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decision but i think it's wrapped up certainly in sports in the goal being achievement and a focus on that final goal and in so many cases the athletes are secondary to that goal. just think about there are good people good people on both sides yeah their hearts in the right place their head is up their backside there is no excuse for that kind of thing in my in my opinion i get that you feel bad that you might be responsible but you are responsible and you should feel bad if you didn't report something you know why and are also aware that this kind of tired old excuse of why didn't know it could happen in this place i mean from the catholic church to these universities to every you know every time we've heard about these kind of. sexual misconduct allegations and charges and eventually convictions you know we've got to get really good take the blinders off and think it's can happen here it can happen in the good ways and we have to be more aware of it i mean look i've read reports
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now you've got a guy who's like an open pedophile running for office now in the united states yet those interviews always are virginia and other events i mean how are we allowing this to happen this is salute the ridiculousness we have to face if there's anything say something when you say something say it scream it pound on the walls don't don't victims need our help we have to stop it from happening again that's our responsibility as a lot of stuff. i was going to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we cover the facebook and twitter so our poll shows at our teeth dot com coming up break up the black cats and the candles as sean stone delves into the occult and politics with offered gary laughlin and it appears there will be some major changes coming to miss america states through the whole.
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faced with frustration and dismay from america's allies even members of the g.o.p. donald trump is sticking to his campaign promise to recast washington's trade relations with the world the reaction has been loud and swift only on the verge of a global trade war. radially reinforced rammed earth bricks is what they really are.
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this more than seventy houses about a hundred and forty people with families living here but. it's really a way of forming say man. the sun is coming in and heating the house and being stored in massive walls. sagebrush is the natural environment here but as we're containing the sewage and using to plant stuff to process the sewage recreate our own little way system here. it is. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be rich
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that has to go right to the press that's what the four three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in the house. or in the city may. be. when one thinks of modern age politics with all its technology pomp and circumstance the esoteric the bizarre the are called is usually the first thing that comes to mind but you just might be surprised by how much of what many would deem occult style practices and techniques have actually found their way into the
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modern political routine in speech and that's just what author historian and founding member of blondie gary locke men discovers in his new book dark star rising magic and power in the age of trump well no one sacrificing rabbits or drawing pentagrams in the white house basement well hopefully no one as our own john stone discovers just there on that rabbit hole goes as he sat down with the recent inductee and of us rock and hall of fame to discuss this new book. gary thank you so much for joining me today i want to talk about your new book the dark star rising and it's very difficult to surmise i think for the general population but it just in your own words how would you describe the book and what its intention is. well the title is dark star rising magic and power in the age of trump. centrally it's about what seems to be a rise of a cult politics certain sorts of techniques magic positive thinking
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mental science things of that sort involved in trump's campaign. his election his victory. and as i looked into it it's also something that reaches out over to russia as well people in sort of milieu let's say around putin similarly are interested in these sort of magical techniques and so there does seem to be a kind of sudden insurgent. sort of a cold politics going on and as i followed the trail that exactly turned out to be the case. well we'll talk about that but first i want to ask why is this different then if i think back on recent presidencies like george bush's and i recall his you know the people around him talking about the idea of creating realities basically we create the reality and we we basically we dictate you know what is truth i
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remember this coming out of i think rove or one of the people around him and similarly with the obama administration there was a certain magical thinking about this savior complex that he was sort of this savior that was going to come in and change and give hope to american inspiration and so i was curious and i think if you go back further throughout time there's many mythological figures in american history in a sense going back to george washington himself was there a fight in a certain sense in many statues why is why is it now that you believe that your cult politics are so prevalent. well i mean i was actually asked to write the book because of current events i mean ten years ago i did a book called politics in the occult and it was about more or less a sort of overview of the history of the relationship between politics and you called him one of the things i wanted to do in that book was to sort of dispel the myth that any sort of political element in the cold tends to be on the right wing the far right this is something that was propagated by people like umberto eco and
