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better than the others but like me or putin said there is progress being made people are openly talking about the need to the need to be friendly with each other they need to work together east and west with regards to sanctions. said that there are signs that eventually people are coming around that eventually they'll be lifted what with you know the united states with donald trump's unpredictability he said that the current battle trade wars they call it between europe and the united states is nothing more than the united states slapping sanctions on europe trying to get its way politically the audience not even economically. you know as minister for one of the french governments ministers recently said that the us shouldn't be allowed to become the economic policeman of the world and he spoke about it publicly the former german minister of finance publicly said that germany hasn't been
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a fully sovereign state since one thousand nine hundred five because everybody can see what's going on but probably our partners thought it would never affect them that kind of politics is counterproductive the politics of limitations and sanctions of. blood were putin's message was that compromise is key compromise by everyone and with with everyone that people need to work together countries need to work together and sort out their differences with words rather than sanctions and restrictions and and military action there is also talk about the world cup live where putin hoping that the russian team which hasn't hasn't done very well in recent years that they'll show their true colors their good side and you know surprise everyone the stellar performance in this world cup starting starting in a week you also spoke about other crises in. in. his opinion about
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what's happening there but as i say most of it most of the q. and a session has been focused on domestic issues just to give you an idea for how long this will go on the shorter session ever was two and a half hours back in two thousand and one in two thousand and eleven that the mere putin managed to keep up. for four and a half hours answering questions so you know we'll see how long how much energy has this year. sure could go on for another couple of hours as we speak thanks more ad that was artie's more aghast yes. now let's go to the world cup because it is just around the corner and football fans are already guessing who might make it past the group stage as is our sea host and star. so here is some of his picks. to work with the wind with. their experiences. of the road going to
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do. to. be. a local show a little good to talk to the portraits of the world will finish second in the. well for more of the night it manages predictions do head to our website at r.t. dot com also if you think you know better you can challenge him to just head to facebook or twitter and use the hash tag match marina meanwhile here's what happened behind the scenes when marino was making his predictions.
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but. yes. but. you. know what are the.
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sort of see a. cupcake now theory in a week's time now for the past three days israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been on a european told being the leaders of germany france and the u.k. to drop their support for the iran nuclear deal is that that appear to have been in vain. but i've been very consistent about my opposition to the. to this with nuclear deal we believe that iran deal is an opportunity for a certain time it's better than what we had before along with france which is taking you to be this is the best route to preventing iran from getting. or despite this unity among european leaders companies and institutions are playing to a different tune at the moment the european investment bank for example seems to be
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siding with the u.s. is bushell expects e.u. solidarity in nothing but a house of cards after europe from energy behemoths to the makers of persia and see paul in a bit this scrapping billion euro iran projects to brute the european investment bank owned by yes the twenty eight members of the e.u. of. supports the e.u. but ignoring sanctions is incompatible with its status of course and it gets worse brussels is painful new u.s. tariffs on europe's metal however some see all this as a calming plan business these days especially european union in american business is whether their bangs automobile companies i t. companies any other business they're so interconnected that america will continue to use that leverage to try to penalize some of the european companies who may
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be doing business with iran charmer tehran again breaking up the transatlantic marriage e.u. ministers write an angry open letter demanding america exempts them from iran's sanctions as close allies we expect that the extraterritorial effects of u.s. secondary sanctions will not be enforced on a u. entities and individuals and the united states will thus respect our political decision and the good faith of our economic operators within the e.u. legal territory. and while we await washington's reaction there's the small matter of friday's g seven or is that g six plus one it will be a g six plus one the united states have decided to raise dettori some steel and. that decision is unjustified this is very unfortunate it is unfortunate because it will. cause
