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for the only safe thing and they do the opposite of dick they lead our youth so we have one option is to live with a child. like father for the first option if not we. are forced. by force we don't have any other options with american americans we don't have any other option so this is all learnt it's all right and it's always duty to liberated and the american should leave some they're going to leave they came to your lot with no legal peace and what happened to them they have to learn that lesson good luck is moist and syria is no exception people will not accept one another and between any. form mannered sitting in a car when the feds get shot in the head. all
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four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because i did not shoot around a corner. join me every thursday on the alex salmond chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there. well you know that they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in the small boats next to the hard pool of ships and it's.
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not something and. the limo self did big cold fish already ninety percent of the dot and it won't be calmer and. new concept fifteen scoops seventy five tons too and they do it several times a day with a clean no you get an idea on why the ocean is full. we have to understand we could not stay still and just. be within this the deal going to the hours. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future can generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have.
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with regards to taking territory that seems inexplicably whenever you eliminate one threat z.b. it's good that another thread seems to materialize and this happened repeatedly now we have these really energy minister who is threatening that his country could quote liquidate you and your government. are you afraid your freedom how do you take that threat. through through a ward and talk about measure innovation and loss of vision a vision of the now in syria we lived under the threat of these really aggression this is something in our unconscious feeling sort of thing about your faith. while living with the same threat for decades this is nonsense. israeli has been
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associating killing occupying for decades now for more than seven decades in this region but usually they do all this without threatening now why do they throw it well in this way this is panic this is the kind of hysterical. feeling because they are losing the deal once the deal won. and i think. that's why israel is panicking recently and we understand perfectly well israel israel is now seemingly shreiking cross syria airstrikes at will there boasting publicly on camera again and again that your defenses they're powerless to stop them that they can do with syria whatever they want. is that true is there anything you can do to stop israel carrying out its airstrikes in syria and surely the first target of the murtha. if in syria was the defense
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before attacking any other military bases it would be air defense and it would be thought by the why do they defend their defense will not be with the peaceful demonstrators of the three over the moderate forces and it cannot be with extremist anyway if another used to defend the country this is the other prove that israel was in directly with those terrorists in in syria so they attacked those bases indeed throwed big part of our air defense now in spite of the of our position. defense is much stronger than before thanks to the russian support and the recent attacks by the israeli. american and british and french proved that was. torture now the only option. my answer
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to a question is to improve our defense this is the only thing that we can do and we are doing that. israel says that it's strikes are so far that they aren't targeted against you the president the government that they're targeted at the run to keep iran which is your ally weak in syria it's strange but iran being here they are your allies it's no secret they have help but them being here now puts you at threat would you ever consider asking around to the most important fact regarding of the issue that we don't have iranian troops we never had and you cannot hide it and we would not be ashamed to say that we have like we invited the russians we could have invited the iranians we have rainy and. officers who work. with the syrian army they help but they don't have the troops.
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in the starkest fact about their lives the world with the sure they are in an issue that the recent few weeks ago they said that the attack your indian bases and camps say delicately and actually we had things of therians martyrs and wounded soldiers not a single area so how could they see that we have it so it's a lie we always hear that we have it in the officers but they were with me we don't have troops. changing subject now with regard to chemical attacks there are now regular alleged chemical attacks happening in syria your government and your allies have said that you had nothing to do with this your allies of bags your claims saying deny you know any responsibility saying they have
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no knowledge of you carrying these carrying out the these attacks the question is in who is interest is it to gas opposition to you the most part of the answer in whose interest the question is it in our interest why and why you know because the timing of this league strike was after the victory of the syrian troops in goodwill. let alone the fact that we don't have chemical look weapons anyway and let the other folks that we're not going to use it against old people because the but the new theory was about winning the heart of the civilians this is the main but and we want it so how can you use chemical weapons against civilians that you want them to have to be supportive to the first think and if you want to use it lists the poor that you have it in want to use it do you use it after you finish the battle or before or during its particular. second if you go to that area it
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was very crowded by armies by factions in by civilians we never use such armaments or weapons in that area are going to harm everyone something that didn't happen and if you go to that area and you ask the civilians there was no chemical attack me or anyone even the westen you know at least who when dear after. good was liberated this is we are the people we need we didn't see any chemical attack so it was a not if it was just a pretext in order to attack syria. it means being a pretext but we have without have proof that you know even media room is on twitter few videos of confusing videos of showing allegedly the aftermath of an attack is enough to justify for the united states its allies launching cruise missiles at syria what if conveniently there is another attack.
