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greetings and salutations here in the united states there is a lot that is right just and good but sadly there is a lot that is broken imperfect and at times downright evil and twenty seventeen one out of every seven children reported missing here in the united states was most likely a victim of sex trafficking and of those victims according to the national center for missing and exploited children eighty eight percent were in the care of child welfare services or foster care when they went missing in fact attorney michael
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dolce points out in newsweek that this is the trend and not the exception he writes that the outcomes of law enforcement efforts against sex traffickers repeatedly support the n c i me see estimate in a two thousand and thirteen f.b.i. seventy city nationwide raid sixty percent of the victims came from foster care or group homes in two thousand and fourteen new york authorities estimated that eighty five percent of sex trafficking victims were previously in the child welfare system . and if the numbers still don't convince you that the foster care system here in the u.s. is dangerously broken well how about some testimony to california congresswoman karen bass a longtime advocate for foster care reform who recently told reuters that quote every youngster that i've ever talked to who was trafficked trafficked says the same thing they didn't come looking for me nobody cared they didn't bother to come
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. now this doesn't mean that all foster parents are bad or the child welfare workers are all evil most often these are good people trapped in a underfunded bureaucratic nightmare but what these shocking numbers and testimony do tell us is that somewhere between the four to four hundred fifty thousand children that are currently in a system that could easily deliver or abandon them into the hands of true evil predators which is why we must demand reform and start watching the hawks. to. get the. real thing it's like. at the bottom. like you know that i got.
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to. welcome everyone to watch the hawks am i robot and on top of the wallace. i said this to you before earlier in the day when you told me about this story and it was i have i try to remember all day remember one person i know that i and that i knew either growing up or as an adult that had been in the foster system at all who had positive things to say about the system most were mostly positive thing you could hear was that i had this one good family or one could play it but it's usually followed by but i couldn't stay there in the state with me around exactly it's a completely messed up system and like i said it's in desperate need of reform especially when you realize like these numbers of saying how many kids or who are in you know we're being taken care of by the state or in these foster homes get moved around and then end up in trafficking in the getting traffic because you know everything you read a lot of the pimps
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a lot of people. i'm trafficking also grew up in a system like that so they know how to hook these kids and they know how to suck them in let me give you one of the biggest things too is that a lot of these kids are just the ones that are reported missing a lot of the kids never reported missing now that is get lost in the system twenty twelve connecticut connecticut police rescued eighty eight children from a sex trafficking and eighty six of them eighty six out of eighty eight were from the child welfare system the f.b.i. discovered in two thousand and fourteen intimation wide read that many foster children rescued from these sex traffickers including children as young as eleven eleven were never actually reported missing by child welfare authorities you know what i was reading is that it can come a lot of times from you know the kids right away so much and always come back that a certain point of the foster care people people to don't report it. or they don't want to bore them missing because it could affect their ability to have foster kids at their house to be paid for it they could lose the ability to actually be
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a little bit more going in bad ways but it's they also some people just like to keep collecting the check so less people actually taking. resources from them in their home but one of the things as you see also operates this operates the cyber tip line so it's this national mechanism we kind of have for public and electronic service providers to report instances that happen with suspected child sexual exploitation so in twenty seventeen the cyber attack plan received ten million reports actually more than ten million reports most of which related to a parent child sexual abuse images so people saw something that appeared to be. online enticement including what they call sextortion which for a lot of when you're talking it's get me getting a young girl or boy to send pictures and naked pictures and then saying i'll tell your mother i'll tell you the teacher your code child report. unless you send me
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more want. business predators child sex trafficking and child sexual molestation so since it was it was conceived the plane has gotten over twenty eight million reports and here's where we can always find money for so many things we can always find money for war we can always find money to bail out wall street we can always find money because somebody is too big to fail and yet these children are being fair. and it's too important to fail you need to and that's part of it is you're just going priority when you really look at it and one of the big problems too is when you look at it like the drug problem i mean from twenty fifteen to twenty sixteen of the fifteen categories states can report for the circumstances so she with a child rule from a home placement because there was drug abuse by a parent and a lot of times this is small time stuff but ultimately we have to get to the bottom of this and we have to reform how our government deals with children who are without parents and are put into foster homes we have to reform those this is
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a board. author and chef anthony bourdain took his own life last week and in the aftermath a pattern emerged making it clear that known on not only are we as a society willfully clueless some how common suicide is but also how to properly treat those left behind from attacking boardgames partner ozzie argento and theorizing that she caused his suicide to outlandish claims that he was murdered by liberal spies the media has wasted no time looking for someone to blame for borden suicide and the reason that attacking the surviving loved ones of a celebrity has taken their own life so despicable so vile and so in the main it's because they are not the oddity they're not the outlier in our society anthony bourdain was all of us who struggle with depression or thoughts of suicide in this instance anthony bourdain was not a celebrity he was one of us and there are
