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tv   News  RT  May 13, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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police in paris shoot and kill a man who stops one person to death and injured several at the french capital's main author a house terror investigation is underway. and in the stories the shapes the week european leaders are refusing to toe washington's line after president trump withdrawals from the iran nuclear deal and imposes new sanctions against tehran. clashes intensify on the israeli gaza border and that the u.s. embassy's move to jerusalem leaving two palestinians dead in the violence. and russia marks it seventy three years since a victory in world war two with
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a record ten million people marching in cities across the country in honor of relatives who fought the nazis. a very warm welcome you're watching the weekly here on r.t. international all the latest headlines and the roundup of the stories that have shaped the week but first police in paris have shot and killed a nice attacker who killed one person in the opera district on saturday evening four others were injured two of them seriously police are investigating the incident as a terror attack this photo was taken by a witness from their window and shows the immediate aftermath of the attack on the france correspondent lukas to a joined us earlier from paris with the details. the attack happened in this very busy district of paris it's a touristy place where there are lots of restaurants lots of bars there's the
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attack happened a bit before nine pm and moments where all the regions and tourists were out side so basically people were eating in restaurants having times its friends a man assaulted randomly several people with a knife according to witnesses the man was walking in the streets crazy stabbing every people he met on his way then he ran towards police officers apparently should seeing kill me or i q several people heard him saying a lot of what bar then he has been killed by police officers people will bloods also in restaurants and bars so it's was really a panic scenes there an investigation is now open by the un to terroristic section . i says just claim the responsibility of this attack.
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french media claims the attacker was identified by his fingerprints it's believed he is of chechen origin at around twenty years old there are also reports that his parents are now in custody witnesses of the attack describes the nightmare they experienced. i was working in the restaurant and suddenly i heard a woman screaming she tried to seek shelter in our restaurant she tried to push the door instead of pulling it so she couldn't get inside that is when he attacked right in front of a restaurant her friend stepped in and helped otherwise i think he would have continued to attack a. little more i was going home when someone told me that movement was stopped so i wanted there to see if i could help but people were already taking care of her someone was talking to be dressed to the loons and what are its source she was stabbed in the bush for people simply. francis you know wave of terror in recent years in which over two hundred people have been killed there have been major
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attacks like the battle plan theater back in november twenty fifth but also sporadic small scale incidents like the latest one on saturday night former british intelligence officer i am a strong suspect the attacker was already known so forth already. there was a state of emergency was lifted but in fact the new incoming president the crown at the time then instituted a number of the measures from the states and the urgency and. so the security services in france do indeed have wide ranging powers and unfortunately i would be willing to bet that whoever perpetrated this attack this time is already on the radar either with the intelligence agencies or at the very least with the local police for perhaps involvement in petty crime we've seen this person emerge time and time and time again in france particularly where people there seems to be an overlap between the criminality and the radicalization which leads them to carry
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out such attacks. indonesia has also been hit by terror attacks in the early hours of sunday morning three suspected suicide bombings targeted churches killing at least ten people and injuring dozens more the blasts took place in the country's second biggest city of surat by a up to forty people have been hospitalized there it's believed five suicide bombers dressed as churchgoers targeting sunday morning services a veiled woman with two children was reportedly among the attackers no group has claimed responsibility but islamic state said it was responsible for hostage taking incidents in the country the left nine people dead earlier this week indonesia is the world's largest muslim majority country these latest attacks on its christian community are the worst since the year two thousand when fifteen churchgoers were killed. the leaders of europe's major powerhouses have rebelled
