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tv   News  RT  June 9, 2018 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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rules based international old are. being challenged by market to go into the u.s. the g. seven summit in canada is marred by discord with anger over u.s. tariffs and division over donald trump's suggestion to reinstate russia to the summit also become a failed asylum seeker has been arrested after a teenage girl was raped and murdered in germany he was detained in iraq after he fled germany with fake documents raising questions over the government's handling of the refugee crisis and these photos do capture the moment when a tear gas canister fired by the israeli army gets stuck in the mouth of a palestinian protester at the gaza border. plus a google unveils a new range of emotions which do include you can salads and couples who are gender
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neutral but are they actually politically correct. three pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international our top story this hour issues g. seven summit in canada is being dominated by divisions the u.s. was left isolated by global leaders who accused it of sowing all sorts of discord on the global arena. what worries me most however is the fact that the rules based international order is being challenged quite surprisingly. not by the usual suspects. but by its main architect and. the us before reaching canada donald trump did cause a split by suggesting that russia should be reinstated to the group it was
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a great day to keep that is he off this year's agenda. here we all agreed the return of russia to the g seven format summits can happen until substantial progress has been made in connection with the problems with ukraine canada's position is absolutely clear and that there are no grounds whatsoever for bringing russia with its current behavior into the g seven before any such conversations can take place russia needs to change its approach. would be. russia out. russia the fact is. as for the presence of russia in the g eight we will see for sure italy was traditionally a supporter of the russian presence in the g eight spot the tension there on the sidelines of the summit did find a moment to try and reaganite what has been described as their bromance with the french leader posting this video deep in conversation.
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which also threw attention some pointing at the microphones grip the mark on trump and if you look closely one of the things the two leaders did discuss was america's new trade tariffs which have caused resentment in canada and also in the european union so america has more on that part of the past couple of days the world has witnessed increasingly tough talk from the american president who's clearly set on forcing canada and the europeans to accept his administration's stance on tree oh. africa. yes we have. he's launched a stern challenges to his counterparts on twitter which needless to say hasn't been well received in diplomatic circles trump has abandoned the traditional etiquette of not openly criticizing other intend these days with attacking the host of the
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summit prime minister just joe as well french president now. wrong prime minister trudeau is being so indignant bringing up the relationship that the us and canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us up to three hundred percent on dairy hurting our farmers killing our agriculture it doesn't stop there it's emerged that no meeting with british prime minister theresa may take place even though such a one to one on the sidelines would normally be customary to top it off the white house announced trump would cut his visit a day short to arrive early in singapore for his meeting with north korean leader kim jong il and showing a certain lack of respect for the g. seven itself a far cry from obama's experience at meetings in the past two years a virtual love fest for all concerned francis mccann said the show would go on despite trump's unorthodox behavior you don't maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be so with so
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much uncertainty emerging from the clash of opposing views in quebec the outcome of the meeting is very much up in the air the post. between you will be leaders and so us president is bad. no ideas because also the judge is subjects we are talking about that through lesions movie but if we have. not only covered with. we have covered on almost every subject and seems to live between the buses and washington so you will be in your meeting and united states who become bigger and bigger are. the divisions critics to say that the g. seven is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the new world order last year's meeting describe yourself as a gathering of the most important and dust really advanced democracies and then this year that was changed to seven of the world's advanced economies and things
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have changed economically certainly since the summer. first gathered back in one thousand nine hundred seventy five the g. seven share of g.d.p. has steadily declined since the eighty's and has in fact plummeted from fifty percent to just over thirty percent and some of the world's largest economies too including china india and russia are not represented jeffrey tucker the executive editor of less affair books thinks that the g seven is losing its importance especially not one that's just the g seven which excludes china or russia as trump himself put it it doesn't constitute if you believe these figures not even half of the world g.d.p. it's no longer a relevant body even in the sense that they believe there is a more fundamental problem here the world economy is increasingly decentralized and integrated in a way that eludes control by anybody any g where the g seven g a g twenty g two hundred the big topic of discussion is trumps crazy trade war stuff his demand