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a lot of us. one hundred and twenty three that's how many people take their own lives here in the united states every day that's about one every thirteen minutes so suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the united states with forty four thousand nine hundred sixty five americans committing suicide each year in two thousand and sixteen the c.d.c. found that the highest rates were among white men white males accounted for seven of ten suicides in two thousand and sixteen forty six hundred young people die per year from suicide with one hundred fifty seven thousand young people being treated for self-inflicted injuries per year groups most at risk are native american and alaskan native youth boys aged ten to twenty four boys ten to twenty four of all races of those with no known mental condition eighty four percent of those who died by suicide were male and fifty five percent of those suicides were by firearm of
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the suicides where a mental health condition was known sixty nine percent again were male and forty one percent were again firearms related deaths which falls in line with the fact that more than sixty percent of all gun deaths in the us are suicide not homicides . when we look by state it's even grimmer according to the c.d.c.'s national vital statistics system only one out of the fifty united states nevada had a decrease in suicides from one thousand nine hundred ninety twenty sixteen saves like new hampshire and vermont and states all across the midwest so suicide rates go up over forty eight percent in some places from one nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand and sixteen american psychiatric association has revealed that thirteen percent of americans aged twelve and over were using antidepressants between twenty eleven and twenty fourteen and that one fourth of those people had been using antidepressants for
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a decade or more and the rate at which people reported using antidepressants has increased again by some sixty five percent in the last fifteen years all according to the c.d.c. so if antidepressant usage is rising why are suicide rates not going down but up in fact over ten million americans age eighteen and older are reported to have at least one major depressive episode in two thousand and sixteen with sixty four percent of those cases causing severe impairment which is defined as an impairment or combination of impairments that significantly limit the individual's physical or mental abilities and as a result interfere with the individual's ability to perform basic work activities. and even if you think the government is on top of this issue because it costs them money you'd be wrong despite the very cold hard fact that suicide cost the u.s. about sixty nine billion dollars every year in productivity health care and disability costs the powers that be are not spending much to combat it the national
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institutes of health report that they spent one hundred ninety two million dollars studying malaria in two thousand and seventeen yet only spent sixty eight million dollars researching suicide only thirty five million on suicide prevention so here we are once again looking. into the abyss of an epidemic that is stealing the lives of our loved ones and if the government won't do it then we must and that means not just checking in with sad friends or taking stock of your own mental health but truly talking about the things that are crushing our souls to the point of spiritual exhaustion to the point that not living seems better than fighting the pain. asked her friend rose mcgowan to be her voice to keep her shoulder to help shoulder the burden and write the truth about anthony's death i encourage you all to read that letter in full but i'll leave you with a piece of it of rose mcgowan's advice to those of us left behind struggling or
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contemplating suicide we have a choice as humans shrink to our smaller ugly yourselves or be better and grow as only true phoenix's can i urge you to be that phoenix. here's hoping we can find peace understanding and love in this dark turning. you know this is one of those statistics have the pieces when you look at it your mind doesn't quite want to believe it but then when you see the reality play out every day you suddenly realize just how serious this is nothing anyone who truly takes stock of their lives realizes that they have been affected either personally or know people affected by depression suicide things of this nature and it's sobering and it's truly tragic and it's tragic to think that people are willing to take their life because it's always think about it's like oh gosh if you're at if you're at that point doesn't life only get better but you can't see out of it when you're in those
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cases and we also live in a in a world where when you look at those numbers obviously it cuts across all barriers that you know no one area but when you see a large amount of of white men blue collar socio economic white men and across when you see the north dakota south dakota the places where politicians keep saying they're going to save them and we're going to help you they are literally killing themselves these blue collar white men are killing themselves and part of that you have to say is at some point you know what does the media do what it what do we do what do we do to make it a better place for people and good people but i think the first step is not having shame yes depression is nothing to be ashamed of anxiety all these things that nothing we should never be ashamed to ask for help and never never never be ashamed as well as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics to cover the facebook and twitter and see our full shows that are two dot com coming up the trump russian beveling investigation is now shaking the
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foundations of the u.s. legal system to its very core and conservative commentator steve malzberg helps us rebuild the callers stay tuned watchable. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. thank you. thank you thank you. thank.
