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will discuss it in parliament we should take action to d. because we don't need to have another grenfell they should be versity they should be presentation if there is no representation in democracy is not democracy is not just issue rod to cause one year to argue that we need a diversity in that it is taken of what you say to see that we view what was obvious how long will it take us to get justice. a group of filmmakers have been looking into the trying today and its aftermath and that documentary called failed by the state you can watch it in full on the red face you tube channel and on facebook here's a quick preview for you. it was my home for twenty five years the fun to hold in our world. now that was the most heartbreaking thing i've ever seen in my life it was so it was beyond traumatic you know we will felt by the state before and after the fire good food changed
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everything you talk politics now and how we can take power. if we continue to stand and make noise and not shut people out we can change this community. we need to realize that collectively we have real power we real real power to shape our destinies and to be are these ads of off so we need to seize these opportunities and move. more toward trying past ordered an investigation into his own investigative and independent inspector general will now look into whether the f.b.i. two thousand and sixteen probe into alleged russia collusion was legal and if caleb maupin explains it's starting to become difficult to find someone that hasn't been caught up in the wave of suspicion. the u.s. department of justice is currently expanding its investigation into whether or not
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its investigation of donald trump is legal are you confuse don't worry so are lots of americans but this is just a slice of the pie political leaders on both sides of the aisle are being investigated for criminal offenses with their opponents calling for them to be locked up make america great again. that's our president and the media is fantasizing about seeing him in handcuffs but if he fires any secret service agent who would allow the federal marshals and what i've done from simply decides i don't have to follow the law i refuse to be held under the law no marshal can get into this white house and any secret service agent that defies me is fired well at some point he's going to have to come out of the white house trump's old nemesis isn't in the clear either i think that there is a lot to investigate.
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she may not be in the headlines very much after her electoral defeat however we did find out last week that she's still under investigation much to the delight of donald trump who wants promised to put her behind bars it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country because you'd be in jail secretary clinton. and then there's obama's topps by john brennan the former cia director he was concerned about because of known russian efforts. trump called him a disgrace to the american intelligence community and one former u.s. attorney thinks he ought to be assembling a legal team n.b.c.
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news is consultant the former director of the central intelligence agency the most partisan hack leader of the cia in history needs a very very good lawyer criminal lawyer yes criminal oh yes and then there's devon newness now he's been digging up dirt on the intelligence community but now he's got some of his own we are going to get the documents. members of congress want him to be looked into basically what he has done is he is scuttled and put a cloud over his own investigation and he has become the subject basically he should be let in let's forget it it's a real problem investigations are flying like bullets in a western shoot out high profile politicians are being accused of breaking u.s. laws and could face legal proceedings this is leads fighting one another and this
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kind of legal war and that has nothing to do really with the american people and it's a great distraction actually from the issues that are important to the american people but it's consuming the white house now consuming the f.b.i. it's consumed the democratic party there's enormous tension between both sides if things are pretty ugly right now pretty ugly between the sides and i think it's going to get worse i really do is this just politics work at some of these charges actually stick it up and r.t. new york. the syrian army has reportedly driven in fly makes they out of his final enclave near damascus and development means that all areas around the syrian capital and now back under government control local journalists mohammed ali brings us this report from the newly liberated suburb of damascus. the syrian army has taken full control of has it a less wide area and yet a move refugee camp in southern damascus following through should spiting would
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isolate terrorists also known as diet. limbo you know those who need to see them. securing president assad and that he had moved refugee camp means that damascus is now a terrorist free city for the first time with this countryside since seven years securing them could save the capital damascus from deadly mortar attacks that were previously launched from goes areas on residential government house orders damascus the syrian army to continue its future operations across the country the syrian army command issued a statement saying that the syrian army is currently much more stronger and much more determined to continue its military operations until every inch of syrian soil after terrorist groups currently damascus and it's going to decide is
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a terrorist the area the army aims to continue fighting and it is expected that the army will be heading towards either the north and or the south and got off. of bribery scandal that may have allowed thousands of illegal light winds to remain in germany is putting pressure on officials in berlin that story for you after this short break stay with us. we are now experiencing the end of a thirty year bull market in bonds which means are entering a period of rising interest rates and so the urgency to get deals done before that any cost is applied toward financing whatsoever needs to happen quickly so i predict in the next twenty four months you're going to see the biggest wave of mergers that was a. since ever in history by a factor of ten as just thirty or forty percent of everything that's traded out there gets gobbled up and taken pride.
