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it's reported the man who carried out the stabbing in paris last night was on a security forces watch list for his extremist views he was shot dead by police after killing one person injuring several others. the attacker came down this road with his hands covered in blood holding a knife. thus among the stories that shaped the week european leaders refused to toe washington's line after president trump abandons the iran nuclear deal with one key adviser now saying he can't rule out sanctioning the companies who do business with iran coming up to. two palestinians are killed dozens injured as protests continue on the border between gaza and israel ahead of the u.s.
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embassy's move to jerusalem monday. night of the week just gone rush it marks seventy three years since a victory in world war two with a record ten million people marching nationwide to on a relatives who fought for freedom. kevin zero in frankfurt watching at international from moscow this and the weekly iran there were some of the main news stories of the last seven days it's been reported that the suspects behind the knife attack in paris last night was viewed by french intelligence as a possible threat to national security it turns out the man whose thoughts have been born in the russian republic of chechnya was shot dead after he killed a passer by in the city's opera district four others were also injured in the assault two of them seriously this photo of a blow some of it out taken from a near. appears to show the crime scene there's a video of
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a similar thing as well coming up it's also been circulated in the wake of the incident shows you see people fleeing the area in panic and you can also see forensic experts examining the site let's look a bit closer at the logistics of it were bring them up really in central paris see if that just took place just just in the center just north of the museum an area obviously that time of night saturday night the weather was quite nice teeming with cafes restaurants people basically he certainly reports from the scene. it was here that the attack took place late on saturday evening in the very busy offer district of paris people were shouting for the police and we saw a guy lying on the street right on the cross walk with blood on his shirt if i had been run over or maybe. it took us a little while to figure out he had maybe been stabbed in the course of that attack
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the police fired shots in order to kill the terrorists and actually we can see some of the bullet holes in one of the bar windows some news has emerged of the terrorists who carried out that attack he's thought to be a chechnyan who received french citizenship in two thousand and ten and interestingly he was known simply as he had been put on a list of people who had known extreme views and that follows a pattern we've seen repeatedly. many instances of people who have carried out terrorist attacks they've been known to police and once they've carried out those attacks it's then emerged later on and we have seen that there have been meetings held by the interior ministry to try to establish more information about the terrorists who carried out that attack many of those who were present. the time
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sought refuge in this restaurant lunch day which is a british restaurant something which many people have seen here in paris many times before civilians fleeing for safety and ducking into restaurants and bars to get away from danger we were standing in the street looking what was happening and the attacker came down this road here with his hands covered in blood holding a knife. we had three policeman on foot here and he went towards them they tried to taser him twice didn't work. either managed to isolate one of them and. move down the street attacking trying to attack him and there were two shots fired and. he was shot dead two metres in front of the restaurant it comes on the first anniversary of the eve of the first anniversary of
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the rule of a man who will not crown and that would lead presumably to the same questions that will being asked of mr all and where doubts are being raised whether he could provide security for france's citizens and mr marquand will be hoping he doesn't face the same accusations since twenty fifty well over two hundred people have lost their lives in terror attacks in france the most deadly rock paris in november of the year there are many smaller scale incidents to what we saw last night across the country in a lot of cases not just in france but in europe too it turned out afterwards that the perpetrators were actually no to the police.