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for national production and punishing other countries is starting and destructive trade routes and raising prices this is all very dangerous behavior and to the extent that something like the g. seven contained that problem it's really hard to know whether or not in the future of these kind of governing bodies are going to have much relevance to the way the world economy works. now a failed asylum seeker suspected of raping and murdering a teenage girl in germany he's been arrested in iraq together with his family he managed to flee the country with fake documents raising questions over the government's handling of the refugee crisis peter oliver has more on the case. fourteen year old cheese and i went missing in western germany in mid may she was last seen in the vicinity of a refugee center in her hometown her body was found on wednesday buried near to that same area on friday the main suspect in her murder was arrested by police
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thousands of miles away in iraq. the defendant who is accused of homicide was arrested by kurdish security forces in northern iraq at two am on june eighth upon request of the federal police it's being alleged that the suspect was able to make a quick and easy getaway from germany using false documents to travel through turkey and on to iraq. at departure control they presented two documents allegedly issued by the iraqi consulate we're still investigating this document was issued for four people they were in arabic and had photos also they were boarding passes in a german residence permits it's to them the names we knew here. when she went missing her mother actually issued a really heart wrenching appeal by a facebook to chancellor angela merkel to try and appeal for any any answers to
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where her child was do you mrs america this is an appeal for help i turn to you with this cry for help because i feel let down by the german state as well as by the police there's nothing worse for a mother in the world than not to know where her child is away from the tragedy of the killing there are major questions being asked of the authorities here in germany right now just how was this man able to flee the country using false documents and along with seven members of his family all while being known to the authorities after his asylum application had been turned down. it must be clarified how a criminal suspect is able to get on a plane even though his identity is not clear. one has to wonder why the suspect after he had already perpetrated mild crimes it was known to police was not in custody the asylum system in germany is under the microscope right now the federal
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office for migration and refugees or bumf is currently being investigated as part of a scandal into whether it was being granted an exchange for cash or gifts at one particular office among the twelve hundred people who when they were processed through the bremen office raised red flags two were said by security services to be extremists while forty four had links to islamist groups germany has been left shocked at the killing of this fourteen year old girl but there isn't another element of play here someone may have come here to this country fleeing persecution only potentially to have committed this crime and returned back to their home country using false documents or that has the potential to turn this tragedy into a political powder keg with explosive qualities peace for all of us r.t. . now these photos were the moment to capture the moment when they take
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gas canister fired by the israeli army became stuck in the mouth of the palestinian cheering a protest at the garza border on friday we can get details now from forcefully our middle east correspondent in tel aviv paula we were just looking at the photos there pretty horrific stuff what exactly happened. well these particularly disturbing photographs emerged after a twenty three year old palestinian protesters by the name of blood was hit in the face by a tear gas canister yesterday while protesting along the israel gaza border the photographs show the moment when the canister is still lodged in his cheek and you can actually see the tear gas coming out of the canister and at the same time coming out of his mouth he is currently on life support that canister had to be surgically removed now is a regular attendees at the weekly protests that have been happening for more than
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two months along the israel gaza border under the banner of the great march of return and in these more than two months of protests we've seen at least one hundred twenty five protesters killed and some thirteen thousand injured most of those injuries are due to tear gas inhalation at the same time just yesterday we saw another four people killed and three hundred eighty six injured as thousands of palestinian protesters again converged along the israel gaza border they were throwing rocks they were flying kites and flags and they were also burning tires against israeli soldiers on the other side of the fence yes today's protests coincided with what is known as to resulin day or i could stay it marks the last friday of the holy month of ramadan and tradition me around the world there are protests held in muslim cities and muslim countries where people show their support for the palestinian claim on the city of jerusalem and the right of return the
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israeli defense forces has responded by saying that as many as ten thousand protesters converged on the border fence yesterday it says that they occurred at five different locations and it was also said that people were holding dozens of kites as well as balloons that had explosive devices attached to them that were so . sequentially hold in the direction of the soldiers and which exploded mid air the i.d.f. has repeatedly justified its use of live fire saying that it behaves the way that any country would in defending its sovereign borders it also consistently accuses him us of using what of course human shields by sending civilians to these kind of protests in the first place that we are also hearing from doctors without borders and they say that some of the injuries that were caused are so severe that those who are suffering are likely to have lifelong physical disabilities take a listen. they we. use. in.