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manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the fine merry go round. nor middle of the room. welcome back a talking danish minister has sparked outrage after she called the effects of ramadan a risk to everyone and a story book said that fall stating leaves muslims observing the holy month lacking
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energy and it becomes dangerous for the rest of society. i want to call on muslims to take leave from work during the month of ramadan to would negative consequences for the rest of danish society i wonder if a religious order commanded observance or fourteen hundred year old pillar of islam is compatible with the society and labor market that we have in denmark in twenty eighteen this can be dangerous for all of us. the outspoken politician clarified that bus drivers hospital workers or people operating heavy machinery are a danger to themselves and if they haven't eaten all day the minister is already known for making controversial statements aimed at denmark's muslim community in two thousand and seventeen the politician posted a photo of herself holding a cake to celebrate the country's fiftieth measure on tougher immigration laws and with the refugee crisis continuing to divide denmark our guest earlier debated why people are so split on the issue. there are millions of people here in the united
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kingdom who are benefiting from muslim doctors muslim nurses most imposed drivers in people working in takeaways or restaurants and in every walk of life who are contributing to society as well as they are practicing their faith can we sure seize other companies insurance is aware of those people who are actually fasting them becoming a risk not eating or drinking for ten hours nor do know these exceptions and if the person is not well or the issues in the can like defer that period of time but surely the insurance company should know if your job in a boss and your fasting then they should know it's common sense increases in traffic accidents do occur it's a fact i'm sure those drivers who are driving buses around having those conversations you know if stephen god forbid was to be admitted to a hospital and he was to be seen more likely by
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a muslim who is fasting would it be. pause and said well i don't really want to be sued by this guy because he's a muslim and he's fast in the issue here is that this is an attack against islam and muslims ability to practice after you know it's not it's an issue of health and safety mohammed i will. trim your religion every chime muslims are particularly in the health and safety conversations there is no way we do is to suggest there is no evidence to suggest that muslims are deliberately ignoring authenticity all muslims are less able to carry out their jobs no one in the. interest of achieving debt when doing the rotors that should be in because that drastically affects them levels of fatigue risk index. germany's refugee agency known as bounce is looking into what is reportedly a mass bribery scandal possibly evolving over
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a dozen migrant office centers in the country the country's interior minister has said the extent of the problem could have consequences for him too as an internal investigation gets underway into claims immigration officers were giving people asylum illegally this comes after a reported one thousand two hundred asylum applications were approved without legal grounds between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and sixteen in the city of bremen one former official and five other employees are being investigated the federal migration agency also plans to review about eighteen thousand previously approved applications and the agency's head says it could see some migrants have their status is revoked. very vital in we're continuing to review all positive decisions made by the edge and see blind in bremen these are about eighteen thousand cases since two thousand and if the applications don't meet the necessary criteria who will consider whether these decisions to grant asylum should be
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cancelled what will be also considering sanctions against certain employees of the federal office for migration and refugees. and the scandal has sparked outrage even among the left wing politicians and belin. it's questionable whether the events in bremen were really the exception trust in the federal office for migration refugees or shaken we won the office for migration and refugees to be able to work in accordance with the law starting now and not just a few years from now the allegations against the migration agency come as confidence in the body is that a low with eighty percent of germans saying their trust has run out and your political consultant raina rothfuss gave us some additional insight and thoughts on the scandal. seekers have said that they have paid one thousand euros to the lawyer and they did not even have to show up the man and it's obvious that lehman has taken asylum decisions far too hastily without making also security
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background checks this might only be the tip of the iceberg and many more similar cases may have occurred in other. dependencies. selves is not the real problem what is the real scandal is that the detection of the problems has occurred already in twenty fourteen and nothing has been done by bombs by the former minister of interior. we've reached out to germany's migration body to clarify exactly how many of its branches are under scrutiny and will get back to you as soon as we have a reply. ten prominent saudi feminist have been arrested and called traitors for undermining the kingdom's national security that detention comes just weeks before a ban on women driving cars in saudi arabia will be lifted one of those jailed was
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a woman court driving in dubai and was extradited back to saudi arabia to face charges human rights watch stressed that the only crime committed is to women's rights in general and denounced her extradition riyadh responded saying the detained feminist sunda mind fundamental religious and national laws and accuse them of cooperating with foreign groups that undermine national security. very accused to trespassing against the country's religious and national foundations suspicious communication with foreign entities recruiting people working in government positions funding hostile groups abroad to undermine saudi national security stability social peace and destroying social cohesion saudi arabia's crown prince has called himself a reformer who advocates women's rights arguing both changes are essential to the kingdom's development he also previous things that he wanted to return the country to moderate islam saying he wants an open society not
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a hardline one well that's all mohammed bin film on praised by celebrities and politicians touring during a recent tour across the u.s. even hollywood actor dwayne johnson for example said he supports bin sons' modernization efforts and he even wants to visit the arabian sea we heard from the coordinator of the antiwar coalition who told us the reforms could actually make things worse in saudi society he met with leaders of. the entertainment industry met with financial and industrial leaders and really met with the whole spectrum and they think they are trying to give a legitimacy to saudi arabia and. i think that's a problem because saudi arabia is becoming. more and more problematic in the whole region of the middle east this reform is just a facade and when women take advantage of the very slight openings that have
