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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 30, 2018 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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beauty force. chloroform. force and so on and. you know ambulances usually have back. small samples will point one percent off. solution this is used exactly for the normal for poisoning in the symptoms are very well known and there is not nothing something strange. so i believe that. produce the symptoms of poisoning and right here was taken and. a lot of cases are described in the literature medical literature how people even after very strong exporter to even to chemical the real chemical weapons. grade agents people were treated quietly after they were exposed and
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recovered fully usually. some chronic diseases can be hardened. or disorders can be noticed after that so is it possible then because porton down the laboratory porton down got involved and it's said that the laboratory was essential to the script recovery what sort of help do you think the chemical lab could provide you're talking about this. is this this possible antidote or look. when people are to detect after nerve exporter they are treated with two types of its first easy to do what to put act nervous system and this would be. the second type of plan to do is to. remove the.
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nor poison from the nervous system. with the first dog there is no question so would be used in any case but the second type of to do it this will be tricky so you have to. find the right end to do it to remove the chemical agent problem in the system and several to do its work better from several. sources so this usually takes time but the second antidote is difficult to select so then the people would be. too there would be sedate very heavily to make sure that the brain would. send signals to nervous system in. therapy would be weeded. the body would replace the. poisoned.
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newly formed so it usually takes several weeks to several months but. we're talking about you know you're talking about time issues here and as far as i understand as we were discussing earlier if somebody is exposed to a military grade chemical nerve agent then timing is of the essence you need you know you can't be said going to park bench for half an hour you can't be waiting for an ambulance to come and get you and then take you all the way to hospital during that time because you have a military grade nerve agent legibly attacking your system and one of the final final question here you're a former united nations weapons expert you are a chemical weapons expert. what do you think really happened. well the point is that. even the uki media is not convinced that. it was the russians fault take for example the times from. april just the week after and screwballs attack and. six versions.
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of who was behind that attack and most probable version of was that that was performed by the enemies of russia and just imagine. if you know that. any attack on russia or former. the factor former spy and the factor. would lead to the blame of pressure so how many people would be much of it it to perform this attack to make sure that russia would have troubles so that's about the same situation that happens in syria if terrorists know the syrian government will be blamed for the use of chemical weapons in syria so very much you will get it very good they have a lot of incentives to perform this attack even the russian president vladimir putin when it commenting on the whole script he said look days before the russian
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presidential election when i'm trying to get reelected weeks before the first ever world cup in russia the russian president vladimir putin he seemed not to be buying any of the lines coming out of the british so there's a real difficulty to explain the communities why would russia perform such an act exactly well and chemical weapons expert and former member of the un's expert team on iraq thank you very much for joining us thank you. donald trump has appointed a new commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan the u.s. led mission to help afghanistan get rid of terrorists started in two thousand and two. shortly after the nine eleven attack lieutenant general austin miller becoming the eighteenth commander of the seventeen year campaign that means the afghanistan mission has had a new commander every year on average the latest u.s. watchdog report says the campaign has brought little good to that country.
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it's good. some in afghanistan who hoped america's presence would assure a new era of peace and stability for the country have paid a heavy price american tells the story back in august twenty sixth an afghan man named his son after donald trump but that was before television for the white house now after being inspired by trump's business achievements outlined his books the afghan man hope that giving his son the same name would bring about the same sort
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of luck but in a very happy to name to the best politician and i hope he will become a politician like donald trump as well i gave my son this name to make him lucky and i want to see him is smart and mindful as donald trump but that's backfired miserably the family was driven out of their hometown because his community took issue with the child's non muslim name now he's reportedly fled afghanistan after seeing the reaction to my son's name and also the taliban directed assassination of the man who awarded president trouble i don't feel safe this comes after the taliban assassinated one of the afghan men who minted a gold medal honoring the us president back in january cold in the b. and his friend a far hot party raise money to produce a special gift for donald trump to thank the state department for a toughened stance on pakistan we are suspending security assistance security assistance only to pakistan at this time. until the pakistani government takes
