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just two days prior to becoming justice minister. still a lawyer wrote to the public prosecutors in his opinion all questions concerning his client have been answered and that there is nothing to stop the case being dismissed. dungeness the on field minus never really in and president down to the good of the stock was this one view and they had an outside childish bit of the odds according to records or appeared in person the next day to meet the prosecution and to discuss dismissal of the case the judges in the county go on trial if a personal injury and involuntary manslaughter the defense to months of the case is dismissed a trial in which the parents of contraband children were only permitted to participate as spectators leading the prosecution now is justice minister. he is no longer allowed to interfere in the proceedings. however after two years in office go
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writes a letter to a defense lawyer who is also involved. the letter is addressed to eric schmidt. then the defense lawyer for one of the growing until defendants dear colleague the justice minister writes while leafing through in the evening i found something about the submission of evidence. was the minister of justice unlawfully interfering in a criminal trial and giving legal advice to a defense lawyer. we show it to the author of the thesis and ask how he of alleyway to the letter in regard to the state's role during the trial. is that it is guns i don't want to if i get a thought anything about i kind of answered. not to really had to set off and didn't contact the tone of qantas team must be advised until. until he could do it in his. in contact.
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via imaging bods a decent side point i need them for one stab in good taste side i'm not dead one stick with not one best. it's not good reasons i improvise on think it is on the top of. the university of glasgow. history professor ray stokes conducts research at the faculty of corporate history. professor stokes is an acknowledged expert on twentieth century german business history. he read the doctoral thesis on the federal state government's role he also knows about the letter good road during his time as justice minister this is. doing just. a game for water fun for more on schmidt lies no. more burgers aren't all and it is this brief is to see the. to do these five rounds of readers and i'm your recent
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target in the next new book and on the site i know your contacts fissioning biden. preserving wished on an all. professional for been the winter fishing and buy. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learnt you were a south and taken your last. year at the top to you as we all knew it but i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words and helps to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feeling starting change you talked about more like it was a kid still some are fond of you. those that didn't like to question our arc and they
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secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral on the same as one enters in mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make. you never know what's around the corner never know was in the pub even the walk into excitement is that knowing that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. and you can use a move by definition in the extreme through all. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and behave like badly.
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they're born before the horse qualify the law for the most awful for the last. punishment an unfair and then one more than follows from the start. of a broader where not by payout a really beautiful down now would have fulfilled your. meaning in reason is that brief if you don't let me involves it's constantly evolving and. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all such but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous is a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to dominate the center of the shuttle with you and you'll see all the great game the greatest game. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get
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the doll going let's go. a low as i want to you know and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one i was also. needs to just say the radio the aussie team's latest edition to make up a bigger sound better jersey. in london british victims of the active ingredient in county gun have teamed up and formed a group called solidify trust. to bias aren't presents his findings from the german archives. letters files and minutes outlining the role politics played during the
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criminal trial against the manufacturer grown into these documents shed new light on what happened fifty five years ago. it isn't just british that it might survivors who are convinced they find allies in old british political parties. in feb twenty fifth in an unusual debate takes place in the british parliament. for which mr michael moore thank you mr speaker for over fifty years later my daughters have been campaigning for justice particularly from the german manufacturers to know that over one hundred fifty m.p.'s of signed an open letter to the german chancellor would the prime minister add this to his busy agenda today so that we might get a decent and fair settlement for all concerned. i have on behalf of a constituent as he raised this issue not only through the european parliament but also with german authorities now certainly reflect what the old gentleman says.
