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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  May 24, 2018 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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claims and most boya documents tell a sordid tale of off duty l.s.d. cocaine and other drug use and sales and sales in twenty fifteen and two thousand and sixteen before being caught due to a slip up on social media which allowed military investigators to close in the group there's news of beer and loading on the nuclear missile base of course all comes as president donald trump announced today in a letter to north korean leader kim jong un the quote sadly based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting. so with the nucular summit now cancelled in the guardians of our nuclear missiles getting busted for mind altering substances i can practically hear that doomsday clock getting ready to take closer to midnight which is why we had better start watching the hawks.
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at the bottom if you. like you know that i got. three. weeks. of the watch of the hawks are all that does happen though i am not an l.s.t. right now thank goodness thank goodness unlike apparently a lot of us air force members in wyoming who are taking care of probably the most dangerous weapons is the planet and history of humanity has ever seen and i think what's interesting about it is it wasn't just that they caught a couple of air service men and women doing. but there was a. yes yes a ring on the base i mean
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a lot more metal up but. who broke the story they claim that none of the airmen. of using drugs actually on duty. hopefully but it's unclear how long before being on duty before they checked in the work that the airman had taken l.s.d. when they did when they admitted to doing all this and implemented rambo in their second mousterian after they went to work they've been their system about half of it not that i know but about half of a new user system within a few hours price for five hours but it isn't completely. twenty eight to thirty two hours after just adding that. and regular use requires multiple units in order to get same effect so if you do l.s.d. one time has a compound effect the next day in order to get twice as much and then the next day so by like day for you're taking like twelve tabs of acid just sick if. the bill
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nighy of recreational drug use. i was wrong or else. why this is happening i think is because look the air force is a nuclear missile corps has struggled numerous times of misbehavior mismanagement low morale and that's because it's kind of the dead end assignment in the air force like you have to be of a certain degree to get it but there's no they've complained about that they're not the people that get it are we've talked about on the show before they don't feel a future and so they get very depressed and maybe this is what gets them through it but what's interesting is that it was not even on the u.s. army the military drug testing cannot be more a why bother nobody does that i mean that's not a big deal it's not a public. public health or safety issue because to me it's a schedule one substance it's if i get caught with it i'm going to jail or at least in some probation. something about two thousand and six because they said look we
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tested like two point one million people according to a two thousand and six internal pentagon memo that over three years they tested two point one million people and only came up with for positive screening however i understand not wanting to spend two million plus wait for each tests adding the cost of that however for people who have their hands literally on the button i kind of want them to be clean and we should and they should also not be depressed their mental health should be they should be getting the best mental help they should be getting the best rotations and of course they should be able to everything for these people so they have remained till easter and us job should be a much higher so there's more that's twenty four seven of somebody calls in the when they go to hit the button that. says that the little bit you know wild crazy drug use let's talk a little bit though i want to talk about the magical he got hurt by words and does donald trump today has called off the big some of the piece someone everyone was
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excited oh my gosh never made it will be peaceful and trump basically kind of went back to comparing nuclear sizes in his letter to kim jong un saying no more some of you said you talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful that i pray to god they will never have to be you. know north korea basically i mean what it looks like is that they recently canceled talks with south korea last week just last week after learning of yet another round of joint military right through the u.s. and south korea on the korean peninsula which should have been seized with a with a piece are coming out that is basic diplomacy it should have seized because ultimately it looks that what folks were trying in left and right like our good buddy marco rubio because they were in the you know there's this whole thing of see they were going to do this it was all part of their plan this push on us that make it look like we've made to do it so you did exactly what kept on going on as you do but to marco rubio this who tweeted this he thinks can john boehner. the words of
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a wise man congratulations you just played yourself withdrawing from talks with north korea one hundred percent with the right decision marco rubio just use the term you just played yourself are we really living in this world airforce m m m l s d m r group you're using the term your played your self in a tweet that's what our diplomacy has fallen to. be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the mainstream media that could honestly claim that the media doesn't have a trust problem for decades the us population is seen the fourth a save bought chopped up sold off and left to die on the vine they abandon their ethics and morals for clicks and ratings and castle and space x. founder elon musk tweeted about it earlier this week saying quote the holier than thou hypocrisy of big media companies who lay claim to the for truth but publish only enough to sugar coat the lie is why the public no longer respects that which of course triggered all the news long so felt attacked a maligned by the big bad businessman must went on to tweet going to create a site where the public can raise that core truth of any article and track the
