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world cup two world war three foreign policy shows the spotlight with domestic issues during the sixteenth q. and a session with the public. illegal a political mistake and unacceptable world leaders from lash out at from. friday's g. seven summit. and wake up call britain's upper parliament the house of lords is berated over members falling asleep during sessions we'll get reaction from the streets of london. places i would feel that if i went to say washington i love to be paid for having a campaign in my long day just listening to other people all day long.
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good evening nine pm here in moscow my name is neil harvey this is art. for domestic issues to the consequences of a third world war russia's president has wrapped up his annual televised q. and a with the public this time it lasted more than four hours. breaks down the highlights some of the things that really stood out was what vladimir putin had to say about foreign affairs for example to me a putin recently presented a slew of super weapons we're talking here about bigger more powerful foster nuclear missiles but they stick missiles and one viewer challenge vladimir putin saying you know does this stuff really exist there are those who doubt new russian weapons are soon going to be put into service back in two thousand and four they were doubting the of armed. system but now we see it in syria and that's not
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everything that we're planning to produce and put into service as i said in my address it's too early to talk about it but we will speak out soon the president stress that this isn't about saber rattling will waving your guns around or you know measuring anything with anyone but this is about parity this is about making sure that russia has a deterrent that new enemy no potential opponent can overcome russia and here another particularly worried. me a putin how close we are to will rule three. inch the in a moment don't because you know you can recall einstein's words he said i don't know with what weapons world war three will be fought but world war four will be fought with sticks and stones with the understanding of the fact that world war three maybe the end of modern civilization must deter us from extreme actions on the international scene all this war talk and fear is no surprise given current
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tensions between the east and the west people are as you know when is this going to end when is this division going to end these sanctions these restrictions and let me putin said that they won't until we will treat each other as equals until nations learn to respect each other and to compromise that he pointed to the trade war that has just erupted between europe and the united states saying that the new tariffs that washington has slapped from the europeans which have made them very unhappy those down so much tariffs as they are sanctions you know i mean you sort of one of the french governments ministers recently said that the u.s. shouldn't be allowed to become the economic policeman of the world and he spoke about it publicly the former german minister of finance publicly said that germany hasn't been a fully sovereign state since one thousand nine hundred five but everybody can see what's. going on but probably our partners thought it would never affect them that
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kind of politics is counterproductive the politics of limitations and sanctions which lead me putin also spoke about the upcoming world cup due to kick off in about a week in all over russia really and the said that the russian team lately hasn't hasn't played as well perhaps as some would expect and he said he hopes that now that the world cup is here they'll really show what they've got. the leaders of canada and france just into don't emmanuel micron a better head of g seven talks had a summit expected to be tense after president trump announced stiff tariffs on imports from our lives. constantly drive to convince president on the climate. business but. i can lead to your decisions if you're evil we're
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going to continue to defend our industry in our workers but i also know that our citizens expect us to resolve our differences and show him that his actions are unacceptable. but these are just the latest concerns expressed by g seven leaders over the last week on wednesday german chancellor angela merkel said talks at the summit will be tough. jobs announcement came out of brussels confirmed its commitment to the around nuclear deal europe promised to help its firms business ties to tehran however the french vehicle equipment industries association has just canceled its trip to iran amid the u.s. sanctions threat on the stand your bushel explains how the white house hits you interests. e.u. solidarity nothing but a house of cards after europe giants from energy behemoths to the makers of persia and c toy in a bit this scrapping billion euro iran projects to brute the european
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investment bank owned by yes the twenty eight members of the e.u. itself in supports the e.u. but ignoring sanctions is incompatible with its status of course and it gets worse brussels is painful new u.s. tariffs on europe's metal however some see all this as a calming plan business these days especially european union and american business is whether they have bangs automobile companies i t. companies any other business they're so interconnected that america will continue to use that leverage to try to penalize some of their european companies who may be doing business with iran charmer tehran again breaking up the transatlantic marriage e.u. ministers write an angry open letter demanding america exempts them from iran's