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more than one hundred fifty british m.p.'s from all political parties have signed a letter to the german chancellor. unlike germany britain does have a tradition of rebellion when dealing with that in mind the active ingredient in going together. the four hundred sixty six members of the through the my trust and not just fighting for compensation. they want those responsible for their disabilities to be held to account nick deal breaker is one of them the thinks they have almost succeeded who had which ties and to whom and with his chart to explain . and the connections to german politicians as well as representatives of the european parliament if they hadn't ended the trial as they did in the early seventy's then the evidence would have been available to the victims to use in their future actions against and others and in particular the u.k. survivors action in the seventy's would have undoubtedly have been and it in
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a much more favorable fashion to to the claimants as it was they didn't have the evidence they had to settle for a much bigger discount in the amount that they should have got than would have to bad to be in that case it's evidence being available that i got a proper settlement and that's what they threw them out as they are after now. the british lawyer thinks evidence of that confidential meeting is crucial it took place in july nine hundred sixty nine at the ministry of health and bone. senior management can come to guns manufacturer were invited to discuss the settlement of the counter gun case according to a note from the ministry. the goal of the meeting is to reach a legal agreement with the company as to how country gun victims can be compensated . when the parents association of the deformed children hands of the plans hand asks to see details of the meeting the minister say is under no circumstances will the association receive any details as advice is explicit because art in document
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the. or. no one. signs all over how kind of all are. doing for. the district of half a century later in the summer of twenty fifteen a meeting between british that it might victims and representatives of the german government took place at germany's embassy in london i think they heard the concerns we have they obviously refute the fact that they interfered in the criminal trial but they've never actually answered individually the documents that we put to them. the british m.p. simon hall was also present at the german embassy meeting. those really i think two hobs the first half i thought was very positive mood music coming out from officials on the on the german side of the table as it were it was
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very encouraging that they wanted to have a dialogue they wanted to see this brought to a conclusion we had to leave as we had to go back to the commons to vote and then the notes following that seem to suggest that they slightly dried up like clapham and it was very much we're not going to get involved this is the only meeting we're going to have to discuss this effectively that's the end of the news i think if there was anything which came out of the meeting which we had at the embassy in july of last year is that there had been a long debate point as to whether the drug which had been taken by british mothers had been manufactured in germany or had been manufactured under license in the u.k. and it is now a very clear out that the german officials taking tided the point that the third trust in the u.k. has been making for many a long year that there was no. manufactured in the u.k. and that which was taken by british mothers or expectant mothers had been
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manufactured in germany. this is no that's just a little mite victims receive decades too late since the one nine hundred seventy s. people affected both a little might have only been able to file compensation applications with the german government anyone who does file an application must renounce all claims against the manufacturer. many european victims say they have received little or no compensation at all. the federal ministry of family affairs declined to be interviewed. nor would it comment on the meeting with british contribution victims of the german embassy in london. it stated only that the counter gun trust fund grants financial support when claims are grounded. christie and or tell also apply for support. from the rich don't have one as an instance of one as good. box to bring back.
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i was going to tarboro. madson in england yeah and it's good bye to how it's one of one. to get in. and dozens of the each does baskets bookish ones and if you shop at the office of a new get this book. that he has but i thought how could we spend a third of our lives in our beds our beds are important for it to be turned down on that basis is utterly ridiculous and so it's abundantly clear to me that applying to the isn't going to be a solution for us at all and so therefore for us to be subjected to a ridiculous system. system at this point in our lives it's not going to meet our needs all we need is money that we can use in the ways that we know that will suit us best. the formosa little manufacturer no longer considers claims from the
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victims of the drug to be the responsibility. the. side you song when tired so clark ruined. of course for tonya clarkson being green tie and hang it isn't hard to get you'd have a tough no fun to put up for when tiger seeded border. of i know him from life and . supporters not played by grown until but the federal government. one of many who was applications to the german counter gun foundation were denied his lorraine must. sometimes i do more help because. poacher are. more back on point. we're now moving in.