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some other writers and this isn't to say that there isn't a connection between far right politics in the occult but there is also a sort of progressive occultism that you can find in and people like manna and further back in the sort of the row secretions in the early sixteenth century so i mean i sort of looked at it in an overview there but the real sort of trigger for this book for dark store was something that was in the news and it was. what happened at the meeting of the national policy institute very soon after trump selection and richard spencer who is also the founder of the authorized alternative right he addressed the crowd for the meeting they are saying oh hell trump hail our hero things along this line but any went on to say we made this happen we will trump and into office more or less and this was picked up by a fellow named harvey bishop who is
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a new thought blogger and i should say that new thought is a sort of generic term for a variety of different sort of mental science techniques in which exactly what you're saying you can you can sort of use thought to create reality but generally speaking at least some bishops point of view people that are involved in new thought of positive thinking you know tend to be let's say you know using for the spiritual so the aims and the idea that the alternative right was somehow using new thought techniques to trump into office. obviously bishop was someone who didn't particularly care for terms of he thought this was a particularly positive and other things were happening at the same time and seemed a lot of things that were on the fringe suddenly became sort of center stage one of the things that for me. sort of marked a real change was the new york times running an article about steve bannon a talk you gave to a group in the vatican known as the human dignity institute and amidst all the
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usual thing he was talking about the global tea party movement things like that he name checked fillin in julius evelyn now if you know who julius evill is you know that he was a twentieth century esoteric thinker he's rather controversial is a brilliant mind but he also had very far right extreme political views and he tried to curry favor first with miscellany and then with the national socialism and after the war when his attempts to somehow create a kind of absolute fascism through. mussolini's fascism and national socialism he became a kind of eminence greece in the background sort of intellectual. kind of mentor for a variety of the right groups that were rising up in italy and so forth he lived and he died nine hundred seventy four but he has works now been picked up by the altar right and people of that sort so it struck me that you know to have first place julie's name checked in the new york times was strange enough but to have that be
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done in the in the context of you know the new president of the united states and steve bannon at the time was still on board you know he was still part of the bench there so and again the odd thing again all these things seem to link him to something else the other odd thing about all of that was that the context in which he was named checking julius what was an allusion to alexander doogan who is another terry political thinker who has links with the traditionalism julius several. associated with and he too depending on which sources you. use has had some effect and some influence on some of the ideas or themes that are informing the sort of search for a new identity in russia so everything seems to sort of link suddenly into place and whereas yes there is a long history in different ways of the occult having an influence on politics this
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for me seem different because it's suddenly seem to be center stage one from the fringe to the mainstream. but are we seeing any implications of you know again this sort of cult thought magical thinking in the actual presidency of trump . trump himself we know is a devotee of positive thinking. you know he's a great reader of vincent peale not only a reader he went to his sermons in new york at the mobile commuter church and he was gone. and you know since he was young and his father was a. respected norman vincent peale a great deal and if you know. various different self-help books like the order to deal another one's the whole positive thinking so the theme is involved in there so i think we can say and positive thinking comes out of new thought new thought itself has roots in one thousand century occultism so it may not be i'm not saying
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trump is casting spells or anything like that but it does seem that he has. a great deal of his ethos and his worldview and the way he approaches things steeped in new thought and strangely enough. the way in which are the techniques in which the all right we're supposed to have dreamed or wished trump into office or an offshoot of something that's known as chaos magic they use the internet and they employ something that's come to be known as mean magic and this is something that grows out of as i said chaos magic and chaos magic is simply to define it is something it's a approach to using sort of magic that doesn't rely on the traditional techniques you basically use whatever is at hand it's kind of like an art you know the idea of truth is something that you pick up in one context and put it in another but so you have supposedly all right chaos magicians using the internet to help get into office and this leads into a new thought ideas trump himself. a sort of brand new thought positive thinking