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alleged attack could there be a lot more missiles aimed at syria of course it could because when the united states trample. over the international law. on a daily basis in different areas for different reasons any country in the world could have such an attack what the legal basis of this type of vehicle with their aircraft would be with the so-called antiterrorist alliance that support the terrorists actually what they begin with a better life nothing what they look at before the attack in yemen against all the border with parked etc there's nobody could be so as long as you don't have. an international law that could be obeyed by united states and its pop in the west there's no guarantee that it won't happen that happened a few weeks ago and that happened last year in. two thousand and seventeen and that
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could happen if we would but the response from promised was going to be extreme and severe into his words early on the response that we saw the strike that we saw after the latest alleged chemical attack was seem to be much more symbolic much smaller in scope and it was inexplicably get dealing when trump promised the attack and when it came why was there a delay did it have something perhaps to do with russia. it has to as we as we saw it the first one the cold thought of it all day long. the public opinion around the world and in the with didn't buy the story but they couldn't with a draw so they had to do something. even on a smaller scale the second issue related to the russian pole the position that i'm as you know the north publicly that they are going to destroy the base of that is
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going to be used to launch inside. information we don't have evidence we only have information and was information that are credible information that they were thinking about comprehensive attack all over syria and that's why overthrow it. push the west to make it. much smaller scale. with regards to the united states relation to would you present trump has called you animal asset you have a nickname for the u.s. president. this is not my language so i cannot through a similar language this is his language it would prevent him thing there's a very. no in principle but what you see is what you are so you want to prevent or to be with. in any way. you didn't move anything in
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this kind of language could move anything. for anyone the only thing that moves you if what people that you trust are people who are liberal headed people who are thoughtful people or moral or ethical that would move anything inside you with a positive or negative somebody like we move nothing for him but with regard to the united states presence here and this is an interesting thing you know a came up of thoughts of a while ago there are now in syria forces from five nuclear powers five nuclear powers directly gauged in military operations in syria bede boots on the ground. some of those countries are on different sides how serious is this civil war still the words of
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a lot has been used widely seen the beginning of the conflict in syria even by our friend by our allies. without understanding of the content of this meaning syria a syrian civil war. means they are sectarian lines based on if the cities or states or religion or maybe political opinion or political currently thirty something we did something we don't use here in reality. in the area controlled by the government which is not the majority or fear you have all these diversities. all the diversity through the word of it all is not according to what we have actually from the very beginning mercenaries syrians and foreigners being paid by the with in order to topple the government this is the reality of the myriad view the very stark reality everything else is just masks to cover the real intention
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talking about the political differences moderate peaceful. we don't have civil war in syria if we had through law school for seven years we should have been divided by now you cannot have one country united country unite the society if not geographically because now of the united states poppy thing better operate without that we should have it divided so should go both deal with different spectrum of the society and you can answer that question in the same way i'm assuming but with with regards to potential escalation there are proxy forces from all these five nuclear powers as well as their own forces gauge in syria but you was the president again must have information how close we come during the civil war during this war to an escalation between these nuclear powers in reality we
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were close to have derek conflict between the russian forces and the american forces. fortunately it is it has been avoided. not by the wisdom of the american leadership by the wisdom of the russian did because it's not in the interest of anyone. anyone in this word and first of all the syrian to have this conflict we need the russian support but we need at the same time to avoid the american. in order to be able to destroy it to stabilize our country and just briefly one last question the closer we get to the end is the danger of an escalation in your estimation is the decreasing or is it on the other hand increasing the very beginning the more we get closer to the in the more they want to make it father what does it mean the more stability you have the more escalation we'll have the more we conservation you have in one area the more.
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killing and destruction and trying to. capture more areas by that oath. that's why we've been there conciliation when we thought that the considerations in many area the other factions in the same area tried to support it because they have the orders from the outside not to go toward any to conservation of course the you have their orders with the pocket of money so you know what you say is that is correct but the more escalation we have the more determined will be to solve the problem because you don't have any other choice other you have country or you don't have country. as the president thank you very much for giving us so much of you that we wish you the syrian people who are the best in a swift conclusion to this to this awful conflict thank you thank you for coming to
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see you again. fifty years ago britain and we've been to a concert going on as a sleeping pill and just this is what i believe because i just said this on the side effects were terrible but not on. the war. across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first filled with physical damage itself as well that the constant mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and it has been a couple of. twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question
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and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and a huge amount of pressure come out you'll have to pull me to the center of the beach hotel with you and you will solo a great great you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. along. and i'm really happy to join the for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come on top of. me to just take the reader p.r.t. teams latest edition to make up a bigger. book. russia's
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foreign minister meets the north korean leader artie's give an exclusive images from inside the assembly hall where the high level talks have been taking place. european court of human rights rules lithuania and for mania work complicity in the talks with two al qaeda terrorist suspects in the cia's program of secret detention centers and journalists worldwide and their anger ukraine for staging the murder of russian opposition journalists. plus. the new
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theory i was appalled when you behold all the t.v. and the me about that rule so how can you impose weapons against civilians who want to support you and in an exclusive interview with r.t. president bashar assad notes that syria would never have used chemical weapons against its own people and says this civil war is the wrong description of the conflict in the country. fellow there is just gone five pm here in moscow are you watching r.t. international. now the russian foreign minister has met with north korean leader kim jong un his p.r. prepares for a possible historic peace summit with south korea and the u.s.