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happened in saudi arabia there is a crackdown. i think a lot of the purpose of the facade was to placate forces outside of saudi arabia and not really for the saudi people themselves. join us for the latest news headlines at the top of the out. of the world. that is i would not be here other. than as an. idiot ok tell us a little. you. know you said a it'd be a bit odd. on them and. by then got
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let's see what i can now they need i'm editing on that these protests. oh max kaiser and this is the kaiser for ever opening lotus of perpetual knowledge hey you know what today is a very special day very special day special day stacy x. is pizza day remember i think it was back in two thousand and nine somebody bought some pizzas for some other gamers on line for ten thousand big coin which you know this week would only be worth about eighty million dollars you know they should have lily allen day you know lily allen was going to be hired to perform and being
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paid two hundred thousand bitcoin when it was just pennies a big coin today though it would be worth almost two billion dollars so she's feeling the smite of bitcoin p. today in her own way well many people in the cryptocurrency sort of space do feel regret often because of the way the evolution of big queen has happened as we've mentioned before in the early days we used to think it was a means of exchange and we didn't think of the future store of value aspect to it so odds are very still living in that past that a living in his own private idaho roger very then c. and b. c. has i'm on you know they talk about the old bitcoin of the past that's why the guy spent ten thousand bitcoin on a pizza because it used to be a means of exchange now it's a store of value everybody holdalls hotels hotels or hostels hobbles hobbles however you want to pronounce it but we're going to talk about the old school you know financial world every once in a while we go back there and look and see what the dinosaurs are doing this is a headline that you predicted and eve said it many many many times right here on
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the crisis report over the past few years and that is the leveraged buyout of the stock exchange of the us equity markets this is what the slow motion l b o of this . mark it looks like l b o being leveraged buyouts and started by you on wall street the whole that trend for leveraged buyouts but this is the chart from j.p. morgan it just shows you that stock available for the public to buy there's less and less of it as companies buy more and more the shares back at those of them for a biography if i turned it upside down. of course well we have discussed this many times and i'm glad to see this finally getting some recognition out there in the financial press this phenomenon of neil feudalism coming back into the economy due to rampant mergers and acquisitions fueled by free money so what this all means is that the number of stocks traded on the new york stock exchange and other exchanges
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is shrinking because these companies are being bought out they're being taken private and using that leveraged buyouts just to refresh people's memory a leveraged buyout is that you're using the collateral of a company you're set to acquire as the collateral for the money you need to borrow to buy that company and then after you buy the company you return the money you borrowed to the bank that was borrowed to you based on the fact that you had put up the collateral of the company that you're acquiring so just think about that for a second in other words like during the mike milken days of corporate raiders like carl icahn or ron perlman they would go to mike milken and say here's a company they've got billions of dollars worth of assets on the books i want to put their assets up as collateral to borrow that ten billion dollars i need to buy them and then they would buy them and then they would split the company up into many pieces and fire lots of people and raid the pension account and destroy capitalism as we know it and make off with billions of dollars and we ended up with
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america's oligarchies of billionaire corporate raiders which we now call activist investors and the trend has resulted in terminal capitalism where the rot. have been given unlimited credit and no regulations and they are killing the golden goose soon there will be no stocks to buy at all no opportunity to excel at all and we're back to serfdom is the road to serfdom for real about that fake version that reference straight communism but the real road to serfdom brought on by own frederick up a little actually when you were talking like that it made me realize that politicians have kind of tried to help as there's been a leveraged buyout of the stock market and entire industries and you see that with the company formation there are no companies formed anymore in america compared to what it used to be like in the seventy's and eighty's as a decline in the number of new company formations but in that time what has
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happened is the amount of deposit you need to put down on a property is basically offering the same sort of deal if you're certain class of person who can get a mortgage for one hundred percent mortgage member and during the financial before the financial crisis they were offering like one hundred ten percent mortgages and some places where you didn't need to put up anything they would actually give you a deposit they would loan you the deposit and loan you the money to fix the place up and then flip it so that was kind of the same model in order to keep this whole scheme going it's called the ponzi scheme you know and it has various iterations throughout the financial sector and has been for hundreds of years and the only check and balance that's worked in the past to some degree has been the gold standard once the gold standard window was closed in one nine hundred seventy one it ushered in an era of pure financialization and debt driven corporate rating which has resulted in the rise of extremely bad actors like jamie
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diamond for example who is running really a herd of carnivorous vultures who are undermining america as we know it and as a result you know you can see it in some of the data. that isn't rough you know people's health people's people you know you got another chart there i know i can feel it but i'm going to get to that chart because i'm going to stay with jamie dimon j.p. morgan because this date on leveraged buyouts is about them so if we can get to that other chart i'll get to that i found out you know on set up the chart that's coming there's a dark coming that's going to blow your mind but when you first said when you said that finance you blamed a bad actors on financialization i was thinking you were going to start talking about like sylvester stallone people like that is that's why i thought you were going with that but i was a bit confused so here's j.p. morgan study the actual they put a time frame on when american stock market will be totally private there will be no public stock exchange in seventy seven years they said an analysis by j.p.