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fragments or you seem to rescue their recession. so in that. exploded. they were. very afraid of you raise. the bones which are exposed we know. that years are very difficult to treat these complications. now the palestinian envoy to the united nations has criticized yesterday's killings it is also a court for an emergency session of the united nations general assembly saying that of once to look at a resolution that word condemn the injury to palestinian civilians in the gaza strip not as some of the resolution was put forward last week but that resolution although to see enough support to pass
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a vote in the security council by the united states as was to be expected the general assembly meeting was called for on wednesday and while we continue to discuss this the tensions here on the ground continue to climb ok thanks for the update there paula that was poor in tel aviv. as well this president has called for a political dialogue with the opposition amid a growing economic crisis in the country nicolas maduro was also accused washington of interference well that was after the us other regional players to denounce the election in venezuela as illegitimate america is also calling on countries to isolate venezuela the venezuelan people deserve better than what the regime of nicolas maduro offers them a call on fellow member state to apply additional pressure on the euro regime and some in washington also believe the involvement in venezuela's internal affairs should actually go much deeper as any prank explains could it be that some hawks in
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washington are having second thoughts on how great their tactic of orchestrating regime change is i've got a couple of quotes from a us magazine for you of course no one wants to see a regression in which military coups are the norm certainly expecting a faction of the military to depose the current regime and restore democracy entails risk did worrying about the risks and side effects of regime change just outweigh the goals set by the folks in d.c. you were. which look at what the pieces called elephants in the room it's time for a coup in venezuela this wasn't just from some reporter writing for the magazine the author is a man who advised george w. bush the president behind the of ghana's stand and iraq invasions a few more revolutions took place while he was sitting pretty in the oval office yeah and apart from the couple of lines i've shown you the whole piece is one big
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call for regime change it says there are no guarantees of course but that's no excuse for complacency so bring it on with a coup no biggie just a major us foreign policy website running in peace calling for the violent military overthrow of another country's government sure restore legitimate constitutional democracy is the nature outcome of june to take over. but just one slip like that can overshadow the image of the american press right ruben for a crew the international community should encourage even as women's including soldiers to restore democracy the question is how to get rid of moves to move through before he completes the destruction of his country introducing the event as well a coup hungry news it's true that men as well as have found themselves in deep deep trouble but since when has it been for some foreign media to decide when there is
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to be a coup they can be bloody they can claim many many lives and throw countries into worse chaos oh we should forget that we're reading the papers from a country whose folks in charge have said things like this for the safety and the security of all people in latin america it is time for a mentor to go we have many options for that as well and by the way i'm not going to rule out a military option we have troops all over the world at places that are very very far away venezuela is. very far away and the people are suffering and dying we have many options for venezuela including a possible military option if necessary and he's talking about near the end as well is and people are dying and where were you in puerto rico when the hurricane hit and it was even closer to the u.s. and people were dying the u.s. says it has a history of supporting coups all through latin america it's a joke to say that the u.s.
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wants freedom and wants to protect people we have led to the overthrows of elected governments in chile and quite amala in venezuela in brazil you know it's just a whole litany of cases where the u.s. has overthrown democracies in latin america everybody in latin america knows it. ontario province in canada has shaken the country's political landscape after being led by liberals for the last fifteen years a controversial conservative doug ford has been elected as premier in a landslide when his brother also a politician is perhaps more famous than. the race. future of mankind so we'd like you to look what we like to see people going to be making that the prime minister is walking upright brave and from now on it will surely end to the adelphi the conservative bully also wants to bring twenty five thousand syrian refugees to canada.
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so therefore please stop this drop. of small craft they haven't cracked it over here. crack cocaine olivia donda just says that i want to go and i have never said in my life i would never do that and he married and got more than enough to eat at. roles want to get their hands back in the cookie jar you see the controversy already has just started and we see with the provincial liberals of the one justin trudeau number one in my opinion he's totally incompetent to be prime minister.
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on terrorism voted for change tonight i spoke with ford to congratulate him on his election as premier designate looking forward to working together to create jobs and on that unity. so that there was a desire for change i do think there's a shake will be kind of an earthquake for the liberal government if they want to win in two thousand nineteen because the opposition the conservative opposition leader in the other one. is perhaps another version of doug ford. in the federal level and they will feel energised by this thought. i had feel this hour google has had with its a major to try and make the more inclusive well have a look at why the egg was removed from the salad symbol after the break.