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against their closest ally washington this week the rift was brought about by donald trump's decision to reject the iran nuclear deal. i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the a rare nuclear deal another statement from trump and we are in for another treat it's so juicy you can't help but savor it let's take it from the top we'll see how we do with the rare probably we want to very well with them but that's ok too of course he probably won't do very well with iran he just we may go on a deal that let the country's economy breathe more freely for the first time in decades and by a chain reaction trump probably won't get along with a bunch of other countries either yes all those nations who decided to stay in the deal reiterating their support for it is deal is not a bilateral treaty it's
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a un security council resolution and it belongs to the entire words no single country alone and destroyed a deal but can't undo the deal because all the others stay in did trump see this coming the rift with his own allies probably doesn't matter that much after all the america first mantra got trump elected and if you don't get it you're in for a life lesson they've got to. understand. life because i don't think they do understand why we keep pedia has a whole article on american exceptionalism and this tirade could very well at a section to it we get it mr trump you say understand life we hear understand how america wants it and roll over and play and here's why according to trump everyone should be on board with his iran decision if you look at what's happening in the middle east with syria with yemen with all of the places there involved it's bedlam
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and and we can't allow that to happen what a set of arguments apparently it's ok to support saudi arabia and their bombings of your. a deadly come pain that resulted in the world's worst manmade humanitarian crisis all courtesy of american weapons american logistical support and american intelligence and with syria i must have missed the moment when iran joined the u.s. in sending money and weapons to gie hardest armed groups seeking regime change trump has laid out a list of demands to iran most notably he called on to iran to drop the quote quest to destroy israel an explicit indicator of who've trumps trying to court him and this is how we run feels about trump's move.
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and the american flag isn't the only thing in tatters now so is the iran nuclear deal which has left europe scrambling for a response in it is never good for us to break the laws that we ourselves helped to create why because how can you convince powers that occasionally use force or violence that don't respect international law to follow our example when we don't even follow that example ourselves one thing is clear though they won't be taking a leaf out of donald's art of the deal whole world trust the united states or enter the treaty or new here treaty or a deal with the united states if they're all one president as a plaything mothers rather than either gate on that deal he was american trust the american credibility on the line and here america does not honor its word.
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despite the calls from across the atlantic trance was unrelenting getting signed off on a new round of sanctions against iran and live as predicted. to hit european and u.s. business as daniel fishel explains. so sanctions of back iran probably doesn't care much as had them in one shape or other for four decades washington shooting itself and allies in the food surely not. the e.u. way over ten billion euro of stuff to iran last year relationship in full bloom corporate giants now licking wounds include the biggest hitters on the continent from volkswagen to british airways airbus may be worst hit it signed a nineteen billion dollars deal with tehran just two years ago three billion more with as a man lines why should europe care if trump quits the iran deal because he can make
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it your problem to this i think it's not right to unilaterally cancel a deal that was agreed upon that was unanimously approved in the un security council that diminishes confidence in the international order. and him as our own benson's money if we always say that if we don't like things and we can achieve a new international order everyone will do what they feel that's bad news for the world. right off the trumps announcement on his very first day on the job new u.s. ambassador to burley and tweeted the following all minutes threat as donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical sectors of iran's economy german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately issuing national threats via twitter seems trump picks people in his own image but this time he's crossed a diplomatic red line good what do we want to be bustles that would have a blind eye to what americans tell them or do we want us europeans to say people
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have economic interests and want to have economic relations with iran so long as it helps the us economy right trumps a businessman after all he must know how to all the wheels of trade apparently not . gas prices of top the psychological benchmark of two dollars eighty a gallon almost a painful fifty cents in just a year and u.s. employers are hurting too just weeks after trump's election boeing toasted a seventeen billion dollars deal for eighty u.s. built jetliners to iran boeing bragged about it in line with trump's favorite mantra i will take jobs back. to jobs or jobs jobs and even richer jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs no more future deals go on existing contracts scrapped u.s.