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decisive action against groups including the afghan taliban goal nobody was killed by the taliban and that's according to a taliban spokesperson sadly appreciation for donald trump isn't exactly body armor his friend who was involved in producing the medal for a party now fears for his life and he blames that washington for failing to protect them. the americans are all friends and can help us in fact we would deceived because we thought the americans really appreciates all work and our intentions we thought the u.s. is a superpower and values friendship but it doesn't look nearly seventeen years ago the u.s. invaded afghanistan to eradicate terrorism but after all these years to even those who still have trust in washington it seems that it can't be protected so america on our team washington d.c. there are still to come here on the program in a mix of stories or should long pointed knives be back and we'll debate that issue in a moment. but
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. local blogs tell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to stop trying to tell you that because of the public. about her eyes and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we all are on walking. the american political soap opera widely known as russia gate appears to have no
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wind well no evidence has been revealed the trump campaign colluded with russia there is mounting evidence the intelligence community or should i say the deep state even. world. it's good of you to join us today knife crime is on the rise in the u.k. it's sparking debate on how to counter it a judge is trying to now calling for a ban on the unrestricted sale of long pointed knives. so as long pointed knives should be sold in red to find the circumstances and also things that the police should launch a program to modify the knives purchased legally says his proposals will reduce the number of life threatening injuries caused by stabbing of the latest police figures show that over the last four years knife crimes in london have almost doubled or
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earlier our guests debated the issue ridiculous suggestion well we're going to do basically premier lies the decency on a majority for the close let's put it the right the downright criminal where we need to be doing dishing out proper sentences for the. reestablishing proper family values and teaching them proper moral codes my twenty five years of experience as a forensic psychologist again and again i would come across impulsive and home signs were arguments in the home setting and simply goes out of hand no i don't i'm not aware that he was considering going to. case. there was a case just recently where somebody on back to read the source point are you going to be calling for frying pans and swords to be banned next if we can identify high risk households people for example ok and say look here's
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a real alternative to a sharp knife and this is something the reduces the risk. yeah just how do you describe oh did i describe if you can the clinical psychologist what a high risk household is because if it's a high risk house where there's somebody in there who might grab a knife now it's a bit i think there are a variety of different ways of identifying places where this might be useful intervention if you think somebody is in threat to somebody they're living with all that person has to be removed or you are playing russian roulette but not with a loaded revolver but with a key change or full of no lives it just doesn't make sense some of us know logic. more supposed to reference is being presented to show ties between trump and the kremlin the latest being the use of the term chant which has repeatedly been used to describe the probe into collusion one democratic congresswoman suggests this is
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a telltale kremlin phrase as a hail of mop and explains according to a top democrat in congress if you use the term which aren't and you say it over and over and over again which are which aren't you maybe a dupe of the kremlin listen to maxine waters talk about trump he's a lying about which but you notice it he says which over and over again he has learned some of the russian tactics about how you you know deal with getting people to believe you you say it over and over again so repeating something over and over and over again is a russian thing that may not be the wisest thing for the democrats to say they've had the same song on repeat for roughly two years russia has hacked into a lot of things. criminal clan russia was meddling in our elections russia undermined hillary clinton to over russian hacking operation taken place by russians intelligence committee says that russia is behind this in some form its
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goal to do with russia and of course the embassador russia is a russian so if trump and vented the term which why did the democrats use that exact same term back in the one nine hundred ninety s. when bill clinton's sex scandal was all over the headlines smells like a double standard to me speaking of double standards remember how the democrats counted the podium against gina haskell the new cia chief there are two reasons that i oppose this nomination miss haskel support for torture and her willingness to destroy evidence of the cia's use of torture and i have serious concerns about. her confirmation and what kind of signal sent this lady is the real do i'm telling you we're here with everything we possibly think she answered didn't flinch at all well it turns out that while this controversial interrogation program was going on democrats in congress were getting briefings the entire time and did nothing about it and now after the dog and pony show at the hearings is over gina haskell is getting the job and why is gina haskell the new cia chief because two democrats
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voted for ten intelligence committee looks poised to indorse president trump's pick to head the cia gina haskell today this clears to pass her confirmation of cia director and she gained support from democrat senate democrats back when she was secretary of state hillary clinton was always criticizing countries around the world for their human rights record she even pushed obama to send cruise missiles to libya back in two thousand and eleven supposedly to defend human rights yet at the same time her personal foundation the clinton foundation had no problem getting donations from the very countries that she was criticizing and sooty arabia giving twenty five billion dollars our own of these countries you talk about women and women's rights so these are people that. pushkin a's office buildings these are people that kill women and treat women horribly and yet you take their money so the democrats talk one way and act another i'm not sure where we're finding all these