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credibility score over time of each journalist editor a publication thinking of calling at prada prada rushing for truth was the well known historical newspaper of this of soviet russia and moscow as usual wasn't getting turns out he has already registered the name product or journalism has been under attack from presidential administrations for as long as i can anyone else can remember and yet it is only under trumped that they are claiming so often and so loudly that criticism of them is dangerous for democracy but is silicon valley's worst nightmare right as much merely pointing out a fact we already know that the general population has more trust in business and non-government organizations than the media or the government yes in fact in the latest adelson global trust report the united states dropped from apes to eighteenth place overall with trusted media down five percent and government down.
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fourteen percent and of trust is what we're talking about here in moscow as someone who runs not only businesses but also non-government organizations is already in a position that his earned more trust them the media that's right we're people still trust the business community than they do the media so do musk and entrepreneurs like him have a point and then what is it with the hypocrisy of calling out an executive for calling out hypocrisy but why is the fact that the media doesn't get to blame others for their own greed and failures. it raises the most important question and . people responding this way online is do we really need yet another billionaire complaining about their treatment in the media journalist glenn greenwald tweeted it's true that trust in us media has collapsed also true they've done a lot to cause this engaging almost no self critique and thus can't fix it but the absolute last thing anyone needs is a billionaire angry about negative reporting spitefully using his wealth in
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vengeance does the arguments against most speaking out hold any kind of water that leg ok here we got another master of the universe complaining about how i was being treated in the press well i mean you're allowed to say what you have legitimate that's the problem you get when you get this straight because from their point of view billionaires aren't supposed to have an opinion but you know ten thousand people marching don't have an opinion either so it doesn't matter there's this idea that if they don't like your opinion they're just going to ignore it and scan your richard branson's and no nick hanauer is one of the world there's different kinds of billionaires absolute truth is it isn't just about how much money someone has is they're making a point and just because trump criticizes the media doesn't mean no one else is allowed to that's the problem is that immediately is this when they're just getting trapped now it's double speak now all of the sudden everything's orwellian because someone says oh what it what if i could. so how i feel about the media and how much
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i really do all the time it's my bread and butter is criticizing me because it is the fourth of state it needs to be criticized it needs to be held up to a higher standard than what i believe they're currently practicing a but it also when you speaking about being held up to a higher standard is i think the point when he talks about how the media unfairly treats him yes well a number of things one is when something happens the context of the conversation and the context the point he's making tends to be left out a couple of weeks ago there was this whole attacks a cure unless it during a phone call with investors the truth was it wasn't it was kind of a b.s. question and that's what he pointed out because these are people who want it's it was something that was answered in the first line of the statement they got before that and also the second thing to remember is he was talking about. short sales which is a major problem here is a volatile thing so every time someone screams about the price going up or price going down it's a volatile market goes up and down so what they're doing is making it seem like
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there's something there when there's not making it seem as if his a bit the big business accomplishments of his whole company are somehow tied to his political feeling which is if you criticize anybody in the media you're a conspiracy there but here's the thing too is that is that you know a lot of the media mainstream news media and corporate media gets dollars from his rivals right tell me if anybody in the mainstream media who covered the b.p. the gulf oil spill can look me in the face you could put up to a lie detector and tell me that they didn't keep they didn't keep information from the public that they didn't straight up lie because b.p. and other oil manufacturers are major donors on their network it till i see a lie detector and some people standing watch you write me i don't believe you because they did and people died because of it people's businesses were what the planet is dying because of big oil industry and all the we've seen it time time and . again that they'll have just stories so anyone who's doing like green energy cars
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or something like that they're going to go after and they have certain people in the medium journalists who are beholden to big oil that will go after them sir and you see that across the board on environmentalist all the time you know i don't want billionaires you know so it's pay you know what criticize me all you want but always expect to be you're going to face some criticism back so you have to be able to got to go both ways all right as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics with cover of facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are coming up we delve into the controversy surrounding the national football league's new the actual and the policy with one of the only had scholtz an r t sports correspondent steve. to watch.