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bridges security analyst and former counterterrorism telecoms office h l's so once again it seems that this person was known to the intelligence services that he was on a french intelligence basis been reported if true what sort of surveillance should he have been on did not escape through the cracks as opposed to having been carried out this attack last night in paris. yes you're right and he says
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report is also correct that many are which suspect actually the vast majority of those who have carried out attacks not just in fronts but elsewhere in europe including those in the u.k. in the last few years have been known to the security services as a potential terrorist threat or security threat as has been reported in this case someone level that provides a modicum a small amount of reassurance that at least these people were known to the security services however far less reassuring of course is the aspect that they were known and yet despite them being zone as a potential terrorist threat and of course that level that can be different levels that no surveillance was carried out on them so on a practical level i suppose it's a kind of a sliding scale as to how dangerous the authorities think these people may be the amount of surveillance they're under but what does it mean practically ok so you're on a list but what does it mean practically. well there were doubt
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undoubtedly within different countries as in in the u.k. are different levels of surveillance or because i doubt some could be like a watching brief in other words occasional monitoring of the suspect in terms of fiscal surveillance perhaps monitoring his phone calls his internet access and so on but again it largely depends upon the and fire entirely depends upon the decision making process that has taken place now here we've got to again and again we've got to look at the security services and they will want to be looking at themselves to review the decision making processes that they've actually undertaken which came to which they've arrived at a decision that this person isn't worthy of surveillance quite clearly as it happens last night there was nobody more worthy of surveillance than arguably at least on this person but that may of only just happened at that particular time in particular when we have a situation where there is a suspect in this case it would appear so far is actually acting alone and not acting in any way that any preparation was needed he carried out an attack with a knife he could have carried out an attack would
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a vehicle for example but if it attack carried out an attack with a homemade bomb for example where he's actually been collecting materials over some time to deal build a device that might have given more of a clue away we need to know more about this this person i'm sure more will emerge in the next few days before a judgment can be reached as to whether perhaps he should have been under more surveillance. we hear year in year out of the number of attacks that we never get to hear about you know the fault attacks the run into the hundreds in countries around the world can we look at this is what happened last night as a failure on the part of the french authorities or do you just have to accept the general public that these things are going out now and again. i think i think both could apply any terror attack getting through is in one way or another a failure of intelligence services because their primary aim is to prevent these attacks but ironically on ironically perhaps we should also see that it depending
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on the circumstances it isn't possible we have to accept that it isn't possible to keep everybody under surveillance all of the time nor would anybody want that situation but having said that decision making processes that have taken place and have proved faulty in this case it may be that there are more deserving suspects of surveillance at the moment but that would depend on the factors that were taken into can say to consideration at the time but at the same time there always will be people who will get through especially in a case like this where it hasn't appeared to have acquired any prior preparation or indeed any if you like coconspirators that might have reported on him to the authorities but nonetheless of course the fact that he was able to carry out this attack that he was known to surveil through to the security services will be something of concern and i'm sure they will want to look at this and see whether they could have improved their decision making process is of course key to that will be some kind of independent review not the security services we've seen in the u.k. for example reviewing their own performance and supplies and of course always coming
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out and saying that there was nothing more they could have done charles thought shows she versatility analyst and former counterterrorism intelligence officer. well as a corresponding israeli was saying in his report the latest attack comes as the french president prepares to mark his first year in office in paris thousands of marched against a man who across pro-business economic reforms the protesters say their month through the soul told workers rights it's the latest in a series of rallies across france in recent months a number of which have been marred by violence in clashes with the police. and. the rift seen here appear in an american relations widen this last week after donald trump decided to pull out from that huge iran nuclear deal now is national security adviser says it is possible that e.u. companies could face sanctions if they continue doing business with iran. is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with
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iran i think you did give the answer you say the answer is it's possible it depends on the conduct of other governments. donald trump announced on tuesday that he's pulling the u.s. out of a nuclear agreement with iran sparking anger among e.u. leaders than. i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the around nuclear deal. and i think it is not right you know let's really cancel a deal that was agreed upon screening and shouting insulting and bullying that diminishes confidence in the international order systematically destroying dismantling everything what do we want to be. blinded what american sentiment if you can if we always say that if we don't like things and we can't achieve any new international border everyone will do what they feel like that's bad news for the world. the deal was signed in twenty fifteen after years of hard fought talks but
