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the great patriotic war and the victory there as a way to inspire nationalist pride. it is day three at the world cup the busiest of the tournament with four games off for discussion today nigeria have just. learned that denmark pain off to a winning start expensive. while in one of the most keenly interested games of the group stages leo messi failed to inspire his argentina side to victory over the smallest country in the finals iceland we have the full time breakdown with our co-host manchester united coach. people from all the globe. all of the russian but all these are live pictures right now from moscow celebrating the world's most watched sporting.
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live from moscow to the world this is our to international my names you know neil welcome to the program day three the biggest event in sport the cup is well underway three matches that are already in the books this sunday in cities across russia the last game has just gotten underway now that is taking place in kaliningrad where the super eagles of nigeria are taking on croatia nigeria they're pretty much heavy underdogs in this one against croatia who have star midfielder real madrid's look a moderate talisman and lining up in the western most hosts of the russia twenty
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eight dean as it stands as you might expect less than two minutes into the game it is nil nil. well prue's hopes of getting off to a good start in the tournament their first in thirty six years were thwarted by denmark it beat the south americans one nil prune missed a penalty as well in the first half and how to tough old time breaking down the danish defenses are world cup post under former how they perfect person though to talk to about the match denmark former number one peter smikle his very own song kasper was in goal for the danes let's take a look. a proud dad a proud danks not because you're saying your son in gold your team won one and then move on and one no it was a really scrubby game. and if iceland defended the last twenty minutes and if i did the boat that much did exactly the same it was really a nerve wrecking the last period of the game for for me as
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a fan. and at the same time i have to say it wasn't a classic game it's not one of those you you want to watch again i think peru they haven't found their feet. they were trying to huffing and puffing but nothing really came to have a few chances but i think clearly that the end of the first stop and they have that penalty called i think we can see the highlights now it turned out to be. a wasted opportunity to you didn't it because this is the instance of the penalty cells and so there are three went through it to. you. and he decided. i don't know what. lack of concentration sort of stop and step up it was. eventually he missed a penalty and i asked to say i'm still a little bit in doubt trying to be neutral to an objective i'm a little bit in doubt if you really was a tendency but then the day he missed
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a penalty so that's no debate. christian quaver putting that one over as a cape as i said before you've been in that position a hugely important guy is standing there you. now you've gone the wrong way but the play puts it over what's it feel like inside when you see how ballroom i over it's like standing there watching it seems cool it's the same thing it works out saying why so it is it's really good you try to guess where is it going to put the ball and as soon as it hit the ball you know straight away if you guessed right or wrong but then the next thing you realise is this is going on so first you've got the disappointment of having chosen the wrong side and then obviously you get the jubilation because she'll you know the ball's not going to go in the back of the net and you were happy again when you cheering again just stuff to the second half started because you got the right three golf with good use of posing and again someone who probably didn't have the best a game today and i was actually two minutes before he scored i said you need to
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take him off because he's not doing his job and when you're under the cough like i get them up with the so long you need players to work out and he was he wasn't keeping the ball up and then us in a ball he made a run. and the finish was fantastic for a nickel. goal comes out of the wrong and i. might suspect from that sort of thing that the ball's going to go that way but it left a little to the near post and yeah took that to back up and took full advantage of the overall receiving are you satisfied with their marks performance i mean marks out of ten what would you give them in terms of performance yeah in terms of output and ok ten in terms of performance halfway there i think of five i think this team could do so much more that what really works well today was the defense so the defended really well and obviously didn't see the goal and all this
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year of two thousand and seventeen and not having conceded the roles at that carried on so that's something to build on. in another of the early gains argentine only managed a one one draw. well with the smallest nation to ever qualify for the finals iceland the game was played in the spar tech arena here in moscow on manchester united boss jill simonian you'll shared his thoughts on the march when he joined under the former earlier on or on location studio. i think i simply in that limits. i repeated when when the team played on these the meads you cannot demand for more. if i could choose a word to describe them there were compact i get one image on minute sixty nine where they had nine man close the keeper in the box and then i have another image on mean that they. where they had ten as the keeper
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they were compact nobody can blame them by that concept of defending. no man to man against massa no man to man against anyone of of detecting players from argentina just being compact they reduced everything in terms of species they were compact in terms of with when they had to go closing the side of the ball they were compact in terms of no space behind the less defend they were compact and they have one chance this one. of course argentina have the ball of course they try the try that tries but. you saw messi actions always outside the box he was trying one dribble to dribble the cover was coming sharp. and was absolutely fantastic most of the commitment the spirit.
