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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  June 9, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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he's launched a stern challenges to his counterparts on twitter which he was to say hasn't been well received in diplomatic circles trump has abandoned the traditional etiquette of not openly criticizing other intended use even attacking the host of the summit prime minister just referred to as well french president emmanuel beck wrong prime minister trudeau was being so indignant bringing up the relationship that the us and canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us up to three hundred percent on dairy hurting our farmers killing our agriculture. it doesn't stop there it's emerged that no meeting with british prime minister tourism may take place even though such a one to one on the sidelines would normally be customary. troublesome suggested readmitting a russian for the g seven a proposal his fellow leaders were certain not to be enthusiastic about here we all agreed the return of russia to the g seven format summits can happen until
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substantial progress has been made in connection with the problems with ukraine canada's position is absolutely clear that there are no grounds whatsoever for bringing russia with its current behavior back into the g seven if there is be any conversations about russia's future in relation to this particular group they have to change their ways they have to change the route that they're taking and the sort of activity that involved in. i would rather see russia in. the g eight as opposed to the i would say that the g eight is a more meaningful group than the g seven absolutely as for the presence of russia in the g eight we will see for sure italy was traditionally a supporter of the russian presence in the g eight. to top it off the white house announced trump would cut his visit a day short to arrive early in singapore for his meeting with north korean leader kim jong il it showing a certain lack of respect for the g.
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seven itself a far cry from obama's experience at meetings in the past few years a virtual love fest for all concerned france is a concept the show would go on despite trump's unorthodox behavior you don't get maybe the american president doesn't mind being isolated today but we also don't mind being six if need be. well for more on this we're joined live now by independent journalist terry gross derek thank you very much indeed for joining us well we had its president trump on the tweet as have a look at what's been happening at the g. seven canadian pm justin trudeau announced all the states that are ready to sign off the final statement trump has refused to do so why do you think he's done. i will to me this seems to be kind of par for the course of the sort of unpredictable predictability of mr trump specifically he's pushing this america first mentality as he puts it but i think from another perspective this is more about protectionism about isolationism you know he's sitting back with canada because of these tariffs
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and saying you know we're going to we're going to push back even harder with our tariffs unfortunately i think this is not a good sign for americans and for international trade agreements for freedom in general but it also seems to be kind of again par for the course for dealing with mr trump how do you think then that the other g seven members i got to respond to him. well it's likely that we could see them tightening tightening their relationship to their connections because we have to put this as thing into the geopolitical scene really what we have happening not only just the relation to the g. seven but thinking of the bigger picture we have countries and nations now starting to make agreements outside of the u.s. dollar outside of the petro dollars starting to do or oil trades outside the dollar there's a lot there's a lot of different situations developing outside of just the g seven that tend to the fact that other nations are kind of sick of the america first policy and do you think that that you think this will get even well so do you think eventually the g seven leaders and others that is as you pointed out that will be able to find some
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common ground on tariffs and i'm trying to. what we could hope for common ground if i think at the end the day the leaders of the different nations they have their own interests that are not necessarily that people want around for their interests at heart so i think it's important for us to understand that although there proclaiming this idea that this is being done for the good of their people that at the end the day i don't think that the world leaders like mr trump have the average person who you know in mind when they're making these deals and i also think in relation to the geopolitical scene we have to look at another meeting that's taking place this weekend and that is the builder group that's taking place and turn italy as well and i've seen a lot of reports of course talking about this latest tweet from trump related to the g. seven but not so much talking about all these powerful influential people from government media academics and cetera were meeting in secret in italy right now so we have one very public meeting that's very filled with drama talking about trump's latest tweets and all this sort of stuff and we have another meeting that's
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a bit more secret in private but they get both places there and influential people and it's up to the viewers to decide you know where the real power lies and if these people have our interests that are. there in terms of influential people as well i mean one of the the key point that was discussed also that was that there was a point of contention was also the point to raise about allowing russia back in two g. seven to make it back to g.h. again do you think that's going to find support with the other members will find any support. i don't believe so because in the last years since last year the house instructed an office there's been this pushing as you guys know of russian you know involvement in the us election or fake news and infiltration of the us government and right now there's very much an anti russian sentiment among the politicians in the united states as well as with the western allied nations so i don't think that this call for bringing russia into the g seven for the g. eight i don't think that we're going to see that gain much traction unfortunately i
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do believe that if these nations would just communicate and have a dialogue then things probably would work out for the best but unfortunately it doesn't seem like cooler heads are going to progress or date and also be a man who's the world cup as well coming up to see whether that might have a bearing as well terry gross independent journalist thank you very much for your thoughts thank you. but as i said trump is now heading to singapore for his much anticipated meeting with north korean leader kim jong il but before he left trying to his french counterpart found i want to improve their rhetoric i used a relationship emmanuel i call posted this video of the pet deep in conversation. however their firm handshake afterwards has also drawn public attention some point at my cost twenty five second grade even left white finger marks on trump's hand. and amid the divisions some critics claim the summit's is losing its global