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dimitri orloff wrote a famous essay collapse gap a few years ago said that the soviet union and america would both collapse for the similar reasons just that the u.s. would take longer they positioned i said soviet union was like falling out of a one story window and america's like story falling out of a twenty story window and i think we're seeing this now play out real time america's falling out of a twenty story window it is
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a collapse gap the soviet union america collapsed roughly the same time for roughly the same reasons and now america is having its boris yeltsin moment with donald trump. welcome back now google is changing its tries to make inclusiveness and diversity a priority but is it really being politically correct from court takes a look. google just unveiled its latest project for politically correct inclusion this time they're going after offensive emotions. started with the salad moji deemed offensive to vegas because there was an egg in it so they decided to drop that offensive food item but the n.t.v. going problem won't be solved with just that.
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still a pizza sporting some pretty offensive pepperoni google also pushes the pan of food m o g featuring prawns and mussels swimming in a stew and worst of all the bento box of mochi it's got not one but two eggs in view and these revolutionary changes in the world of a modis are not just about the. dangerous looking dagger has been rimmed with gems and changed to a turquoise color so it doesn't remind people of mass knife attacks and angry goat has had his frown turned upside down to make animal lovers happy and most importantly of all the revolver m o g has been transformed into an orange water gun finally google is ready to tackle issues like gender neutral family m. o. g.'s. before there was only a collection of gay lesbian and straight families this one is lesbian and now this
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one is gender neutral so google knew what to change but there are some areas it left out entirely. where's the origin origin in moji there are church mosque shinto shrine kaba and synagogue but none for a buddhist temple and the m o g for the wedding only depicts a church let the outrage in sue there may be a day when google's a modis are we. one hundred percent offense free and that'll be the day google deletes of modi's altogether donald corder r.t. . now there are just five days to go before the fee for world cup championships to kick off here in russia in the famous trophies now on display in moscow after touring the country he was at the unveiling there where he also managed to catch up with the footballing great roberto carlos this result have started for a team in a team that the team that can become champions. during its top of the cup visited
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not just the host cities but many other parts of the country to see what will remain on display throughout the tournament until it is presented to the winning team at the final on july fifteenth. the opening game meanwhile is just around the corner that starts on june the fourteenth but it's not just national football teams that are arriving in the country at the moment official delegations have been welcomed two members of the german bundestag and the russian state duma also played a friendly match in one of moscow's central park sets in russia we're pleased to say one five three with both men and women playing against the germans r.t. managed to speak with the vice president of the bundestag thomas opperman about the relationship between sports and politics. i consider the suggestion to boycott this event fundamentally wrong before it's a sporting event bridge millions of people around the world are looking forward to
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it we want to demonstrate that a sporting match can also be an anchor point for political negotiations the chancellor has said that good relations with russia are in germany strategic interests the majority of people in germany think so as well. i am sure that germany will manage to get into the semifinal and if they manage to do that they will probably get into the final i think that we have a good team formed by your. so i am optimistic to much that. we played against the duma eleven years ago i took part then also however we lost badly and now the fee for world cup championship is a good opportunity for us to get a second chance and i think it's good when parliaments meet each other at the personal level as well and that brings you up to date safe today here not a could have a company but back again with headlines morning and huff. put
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it. in july twenty seventh jane hull and also to a freelance journalist working with a. militant shelling in syria. on to his second finest quality has established a khaled on such a memorial day will recognize more reporters who often risk their lives with the
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sake of the truth and through that peace you can submit to your published works in a video or written form until june the twelfth go to a. dot com. i think that donald trump is really confident about his capacity as ability to persuade people and the power of his personality and all this kind of things and i'm sure the kids i'm done will try to play this card will try to. give donald trump something he can tweet so he can show to everyone look i'm the first one i'm the one who rolls the art of the deal i'm the first one can make a deal with this guy what every other american president before me failed i succeeded. later on.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. it's the end of the we can thank you for watching coming up today we have a particularly packed show with amazon getting right to broadcast from your league matches a new report on puerto rico and there is bumper to bumper automaker news we'll get to it all but we start today's broadcast with the group of seven meeting which began today in canada the u.s. president donald trump is antagonize longtime u.s. allies while standing in an olive branch to an unlikely leader ahead of the g. seven summit as he's prepared to depart for the summit he did prepare for the parties and for the summit mr trump told reporters quote russia should be in this meeting he went on to say russia should be at the negotiating table it may not be politically correct but we have a world to run russia was expelled from what was then the g eight.


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