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with kind of the goal and to accept if you need. to. defend that's what's something . that is the beginning and the nightmare that. all of. our senses did a remarkable job of keeping humans alive for a million years in terms of being able to hear see taste feel but now sense they outgrow them in the machines or the robots have evolved past humans capabilities to see more hear more understand more feel more we see. humans have to prepare for the
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fact that we are now becoming extinct. that donald trump's hopes for a nobel peace prize may have plummeted over the failure of his north korea summit at least the brand in chief can claim one major victory this week over the n.f.l. surrender to his demands and commitment to banning players from kneeling during the national anthem yes the life threatening crisis of colin kaepernick as followers protesting police brutality on national television has been overt it with the n.f.l. is roger goodell and team owners agreeing to penalize any team whose players just military me and them so what does this culture war flashpoint mean for our first amendment rights and the world of sports r t is ad show and steve christakis show and the show to help us decide how to add. good evening nice to be with you always
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a pleasure and if they do for joining us. you're former football player yourself do you think players who would like to protest will actually be deterred. by this fine coming down on their team and individually. well i think that there's going to be some real soul searching about what they want to do with their careers because it's getting to the point where the n.f.l. owners are saying ok these guys are putting their careers on the line you have to understand the culture of the n.f.l. it's run by billionaires yes there's thirty two teams but there's another team and that's the owners and they have run this league with a strict iron fist of control for years and they have grown their franchises to be worth fifty million dollars to billions of dollars they call the shots the commissioner works for them they are in the p.r. business and last year when this kneeling started taking place it really blew. incited the owners because they didn't know the impact that it was going to have
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and then i don't know where the president gets involved in comments on it and all of a sudden they've got a p.r. problem on their hands that's the last thing n.f.l. owners want is problems they're going to correct this in their world it may not happen this year but they're going to make an attempt to correct it they don't want this they don't want to be seen they don't want statement players they want guys are going to make them money and play football that's where it is with the owners well i want to say steve what about players because this decision was made with those owners you said thirty two teams i think it's thirty one owners because green bay packers are actually down by defending only one without a billionaire owner. but of those they didn't speak to any of the players start with a sense there was no discussion with them about this what do they have to say about once again on another impact not the slayer's association not being talked about yet the n.f.l. today came out and said that they were not consulted before hearing about this but they are going to review everything and make sure it lines up with the collective
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bargaining bargaining the many players came out you know via twitter and opposed to this obviously there are some who are ok with it but it's very divided so it's going to be interesting to see what happens during the season when the national anthem plays and what players will remain a locker room and what players will still come out and neal because the clubs there are saying the club will be fined and clubs can also make a their own rules to sign players individually but if a player comes out and neil's the club will be fined not the actual player so players are saying that fine or no fine they're going to still neil players notable players malcolm jenkins came out chris long came out doug baldwin all these big time players a couple of them from the eagles chris long and malcolm j. jenkins who now it's you know they already have stated they don't want to go to the white house you know to accept that invitation after winning the super bowl now it's i'm not sure who will who will show up at the white house you know that might affect that as well. well and actually donald trump kind of changed the narrative
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is as ed said when he came out and quoted you know of course today he came out with another quote saying well i think that's good i don't think people should be saying in locker rooms but still i think it's good you have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn't be playing you shouldn't be there maybe you shouldn't be in the country you have to stand probably for the national anthem in the n.f.l. owners did the right thing if that's what they've done so of course he adds a little more fuel to the fire like he does and and then of course that turns into he wants to have them deported and. mayhem that there's a few players i'm sure we'd all like to put on a lesson and not have and this is an interesting element when you look at this too is that the n.f.l. consists of roughly sixty eight percent black players and not a single one of the franchise teams has a black owner president and this is the kneeling is a black issue that's why it came up do you think you know how do you think this decision could lead to more heightened racial tension with white owners dictating to black players what they can and cannot do as far as their first amendment rights