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importance last year's meeting describe yourself as a gathering of the most important industrially advance democracies this year that was changed to seven of the world's advanced economies but things have definitely changed economically since the first summit was held in one thousand nine hundred seventy five but you seven share of g.d.p. has steadily declined since the one nine hundred eighty s. promising from fifty percent to just over thirty and some of the world's fastest emerging economies including china india and russia are not represented economist jeffrey tucker thinks the g seven is losing its importance especially not one that's just the g seven which excludes china and russia as trump himself put it out there doesn't constitute if you believe these figures not even half of the world's g.d.p. it's no longer a relevant body even in the sense that they believe there's a more fundamental problem here the world economy is increasingly decentralized and integrated in
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a way that it alludes controlled by anybody any g where the g seven g eight g twenty g two hundred the big topic of discussion is trumps crazy trade war stuff and his demand for national production and punish in other countries the starting and destructive trade routes and raising prices this is all very dangerous behavior and to the extent that something like the g. seven could contain that problem it's really hard to know whether or not in the future of these kind of governing bodies are going to have much relevance to the way the world economy works. shucking photographs have been released that captured the moment when an israeli tear gas canister became lodged in a palestinian man's face it happened on friday during a protest on the gaza border artie's polis near has more from tel aviv. the is particularly disturbing photographs emerged after a twenty three year old palestinian protesters by the name of blood was hit in the
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face by a tear gas canister while protesting along the israel gaza border the photographs show the moment when the canister is still lodged in his cheek and you can actually see the tear gas coming out of the canister and at the same time coming out of his mouth he is currently on life support that canister had to be surgically removed now is a regular attendees at the weekly protests that have been happening for more than two months along the israel gaza border under the banner of the great march of return. and in these more than two months of protests we've seen at least one hundred twenty five protesters killed and some thirteen thousand injured most of those injuries are due to tear gas inhalation at the same time just we saw another four people killed and three hundred eighty six injured as thousands of palestinian
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protesters again converged along the israel gaza border they were throwing rocks and they were also burning tires against the israeli soldiers on the other side of the fence the israeli defense forces has responded by saying that as many as ten thousand protesters converged on the border fence terrorists launched dozens of kites balloons with explosive devices attached to the fridge the objects exploded in the the i.d.f. has repeatedly justified its use of live fire saying that it behaves the way that any country would in defending its sovereign borders it also consistently accuses him us of using what of course human shields by sending civilians to these kind of protests in the first place and that we are also hearing from doctors without borders and they say that some of the injuries that were caused are so severe that those who are suffering. are likely to have lifelong of physical disabilities take a listen to search and have to be very quick they cannot board for treatment that
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each of those wounds to service it to you ninety nine percent of them are gunshot wound it's very complicated very big a lot of safety issue damage and they are supposed to be properly deep rooted in in the situation of mass influx this is not going to happen they don't just don't have to time to do those years of treatment they will have secondary. surgeries that their chances of healing are. very difficult they need a lot of care and we have we are afraid of the consequences to be honest we are deeply concerned about the human toll in gaza there is one thousand three hundred one did people who are in bad need an arrogant need to complex surgeries if these surgeries are not done in proper time people might lose their their limbs they might to spend the rest of their lives either with permanent disability or temporarily disability the solution should come from politicians i
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would like if one of the politicians either in gaz hour or on my lot or in israel would spend only one day in an operating theater to see how their decisions are impacting the people in the gaza strip. now google has unveiled a new range of emotion used to make itself more inclusive and socially diverse what happens if we correct our way artie's donald quarter takes a closer look. google just unveiled its latest project for politically correct inclusion this time they're going after offensive m o g s. l started with the salad m o g deemed offensive to vegas because there was an egg in it so they decided to drop that offensive food item but the n.t.v. going problem won't be solved with just that.
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still a pizza sporting some pretty offensive pepperoni google also pushes the pan of food of moji featuring prawns and mussels swimming in a stew and worst of all the bento box of mochi it's got not one but two eggs in view and these revolutionary changes in the world of a modis are not just about. dangerous looking dagger has been rammed with gems and changed to a turquoise color so it doesn't remind people of mass knife attacks and angry goat has had this frown turned upside down to make animal lovers happy and most importantly of all the revolver m o g has been transformed into an orange water gun finally google is ready to tackle issues like gender neutral family m. o. g.'s. before there was only
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a collection of gay lesbian and straight families this one is lesbian and now this one is gender neutral so google knew what to change but there are some areas it left out entirely. whereas the asian origin and moji there are church mosque shinto shrine kaba and synagogue but none for a buddhist temple and the m o g for the wedding only depicts a church let the outrage in sue there may be a day when google's a modis are we. one hundred percent offense free and that'll be the day google deletes m o g's all together donald corder r.t. . controversial conservative figure doug ford has won a landslide election to become ontario's new premier the vote overturns fifteen years of liberal control in the canadian province ford's late brother rob was also
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politician though he came to prominence for other reasons. of mankind so we'd like you to look what we like to say people kind should be a big thing that the prime minister is walking upright brave and from now on it was true and adelphi the conservative bully also wants to bring twenty five thousand syrian refugees to canada. so therefore please stop this from. the smoke crack i haven't smoked crack it over here yes i have some crack cocaine olivia done that that it says that i want to go and i have never said that in my life sure i would never do that i'm happy near.


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