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workers on your bike who take their place iran's already struck billion dollar deals with russian playmakers china's all over iran like a rush huge energy deals you roll roads and cold hard cash. on wednesday russia marks victory day and the defeat of nazi germany and world war two it's a special event where the war claimed over twenty six millions of the lives there's hardly a family in the country that wasn't affected and in their own or a special march known as the a morsel regiment is held every year. thank
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you. thank you. victory day has a personal element for us too many people here have relatives who fought the nazis our correspondent. joins the crowds in central most. people here bringing photographs pictures or even just names of loved ones they lost although you see just contributed to that great victory i found out more about my family as well my great grandmother and media all going to a doctor a military surgeon she actually participated in the battle of moscow she was on the front lines here for many months had to write not keep battle before transferring further back into russia when she was the only such a flood this ship for quite some time in the form of hundreds of operations and all the relatives of my great products could do so but to do it was a soldier he falls in the battle of stalingrad when he sadly died today of school
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so this year rather is the anniversary of the victory and the bottle it keeps turning points on the eastern front on a cold world so you and millions of people munching well deployed cities across europe madrid london lisbon across the atlantic united states truly a global event to all of those people that made their contribution and in many millions of cases gave up their lives for peaceful to mine and see for mankind it's all about the people whose faces are in these many many portraits. they get to hear their harangues that's also another remarkable feature of this march again back to the people and the portraits they survived years of war and this is in memory of all of them a few years ago i promise to myself that in the next four years. every time touring victory day i'm going to take one of the portraits of one of my four great grandfathers and i'm keeping the promise and this is mikhail difference of who is
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the grandfather of my mom what he did like pretty much everyone else here on these portraits his first event it is motherland to make the nazis retreat and then he got a medal for liberating the city that's now known as kaliningrad. millions of people from across the soviet union were mobilized for military service during the war many made lifelong friends during their service and still keep fond memories of their former comrades. the sun is that abortion that. elvis schuster visits and the others are paid to. who reads it inspires us through . money given them in
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his one year versus i need what gets a running news or but if you click a minute. for use in the me yet can you bob i do it the. sky you know sky the model of the she stood still not truly treated him come to lunch with elizabeth was the. garden dirty album cover nearly a quarter in your room below i come to. look at the interest of the unemployed seemingly endless instant it said to touch it to thirty three thirty pm. show come to did no good with the near future to talk to my is the last summer to meet new people mr goulden it. never pick written out or miss cause i want
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it out email from me. that over mission i am only to be were there when this should be packing. good thoughts in the listener's desire to have a woman. still to come and not see international israeli forces you. live rounds against anti occupation protesters this week on the gaza border i've got the details for you after this short break. the iran nuclear deal was once seen as a major achievement of american diplomacy but that's no longer the case donald
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trump's decision to pull out of the deal has reopened a major international problem they have to analyze betrayed and bursaries confused . the world's press see. some officials do not. fully understand or do not fully accept the principle of football being beyond politics that's a fundamental principle of the world. for granted some people may have opinions but it's their own opinions and doesn't influence opinions of many other football fans who are buying tickets every day in large volumes.
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welcome back anti israel demonstrations continued on the gaza border this week where two palestinians have been killed and nearly two hundred more reported wounded the protests marks the final days of the annual rally against occupation known as the great small to return israeli forces used live rounds and tear gas to disperse the crowds along the border. that. was. the. palestinians have also started to find new ways to vent their anger attaching fire
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bombs to kites and flying them over the border fence into israeli held territory here's how they describe the new tactic. this device is comprised of a piece of cloth which needs to be sucked throughout with gasoline or diesel that would burn for longer than the car causes large scale farms on territories occupied in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. the israeli snipers warned that they would fire upon anyone that launches a kite but we're not afraid of the bullets the shells or the whole of israel today we're launching them and we're not afraid of them we want to set them on fire set them on fire on the land that they took from us and they're not returning to the israeli defense forces as i have said they will continue their operation against the protests which they deem terrorist activity israel has also repeatedly stated it has the right to defend its borders when israelis and palestinians are divided on the border in jerusalem both are protesting against the upcoming relocation of