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the strength because you know. i think these boys from iceland the since they were babies they were eating a lot of meat on brecht. immediately all of them very very strong very very feet and the football they play is perfectly adapted to the way the the two the way they are sure i'm sure they are delighted let's look at some highlights too i think our screen overhead if we can run the first goal came from. the quero here it is a good finish because that one j.j. that was after twenty minutes if we come up well for the finishing you absolutely fantastic the problem for us in general is to create chances but. everybody knows that part were always absolutely fantastic and with the back to the goal that we turned the gravity center very very low very powerful right and left the same sort of the shot this fantastic now at that point i'm sure i wasn't alone in thinking i k they're going to get
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a few more now i should say you know but that didn't happen and i still got one back very quickly we can see that don't matter you. are quite strange but nonetheless decent stuff yeah as i was saying you start inside of the ball on the right side and again as a manager i also create these dark in my in mind the fandoms don't trust the referee decision because sometimes the criteria is in your favor sometimes against your ok so protect yourself with your arms but when you protect yourself with your arms you lose a little bit of balance you are not able to react and to press me that this film articles about the ball come and then the second ball but the striker you know is that good is a good finishing very confident. on the ball and then the game goes again to the beginning goals against the draw and then the war always comes from i've been saying all along that starts our stadium is probably the loudest stadium of all twelve world cup stadiums in russia this time it definitely delivered
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a very entertaining game but you know probably the most reflective of what of how passionate the argentinian fans are is the fact that when messi missed the penalty they started. even if you minister that it was started doing something like this to messy saying messy messy. their best player to score it didn't happen and that one won as we know but the atmosphere was absolutes insulating and for the argentinian fans one special appearance happened at the stadium diego maradona himself was sat right next to the to the to the stand where most of the argentina fans were located so obviously there was singing is named all throughout the game diego was chanting with them clapping their hands and again this looks look like a complete feast of football the icelandic fans were sat on the other side of the stadium for me but they were also pretty loud we saw obviously the famous collapse that they were doing throughout the game.
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fantastic atmosphere stadium and the next game here i'm sure will be as loud as this one. but i was a little bit earlier in the day with alexa there these are live pictures from the russian capital right now she might be able to make those among you some football jerseys from all across the world of course this is a into red square on the left as one of the entrances to the right is just between red square and the bolshoi theater saturday night of course in the capital a lot of i'd say argentina and i stand for argentina phones maybe wanting to draw in themselves in a little beer after their opening day performance on ice on founds well i'm sure they'll be doing a bit of clapping earlier on late into the night as well yeah live pictures right now from moscow one of the fun zones as well live pictures from there what time is
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it here right now it's ten minutes past and they're not going anywhere they're watching and i'm sure on their phones watching the latest game creation of nigeria a little bit of entertainment of course going on as. well over the weekend everybody off work and having a little bit of fun in the russian capital we will be going in and out of pictures on anything more interesting happens we will of course go back to you but that is the site right now and. well this year there are some pretty big expectations surrounding mexico who faced one of the toughest challenges for their opening match and germany world cup holders of course tomorrow sunday you can see try and training out the luzhniki stadium in moscow and mexico will be hoping to break their current last sixteen curse for the past six world cup would they have made it out to all of the group stages but then crashed at the first hurdle when it comes to the knockout games well our world cups co-host. has
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been a busy man for us we have a military or he's giving us a prediction for the game it's going to be quite the clash germany versus mexico. germany and mexico germany the know how to win. then why do we have less and they're going to stick exactly the same principles mexico is a very interesting team very creative very funny way to play and to enjoy football but i think once more the power of german. the words of the special one himself or we are continuing our special coverage of the twenty thousand world cup here in r.t. all through today tonight and for the next thirty days you're with our international.