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a lot of damage to our stealing aluminum industry it is unfortunate because this is further weakening the transatlantic relations even union wanted to avoid this situation you wouldn't want to be your accra right now dissent in the ranks as your top firms betray the party line or the world dodging bullets from the trump administration. a british clergyman has been cleared of paying islamic state to release sex slaves after a two year investigation andrew white denies paying i still saying he helped release several women using connections he made while serving as a church vicar in iraq a clergyman has reportedly played a role in the release of at least six women earlier we spoke to mr white who told us that police refused to believe him out job to ensure that terrorism. by giving. only you actually perpetrate it not
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stopping it the problem was they didn't realize that all i knew who some of the people who come on do is of the kidnapping groups and i heard john dawes things for the many years before we brought up for debate with mohammed shafiq of the ramadan pound nation and also the political commentator david that's. was it a fair was it a justified investigation. i think it was slightly unfair because canon was based in iraq and he would have build relationships that were number of people and he used those relationships to use that influence to get civil thaws slaves who were captured and held by isis to be released you know it would be remiss of scotland yard if they have possession of some information that led them to suggest that. this incident didn't have to be looked into it would have been remiss to have
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ignored by the c. of dog and i think the men need to move on and focus to political priorities i'm just a bit concerned it took them two years to reach a conclusion on this cloud and you know we're kind of wondering why would have caused immense pain for him and his family it was a very brave man the fact that i don't time when you know the christians in the middle east terrorists want to want to do how it's a good record my admiration for what he has gone through in iraq in. bravery is beyond beyond doig what else can somebody do what other action can the government take to release slaves of islamic state in terms of isis it's very difficult if they were very barbaric if there was little room for negotiation there was no opportunities to have a dialogue you just bury you don't negotiate with him you don't appease them and you sure as heck don't pay them or who have really that's the lesson of syria and
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it's one the us would not wish it to be the case it is the. german and drug pesticides make a buyer will close its largest ever foreign takeover on thursday it is buying up monsanto the largest u.s. producer of genetically modified seeds and agricultural chemicals the german giant is hoping to strengthen its portfolio in the. nutrition with the acquisition was issued but giving one son to his legacy that might not be so easy as ati smear a cup expects one of the world's biggest brands and most controversial agricultural companies monsanto will soon be through this as we know it will be bought out by bayer the german pharmaceutical giant and the company has announced that it will be shedding the monsanto name one which used to make headlines as thousands of protesters hit the streets across the globe.
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bit. like the fact that monsanto will no longer exist bayer will be inheriting each and every lawsuit that taps the company around four thousand of them in the u.s. alone on top of that approximately two thousand legal hearings are still pending and one of the biggest trials to come this month is based on accusations that the company hid that its products could cause cancer for decades. at the center of all of those lawsuits monsanto's leading herbicide round up and its main ingredients like the safe according to the international agency for research on cancer it's quote probably curse of the genic to humans their study has also found strong evidence of
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a link between life estate exposure and lymphoma. you know they vote what provokes me about some sort of missteps concern is poison year after year nobody cares what the votes mean is that there is only us here today monsanto has been implicated in this scandal in various ways court documents released last year showed that monsanto manufactured scientific studies and bribed scientists to. but at the same time the company claims that ground up the. glacier site based the sites supported by one of the most extensive world wide human health and environmental databases ever compiled for a pesticide product. months into his new owner has provided assurances that the merger would make things right as they are great here but if out. into deep in our society we will listen to our critics and work together where we find common ground
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agricultural. ideological differences to bring progress to a standstill. you're talking about progress to try and find new herbicides that simply hasn't happened and they may have reached the end of their life if you're talking about progress to try and convince americans and the rest of the planet that roundup is safe well they've been doing the leaked documents show that when they knew that the world health organization was going to declare life for say a probable human carcinogen they created an entire plan to quote orchestrate they ghostwrote studies they goes wrote opinion pieces documents all sure showed that they had their own man inside the e.p.a. working quietly and been here for months and blocking additional research that might have indicated it verified that it was a core synergy so i don't know exactly what they are means by progress but it doesn't look good. but dealing with the eleven dangers of months santa products is not the only issue bothering the public there are fears that two giant companies