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russian tactics they're constantly making reference to because they seem to be practicing double standards all along. r.t. new york. on tuesday israel turned back a group of palestinian ships trying to breach the gaza blockade and sail to cyprus the main vessel was carrying patients wounded in recent border protests as well as students hoping to obtain an education abroad seventeen people were on board the vessel trying to reach lima sold in southern cyprus it was intercepted nine nautical miles off the coast of gaza as despite international accords under which israel has applied to the vessels travel up to twenty nautical miles from gaza a local correspondent hinde was on one of the buttons. so now we're in the middle of the sea as you see there are tens of thousands of
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those state into the sea tut now we know that there we are going to sail to eat out of the line of where and not a good one as it is the last point we can we can reach at palestinians are continuing to create much of return events and they're continuing the protests but here today in another way this is more of it and that's not to break this season has been imposed on gaza strip for more than eleven years. now we're entering the floor not a pullout that you started to see is right what ships that. go closer to the palestinian boat that they started asking them to leave. with still not clear we're trying to get closer and to see what's happening all we see is israel you want ships going closer to being very close to the palestinian protester boats palestinians one won't go back to the seaport as
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something big happens with now we started to feel that it's getting a bit dangerous what happened at that time that we went back to the seaport because it was very dangerous naval forces arrested then control the boats that word launched from the gaza seaport the israeli military said hamas was using people to carry out a propaganda operation and breach the book the i.d.f. said they're also ready to provide medical assistance to injure palestinians who will later be returned to gaza. toward more news in half an hour.
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that. close. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to put me to the center of the pole with you and we'll show you all the great game the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. along and just i want to know and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one come on don't appreciate me to
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just say the reno theology team's latest edition of make up is bigger than anybody jersey look. at the plate for many flips over the years so i know the game inside guides. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spend each year you didn't twenty million one player. it's an experienced. nothing else want to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well more transfer. and peace this minute. fifty years ago pregnant women to come together as a sleeping pill. because. the side of things went terrible
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but. across europe victims astonishing legal battles demanding at least some compensation in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well the constant mind that the people who take this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple. oh and welcome to cross talk more all things considered i'm peter lavelle the american
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political soap opera widely known as russia gate appears to have no end well no evidence has been revealed the trump campaign colluded with russia there is mounting evidence the intelligence community or should i say the deep state monitored or even spied on trump world should there be a special investigation into the misdeeds apartment of justice the f.b.i. and the cia. cross talking spygate i'm joined by my guest christopher ne why i'm in washington he's a republican strategist in new york we have charles or tell he is a private investor and writer as well as host podcast show sunday which arles and in los angeles we crossed to ha goodman he is a columnist journalist published in the huffington post salon the hill and other publications right gentlemen cross-talk roles in fact. means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate gentlemen we're calling this program spygate and i have it in quotes ok because i'm quoting the president of the united
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states and that's what i want to delve into here a.j. you are i always go to the person who gets up early is for the program that's obviously you in los angeles because i'm exactly on the other side of the world of you right now we're calling it spygate but i was thinking maybe a better title would be the three stooges brandin komi and clapper i think you know where i'm going go ahead ha well one question i have to ask is why is buzz feed's suing the d.n.c. for evidence to corroborate the still does. and why did the united states government feel it was necessary to spy or to infiltrate trump's campaign using stephanie helper even before the steal the cia the next question is what crime is trump said to have committed they've investigated trump without even accusing him of a specific crime in watergate you had a break in the cover up you know what happened with bill clinton with hillary clinton she transferred top secret intelligence onto an once an encrypted server
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there were crimes and then cover ups or investigations based on those crimes with trump there is no predicate crime is no crime that he said to have committed. buzz feed is suing the d.n.c. very likely because there's no evidence to corroborate the steel of the cia which was used by james comey in the f.b.i. to go ahead and get a face of war and on carter page they already wiretapped everyone within trump's campaign they already called trump presidential candidate trump and incidental communication they even took one of his servers from trump tower they found nothing there was no evidence of anything there's no evidence that anyone collude with russia but most are pro trouble tomorrow and simply you know how. you're making the point here and let me go to christopher in washington is it. the deeper they go into this the more we see that there is collusion here but it's collusion within