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sanctions as close allies we expect that the extraterritorial effects of u.s. secondary sanctions will not be enforced on e.u. entities and individuals and the united states will thus respect our political decision and the good faith of our economic operators within the e.u. legal territory. and while we're away it's washington's reaction there's the small matter of friday's g seven or is that g six plus one it will not be a g seven it will be a g six plus one the united states have decided to raise dettori some steel and aluminum this is very unfortunate it is unfortunate because it will . cause a lot of damage to our steel and aluminum industry it is unfortunate because this is further weakening the transatlantic relations the european union wanted to avoid this situation you wouldn't want to be your accra right now dissin seen the top
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firms be true the party line or the world dodging bullets from the trump administration. earlier spoke to ron paul former u.s. congressman in the founder of the wrong paul institute for peace and prosperity he fears america's latest moves against one of his closest allies will eventually backfire and in a big way it is a serious problem what's going on especially if one does not like terrorists or terrorist war and i think as a consequence of many bad policy including monetary policy so a tariff war is just horrible and eventually it will hurt united states all why they're punishing our guys so it really doesn't make any sense that very dangerous because there are sometimes unintended consequences i think long term something will happen because i think there will be enough annoyance by our policies that maybe there will be an alternative to the dollar as the reserve currency of the world and i know russia and china and india and some of these other countries would like to see that happen. friends lawmakers are debating
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a new law on fighting fake news the bill has been criticized as being an attack on freedom of speech but it's been heavily promoted by the president on the shoulder explains. the basic freedom is the freedom of expression which always comes with the freedom of conscience and the fought and that constitutes the basis for the counter power vital to our democracy this illiberal temptation must be taken seriously. well the french president is a vocal defender of democracy and press freedom on top of that he's on a crusade against fake news the bill he initiated is aimed at protecting european elections from all kinds of this information spread in the media elections fakes media you have all of the key elements but one it seems is missing this
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voice that specifically russian media because of the time when the law was. thought the russian with responsible for the united states since there was lots of investigation very very few evidence concerning the russian of course no surprises here president is not a fan of russian media and of our channel in particular. russia today. have not behaved as media outlets and journalists organ the influence of false propaganda. this is. enormous if six young moment you should. look up the super soaker but i'm with you can you trust. this election. if passed the bill would allow french judges to block the publication of any
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information deemed to be head of elections not definitely false but. how efficient can these measures be welcome back because basically. they're going to point everybody's attention. and there is no way you can censor efficiently the internet so everybody will be looking for this century news and because it's censured many many people in france who believe that's the truth even though it's probably not the government just spends the initiatives saying that it has nothing to do with reducing freedom of expression but vice versa it's only to protect it there is no foreign media in the country available to. what foreign media or news which is not really widespread in france let's be honest here. to internet providers that home for those are the two major
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internet providers and in france for those of you don't know you have t.v. . with your internet provider i don't have all the news on my t.v. so i don't have access to the news other than having access using the internet online on the web so it's not going to change much honestly there's nothing to be afraid of the. us congress is set to decide whether to widen the war powers of donald trump you bill would let the president decide who and where to fight critics warning capitol hill is formally giving away its control the bill was met with fish resistance on wednesday. we've gone through seventeen years of war. you would drop this proposal will have one hundred seventy more a loaded gun in a desk drawer of the president ready for him to take it out and shoot it whatever it wants and it will put war making on autopilot do i want my sixteen year old going to war against al shabaab in somalia my boys have never lived in
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a country that has not been at war both of them my son probably can't find my on a map and probably very few people even in this room know who all shabaab is came korver passes that there are no limits on war let it be known that there were at least some of us who were warned. the new bill seeks to replace the two thousand and one war authorization act among other things it grants the president the right to include new groups on the terrorist list without informing the public some have expressed surprise that in or make a behind the bill claimed that congress had been granting a license to wage war for too long u.s. media scoffed at that legislators don't even know what's in that bill despite the bill extending the president's war powers is what the bill's walthers think about donald trump. the president has great difficulty with three. men he's proven himself. unable to rise to the occasion you know who i don't trust.