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morgan found that at the current rate of stock buybacks all else equal i east zooming no new stock issuance the s. and p. well l.b.o. itself in about seventy seven years while in other words they are doing some basic analysis to figure out at what point these stocks are completely gone from the public domain but i think that the timetable needs to be accelerated to maybe five or ten years and i'll tell tell you what because we are now experiencing the end of a thirty year bull market in bonds which means you are entering a period of rising interest rates and so the urgency to get deals done before that any cost is applied toward financing whatsoever needs to happen quickly so i predict in the next twenty four months you're going to see the biggest wave of mergers and acquisitions ever in history by a factor of ten as just thirty or forty percent of everything that's traded out there gets gobbled up and taken private so now we're going to turn to those charts that you know that out for everybody in the audience has just been like not even listening to what we've been saying the last two minutes because they're like what
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are these are all these are just coming out dramatic tension and i have actually two charts to say that it's becoming even more fantastic well life expectancy in the united states versus peer nations from one nine hundred eighty the u.s. has been falling behind the peer nations this is from the new york times and. the pira nations are japan switzerland spain italy for estrella france luxemburg norway sweden canada new zealand finland the netherlands iceland ireland austria portugal belgium but in denmark germany so as you see they've fallen behind every single one of their peers are doing worse despite what hillary clinton it said on the campaign trail where she thought that america was already great we don't need to be any better it looks like a different trajectory after a one nine hundred eighty this is the beginning of the whole leveraged buyout boom you were there from mike milken period that started i think part of that that cheap money the way of financing and financialization could be responsible for this compared to all those competitor nations the other wealthy nations of the world why the u.s. has done so poorly as you see this is the line out is how expensive your health
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care is and the line vertical is how long you live so americans are spending a lot more than other competitor nations on health care and living last longer that doesn't look good that's financialization as well i think life expectancy is overrated you know america is a nation of goldfish you know goldfish will eat all the food you give them until they kill themselves if you go to san francisco and you see people living the american dream shooting up smack on the sidewalk going to see the needles everywhere dying in the street that's the american dream that's the american goldfish fulfilling the promise of the leveraged buyout to take all future revenue and earnings for the next fifty to one hundred years and compress it to one year and then extracted by the leveraged buyout of the private equity firm so warren buffett has killed like a hundred years of american history by taking all that revenue then job creation
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for one hundred years and compressing it through a leveraged buyout into the present day and then extracting that for himself so that's the very apotheosis of narcissism he's king narcisse in this in this bone fired. of discussed in fact a tom wolfe reference by the way who passed away recently rest in peace tom wolfe fantastic writer part of the new journalism school in america when america was great so part of what the new york times piece looking at this data finds is that since the one nine hundred eighty s. and i think it's part of financialization and the rise of these. days they just extract equity that built by previous generations built by say apple extract all the equity from their company now built a company built by steve jobs and his innovation and his ideas well here we have the same thing is they we were equal to our you know other competitor developing developed nations at the time and then what happened is the rise of. basically
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like vast bureaucracies you would think that a socialist more socialist system like france or germany would have a bigger bureaucracy but in fact america has a bigger bureaucracy they find in their healthcare system vast paperwork anybody who has ever experienced both of the systems there are a lot of people right now on you tube saying now america's health care system is the best in fact it's filled with paperwork and they said that almost all of the price rise rises compared to europe and japan and other competitors is completely just a markup it's markup on services and goods and pharmaceuticals and stuff like that so because there's no competition so. it's the exact system of the road to serfdom that was predicted for the likes of europe but in fact european prices there's less.


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