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however sergei lavrov has warned that the peace process remains fragile. the basis of regarding sanctions it's completely obvious that when we start talking about the nuclear issue and other issues on the korean peninsula it's with the understanding that nothing can happen with sanctions still in place how that's going to be achieved is another question a matter of the art of negotiation but it can't be done in one go just like denuclearization can't that is why there have to be stages in progress at each stage you go and that didn't arrive in north korea empty handed he did have a small present for kim a russian box. mostly just it also has a key you can look away some secret stuff. the top diplomats also invited came to russia impost on a message from vladimir putin and in response the north korean made a send warm greetings to the president while correspondent has been following the
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meeting in pyongyang and go to exclusive images taken from inside north korea. so these are our first. democratic people's republic we have. just departed and we're going to follow him right now. we just left the airport and we're trying to catch up with turkey. but we seem to be a bit far behind or on the way to the capital yet. this is a truly incredible for sure the worst film inside the place where most high pull calming things and north korea happened just as the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is talking to his north korean counterpart behind closed doors right there.
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at the moment when the russian top diplomat. is out salute the unique on the one hand the resolution of the korean peninsula crisis might be just a few steps away with the massive concessions the north and the south have both been making and even. to however we understand that any move can make everything collapse. so the question is why exactly. and it up in the north toppled. russian diplomatic sources suggest that it was several indications in a row by mr. park during his visit to moscow. we were also told that the north koreans wanted to have a sound during
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a traditional way chat with the drone was on the plane when we asked. why this was happening and what to expect of the visit his answer was well just have to see i don't know for an hour and a prank reporting there will political analyst joseph chang believes the step by step approach to negotiations suggested by moscow is the only reasonable way to settle the crisis. the negotiations process has to proceed in a reasonable rational manner in view of the demand on the part of the united states that the. process has to be complete very fireball and verse of all is obviously a symmetry in the american demands and the. demands of from young soul the russian prime minister is a rising
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a kind of step by step or stage by stage a kind of negotiation process which is obviously rational since it is rather difficult to works to achieve to secure a complete arrangement in one goal. now the european court of human rights has ruled that lithuania and remain yet took part in the cia's program of secret detention centers and also violate the prohibition on torture by helping me agency with the interrogation of two al qaeda suspects one of the suspects was according to the cia a key al qaeda figure no charges brought against him as part of his interrogation he was water boarded eighty three times it said he also lost his eye to due to cia torture the other detainee was also subjected to the agency's enhanced interrogation program according to the cia he led al qaeda is gulf region operations both still held in the notorious guantanamo bay prison the hearings
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revealed the conditions under which the two suspects were kept peter oliver now reports the applicants have been held in these facilities and the domestic authorities have been aware that the cia would subject them to treatment contrary to the convention now what we have put is a little bit about the conditions in which they were kept in lithuania insight we've gotten a little bit of a glimpse into what was going on there and how prisoners were held up this. earing know it prisoners were kept in blindfolded all time they were put in solitary confinement and they were forced to wear leg shackles at all times as a beta gave an account of what was done to him while he was in detention must warn viewers that this clip comes a company with some of the bed his own sketches that have been released as part of a freedom of information request some viewers may find them disturbing they unchained my hands from the bars and chained them with short chains to the chains
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that were around my legs which kept me in a bowing position at all times they brutally dragged me to the cement wall he started brutally banging my head in my back against the wall i felt my back was breaking due to the intensity of the banging he started slapping my face again and again meanwhile he was yelling and then he pointed to a large black wooden box that looked like a wooden casket he says from now on this is going to be your home he violently closed the door i heard the sound of the lock i found myself in total darkness. we saw a few of them accompanying that clip just there but the sketches made well they really paint a very disturbing picture quite literally of the conditions in which he was being kept the two men are currently being held in guantanamo bay now since the detention facility opened there in two thousand and two it's been open to prisoners scandals over abuse now the current u.s.
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president donald trump peace supports the use of waterboarding he said it many times however this is something that well the rest of the world pretty much considers torture when diana marbury which by the way which by the way we are keeping open which we are keeping. and we're going to load it up with dude split we're going to load it up would i feel strongly about waterboarding as far as i'm concerned we have to fight fire with in fact donald trump doubled down in his support for waterboarding as he promoted the woman who is in charge of the cia black sites to the top job in agency gina hospital who says well referred to by her detractors in the media particularly here in germany as either the torture queen or bloody gina well she took over as the new cia director earlier this month. peter all of the reporting there were both countries have been ordered to pay the men one hundred thousand euros each in compensation but the former u.k.
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ambassador and human rights activist craig murray believes that this ruling will actually have little effect on the use of torture until the perpetrators are punished it's good but this mission by the courts but it's a strange situation for courts appeared to hand out total income you know millions of dollars in compensation of taxpayers' money to people but what they're not doing is putting any of the perpetrators in prison and nobody has been convicted and jailed for this torture i think there's a real danger that between. trump and his new cia director they might bring back open the use of torture i think there's also. a little danger that it hasn't really gone away and that many of his practices are still continuing even though and the most important point of course is there has been no bitter abuse and.


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