derivatives that were all fraudulent and warren buffett and self had said you know derivatives were a weapon of mass financial destruction he turned out to be right it destroyed everything as he said he still was helping out goldman sachs loaning them five billion dollars you know he was still part of this whole system and as a response to that fraud the central banks had to. come in and bail them all out
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including warren buffett so i want to turn to another part of his charlatan like qualities of warren buffett that bitcoin has exposed remember this is why they're so angry about bitcoins have bitcoin has exposed those two as charlatans and all of their friends on wall street this is from nomi prins this is what real collusion looks like when one central bank the fed reduces q.e. another accelerates maintaining the average rate of developed countries at zero percent and the tide of asset purchases rising here is the chart of course the red line is the u.s. fad the blue line is the e.c.b. and the green line is the bank of japan max you had said this you suggested this long ago that whenever the fed stops or slows down with q.e. the e.c.b. picks up and vice versa and this data that nomi prins linked to suggests this is true and
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a lot of people to point this out peter schiff. richard jim rickards you know people that we've got on the show know me proves that the global increase in money printing as never decreased because you can't put a tape or a ponzi scheme so people say to me oh you know the fed's raising rates i thought you said you can't taper a ponzi scheme you can't that's why globally the money is being printed most people who write those comments in the you tube section most people live in a small little local area so they can only go access their local banks they don't understand that you know the warren buffets of the world and their friends can access free cash anywhere in the world and they they get to game the system because they're part of the global elite like you an organ or joe bag of donuts on the street can't access zero percent rates from the e.c.b. the point you make there is a big point of the reaction to warren buffett and his crony capitalists and the bailouts of two thousand and eight so they don't want to admit that they don't want to eat.


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