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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 18, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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also in sochi where a meeting between the mantle and putin eleven years ago generated lots of headlines because the russian president brought along his pet labrador and a western journalist betrayed the movers putin playing psychological games considering that mrs merkel has a much publicized fear of dogs to interview putin claimed he never knew that and had apologized for the incident as soon as he found out as our correspondent dernier both leaders have a long history of coming face to face. the
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russian president likes to drink german beer and sometimes there is a possibility that we can exchange have also gotten very good smoked. angeles in time to time sense because bottles of brotherhood would be. on thursday the u.s. president threatened to quote deal with those states who are not contradicting fully to the nato alliance and he singled out in germany. played a number that is supposed to be paying we have some of the dot. they'll be dealt with in particular germany must demonstrate leadership in the alliance by addressing its longstanding short for in defense contributions germany has not contributed what it should be contributing more and more aggressive but all. very escalating politics and one moment and think.
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more years of. well. there is no one needs to spend more. for military issues although this need for. meanwhile the e.u. is firing back at the us following washington's unilateral withdrawal from the iranian nuclear deal they're being commission is triggering legislation to protect the e.u. companies doing business with a round from u.s. sanctions it would also allow e.u. firms to recover losses arising from u.s. sanctions as it has instructed the european investment bank to facilitate e.u. investment and around the european union is committed to mitigating the impact of u.s. sanctions on european businesses and taking steps to maintain the growth of trade and economic relations between the e.u. and iran that began when sanctions were lifted and he's going to get their takes a closer look at the souring relations between the us and e.u. and the latest move by brussels. no arguing with it america and europe had
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something special a relationship unlike any other they did everything together condemned rogue regimes slapped naughty countries with sanctions even they wanted to get we have a very strong relationship with our friends and partners our friends in the u.s. administration we have a really great relationship close friends life and this is this very special relationship this is us almost too good to be true and it seems it was money trumps all now that america has unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal with iran it could start sanctioning european states companies that haven't the to do business with iran e.u. leaders merkel mckown others tried to change trump's mind with love.
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i. think you. i accept love has nothing on money europeans of facing american sanctions that's not very nice is it not something friends would do looking at the latest decisions of president. bush that. europe has had enough they stand to lose cash because of america and they won't let that happen. to divert is the european commission we have the duty to protect european companies so we knew me to act and this is why we're launching the process of activating the blocking statute from one thousand nine hundred six. but you're a busy. doing is using
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a statute initially developed to circumvent washington's trade embargo on cuba the law basically protects european states from laws or sanctions implemented outside of europe if you can see a political resolution prompts bully boy tactics haven't gone down well in europe the block is finally showing its teeth. what do we want to be able to be blinded to what american style new or do we want us europeans to say people have an economic interest and we want to have economic relations with russia what can you say every relationship has its bumps it's just that some bumps and didn't divorce. former russian spy service cripple who was poisoned by a nerve agent in the united kingdom has been discharged from hospital in his daughter were admitted on march the fourth now to being exposed to a substance known as novacek in the city of seoul spring was once
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a russian intelligence officer but was stripped of his rank after it was revealed that he was spying for the u.k. in two thousand and six he was sentenced to thirteen years behind bars however he was released four years later in a high profile spy swap and he moved to the u.k. the russian ambassador to the u.k. says that russia is still being denied consular access to him in violation of international law. unfortunately we don't have access to these people to sort of you do this through books for the russian citizens if they don't want or assistance for him but we want to see them because of the put to do what we just saw the pictures nobody through voice nobody saw with a good for nought we don't know. has been discharged from hospital we know that the medical team of said that he's going to be continuing his recovery outside of souls where district hospital in terms of his location well that's a closely guarded secret we can assume that he has been whisked off to
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a safe house much like his daughter yulia square pile was back when she was discharged from the same hospital last month she's been kept well away from the public eye and out of the glare of the media and i think we can expect something very similar with a surrogate script pile to happen that in itself is very interesting given the massive scandal that they're poisoning spock's and the diplomatic fallout that we've had as a result between russia and the u.k. take a look at how the for the poisoning of the former double agent and his daughter has unfolded over the past two months.