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will form a monopoly that farmers are. they're looking at a very big conglomerate now because much santo was a shi'a and there is a giant in health and agriculture and now you're combining those when you create a giant company that controls all of these assets it makes it harder on the smaller companies that just fresh allies in one. or maybe a chill of the functions of day or so it's good or bad farmers avoided or affect all of us in the long run. the ricos government will release or death certificates issued since hurricane maria hit in september as people say that the official number confirmed by the territory's health ministry is actually far too low a newly released report says the actual death toll exceeds four thousand. well
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with the new hurricane season looming donald trump has promised a rapid response however the consequences of the last big storms are still being dealt with with the u.s. government accused of wasting aid money and she said think looks at that. put there rico is still reeling from last year's devastating cataclysm but it's already time to plan for the new hurricane season and that's why donald trump has arrived at the aged care of the federal emergency management agency with money as
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a parent some alongside him all good but he drawing more attention first lady maloney in trouble just made her first appearance before the media for the first time in twenty six days the first lady malani a trump attended a fema briefing with her husband today her first time in front of a camera nearly a month the first lady malani a trump was with her husband the president this afternoon for a briefing about the hurricane season it all comes as where expecting the release of all death certificates following hurricane maria which will shed light on the real scale of the tragedy is thoughts the fischel death toll of just sixty four has been severely underestimated nevertheless has that changed the high opinion the trump administration has about the way it dealt with a disaster just the this is still faces response to the hurricane. there's a tentative or just a mistake almost by. the federal response once again was a historic proportion we're continuing to work with the people of puerto rico do
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the best we can to provide federal assistance particularly working with the governor there in puerto rico and will continue to do so while the mayor of san juan in puerto rico believes the u.s. response to the hurricane was a historic failure the fact is that the trumpet ministrations bureaucracy and neglect created a climate of inefficiency that cost lives their inability to meet our needs and their lack of empathy continues to be responsible for the slow pace of recovery. the federal emergency management agency actually did spend significant sums to aid their ricoh providing some one point three billion dollars in support to survivors however some many allocations are raising questions in particular a cruise ship which was books to host female workers and first responders the so-called floating hotel docked in the virgin islands the main island of puerto rico cost them seventy five million dollars for
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a four month runs and that's actually more money than the money dished out to help the virgin island survivors as of march first more than seventy million in themis individual assistance has been distributed there reckless the survivors so how them get back on their feet to make matters worse the floating hotel remained hot and see the contract that has been defended by carnival the company which owns the fleet it stresses the way the ship was to be used was never part of the obligations we come into the fuel use of a ship for an extended period of time whether or not fema was go into the ship or not or filled it with relief workers that wasn't part of our obligation this time around with the new hurricane season approaching fema may now be more prepared for the storms the troublous the ricos not just thirty there we have asked the u.s. federal emergency management agency to comment on the issue and they said they would respond as soon as they could. on
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a lighter note an eighty five year old pensioner from northwestern russia has decided to give all his money away after saving up all his life to help those whose lives are just beginning. at their sheer. scary horror. reach. that i have just his there are. birthrights. whether for. a horse out or the sorrow that. he.
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has. plans for a day care are doing are you. just roll it out over a year or so your border for a provider of coal miner chris says. when his money didn't know him before and from the documents we knew that he just turned eighty five and so we decided to get to know him well. and good man he watching r t international we're going to take a quick break now we'll be back with more news in
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a couple minutes. global blog selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't want. to do socks for the tell you that will be gossip and tabloid bias fell for the most important news today. on the box of advertising telling me you are not cool enough and wants to buy their product. these are the hawks that we along with all we'll watch. it. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is to protect themselves. the family.