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as a result europe started doing business with iran again if sanctions were eased and there are some major firms now likely to lose the u.s. is withdrawing from other greenman for most of the list playmaker airbus facing probably the biggest market signed contracts worth more than twenty billion dollars with. as for their part reigning officials meantime described america's movers unlawful and said to run is preparing to restart its nuclear program on an industrial scale its president said he will speak to the other signatories to the deal before that with more of. another statement from trump and we're in for another treat it's so juicy you can't help but savor it let's take it from the top we'll see how we do with the red probably we will do very well with them but that's ok too of course he probably won't do very well with iran he just we may go on a deal that let the country's economy breathe more freely for the first time in decades and by a chain reaction trump probably won't get along with
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a bunch of other countries either yes all those nations who decided to stay in the deal reiterating their support for it is deal is not a bilateral treaty it's a u.n. security council resolution and it belongs to the entire words no single country alone and destroyed a deal of can undo the deal because all the others stay in did trump see this coming the rift with his own allies probably doesn't matter that much after all the america first mantra got trump elected and if you don't get it you're in for a life lesson they. understand. life because i don't think they do understand why we keep pedia has a whole article on american exceptionalism and this tirade could very well at a section to it we get it mr trump you say understand life we here understand how america wants it and roll over and play and here's why according to trump everyone
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should be on board with his iran decision if you look at what's happening in the middle east with syria with yemen with all of the places there involved it's bedlam and and we can't allow that to happen what a set of arguments apparently it's ok to support saudi arabia and their bombings of yemen a deadly come pain that resulted in the world's worst manmade humanitarian crisis all courtesy of american. weapons american logistical support and american intelligence and with syria i must have missed the moment when iran joined the u.s. in sending money and weapons to jihadist armed groups seeking regime change trump has laid out a list of demands to iran most notably he called on to iran to drop the quote quest to destroy israel an explicit indicator of who trumps trying to court him and this
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is how we run feels about trump's move. and the american flag isn't the only thing in tatters now so is the iran nuclear deal which has left europe scrambling for a response in it is never good for us to break the laws that we ourselves helped to create why because how can you convince powers that occasionally use force or violence that don't respect international law to follow our example when we don't even follow that example our cells one thing is clear though they won't be taking a leaf out of donald's art of the deal whole world trust the united states or enter the treaty or negotiate a treaty or a deal with the you know this if one president
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a plaything another approaches and they gate on that deal he for the american trust american credibility on the line and here that american does not on our its word. clashes erupted in jerusalem earlier as israeli celebrated the anniversary of the one nine hundred sixty seven an exaggeration of the eastern part of the holy city the violence comes ahead of what looks set to be a rocky week coming up for the region with the u.s. embassy moving to jerusalem on monday and israel commemorating seventy years since its founding. sheers the details. all right there. were one or two who were her ever since trump's announcement of the u.s. moving the embassy to jerusalem this past december we've seen heated protests and escalating tensions taking place at the borders palestinians say that the climactic
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point will take place on tuesday which is not by day on friday there was a huge protest that left two people dead and several dozens injured so we're going to take a look now at what happened. was there was you know. the riots have been escalating over the past couple of weeks gaza protesters have been using kites as weapons sending kites containing grenades and flames across the border a couple of days ago about fifteen thousand palestinians burned tires and threw grenades pipe bombs and stones at i.d.f. soldiers at the gaza border and the i.d.f. responded with tear gas meanwhile israel has said it will do whatever it can to defend itself and prevent clashes at the borders there were clashes taking place
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throughout the day today at the temple mount and all over jerusalem including physical altercations that led to several arrests police say people broke the rules of conduct and the circumstances would be thoroughly investigated the i.d.f. has doubled the amount of troops at the borders the un has voiced concern about israel using excessive force against civilians and i'm particularly worried about today i'm becoming dates with the u.s. embassy move jerusalem monday and with the planned protests and goes and take the security again too. all israel to be very careful and calibrated to the code uses force in addressing the protesters and goes on but also call on hamas leaders of the protests in gaza to prevent friction to prevent situations of which provoke asians can happen and the situation is rather heated and we'll have to see what happens in the coming weeks they've also been protests in jerusalem against the
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relocation of the u.s. embassy opponents of the move see it as legitimizing israel's occupation of the eastern part of the city and reducing therefore the likelihood of any two state solution in the future it is expected to trigger more demonstrations this coming week. mean time they'll be a cultural test over attitudes to jerusalem this time next year too after israel won the european song contest last night when he gets to stage the next event after triumphing with a song toy which was inspired by the anti arrest me to campaign sing and that invited everyone to jerusalem the invite was echoed by the israeli prime minister too but with feelings running high over jerusalem and its territory people have been speaking out on twitter over it how can your vision celebrate diversity and inclusion when steps away palestinians are getting shot in the head your vision is about to get very ugly absolute joke by the way let's not go to jerusalem until they stop murdering palestinian children israel is celebrating diversity through