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of protest well you know i'd like to think that it would not but you just never know the bottom line here is that this is one of the elite fraternities in america n.f.l. owners they're all billionaires you're not going to tell them what to do if they want to move the extra point line back they'll do it if they want to change the rule and want to catch is they'll do it if they want good looking cheerleaders are going to go get them if they don't want to be on a network they're not going to be there if they want sponsors they'll get the ones they want they are dictators in many senses and a player's career only lasts about four and a half years and these guys come into the league from the owners perspective with a chance to make millions of dollars in a short period of time this is what we want you to do as an employee if you want to protest do it on your day off go to capitol hill get involved do some work but when you're working for me don't do it that's where the owners are and there's always the. man i mean they write the checks and i think that this is
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a crossroads for the players association the players association wasn't included in this because there there's not they're not relevant there are their workers and that's how these guys think yeah that's the culture of this league and so either you players are going to line up the way we want you to do it or you're not going to be in the league and by the way there's a lot of guys that get cut from n.f.l. rosters that belong in the league so they think that there's a lot of people that could play that would go and what they'll do is with these scouting combine they're going to get into the heads of these players and say you know are you politically active how do you feel about the president what i mean they're going to they're going to scout these guys just like height and weight and forty time and how far you can throw and run and lift and everything else are going to get into their heads are you a protester and they're going to weed this out the n.f.l. owners do not want this and they're on a mission to get rid of it one way or another and they're trying to give the players an option fine you want to sit the locker room go right ahead but go
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protest on your time it's going to be another year of turmoil i think the way this is set up well that brings me to the question about you know if there's anything years no politics on the field except when it comes to patriotism and in that one not only has the n.f.l. made a lot of money and this billionaire owners made a lot of money both from the american taxpayer and other sponsors to sort of push that political agenda my question is what was that always historically when did our sport stands become sort of part and parcel with our military as something that was almost like an american get out institution that it's quite a having. you know tabitha you bring up a good point you know i was a young teenager during the vietnam war there were no military celebrations at n.f.l. games back then but nine eleven changed everything and the n.f.l. grabbed on to this fight on terror in this. protecting america and embracing the
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military and they made a lot of money and a lot of great p.r. off of it and they viewed it as a great public relations move to do this and to become a team player with the military and these taking a knee the visual of this disrupts all of that and these players are and are between a rock and a hard spot right now if i'm an agent and i've got a big time player i would counsel him you know what go to capitol hill in protest and i'll make sure you get media coverage but when you're working for the owners go play football and make a ton of money so you can make a difference later on i mean i think they're used in a stage that's very dangerous that's just my opinion i'm for protest but i think their method of this is going to cost them professionally it's interesting because when you're you kind of could look at the n.f.l. and say it's a great reflection of kind of corporate america as a whole of just a bit of kind of how they've been abused you know how they kind of rule with an iron fist over their workers and in the fights they've had that way. you know i
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want to ask one one last question and. you know politics in the n.f.l. are going hand in hand now that's what it is the president is very clearly staked his claim in this battle so you know moral and ethical considerations aside and strictly politically speaking is this reliance on the hot button culture war issues a good strategy for trump heading in and the republicans heading into the midterm elections does it really keep his base together could it backfire and energize progressives across the country because he dipped his hand in america's past time which is football. yeah you know there's a lot of fans that didn't like the need taking and there is and the president played off of that and the president is very friendly with many of these billionaires who line his pockets for the campaign who are going to do things locally in their community to help him win so that's the political element of all of this if it will help the progressives i don't know if the n.f.l. is going to help anybody get elected or this issue is going to help anybody get