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the intelligence community and ha the facts man that's why i love him how my having him on the program the facts are out there he just gave you a whole list and i'm sure he could go much further i mean why shouldn't there be more focus on that because when i watch brennan and clapper on cable t.v. they're getting more and more hysterical as if it's getting closer and closer to them go ahead in washington christopher well i tend to agree with my colleague in the sense that when you look at all of the things they've been looking at they get you get to these ten general things that have nothing to do with the actual investigation and they're just constantly looking into things and constantly looking into things i think what we have is you know this is like being on a roller coaster of being nauseous and just not being able to get off i mean especially for the american voter in terms of you know can you trust these politicians and then can you trust the. investigatory apparatus that you're supposed to build the trust looking into these things and then you look at vesta
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gators that are you know have hillary clinton posters on their wallet and their their spouses are donating to campaigns is it really makes an office i think at this point a special counsel should really be brought in for all of these things i mean we just it's like a roller coaster you can't get off your nauseous. so i tend to agree with what my colleague just said before me you know. jeff sessions is being criticized a lot for not being more proactive and we do know that he recused himself and we have the new f.b.i. director ray i mean i can't think and this is my own personal theory is that they've realized there was so much collusion against a campaign within the intelligence community that it would really shock the confidence in these agencies and i think they're really kind of puzzled on how to deal with this because with every single passing day we see more and more dots connected not with russian trump but how the intel community colluded together to go after this candidate and that and we as president i mean it's seems at least
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patently obvious to me go ahead charles in new york. you know i think the real story here is even more diabolical than we're talking about i think it goes back to june two thousand and eight when hillary clinton conceded to barack obama that he would be president and agreed to help there's a public record of her meeting in dianne feinstein's house and i think ever since then team clinton and team obama have been conspiring to weaponize the i.r.s. the department of justice the cia the tech services etc to punish enemies of you know their their branch of the democratic party and to reward friends whether it be to go after the tea party in two thousand and ten to get barack obama reelected in two thousand and twelve to try to build a position for hillary clinton in two thousand and fourteen and to try to get are elected in fifteen sixteen that's the larger narrative and in the beginning i think donald trump wasn't in a position to take that narrative on because his base was still you know wondering if he'd make it through the perilous honeymoon period were generally you do get
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a break and now we're in a place where eyes are opening and we're realizing you know what happened from two thousand and nine to two thousand and seventeen under barack obama was a mirage low interest rates made it look as if a big deficit spending made it look as if everything was going well in reality we are now we've been party to the grossest abuse of power by an administration ever in the history of this country going all the way back and that's the real story it's not so much two thousand and fifteen sixteen and for that reason we need congressional investigations joints committees we need the media to do its job people like al goodman and others don't r.t. frankly we're not done with mainstream don't hold your breath don't hold your breath ok i watch chris cuomo a couple days ago i mean i don't know what is wrong with that guy but it's delusional the problem with people like chris cuomo i'm not talking now to a.j. is that they're so vast invested with this can their own conspiracy theory of their own making here that they don't know how they can find an exit now i mean they just
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keep doubling down on the most absurd. cure things when there are some really big things right staring us all right in the face here i mean the liberal media doesn't want to concede it made a mistake because they will have to can make concessions about so many other mistakes they made go ahead ha in l.a. or i had the great pleasure of interviewing the charles moore told numerous times and he's absolutely brilliant and he is probably one of the foremost people in terms of knowledge about the clinton foundation and clinton foundation scandals and the interesting thing is that ross story actually wrote a hit piece on me recently and they said oh my goodness he's focusing on the or any i'm selling goodman and there is a verbatim article title from the new york times cash flow to clinton foundation made russian uranium deal that's the forbade him article title if you just look at the public record new york times washington post you can see that millions and
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millions and millions of millions or hundreds of millions dollars flowed into the clinton foundation and then something beneficial took place for the people who gave money to the clinton foundation that is a huge huge. scandal the reason that clinton used a private e-mail server yeah and she eventually transferred top secret special access program intelligence onto that server which is that's the big issue is how she actually transferred how she was able to transfer that intelligence from separate skits on to her server the reason she used that service because of the clinton foundation i think that the trump russia and nonsense i think the truck question nonsense is just one way to hide a giant money laundering you know no one can find what it is ha ha what it is what it is exactly what it is it's really nothing to see here folks look away it's a way to absolve the clinton machine and to place blame on trump here.


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