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some of the later complications are only now becoming apparent most of the need supplementary oxygen just to be able to breathe there is a fund in germany connected to the continent a gift of which allows the later might is to apply to it for financial assistance there's also a fund that's been set up by agreement are to apply to that but you can apply to them saying you wanted some more money but you have to prove first of all you've applied to a little more trust to get some money and that they have said no and that you've applied to all the charities only applied to local government get assistance when you've been rejected by everybody you can then ask green atar they would like to contribute some money towards your. financial assistance but you're not really aware of that because green atar hasn't made it public to the little writers outside of germany in fact the company established a private foundation. however goonan told does not want to talk about it nor do
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they want to discuss how application decisions are made they say they don't want to provoke and. we played the german government should be responsible for paying for this i'm at health is that we all have no free money get that money remains need to be met. in great britain so robert nelson is a well known judge has written to the german federal ministry of family affairs. the purpose of the letter was to bring home to the german government the problems that this law the midas face and the shortfall in finances that we felt. they had in the amount they got and the amount that they would in fact need i wrote it to the relevant minister and there was no reply as such. for decades parents never knew what was going on behind their backs during the
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criminal trial they were only allowed to be spectators. the thalidomide manufacturers defense strategy was to convince the prosecution to agree to dismiss the case. they knew that they didn't just have the regional government justice minister on their side but the federal government too however the dismissal of a criminal case requires strict conditions these according to the prosecution service were not met. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long they. have been there in the small boats next to the harpoon ships and it's still very. much on. the limo silted big cold fish already ninety percent of the dock and it won't be calmer. concept fifteen scoops seventy five tons try to do it several times a day with the big three you know you get an idea for an ocean. we have to understand we could know stories through just. be within this or be used for your arms. i'm doing this because i want the future world to future generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have.
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because the government would like to take the money i pay taxes and bomb people defenseless people overseas and spend trillions of dollars they then come back and they tax me again something called obamacare they tax me again to provide the health services that they say they're providing for people who can't afford health care now here's my one simple question since the tens of thousands of dollars a year we pay to offset the governments in if in a bill of the to fulfill their requirement why can't i write that off as a charitable donation on my taxes.
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i am pleased that i slipped up on. the headlines an article russia's foreign minister meets the leader of north korea and says the denuclearized. can only happen gradually and also with sanctions against pyongyang lifted. journalists worldwide by ukraine for staging the murder of russian opposition journalist. and artificial intelligence could soon predict if a protest is going to turn violent by analyzing social media activity.
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that both of you feel was about winning about. three billion. dollars. in new chemical weapons against syria but you want them to support you in exclusive interview with syrian president bashar al assad insists he would never use chemical weapons against civilians and says the conflict in his country should not be described as a civil war. pm here in moscow you're watching international. now the russian foreign minister has met with north korean leader kim jong un has pyongyang prepares for a potentially historic peace summit with south korea and the u.s. although. the peace process does remain front yard.
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regarding sanctions it's completely obvious that when we start talking about the nuclear issue and other issues on the korean peninsula it's with the understanding that nothing can happen with sanctions still in place how that's going to be achieved is another question a matter of the art of the goshi ocean but it can't be done in one go just like denuclearization can't that is why there have to be stages and progress at each stage. but mr lavrov added that russia is interested in working with both careers and that the north should consider all factors in the peace talks including recent history our correspondent is in pyongyang right now with some exclusive images from inside north korea. this is a truly incredible opportunity for us to film inside the place where most high profile meetings in north korea happen just as the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is talking to his north korean counterpart behind closed doors right there the moment when the russian top diplomat is gang is absolutely unique on the one
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hand the resolution of the korean peninsula crisis might be just a few steps away with the massive concessions the north and the south have both been making and even donald trump to however we understand that any wrong move can make everything collapse so the question is why exactly surrogate and it up in the north korean capital russian diplomatic sources suggest that it was after several invitations in a row by mr lavrov apart during his visit to moscow we were also told that the north korean side wanted the trip to happen asap during a traditional quick chat with the journalists on the plane when we asked. why this was happening and what to expect of the visit his answer was we'll just have to see i don't know for now we have to try and go from the monsoon to power the home of