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shooting unarmed protesters in gaza with snipers how will your vision be open for real diversity next year in jerusalem can all city residents celebrate equally i'm following anyone who says that attend your a vision in jerusalem next year yes yes it's just a music competition i'm sure all of the palestinian children that die in the next year will see the distinction well ahead us democrats claim there's massive new evidence of russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election we'll examine those claims closely after the break. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money. spend spend be true to
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the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game great so well with. the base. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. wednesday victory day on the defeat of nazi germany in the second world war the
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anniversaries particularly poignant as the whole claim told in twenty six million soviet lives there's hardly a family that wasn't affected in their own or a special event known as the immortal regiment lauch is held every year. people here bringing photographs pictures or even just names of loved ones they lost although you see just contributed to that great victory i found out more about my family as well my great grandmother in media all can have a doctor
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a military surgeon she actually participated in the battle of moscow she was on the front lines here full of many months and all the relatives of my great granddad could do small to do it was a soldier he pulls in the battle of stalingrad when he sadly died millions of people munching well deployed cities across europe treads on the lisbon across the atlantic united states truly a global event so all of those people that made their contribution and in many millions of cases gave up their lives it's all about the people whose faces are in these many many portraits. you can hear their harangue that's also another remarkable feature of this march again back to the people in the portraits they survived the years of war and this is in memory of all of them this is mikhail difference of who is the grandfather of my mom what he did like pretty much
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everyone else here on these portraits his first defended his motherland to make the nazis retreat and then he got a medal for liberating the city that's now known as kaliningrad. u.s. to recruit lawmakers have released thousands of social media ads which they say have links to russia it's a bid to explain how the kremlin was supposedly seeking to sow discord in america during the twenty sixteen presidential election our senior correspondent of course a critical eye over the commercials. here it is the panacea to all your doubts russian meddling exposed three thousand five hundred and nineteen ads on facebook posted by russia allegedly say us democrats the russian social media campaign was designed to further the broader criminal ject of sowing discord in the u.s. by inflaming passions on
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a range of divisive issues the point of these ads they say was to divide americans but you take a closer look and the real takeaway is russia really really sucks meddling take this ad for the african-american civil rights movement zero clicks zero impressions meaning no one ever saw it real poor interfering right there but next now here's a surprise a blue lives matter post black versus blue sea by a grand total of no one all right. so far but how about this one an ad for muslims it says we believe in individual liberty in the free market take heart liberty will prevail the catch is it appears as if posted by a group defending the second amendment the right to bear arms and there are literally hundreds of such groups and facebook alone ok ok let's think something
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truly divisive to meek across a black doctor felt humiliated when don't the airlines flight attendants refused to believe that she was a qualified physician now that's allegedly intended to stir up tensions to tear americans apart except that's exactly how it was reported in the us media is responding to a viral facebook post from an african-american doctor who says she was discriminated against on a flight she. says when the flight attendant yelled for a physician on board she raised her hand but it was rejected you know how much the russian spent in this one hundred thousand dollars huge sum right it's roughly zero point zero zero zero one percent of what trump spent on his campaign so what's the takeaway russia is really bad at meddling some of those
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ads were never seen by anyone and others were copy pasted from mainstream media and that's if you believe that these were russian ads the only thing viz ads prove is russia will never ever be as good as us media a dividing america. they're just some of the top stories that show the last seven days of the world going on around us i'm kevin i would think so watching the weekly turnout international great programs for you after this break. when gold makes manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round let's be the one percent.
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we can all middle of the room see. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so you want to be president and she. wanted us. to do it for us this is what the korean people. interested in the why. should.
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i believe. in the middle of the sixty's there were thirteen million students enrolled in higher education in two thousand and fifteen there were two hundred million in less than fifteen years there are expected to be four hundred million to overachieve. heard you hold live beating. lepage your door and. while the demand keeps growing university tuition fees skyrocket the world over the cost of education is high increasingly it's terrible for college towns more. extreme i don't understand how can a school be a scale. in the name of so-called economic pragmatism and as a result of international competition universities are turning into a huge money making machine so i am not.


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