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we can all middle of the room sit. in the. room. welcome back to our take the u.s. congress is about to decide whether to widen the war powers of donald trump the new bill does allow the president to decide whom and where to fight with critics fearing capitol hill is formally giving away its control the bill met with fierce resistance to on wednesday we've gone through seventeen years of war. you would drop this proposal will have one hundred seventy more a loaded gun in a desk drawer of the president ready for him to take it out and shoot it whatever it wants and it will put war making on autopilot do i want my sixteen year old
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going to war against al shabaab in somalia my boys have never lived in a country that has not been for both of them my son probably can't find. and probably very few people even in this room know who. came for browsers or there are no limits on war let it be known that there were at least some of us who were warned well the new builders seek to replace the two thousand and one wall authorization act among other things to grants the president the right to include any groups on the terrorist list without informing the public interest singly one of the legislators behind the claim that congress is being granting a license to wage war for too long some us media have scoffed at legislators saying that they don't even know what's in their own bill despite the bill extending the president's powers his what the bills. you say. has great difficulty but for
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a. moment he's proven himself. unable to rise to the occasion you know who i don't trust. i wonder donald trump. donald trump doubted lee they like the idea of the president being some sort of a king go to war when he wishes what a disconnect here you have these two and many others in washington are calling trump and a mentally unstable in all sorts of even worse things and then you want to give him the authority to go to war when he wants it's crazy war is what washington is made of war is washington's number one export is congress throwing up its arms and saying you know what we give it all over we're just going to. sit in front of the camera collect our paychecks and do nothing. ok let's turn to the because the house of lords that has been stung with a new memo on their transgressions according to media reports the list does include shouting orders all conversation and also forming
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a sleep. explains why midday nap in parliament is such a sensitive issue. so many members of the house of lords which is the chamber the british parliament have been around the block for quite some time the average age in the lords chamber is sixty nine and from the breadth of their experience the last job is to scrutinise british law and that can be pretty tiring so much so that even the most hardworking and conscientiously lauds and politicians can get a little sleep paid. well rumor has it that the lords have now received
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a quiet telling off for falling asleep in the chamber according to the times newspaper a conservative peers have received an email telling them that their behavior and that isn't up to scratch and it said that the other political parties are sending a similar reprimand to their lords but according to established parliamentary convention perry is all allowed to quote rest their eyes so i'm armed with photos of sleeping lords all sleepy looking lords and i want londoners to help me determine which of these are just resting their eyes and which are most definitely in the land of nod. he might be resting his they've just been told off the sleeping too much in the chamber guy's lost control of his neck so he's definitely sleeping but i think he'd be asleep and he might be resting and just looking down as i was just ok so you're not guilty not guilty what about what about these two.
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resting his eyes they should be allowed to have a little clip in the chamber that's lots of. scrutinizing legislation i would think this place i would be a letter and not before i went to work as a washington i'd love to be paid for having a campaign in my office think they should be allowed to have a little kip in the chamber they can do whatever they want as far as i understand their old gentlemen and they deserve a little bit of respect. a long day just listening to other people all day long so we're going to. put in the questions they want to be fair britain is far from the only country whose parliamentarians do not off once in a while though one exception might be france in the moments where lawmakers are complaining that the new president's energetic reforms strife is giving them actually no chance for rest. recent weeks we've sat for eighty hours per week we've sat for the last seventeen days consecutively this is not how
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a parliament normally functions it is not allowing us to really carry out legislative work to make good laws we are exasperated and for some of us exhausted this isn't the normal life of our parliamentarians staying in day we're not trying to tug on the heartstrings this is not a good way of legislating. what just one year in office and new macron has introduced new legislation in various fees from education to the rail sector some of the national assembly sessions have lasted far longer than usual and lawmakers to say that's not a good way of going forward. now the russian president is currently holding his annual televised q. and a with the public nearly two million questions have been submitted when the session began just about two and a half hours ago i'm glad i'm a putin has also been putting some of the issues raised to the politicians directly responsible so let's get more now from r.t. for the following what's been said hello again would add just run through then the
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key points. well it started off as it usually does vladimir putin is a by now an old hand at this sixteen direct lines q. and a sessions behind his belt but it started off with domestic issues that say health care education salaries you know problems the russians are having corruption as well and muesli interesting to russians but there were of course early on as you know by by standard so far early on they came to international issues and one of those of course eases the split the division and tension between russia and the united states and its allies and one russian view us president what the chances of world war three are.


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