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elected. but i do think that it becomes a cultural hotbed the n.f.l. has got a lot of problems right now one of them is what they're going to do with head injuries and i view this as a real opportunity for the players' association to go to the owners and say all right you take care of our veterans you take care of our injuries and maybe we'll stop taking a knee so this is a negotiating point for them as well too which is a rather harsh thing to say but i believe that that's where it could go that's a really interesting point steve you know very quickly do you see this affecting the n.f.l. ticket sales at all but are fans going to retaliate in some way yes from what i've seen on social media a lot there's already fans after yesterday's announcement they said they were done with the n.f.l. so i think it's very divided like i said they will always come back though i think because the game is such an exciting part of it's an american tradition to watch the n.f.l. football the super bowl even if you're not a fan you watch the super bowl so i don't think it over their bottom line too much honestly and i honestly think what i you know i always bring up the green bay packers because we're not owned by one person it's
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a team that's owned by the city and honestly i feel like at some point cities have put so much effort into these teams they mean so much to watch when a team is they and since we're paying for all of the darn stadium you know honestly i would love to see them a day when billionaire owners of the n.f.l. are gone and the city is there and on and they on those buildings and they get to an upright man team. could be fun well now especially. so it's ironic that you for coming on. they always a pleasure having you on steve because stock goes our two sports car ports correspondent thank you as well for coming on it's always a pleasure to get it. there is freedom found in the air up there waters are at least there was because thanks to get another round of bureaucracy your friendly neighborhood drones are getting licensed yes just like your favorite car fishing boat the federal aviation administration is now demanding that the more than one million and growing officially licensed drone operators inside the united states must display their government assigned id numbers on the outside of their fantastic
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flying machines previously operators could hide their id numbers inside battery compartments or other internal options sadly not anymore but don't fret drone owners because they could lose the mighty fancy drone vanity plates like drone man or buzz kill and julie julie that's a quiet shot i'll tell you from los angeles and hollywood you know you talk to me i'm going to surf a man a lot of news in the day but a good day all around and that ladies and gentlemen is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are not told their loved one up so i tell you all i love you i am tyrone half the law let's keep on watching those hawks never great game but.
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you never know what's around the corner never in the world seen the pub in the. excitement it's nothing that's where the adrenaline in much comes from. good news and moves like that and the next thing the world will be. the violence he's a puppy. and it's almost a schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and behave badly. they're portable horsepower of a little. more so full of the last. punishment and infirm for more or less and thought. i would rather where i figure out a really good uphold i don't want to get. the meaning you need to me is that
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beneath if you don't involve these come from the involvement. of. those who know the middle east understand that the decision to bring tens of thousands of palestinian marchers to our border is the work of hamas the question is does a country like israel have a right to protect its border internationally recognized border if you say no it doesn't then you you will be exposed. fifty years ago pregnant women to come together as a sleeping pill and just this is what i mean because a doctor does. the scientific what terrible but not on the road.
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induction on football bob you're not. across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and it has been a couple of. oh
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look right. now everything is being turned into a massive cloud of dust. three thunderous explosions and a sign of good will on our t. team is in north korea's remote and mountainous northeast to witness the closing ceremony of the country's only known nuclear test. that says donald trump cancels or supposed to be an historic summit with north korea's kim jong un next month. french president lavishes praise on russia for its international role as he joined by the mere putin at the international economic forum in st petersburg we've got all the highlights from day one.


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