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i wonder donald trump. donald trump doubtingly they like the idea of the president being some sort of a king go to war when he wishes what a disconnect here you have these two and many others in washington are calling trump an a mentally unstable in all sorts of even worse things and then you want to give him the authority to go to war when he wants it's crazy war is what washington is made of war is washington's number one export. growing up and. you know what we do have it all over we're just going to. get in front of a camera collect our paycheck and do nothing. to the u.k. now where the base of the house of lords have been given a slap on the wrist over their behavior and imo has she reportedly been sent complaining about shouting orders will conversations even falling asleep while in the chain but not so unusual i don't think explains why parliamentary snooze is
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a such a sensitive issue. most members of the house of lords which is the chamber of the british parliament have been around the block for quite some time the average age in the lords chamber is sixty nine and from the breadth of their experience the law job is to scrutinise british law and that can be pretty tiring so much so that even the most hardworking and conscientious lords and politicians can get a little sleep paid. well rumor has it that the lords have now received a quiet telling off for falling asleep in the chamber according to the times
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newspaper a conservative peers have received an email telling them that their behavior and that isn't up to scratch and it said that the other political parties are sending a similar reprimand to their lords but according to established parliamentary convention perry is all allowed to quote rest their eyes so i'm with photos of sleeping lords all sleepy looking lords and i want london as to help me determine which of these are just resting their eyes and which all most definitely in the land of nod the definition so he might be resting his eyes they've just been told off the sleeping too much in the chamber guys lost control of his neck so he's definitely sleeping but i think he'd be asleep and he won't be rested when i don't know all right i'm just looking down his and i was just ok so a not guilty not guilty what about what about these to. the.
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rest of his eyes do you think they should be. allowed to have a little camp in the chamber that's lots of hard. scrutinizing and i would think the place i would be let's have a nap before i went to work so why should i love to be paid for having a kid in my office think they should be allowed to have a little kip in the chamber you do whatever they want as far as i'm concerned they're old gentleman and deserve a little bit of a. long day just listening to other people all day long so they don't want to let them have. the u.s. to say it has taken a swipe at what he described as a modern day tyranny the foreign policy message came in a tweet by mike but the seventy four hundred versts of d.-day during world war two when u.s. and allied troops landed in normandy to liberate western europe from nazi forces the state referred to d.-day as the turning point in the fight against the nazis not motioning the soviet union immense contribution to the victory also chose not
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to elaborate on what country sisi says to run the call in the modern world earlier state department spokesperson how the now it also made an orchid comment using the d.-day landings as an example of the longstanding relations between the u.s. and germany but when you talk about germany we have a very strong relationship with the government of germany very strong relationship looking back in the history books today is the seventy first anniversary of the speech that now announced the marshall plan tomorrow is the anniversary of the d.-day invasion. we obviously have a very long history with the government of germany. and other journalists lucre very feels american officials seem to be forgetting some important facts about the second world war. should refuse her courses in geography and above all in history and in the plum see this is of course on the day the germans were on the wrong side
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and the americans on the good side but what strikes me in comparison iraq and her remark to is the fact that they seem to believe that we've won the war full stop forgetting the red army if you look at the number of victims of soldiers who were killed during the war it's eight point seven million for the red army while the americans as a whole for the whole war lost only four hundred thousand men so it's twenty one times more than the american casualties and the realistic truths of the second football is clearly the soviet union and of course the americans helped to tear up second. pillars of the allies but the second one not the first story folks. the german drug and pesticides company will complete its biggest ever foreign takeover today it's buying up monsanto the biggest producer of genetically modified seeds and pesticides in the united states by
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a belief that the move will strengthen his portfolio but given monsanto's legacy some say it might not be quite so easy to smear a can expense one of the world's biggest brands and most controversial agricultural company from one man to will be there as we know it will be bought out by bayer the german pharmaceutical giant and the company has announced that it will be setting the monthly antonie one which used to make headlines as thousands of protesters hit the streets across the globe. the fact that monsanto will no longer exist bayer will be inheriting each and every lawsuit that taps the company around four thousand of them in the u.s.
