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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 14, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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normally never sees. the same single sentence creates ten lines of code in libra office form in the file saved in the background in microsoft word there are more than one hundred lines of coke so microsoft provides a lot more dangerous space for viruses to infiltrate computers. the be aside the german federal office for information security confirms this the microsoft formit office the cyber attack a far more opportunity for attack. the security get for the want to cry virus demonstrates the extent of the risk the corporations control us have either not noticed the programming errors for ten years and have therefore introduced them into all microsoft systems since x.p. or they knew the mistake but kept it a secret the fact is the american super secret service n.s.a. used this very mistake to program
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a spy too and used it until it was probably stolen by an employee and sold to cyber criminals. in view of such dangers doesn't the state have to insist on the disclosure of the source code for all its software. that's not in my future galland and instead of. letting the of my conscience and to fall in any sense test know just. by socially counsel. and instance oas honest you can tell how fast paced it's and i think i'm good so i thought i had a consequence teams data protection officer your highness caspar also considers this gateway for american secret services in microsoft programs unacceptable after all the german constitution obliges the state to unconditionally protect the data of its citizens get angle of. vela strong into get into it all he's
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got in for much he wants to introduce the human it's entirely microsoft concept with a conscience lest yadi consequences in not to survive. in prison on the guns. of the conversation internet filmon darton to give your lies to the microsoft on this problem at a time when the under does cycle to dish. up. even as the in my i. don't get at all scott. we wanted to talk to microsoft about all the topics of this film including data security but unfortunately they never had time for us over many months of written questions also remain unanswered. any khalifa has it at me and my investigate your colleague please as
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a month has come across an explosive secret paper from the federal office for i t security the b.s.i. according to this the experts there also have considerable mistrust of microsoft as early as twenty fourteen before concluding the current contract with the corporation they made forty six demands to close in build security gaps and oblige microsoft to deal properly at least with the authorities and i don't see how not just that it's answers. and fire in the spirit most of those muslim humanistic enough are. as well as unphysical in the infamous on stage and all foundation catalogue funds acts and feels the following boosted the infant harvest. it's got his indecent followers catalog and unflagging the spears and microsoft in interesting times as a garnish militant movement cause of her to go and voted in space on the of it when i'm going in if i was still on this because you know microsoft in elevators holy shit will hit the clinton busines or a dime goes on the consequence of that origin which i had heard often as
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a hometown sed and this is when they thought the source because he had lost a shoe vote a very. good fun. nuff unseen by microsoft is foolishness on bidding. for dems is that. just finished off vanished or keep to or die does he does. one do the follow on a live. it is a photo of the end of. the inapt as for targets need effort toward the suspicious environment mission it under the eagle on. those on tom and on it again about including from b. as you know my liberty moderately to. this is. of course we tried that right away and this is the answer unfortunately we are not available for a shooting date at the moment you are welcome to send us your questions in writing
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. we were happy to do this. but we never received a reply. european parliament has long since ceased to rely on sure ensues from the americans after the snowden affair it made tough demands for independence was stated in europe we need the commission we need the parliament to arch clearly on the member states to deliver rules and standards on how the early billion feel is. considered the key figure for you data protection law explains why. the microsoft and. i've been often called stop this and done towards. the so called don't need. it in the going to
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do will come soon for in this stuff. has to go for negotiating with microsoft alternative on the market that they can't go with the parks that's a. good. move. for months. of open source software. but these are just bean. beater is. just will be unless the issue isn't just. ministers and. inventive. and so it. appears.
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to be something. as early as twenty thirteen the commission adopted a program to free the european institutions and member states from the dependence on a few american software companies. why have the commissioners abandoned this policy. i don't think we're abundances this police but the only solution is to invest more to catch the critic is that using this microsoft mono culture in public i t systems these public systems being held very vulnerable that same genes are operating systems and then and no cyber threats anymore so my boss said really but there's a big difference in proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye but not to use microsoft your pink
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microsoft is like a black box this window is full of enemies and let's keep it to use each of microsoft software really in the interview you want to pose a further solution came from the european parliament itself to make the public source code a precondition in procurement for software code public id. the old peacenik on this one had to. get on the. off and start something you want us to. go for that's what it does and nothing in good times to be of. the help it's possible it was the parliament completely wrong. i don't think so but we're using procurement systems to buy your software it's an open competition for sorry for desktop software for office automation and for mail there is no competition i don't think it's so simple but we just prohibits
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a user of some by the software and then no problems anywhere and no cyber attacks no cyber incidents anything oh no no we will be happy although you sorry sorry it's already there nobody nobody has claimed this and not now not ever not even really i would like to say you're saying that this no no this is the only problem we have in the european your no there are a lot of other problems but. the microsoft issue is the elephant in the room which nobody wants to talk about and that is the reason why we do this film i don't think we have to intervene elite. economically so we have to invest more if we make open source a credit and public procurement of software for the public information technology systems this would create exactly this kind of alternative you're looking for and this would overcome this one up early to make open source the tried would be a big bang for the european software industry in the short period of time we would have great solutions for the public id independent of the united states. that's
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full. of question there are tons more to go. into. the. software. of the default. on its own photo with microsoft.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. let it be an arms race. dramatic developments are only. very. tough. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply from private companies. elsewhere. private companies to take over the utilities.
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allowed to miss you guys you got to buy them the going to go. i've been this is a stick with them now to put it over and over some more you know i'm going to lift bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more and more it's about the hurt and the redistribution of all as. day or day downwards the one normal. play for many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending to do the twenty million player. who gets an experience like nothing else on here because
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i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so well with . the thinks it's going to. be politics in washington not been driven by the fossil fuel energy lobbyist they could have gone into renewable ten twenty years earlier and those jobs would be in place generating good paying jobs in america and be part of a growing world beating industry because they kowtow to those lobbyists they got stuck in the coal business which by the gas business which is a dodgy had to turn a lot of reasons and now it's going to be obliterated by the chinese led revolution in song.
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thank . you. thank. you. thank you. thank you after months of condemnation and violence the u.s. will finish its own busies move to jerusalem in israel this monday palestinians are promising more mass protests in the region throughout the day. a year since his inauguration president micron of france faces violent opposition and frustration at his policies. and a british tabloid ramps up the fear factor one month before the world cup in russia
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using a photo series to highlight football violence however the author says his work has been twisted. thanks very well welcome you're watching r.t. international with me the key airing our top story this hour described as both an appeasement and a new crusade the u.s. will open its new embassy in jerusalem this monday then move from tel aviv has divided the middle east but the israeli prime minister is urging more countries to follow america's example saying it will help establish peace i call on all countries to join the u.s. losing their embassies to jerusalem.


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