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the north korean parliament in pyongyang well the russian foreign minister didn't arrive in north korea empty handed he did present the country's leader with a russian keeps a box. mostly it's just it also has a key you can look away some secret stuff. the top diplomat also invited kim jong un to russia and passed him a message from vladimir putin in response the north korean leader sent his warm greetings to the russian president little analyst josie chang says moscow could play a crucial role in any peace negotiations. well basically russia has been important in the korean peninsula it has been a part of the six party talks and certainly it can assume or rather your part and role in their eyes upon young since the economic ties between russia and
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the united states are more limited. then russia certainly can stand up to american pressure more than time no more easily than time and they have this in the interests of russia to achieve in the denuclearization of the north korean peninsula certainly our nuclear weapons program. will likely provoke south korea and japan to develop nuclear weapons to the strategic disadvantage of russia and china. now the european court of human rights is ruled that little way near and remain here this is a patriot in the cia's program of secret black site detentions and also violated the prohibition on top by helping the agency within with the interrogation of to al-qaeda terrorist suspects rumania has hosted a cia secret detention facility from september two thousand and three to november two thousand and five while the through any year had done so from february two
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thousand and five to march two thousand and six there had been held in these facilities and the domestic authorities had been aware that the cia would subject them to treatment contrary to the convention. ok let's go to our europe correspondent now peter all of a who's got more for us on this story peter just explain then how are lithuania and remain complicit in this what very simply what the european court of human rights has said is that both lithuania and rumania helped an aide to the united states in the mistreatment of prisoners at black sites detention sites off the grid in both of those two countries now the two men that have brought these cases are. who is the recluse referred to as the leader of al qaeda in the gulf region and abu zubaydah. now he's been referred to as a stateless palestinian born in saudi arabia and the chief recruiting officer in
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the one nine hundred ninety s. for al qaeda later going on to be the man that went between a solid bin laden and other parts of the al qaeda network now they were held in these sites in. in romania and in lithuania as well as others the list you anian cite with getting a little bit of a glimpse into what was going on there and how prisoners were held up this this hearing now if prisoners were kept in blindfolded all time they were put in solitary confinement and they were forced to wear leg shackles at all times but we got to more of a gruesome take on what was going on there at this hearing is a statement from it was read out in detail what was done to him. they unchained my hands from the bars and chained them with short chains to the chains that were around my legs which kept me in a bowing position at all times they brutally dragged me to the cement wall he
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started brutally banging my head in my back against the wall i felt my back was breaking due to the intensity of the banging he started slapping my face again and again meanwhile he was yelling and then he pointed to a large black wooden box that looked like a wooden casket he says from now on this is going to be your home he violently closed the door i heard the sound of the lock i found myself in total darkness we saw a few of them alongside his words there birds a bird as sketches from the time of also being released as part of a freedom of information request they painted literally a gruesome and terrible picture of what was going on then disturbing picture of what was happening at the time now the two men are currently being held in guantanamo bay now since the detention center opened there in two thousand and two it's been open to prisoners to scandals about abuse the current u.s.
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president donald trump he says he supports the use of waterboarding something that is well regarded as torture just about everywhere else around the world when dynamo which by the way which by the way we are keeping open which we are keeping. and we're going to load it up with some beer dude split we're going to load it up what i feel strongly about waterboarding as far as i'm concerned we have to fight fire with. well donald trump doubled down on his support for waterboarding when earlier this month he promoted the woman who'd been in charge of the cia black sites to the top job in the cia gina hospital known by her detractors in the media particularly here in germany for the torture queen or bloody gina she is now the new cia director with the support of donald trump as we just heard there for carrying out extraordinary rendition and as you mentioned in that sound bite for carrying out
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waterboarding ok thanks that was peter oliver for us there in berlin. and other news journalists have rounded on the ukrainian authorities for faking the assassination of a russian opposition reporter in kiev international media and security watchdogs of slander standers deplorable and regrettable the staged murder of journalists are kinds of bugs and could by the ukrainian security service is distressing well the reappearance of the reporter may be a great relief it is deeply regrettable the queen's authorities have played with the truth no matter what the motive relieved that. he was alive or deplored the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist it is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the public well earlier the ukrainian authorities.


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