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and i would say that the one word that would characterize you know trump's presidency so far i would say is chaos and so he seems to have a natural inclination in many ways his m.o. the way that he operates seem to suggest to me as i looked into this more and more to be sort of a natural play into this the whole idea that reality being something that you play with believes is something that you pick up and put down and you know adopt and and dismiss whenever it's necessary for you things of that sort different identities this kind of. so rather than saying that you know there's a direct link with a direct line he probably has never heard the term before or perhaps he may now be made mention to him about the book about it but just says the way he approached things naturally seemed to line up with it and then the other strange thing with the odd thing that seemed to link in the set both positive thinking and chaos magic or results driven very interested in making things happen there must be some kind of real effect in the real world out there to be sort of you know the real thing
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and both of them are into that so again it seemed sort of as i looked into this the ripples of sort of connection and comparison similarities seem to grow and grow and grow. the miss america pageant is celebrating its entrance into the twenty first century of this because they are known. the pageant will now be called a competition and will no longer include a swimsuit competition and while many will claim the dizzy huge move toward equality for women i'm going to have to disagree on this one see miss is that miss america is in fact a beauty competition that is so antiquated creepy that women's magazines like a war can't even figure out who's bread and butter of pretty much is making women judge their own looks and the looks of other women can't figure out who's watching was the event every year so yeah look we can take away the swimsuits but the state of having human beings parade themselves about like cattle so others may judge
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their beauty inner or outer is probably not ever going to be the empowering experiment in feminism that's somewhat like really are a whole nother power. and we are going to take like the physics are going to do it as though everybody goes. to start a stroke for a good day remember everyone in this world we are told that you love them so i tell you all i love you i am a robot and on our dollars keep on watching those hawks in the great lakes the plague.
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not. that sort of fear clearly all you'll. join me every thursday on the alex sullivan show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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four men are sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape our disdain comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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i. kid. you. not. really does she don't concern you that in talking to her the whole jellyfish deal with the saying that i'm the only person in that are equal who don't as i wonder what equals this tells me that. this will be done soon only and. that devotional. time so to us it all just does sitting on.
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the. come see international says the u.s. led coalition in syria may have committed war crimes during the battle for iraq last year. also to come this fury in germany after the american ambassador there is a piece of backing far right groups in europe maybe he needs to be a little bit more careful this guy stick around we have a world cup special coming up united manager josie marino unveils his predictions for the group stage while another member of the r.t.t. for madame our keeper peter schmeichel samplers the culture of host city simply to the. second piano concerto soloist.
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hello good afternoon welcome it's just gone three pm here in moscow you're watching international. now it's been one year since the start of the operation to liberate the syrian city of rocket from eisel but the actual human cost of the operation remains far from clear according to the u.s. led coalition the number of civilians killed in the battle for iraq will never be known as far as how do we know how many civilians were killed i'm just being honest no one will ever know anyone who claims they all know is lying it comes as the international releases a report that accuses the u.s. led coalition of relentless and artillery strikes during the battle for aca the report even suggests that the coalition may have committed war crimes as artie's it expects.
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i. was getting to the bottom of what was really happening in iraq as the americans and allies were freeing it who will be bothered to do that or it will take ages the prose of war behind these walls may have thought but scrutiny was inevitable coalition claims that its precision campaigns allowed it to bomb islamic states out of record while causing very few civilian casualties do not stand up to scrutiny based on information from amnesty international's field investigation and public reporting coalition air and artillery strikes killed hundreds of civilians and injured many more open amnesty's report and you'll find words like disproportionate indiscriminate bombing the use of white phosphorus claims which could turn into a reputational disaster if proven things that amount to war crimes the u.s.