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the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against. the scripture. that can be no suggestion of business as usual in relation to our interaction with russia mr speaker this action has happened against japan. a drop of a well established pattern of russian state aggression and in regards to where the novacek came from well the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander inventor was just saying in that press conference that as this story unfolds more doubt is being cast upon the u.k. government's continuous assertion that it could have only been moscow behind the attack take a listen. from for example from the from the czech republic from the president or church group of this certain amount of was produced to. do simply
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that fuses throw this to resent me that russia is the only country that was cubicle of truth thinks. it was wrong scotland yard has released a statement saying that the counterterrorism investigation into the attack continues and that they're keeping the progress of it under wraps but perhaps most importantly what's interesting here is that despite the huge scandal and the political fallout that since you'd as a result of what happened in cells brain on the fourth of march and the diplomatic expulsions of the war of words with the kremlin it appears that investigators in this case are still none the wiser as to who the assassin was that smeared that nerve agent on the script files door handle of their house in solsbury. a program for italy's new coalition government between the euro skeptic five star
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movement on the far right party northern league has been unveiled comes after more than two months of political deadlock following march the fourth elections which resulted in a hung parliament or your correspondent peter all over details. it's been called the contract for the government of change it certainly puts out plenty of change in both proposals now this was published by the five star movement it's part of their coalition agreement deal with the far right league and nord party should they agree then world those two sides get to put forward a prime minister and it's up to the italian president then to decide whether he gets his vote or her or she gets his vote and they become the next prime minister if that makes sense that's where we are at seventy days on since italy had an election it's this is the attempt to try and get some kind of consensus government now the preliminary versions of this agreement that had been leaked over the last
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few days while they were criticized in the media as being either you all pro russian we can now have a look at exactly what was in what is in the proposal so they will be no unilateral exit from the euro zone or the e.u. there won't be any referendum taking place on italy leaving either of those two they won't ask for two hundred fifty billions that you are worth of debt to be written off but there will be a real you go see a sion that will be attempted we're also looking at potentially a huge overhaul of immigration policy within the e.u. particularly the dublin treaty italy wants to see big changes there the both five star and league ignored wanting to push that through should they get it ok in the go ahead on this government they also want to see the scrapping of sanctions against russia and russia to be viewed as a trade partner not as a threat now if we look at the the versions that were leaked previously the word immediately was in there it's worth noting that isn't in the official final version
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the team published on friday and there's also talk of any universal basic income that would be seven hundred eighty euro per person living in italy that's going to see. seventeen billion euros worth of public spending but also and ask for cash from the european union have to keep an eye on that but this is certainly going to be if it gets the green light a government that goes head to head with brussels there there's going to be collisions here particularly when you look at the ideas that are being put ahead to scrap austerity and to get back spending public money that is not going to go down well in either frankfurt with the european central bank or in brussels it easy you head office we spoke with two members of the possible coalition government for an inside view into negotiations and what the outcome could mean for the e.u. and russia. this last two weeks were very profitable i would say seventy percent of
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the points were already in common so it was easier for something and not very easy for the other points but at the end there we have a good result entirely year after easier this kept. growing every year because people are desperate we have a we have a really number of people under the level of forty so this contract is made on the needs of the italian people so we respect our alliances we want to be part of the e.u. . being stronger as italy i didn't know it for we we're. very very but we know surely we every year you know you're much more money then how much will we get back from a european you thought if we get big problems maybe we do today
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we will work actually was pretty stupid but we are not the only one in europe that those sanctions to russia use because of how long is it that we are being we are apply sanctions to russia what was the result nothing this sanctions are useless and even wars because of our economy troubles. putin has expressed indignation over the detention of the russian journalist real vision ski by the ukrainian security services of the kiev bureau of the russian news agency was arrested in the ukrainian capital on tuesday on allegations of treason. this is unprecedented he's being charged with treason for simply doing his job i can't remember anything like this in a long time yes with heavy rain people have gathered in front of the ukrainian
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embassy in moscow to voice support for the detained journalist party's medina cochin it has a story. we're here at the ukrainian embassy in moscow where people have gathered to protest over the arrest but the journalistic. now he was in church of the during russia's news agency region always working in kiev and he was a detained on tuesday people who came here and there are a lot of journalists here other people who are connected to different media professions well they told us that there are here to express their support for the real now he was arrested in kiev monday and he was transported to another city in the south in ukraine where the local court placed him under arrest for two months at the moment he is facing charges so treason any found guilty he faces up to fifteen years since prison during the court hearing he had a chance to speak. and i think that the keys initiated by the security service of
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ukraine against me used direct and in disguise pressure and freedom of speech in ukraine covers his relatives to say that they have heard nothing since his arrest we also managed to speak to his wife who we know to get more information on the case hasn't. learned about his arrest from the internet or then contacts of his driver he told me that it happened in the car park five people in civilian clothes came up to him grabbed him and bundled him into a car and left no one contacted me no one from the ukrainian services from official informed me about their arrests his wife also told us that he really has a medical condition and that he needs medication more over officer the shelf the news agency will raided by ukrainian special services and some greats lasted for several hours documents means of communications were confiscated during the searches several apartments of journalists working for the news agency were raided as well coming back to this place here in moscow at the ukrainian embassy people
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have gathered to protest over the arrests of the journalists. reason breaking news passenger plane has reportedly crashed this was shortly after takeoff from havana in cuba now this information is coming in from local media there no information as yet being confirmed regarding any possible casualties however it is believed that there were more than one hundred passengers on board will bring any more details on that story as soon as they come to us. thanks thing with r.t. this evening very latest news headlines and updates on the top stories at the top of their. summit or no summit that's the question north korea's threat of a no show when single for on june twelfth is a reminder to washington that north korea will not merely cave to american demands if there's going to be an agreement it's going to take time and patience.