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so indeed the world's biggest country is currently hosting the world's biggest football of event but in the run up to the tournament much of the global media's focus was on politics rather than sport taking a sideways look at all that now here's polly pocket. the world cup of russia has finally kicked off and in case you missed it some idiots still think all this is out football. hundreds of years ago a pig gave up its blood people started kicking it around and in the blink of an eye no song was born men were being paid five million dollars a month to do it and coca-cola was sponsoring it every four years at the world cup the national pride is on the line and where there is a money and a captive audience you'll also find politicians politicizing this out of it but to
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me a breach and it's been accused of using the tournament as a showcase and after spending a fortune billion dollars on it it's a fair bet that he's looking for some decent p.r. tell you it's a good job there stadiums are impressive because their russian team is. england has some of the most no practice well traditions of all ahead of the tournament the media spends a lot of its time criticizing the host nation using a range of beautiful and then the perugia that england fans travel to the whole nation and destroy a renovated city center or two. but in truth twenty two men this time around the british government called for an international boycott of the tournament in a show of defiance over the russian spy and his daughter who was not killed in celebrate . the cool actually it was just ice that their leaders old
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france and germany say they probably will go to see their team play but that could be because one of their teams is likely to be going to the u.s. probably would have joined the boycott yet he's really the only guy. who learned in america will be home staying in twenty twenty six and others get to join in even if that crap. the doubleton needed to make some u.n. security council rebel threats to his allies in order to win the bid as far as politicizing. palawan is pretty hard to beat as for the players and the friends they've happily traveled to russia seriously believing that this is going to watch them not so. only poly come do it you're watching r t international more of today's global news in ninety seconds.
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property issues collateral and they love against property and what happens prices are artificially pumped up and jacked up and some people can't afford housing to the way to fix the housing problem in the u.k. is the take away fractional reserve banking as property so that prices would come down to the level that is traditionally affordable by the average person in britain . i can imagine. i don't know i wasn't there but i can imagine a russia defending its national interests in a way that doesn't help the hawks in the united states but couldn't has this image of such a hard guy. and i would also blame him for not caring about american public opinion even more because it seems like no matter what he does there's an unfair response number less what i'm saying is it's gotten very personal.
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ok let's leave our full coverage to the side for now and move on to other global news the u.s. department of justice has released a highly anticipated report on the f.b.i.'s activities during the twenty sixth election it focuses on former f.b.i. director james comey on his humbling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation but it also reveals details of the trump messages sent by a senior f.b.i. agent who went on to head the trump russia collusion probe but was removed because of the text james not ever going to become president right right
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no no he won't we'll stop it well apart from the report also fine collusion between the bureau and the media apparently agents receive certain benefits from reporters in exchange for insider information or taking a closer look at all volunteers artie's kill of my pen we now have the long awaited report from the inspector general michael horowitz on the u.s. justice department now the report shows a pretty clear record of collusion between mainstream media and the f.b.i. we identified instances where f.b.i. employees improperly receive benefits from report says including tickets to sporting events golf now things drinks and meals and admittance to nonpublic social events we will separate you reports and those investigations as the concluded now the report shows pretty extensive contact between the f.b.i. and reporters and furthermore it shows that agents were incentivized to provide
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inside information. we have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unal through his media contacts by f.b.i. personnel do we have uncovered during our. seven reporters in direct contact with the f.b.i. over one hundred phone calls you've got officials as high up as the assistant director taking time to hobnob with reporters if you read this report you would think that at this point leaking classified information is just not a big deal to the highest law enforcement agency in the land but the f.b.i. had no problem busting james wolf for doing it himself james wolf of former congressional aide was arrested for allegedly giving information to his girlfriend who was working at the new york times while he was a congressional aide now miss watkins says that the new york times never received any leaks from james wolf and wolf is now facing charges of lying to federal officials. mr hoofs alleged conduct is a betrayal of the extraordinary public trust that had been placed on him what about
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when f.b.i. agents themselves are the ones providing a steady trickle of information to the press they say it's not a big deal it's just simply a matter of a few bad apples. the report makes clear that we have got some work to do but let's also be clear in the scope of this report it's focused on a specific set of events back in two thousand and sixteen and a small number of f.b.i. employees connected with those events so what now well i guess another investigation and the possibility of punitive measures it would be shocking to me if the f.b.i. did not act on the inspector general's report and fire some of those officials who are singled out so many not just mistakes from top to bottom but corruption and if there aren't firings the public and it's cynicism towards government and towards business as usual in washington will need deepen once again we see confirmation of
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the kind of collusion this really is collusion between the f.b.i. and the mainstream journalistic class journalists simply act as megaphones for different government agencies that j. edgar hoover the founder and longtime director of the f.b.i. very famously said that there is something addictive about a secret mainstream media in the united states would like you to believe it's completely independent and objective furthermore federal agents are supposed to be untouchable and not susceptible to any friendly favors but perhaps they just can't resist. r.t. new york. today marks the fifty fifth anniversary of valentina tereshkova becoming the first woman in space she was just twenty six on her historic voyage a crater on the moon has been christened in her older there was a small planet called cheika meaning siegel and russian which was her code name.