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led coalition mission to free iraq or went on for. more than four months from june sixth to a cobra twelfth last year and the pentagon proudly told the world they'd fired thirty five thousand artillery rounds while they were at it that fired more rounds in iraq to syria than any other marine that tillery battalion any marine battalion since the vietnam war yet we kept hearing from those whose orders matter how cautious they war there is no military in the world's history that is paid more attention to the limited value of the guest administered from the battlefield and the coalition military were not the perfect guys we can make a mistake and in this kind of warfare are ready to happen but we are the good guys and munitions people on a battlefield know the difference you can't help wondering how many innocent locals
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general mattis has actually met i'm sure you can find many of those who are genuinely grateful to the coalition for kicking myself out but just compare his words to some of the witness accounts our team heard while in iraq that was that in effect in washington we were directly targeted by the coalition after the recognizance craft filmed this it was a low altitude it was very clear there were no terrorists in the area but there were kids playing in the streets and we were collecting water and i knew little about i knew that if the aircraft boehm using phosphorus targets everyone it is not hidden i so the coalition is boman randomly if you're sitting at home a ball may come down on you there are houses that collapsed on their residence and they couldn't get out all this happened because of the aircraft and they will plane comes in strikes for instance a five story building i said would be on the second floor while civilians on the third and fourth floors how comes the plane still strikes then most civilians died
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the ones will terrorists and we weren't alone and hearing those worrying calls from that devastated syrian city humanitarian. groups on high alert had many more whores to share with us and the rest of the world there are worries about how this operation will affect civilians we're concerned about the safety and protection of more than four hundred thousand people in iraq as these operations commence we've investigated last. year in a coalition already so you actually believe that the actual number really important of course i wonder if you thought any of that led to a change of tactics by the coalition or at least an apology i'll have to tell you they feel that themselves from scrutiny with monthly casualty reports we've been largely focusing on the fate of rock of civilians in our coverage and nationals now
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weighed in with some serious work it could be high time we hear something new from the u.s. pros of war. now on friday the russian president vladimir putin moved visit china for a summit of the shanghai cooperation organization ahead of the engagement though he was asked by journalists whether he would bring any gifts to his chinese counterpart someone who was hunting will you bring me give peace here it won't be a surprise if i see in advance what exactly i'm bringing. you. i told you before how the chinese businessman told me how chinese love russian ice cream i promised him i'd bring some over myself so i brought you an entire box of ice cream as a gift. let
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it be a secret between me and you i will whisper it to you later. well into you did touch on his range of topics to you from regional security to birthdays and also footballers this is steffi reports this is a doubt that president casey will be bringing a gift along with him during his state visit to china on gene that day to meet the president and see him take the two or three good friends that president face in the shatt they with him as well. chairman cieszyn pink is the only world leader with whom i have spent one of my birthdays i just have not had that kind of relationship with anyone else and my schedule did not allow spending my birthday with any of my other foreign counterparts but i was able to do so with
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decision being. now during this three day state visit the president he said let's turn the shanghai cooperation organization seventh also known as the as c.e.o. and together these countries make up the fourth largest production of world g.d.p. and they also make up forty three percent of the world's population now it's also a security organization as well so the topic of north korea will no doubt simply come up but when talking about the korean peninsula in the instigator president putin said that they want to go down the path that will the difficulties tensions between will read. i was struck by the north korean leadership has taken unprecedented steps towards deescalation of tensions and frankly i did not expect that. i can understand the north korean leadership when they say that for the full denuclearization of the peninsula they need absolute guarantees of their security and how else could it be it is not possible to imagine it any other way especially
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after the tragic events that happened in libya and iraq the north. i remember them very well. because i still hope that this meeting a very brave and mature decision u.s. president donald trump has made to have direct contacts with north korean leader kim jong un will take place and we all expect a positive outcome for doing this interview and the chance to ask the president he said and some questions and they were obviously all related thing is there which kicks off on the fourteenth. that's a difficult one there are many title contenders there are latin american teams like argentina and brazil but we also know that the german team showed great game at previous tournaments and the high quality of football was also demonstrated by the spanish team i am sure there are going to be other title contenders but the strongest will win. you know used to have
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a couple of footballers whom i consider extraordinary and who can obviously lay claim to the title of the among russian and soviet players it is live you know sion among foreign footballers it's paley well i also like mara dawna the people discussing all time footballing greats making his world cup predictions well as excitement does build over which country will eventually lift the world cup in the final in moscow next month r.c. has been picking the brains of perhaps the most famous manager there at the moment shows a merino on how the tournament will play. so mr marino let's go through the group step by step whenever you're ready. because there's a lot.


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