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seem wrong. just don't call. me. yet to see how to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when something is find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . manufacture to censor. when the ruling class is.
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greetings and mubarak. has officially begun in the islamic world a month of fasting prayer and charity to commemorate the first revelation given to prophet muhammad in writing the koran president commemorated the event by saying ramadan reminds us of the richness muslims add to the religious tapestry of american life in the u.s. we are all blessed to live under a constitution that fosters religious liberty and respects religious practices indeed we are and what of the president's travel ban on people from iran libya somalia syria and yemen i really believe that those citizens hate us so much they
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will all be stopped from coming to our great land or perhaps he wrongly believes these are the only countries where terrorists could originate from. three versions of his travel ban of already been blocked by federal judges but now it's left to the supreme court to determine whether the president has the power to issue an executive order banning people merely because they are born in the country our government may not like unfortunately history is not the side of liberty we have previously issued kowtows on immigrants from certain countries including jews during the holocaust and banned chinese laborers anarchists communists hiv positive persons and iranians from coming here as the world grows more connected we may insist on raising the walls higher but i assure you the hawks will still fly over. there. with. the bottom.
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like you got. to. love their body don't wash in the hot sun stone bank john thank you so much for joining us now to her a senate report on convicted terrorists in the u.s. from nine eleven to twenty fourteen most terrorism came from u.s. born people and pakistanis by a wide margin then lebanese somalis and colombians before we get to our yemeni born terrorist iranians have been convicted of terrorism as much as el salvadorian so what are the politics behind this travel ban i hate to say it but this is something i think we ought to all be talking about this is really the politics of racism i
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think is what it comes down to you're right there there were something like fifty nine deaths of americans last year from so-called g.i. . terrorists but the deaths of hundreds of americans from right wing terrorists and we really don't read about that in the mainstream media but it's the truth so are you going to ban people from utah for example from going elsewhere around the country of course you can't do that are you going to ban colombians or el salvadorian says he said a moment ago they're not going to do that but it's easy to ban them the yemenis and the somalis and the pakistanis because who's going to stand up for them there really isn't anybody to stand up for them but why i mean why why select these countries is that you know what is the motivation and obviously it's been doing the trying to fight this for two years you know as you just a huge issue i think they're very easy targets and it's because there's no there's no let's all of a muslim lobby in washington you know you hear so much about j. street in apac and and the greek lobby in the turkish lobby you don't really hear
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about a muslim lobby certainly there are muslim countries that spend a lot of money on lobbying the saudis the qataris the m.r.i.'s but not people from countries that are subject to the ban now if we were going to be serious about banning people from countries that promote terrorism really saudi arabia ought to be at the top of that list well you're getting to our next questions including the next one really is about this u.s. recently blocking the u.n. security council sanctions committee from listing whom our colleague the leader of the outfit. as a terrorist because he's based in afghanistan where we still have troops and we have certain relationships ongoing so pakistan is upset because the j u a terrorist group is targeting their countries right so it's a huge double standard because the question of why afghanis aren't on. right it's because afghan afghanistan right now for all intents and purposes is a client state really when we talk about afghanistan and the afghan government
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we're really only talking about kabul and so we control kabul and so you know we want to foster good. with the people that we've installed essentially into power there and so we played these political games here in washington at the same time you know you this is ministration has has not been shy let's say that way about offending the pakistani government and i think that the national security council the administration's leadership thinks that insulting pakistan is a way to to force them to fall into line to apply pressure on them i think that that's misguided and it shows a lack of understanding of pakistani culture and pakistani politics but who is going to talk sense to to this administration. eventually the saudis so that really big question because iran is