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you the hash tag resistance all left golden boy u.s. special counsel robert muller is back in the. us this time challenging one of the most fundamental cornerstones of the u.s. legal system on tuesday mauler and his deputy russia and filed a fourteen page motion arguing that they should have to release certain evidence to the russian company concord management consulting the company he indicted back in february as part of his ongoing investigation into meddling and collusion in the twenty sixteen presidential election because doing so could result in quote that handing over certain evidence in a criminal case could imperil ongoing investigations now on its surface the motion seems to fly in the face of you know one of the bedrocks of the us legal system specifically the constitutional right and legal custom of allowing a criminal defendant to review and examine the evidence being used against them in order to properly prepare a strong legal defense so what exactly is muller and the gang up to and will those
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motions stand up in court to help us decipher these latest twists and turns in the ongoing marathon of innuendo and cold war style. joining us live from new york city as conservative commentator steve malzberg see if great to see you. stephen it always is interesting with moer in the you know so what exactly is muller muller's argument in not wanting the courts to allow court members recovery you know to not allow them to view the evidence against them like they would in a normal criminal trial i'm sorry it is not that far in the face of our legal system well here's the deal you know robert muller and the prosecutors involved never in their wildest dreams expected that any of these thirteen russian nationals . or three russian companies including concord would ever show up with lawyers in court because none of them are in the country none of them are in custody it was kind of a no what they referred to in the legal system is name and shame indictments you
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know you're indicted they're indicted they did bad and they never going to be here so it's a more for it my view of publicity kind of thing not to say that there might be some you know legitimacy to some of the charges i don't know i haven't read the evidence i'm not a lawyer but having said all that concord one of the three companies comes to court says we want a trial we want to see the evidence we want disclosure we want the full you know mcgill here as they say we want bring it on and i think that caught muller and his team by complete surprise they fought the court back in may they had a couple of court appearances and now the latest is that the fourteen page of requests that you referred to with it leading into me here basically it says ok concord could see the evidence but they cannot share it with anybody else with any other co-defendants parade since who concord might feel you need to bring in some
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other co-defendants in participation of your own defense so they're saying no because that information will get out it will reveal sources and and and the way we do things and peril those things and by the way it will it will a tip off other people who are still involved they say still involved the trying to was so discord in the united states through troll farms and through the social media and election tampering they say muller says it's still going on so we can't reveal the evidence we have to others yes to concord but concord cannot share it with anybody else and you know it's even more bizarre too is when i was reading this is top of that it's only concords lawyers apparently. too there wouldn't even be like the actual defendants who would be concords lawyers and they could kind of person would have to be approved of what they'd actually show the people charges were yeah yeah yeah they want to put up what they call
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a fire wall attorney and learning all these legal terms fire wall attorney so if conchords lawyers say well here's some information we want to share they have to go through a kind of a neutral attorney but it's a it's a government attorney although he's not working on the case and that attorney would decide yes or no now the judge is yet to rule on all this they have been talking amongst themselves concord and and the prosecutors they've agreed on some things but they far from agreed on the nuff to solve this matter a judge is going to have to intervene and may do so very soon you know it's contrary to what we see on television must lawyers don't actually go to courtrooms anymore. and a lot you know actual criminal trials don't happen as often as we think they do as most people know that watch this show everybody pleads out which is what you're saying from everybody from cohen man of sorts or whoever everybody is sort of playing out do you think part of it is you know they didn't expect not only didn't
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expect to have to actually go through the court because they figure they just either ignore it as you said but do you think even handle it is that is are they equipped to actually try this in a criminal court. well you know like i said name and shame i mean but you are dealing with career prosecutors here on mother's team and it was i think it was rosenstein at that press conference who named the indictments if i'm not mistaken if my memory memory serves me correctly so they're there if anybody could handle it they could handle it but again now they're in a position and they were put in this position when concorde sent lawyers and hired lawyers and they showed up in court to where yeah ok let's see the evidence let's see what evidence you have and it's from what i've read it's not totally uncommon to have some kind of restrictions on revealing a bedsit in leading up to trial but you know what there's going to be a trial and you can't hide evidence at
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a trial so if you were they also said concord specifically in a previous court appearance said we want our speedy trial rights so whether or not this evidence is allowed to be shared with the other co-defendants leading up to trial if there is a trial it will be shared by the by the. open court and that's a that's a fire alarm but we've been told not to worry about it just so you know and i suspect that had a ruler in the russian vest and. suddenly the fire alarm goes off. you know it's really bizarre to me. when you look at this situation and their argument against the seven it's always you know it could be dangerous occurred you know other people could catch the meddling still happening blah blah blah blah is there any world where this is actually true or is this really just fancy lawyer and because i can't see really a vision in a case like this where you know there have it is going to be so damning it will