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alone on top of that approximately two thousand legal hearings are still pending and one of the biggest trials to come this month is based on accusations that the company had bet its products could cause cancer for decades. at the center of all of those lawsuits monsanto's leading herbicide round up and its main ingredient like the fake according to the international agency for research on cancer it's quote probably course in a general human their study has also found strong evidence of a link between life estate exposure and lymphoma. you know the vote what provokes me about monsanto is that it can sell its poison year after year nobody cares what provokes me is that there is only us here today one sensor has been implicated in the scandal in various ways court documents released last year showed that monsanto manufactured scientific studies and derived scientists to publish them but at the
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same time the company claims that roundup of the. glacier state based herbicides supported by one of the most extensive worldwide human health and environmental databases ever compiled for a pesticide product. monsanto's new owner has provided assurances that the merger would make things right as they are ready to hear pick out the aim to deepen our dialogue with society we will listen to our critics and work together where we find common ground agriculturists. ideological differences to bring progress to a standstill. you're talking about progress to try and find new herbicides that simply hasn't happen and they may have reached the end of their life if you're talking about progress to try and convince americans in the right. of the planet roundup is safe well they've been doing leaked documents showed that when they knew that the world health organization was going to declare glyphosate
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a probable human carcinogen they created an entire plan to quote orchestrate the ghost wrote studies they ghost wrote opinion pieces documents all showed that they had their own man inside the e.p.a. working quietly and be here for months and blocking additional research that might have indicated verified that it was a core synergy so i don't know exactly what their means by progress but it doesn't look good. but dealing with the eleven dangers that monsanto products is not the only issue bothering the public there are fears that you can't companies will form a monopoly that farmers are. they're looking at a very big conglomerate now because month santo was a giant and there is a giant in health and agriculture and now you're combining those when you create a giant company that controls all of these assets it makes it harder on the smaller companies that just fresh allies and one or maybe two of the functions of bayer so
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it's going to affect farmers quite it will affect all of us in the long run. hundreds more homes have been destroyed in hawaii as the killer way a volcano continues to erupt although it's actually been active since nine hundred eighty three since last month it's been showing its strongest activity for decades this lava flows now cover no point two percent of the entire territory of hawaii's big island a number of residential areas have been evacuated while the hawaii volcanoes national park is being closed. put a rico's government will release all the death certificates issued since hurricane maria hit in september after people claimed that the official number confirmed by the territories health ministry was far too low and you the released report says that the actual death toll exceeds four thousand.
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with a new hurricane season looming donald trump has promised the rapid response however the consequences of the last big storms are still being dealt with the u.s. government accused of wasting aid money. takes a look. what they're rico is still reeling from last year's devastating cataclysm but it's already time to plan for the new hurricane season and that's why donald
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trump has arrived at the aged care of the federal emergency management agency with melanie as the parents alongside him all gave drawing more attention first lady maloney in trouble just made her first appearance before the media for the first time in twenty six days first lady malani a trump attended a fema briefing with her husband today her first time in front of a camera nearly a month the first lady malani a trump was with her husband the president this afternoon for a briefing about the hurricane season it all comes as where expecting the release of all death certificates following hurricane maria which will shed light on the real scale of the tragedy is thoughts the fischel death toll of just sixty four has been severely underestimated nevertheless has that changed the high opinion the trump administration has about the way it dealt with the disaster does the president still think his response to the hurricane. is there's it's an opportunity for us to it's almost like. the federal response once again was
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a historic proportion we're continuing to work with the people of puerto rico do the best we can to provide federal assistance particularly working with the governor there in puerto rico and will continue to do so while the mayor of san juan in puerto rico believes the u.s. response to the hurricane was a historic failure the fact is that the trumpet ministrations bureaucracy and neglect created a climate of inefficiency that cost lives their inability to meet our needs and their lack of empathy continues to be responsible for the slow pace of recovery. the federal emergency management agency actually did spend significant sums to aid puerto rico providing some one point three billion dollars in support to survivors however some many allocations are raising questions in particular the cruise ship which was booked to host fame aid workers and first responders the so-called floating hotel docked in the virgin islands the main island of puerto rico cost
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some seventy five million dollars for a four month runs and that's actually more money than the money dished out to help the virgin islands survive this as of march first more than seventy million in themis individual assistance has been distributed there reckless to survivors so how of them get back on their feet to make matters worse the floating hotel remained hot and the contract has been defended by carnival the company which owns the fleet it stresses the way the ship was to be used was never part of the obligations we committed the full use of the ship for an extended period of time whether or not fema was going to use the ship or not filled it with relief workers that wasn't bhagavan obligation this time around with the new hurricane season approaching fema may now be more prepared for the storms the troublous puerto rico's not. we asked the u.s. federal emergency management agency to comment on the issue they said that they'd
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respond as soon as they could. wrap things up for the news hour just thirty two minutes to go about with latest updates see them.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart just a few here is a good day to you know if you are feeling i'm devil in the bow of the united states and reopening for business with russia it seemed like crazy talk in some corners it's still nice but it's donald trump continues to spread in europe with tariffs and secondary sanctions can lead to push and seize the moment while to discuss it i'm knowledge joined by a woman she's a former chancellor of austria and i'm former president of the european council chancellor it's a great honor talking to thank you very much for your time and now you've heard my introduction and as far fetched as it may be i feel like there is that. a bit of a competition for europe's hearts. you have a new american administration treating europe with less subtlety in them europe is
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