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that. was. her ground breaking flight in the vast stock six spacecraft lasted almost three days it orbited earth forty eight times tereshkova remains the only woman ever to have been on a solo space mission a second craft with fellow cosmonauts valarie was nearby with the mission also checking differences in the flight impact between male and female bodies now the two were in constant contact with tereshkova even singing a song for her colleague. my
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heart flinched only when i spoke to my mother i was flying over to volker river my hometown river where i grew up and at this moment i was talking to my mother that's when my voice started to tremble you need to tell her confident words given that she became a widow with three children at twenty six we were not allowed to say where we were heading with sign a non-disclosure agreement telling you that i'd been approved for the national team in parachuting when she found out about my flight she just said you tricked me and i replied mother please forgive me but the flight was far from easy and code of ended in tragedy it's not a person needs about seven days to get used to space something that wasn't taken into account at the time. suffered a lot during her flight while space command didn't get any messages from her for hours she also informed of a program mistake that meant her craft could not return to earth but tereshkova
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made it home after the problem was solved by a team led by yuri gagarin the first man in space and she still dreams of flying but this time to the red planet of mars. john glenn flew for seventy seven years once i was told not to raise this issue because we'd lost a current but i just wish to fly one more time and then i'll come down. now back to moscow where it is being reported that a tuxedo driver in the center of the city control of his vehicle on the slammed into pedestrians injuring seven people artie's. joins us live now near the site of the incident what are we learning at this stage igor. well you know and happened at the very central most school in fact on the street a neighboring and just an adjacent and parallel to this one we do know that at
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least seven people got injured and in the video we can see all my god what is going on pieces of the story but again by yeah i mean there is a lot of fans around me right now. a lot of cons are running right now and as you can see they're continuing the celebration the driver has been detained he's saying that he did not mean to ram down all those pedestrians who got injured we do know that none of them apparently have been taken to hospital and that the people who can see the drive a truck driver staying in a traffic jam queuing in a traffic jam and then all of a sudden making a right turn and ramming all those protests since we also did so it was a very sudden now we do know that it is very it is central moscow and as you can see behind me celebrations are taking here i taking place here almost twenty four seven no it is important to understand that none of the fans as you can clearly see
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have been fazed by the incident and so the police so far as telling us that it is not being terrorist related the driver himself is saying that he did not mean to do that so the celebration the fee for world cup celebrations continue in moscow. yeah i think it's clear that that's happening all right with the views behind you there are thank you very much for getting through that story the spite on your new friends there igor our team is igor down off in central moscow. all right well is all the news for now you're with r.t. international join me again in just over a half an hour's time with more i mean. i
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think. russia took a real blow to its sense of self during the yeltsin years i remember even six years ago when i first came here people kept apologizing to me for how terrible everything was that this wasn't like america and for people to be ashamed of their country was so different and now i don't really see that i see people are more proud of their country and i think his use stalin in particular the great patriotic war in the victory there as a way to inspire nationalist pride it. is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and. the commission you would commit these to my capacity is going to the saudi home maybe a. year old john you know. the only palestinians who gets the
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most hopeful news jerusalem counterparts i don't think some of those who in the world. version the only group of us who. i know of these all if you have managed to talk to the story of the muscle of the heart i don't know if you can give you muslims uma do more commitments also don't presume. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report someplace special someplace new someplace exciting where are we stacy we are in dublin money calm and i think that's enough every time i spend for them so i'm going to ask you to put that right over that money come from this is exciting this is homemade stuff here look at this very
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talented on the rise i read your. comments because of our thirst for monsters cars are almost as good or owns. all about money i have chosen some headlines with money as a topic for this first episode from money cause that's great yes you know while we've been here now only have there been summits in singapore but there was also the g seven meeting and canada where justin trudeau is i have your eyebrows fell right off just just like it was the fellow is america ron paul ron paul his mark and his eyebrow mercantile right up yes but over in switzerland as well they had one of their referendums you know how if you get one hundred thousand people to sign a document you can ever referendum on anything when they had a referendum called the vogue elds so the tweet from wall street journal rees swiss voters rejected the vogue elde initiative which would have put the swiss national
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bank in charge of.


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