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ruin all of their investigation down the line if that's the case and that's not much of investigation in my opinion well you know again i don't think they ever in their wildest dreams thought it would happen this way i could understand if i want to be you know totally neutral here and not on. it's said that it's mother and it is steve i can understand that there might be sensitive information that might reveal some tactics but you know we've heard that so often the committee will get information from the department of justice that they request and subpoena even thank you for the alarm going away because because it will reveal sources and intelligence and the way we do things and put lives in danger we've heard that a million times that we see the the documents to redact it in even not redacted and no such thing is in those documents so you know you have to take mahler's team at their word here and i could understand where if the investigation is still ongoing it might compromise some things but again you can't hide it when you come to the trial and a speedy trial is what the what the constitution does guarantee and you know you
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can't mask testimony you have testimony in private this has to be out in the open and we're going to know sooner or later and so will the other codefendant if. you really so much. think is that it will come back to you in a second just a moment. i think where there are at but one of the things that that sort of blows my mind is this idea of using very unconstitutional tactics that are as you said bedrock these are the cornerstones of our justice system which is supposed to be the shining beacon on the hill that everyone else by hook or by crook should be following our way of doing things and yet when we're here saying you did something unconstitutional by putting up ads or doing whatever. that this is. somehow criminal that this is somehow something that we should be going after
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people for at some point is it just like where are the values of what we're supposedly at the time this whole collusion thing the whole thing was supposed to be protecting the integrity of our elections and what i keep seeing is the only people protecting anything are lawyers who are protecting keeping an investigation that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars going on and on and on because this doesn't seem like muller doesn't see it this doesn't show me that somebody who actually cares about what the constitution and our justice system and that having a fair trial what that means to them on every side. you know here i do believe that we have the best criminal justice system in the world and you know it's certainly a perfect but it is the best i believe and as you know i hope that dinesh d'souza occurrence is ok and people say he should have been pardoned by trouble because he pleaded guilty and he told me he pleaded guilty because they corrected him but the second charge also didn't believe he did anything wrong by
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what they were going to threaten with the second charge which could have resulted in more jail time if he didn't plead guilty to the first one so that's the way it's done for better or worse and in this case you know there have been apparent crimes discovered on the part of the metaphor possibly and maybe others but they're not related to what the investigation was supposed to be all of back out and that solution with the trump campaign and the russian government d'ivoire brother sooner than the evidence steve i got to say that was the hottest commenter of ever. right and i thank you so much for. joining us with your with your insights next i hope that won't. amounts of living in paris but not living and china has a place that will have you saying we'll always have. the chinese that we started
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because we built in two thousand and seven as a franco cillian fantasyland here the large eastern chinese city of hong joe the city is meant to hold ten thousand or more people but is still struggling to actually fill the city with more than a few thousand but those that do live there enjoy eat three hundred foot replica of the eiffel tower were couples constantly getting gauged or half whether it was but despite the romance shown and lots of available real estate he owned on shanghai isn't exactly the city of lights yet due to it being a big island full of infrastructure that is in the center of or about farmland so if you've got parisian mania and like ghost. in your dream come true now it's cool when i look like i'm sorry but this is me like way to go because of the sort of start over me to people about like hey you know what we're just going to build this thing that looks just like same buildings eiffel tower power you know
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the sort of really good size i see that every day i mean i honestly i you know i'm not a kind of any of our diceless for our you want to just for the form of it i don't know he's busy he would have to go there and people farming i love it i think it's amazing and i hope people start over that's a wow that's wildly cool while luke you are is what are the others are still for you do it was a hot one remember a role in lives were overheard in the hall you're not told real love without choice so while i love i am a robot i'm talking to people watching those hawks and other great things like.
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effort to see a lady. when
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a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and immediately in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no way to present and that we were even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we can. thank. you for this.
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a check years in the making on the twenty eighteen feet for world cup in russia is here the biggest event in football picks off in moscow in a matter of hours. here. funds from across the globe are being out in force in the russian capital reveling in the festive atmosphere. i. mean. plus we have unique insight and analysis from one of the best minds in the game manchester united manager chose a marino.


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