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a major target for this travel ban because presumably they sponsor terror groups like hamas. hezbollah operates most of these operate against israel not really as much as the u.s. so saudi arabia meanwhile exports about zero estimate one hundred billion dollars worth of money into mosques schools refugee camps you name it over the past decades to indoctrinate muslims around the world and be interpretations of islam that includes feeling and isolating women beheading dissenters suicide bombings all that ugly elements of islam that people associate with us really originates in saudi arabia why is it i mean saudis they say it's because of the oil iran has oil we could at any moment switch if. the saudis want to just kick the saudis out in turn to you know iran or russia or any number of countries that are oil countries why is saudi arabia so it's why we saw in bed with the saudis before i answered i want to add one thing to this important list that you just gave us and that is and this is
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something that almost no americans know and that is that the saudi government provides all of the korans in the u.s. prison systems. right all of them and they're english translations which means that they aren't real korans because the qur'an a muslim believes that the koran can only be read in arabic because arabic is the language that god spoke so this is a translation but it's a will have a translation it's a radicalized translation and it's those qur'an that are in american prisons and you know a lot of people convert to islam in prison but the islam that they are converting to without them even realising it is a fundamentalist sunni wahhabi strain of islam so why are we friends with the saudis. we've been in bed with the saudis since the roosevelt administration and we have what we like to call a special relationship i've never believed in the special relationship i think what it comes down to is the saudis sell us oil and we sell them weapons well the
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iranians don't buy our weapons and we're at policy odds with the iranians in a couple of different places around the world the saudis when push comes to shove at least on foreign policy will do what we tell them to do and that keeps the relationship in check so that it really is just based on oil for weapons and you know we can we can extrapolate that elsewhere around the gulf to kuwait bahrain cutter the u.a.e. perhaps even oman and we really don't need the iranians in that respect we can isolate them politically. and i want to get iran nuclear deal john so it's headed south pretty quickly as we can see and one thing we have to wonder aside from appeasing netanyahu is opposition to peace with iran is the playing of the oil card here european companies that were preparing natural gas projects they're now being pressured to discontinue the operation by the u.s.
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sanctions regime you know i've always maintained that the people who are going to pay the highest price for pulling out of the iran deal are the employees. boeing right because that's where iranian money was going as part of this disagreement boeing was getting more of this money than any other company in the country and it was employing american citizens so what's boeing going to tell these people in south carolina that where they built this enormous factory in anticipation of of trade relations opening with iran they're going to tell them sorry but here's your pink slip i always believed also that the europeans would stand up to us that trade relations would be so ingrained by the time donald trump made a decision to pull out that the that the europeans would say look you can pull out if you want and you can even try to impose sanctions on us if you want but we're going to stand united against you and we're going to continue to trade with the
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iranians and that hasn't happened i think the europeans blinked a week ago and so i think as bad as it is for overall u.s. policy i think donald trump is going to get his way on this. now there's been talk over in europe about reviving a decades old e.u. statute it was designed in one thousand nine hundred six to protect european companies from u.s. sanctions on cuba iran and libya so do you think this issue is likely to force a long term. i do actually i think the europeans are tired of us flip flopping on these issues you know we get a progressive administration and we ease sanctions we get a conservative administration and we tighten sanctions again we're never consistent this is another problem with americans and i course i can say this because i'm an american we think we're the smartest people in the room and frequently we're not oftentimes we don't know better than the europeans do and i think we ought to listen to advice every once in a while our policies especially on trade especially on these sanctions issues are
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far more sharply short sighted than the europeans views on them and we have to take the european lead yeah and we'll certainly be. i've seen that even over the russia sanctions there's been divergence when it comes to. banks and financing and corporations that have interest best interest but again it goes back to the question of how much of these sanctions regimes that we're seeing imposed on countries like iran and russia could be tied to u.s. oil interests that's what the iranians are alleging is that trump is promoting u.s. oil interests domestically and other sources as opposed to allowing iran and russia to provide natural gas and oil to the i think a lot of it is based on oil and not just oil but even downstream industries as well you know if you look at the iranian oil industry part of the problem in iran is that they don't have the facilities to export the oil they haven't used their their ports and their export facilities in so many years that harbors need to be dredged .


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