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the u.s. embassy there jerusalem has long been a point of contention in the region and the american move is seen by many as a recognition that the city is a part of israel the relocation a shadow of the monday and palestinians have already said they're planning large protests against it. meanwhile israel has ordered the director of human rights watch to leave. the country anti revoked his work permits the reason stated his alleged support of an israeli boycotts as part of his role for the rights group kid reports on israel and the palestinian territories the current israeli decision comes a year after they gave human rights watch a permit to employ him after the initial one was denied israel has given him fourteen days to leave the country with human rights watch says this isn't about the director himself but about shutting down criticism of israel's is israel's
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rights record it also says it will fight for the decision to be reversed while she killed himself thinks that the incident won't impact on the work of human rights watch in the country barring from operating here wal-mart stock are already and will continue to document rights abuses and be vocal about the right situation on the ground but i think it's a very worrying signal guarding where israel is and is going we intend to challenge a decision before it is really district court. and we intend to continue to raise pressure not only to reverse this decision but also. the law that calls for banning entry of b.s.f. activists from fully anticipate that that decision or your first and then i will be permitted term in the country. be israeli palestinian confrontation expectedly cropped up at eurovision song contest to after israel's contestant one this year's
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offense after finishing her song called toy which was inspired by the anti harassment me two campaign she invited everyone to jerusalem as the winner of the eurovision host the following is so but we're going to divide it over the issue of jerusalem and its territory the invitation got people arguing on twitter. how can your vision celebrate diversity and inclusion when steps away palestinians are getting shot in the head your vision is about to get very ugly absolute joke by the way let's not go to jerusalem until they stop murdering palestinian children israel is celebrating diversity through shooting unarmed protesters in gaza with snipers how will your vision be open for real diversity next year in jerusalem can all city residents celebrate equally unfollowing anyone who says that attend your a vision in jerusalem next year yes yes it's just a music competition i'm sure all of the palestinian children that die in the next
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year will see the distinction. us democratic lawmakers have released thousands of social media ads which they say have links to russia it's a bid to explain how the kremlin was supposedly seeking to sow discord in america during the twenty sixteen presidential election mark ousia costs a critical eye over the commercials. here it is the panacea to all your doubts russian meddling exposed three thousand five hundred and nineteen ads on facebook posted by russia allegedly say us democrats the russian social media campaign was designed to further the broader criminal ject of sowing discord in the u.s. by inflaming passions on a range of divisive issues the point a visa as they say was to divide americans but you take a closer look and the real takeaway is russia really really sucks meddling
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take this ad for the african-american civil rights movement zero clicks zero impressions meaning no one ever saw it real poor interfering right there but next now here is a surprise a blue lives matter post black versus blue sea by a grand total of no one all right. so far but how about this one an ad for muslims it says we believe in individual liberty in the free market take heart liberty will prevail the cat g.'s it appears as if posted by a group defending the second amendment the right to bear arms and there are literally hundreds of such groups and facebook alone ok ok let's think something truly divisive to meek across a black doctor felt humiliated windows to airlines flight attendants refused to
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believe that she was a qualified physician now that's allegedly intended to stir up tensions to tear americans apart except that's exactly how it was reported in the us media is responding to a viral facebook post from an african american doctor who says she was discriminated against on a flight she. says when the flight attendant yelled for a physician on board she raised her hand but was rejected you know how much the russian spent in this one hundred thousand dollars huge sum right it's roughly zero point zero zero zero one percent of what trump spent on his campaign so what's the takeaway russia is really bad at meddling some of those ads were never seen by anyone and others will copy pasted from mainstream media and that's if you believe that these were russian ads the only thing viz ads prove is
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russia will never ever be as good as us media a dividing america will be back at the top there. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us as over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten dollars time stamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent i just want to secure some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one just so you can afford to miss the one and only.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. that along with nazi germany. was officially declared by the governments of finland. romania and the puppet french government and these units fought against the us. division. the albanian division. in the north division. and ukrainian troops were also rampant incited by nazi
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germany were carried out by almost countries strict. sharia. on the. shits thousands of red army soldiers hundreds of thousands of slavic civilians and millions of jews perished here. i mean. i am.


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