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and for then belgian on top of it because of goal difference and alongside that it's going to be a very interesting third game for both of those teams you'd expect him to be part of the peter you'd expect belgium to see often is he wouldn't you in the second round of a full chinese in the second half they they they got some confidence into the game they were trying to take the game to england. as we said before that with the game that but some of their best players are not even in the squad to sure injury so it was kind of feeling the way forward in the first they were all over the place they got organized so maybe just maybe it's a tougher test for those of that it was for a good today but belgium i mean that's a say one of the favorites to win the world cup they should be tunisia just own up belgium of never won a world cup are they of the team at. the may break that duck and i actually add to that list of illustrious winners have won the world cup are they good enough to go all the way if you look if you go through the list of players they have you know
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you see you stop just every single player this is the teenager. what's the problem because i'm very often this is a belgium is divided into two we've got a from each part in the got a french fry and at times the infighting between the two groups has caused that it was all to be. not so good but. some of the manager has worked very very hard of that and claims that's a really good team spirit within that in the squad and that's what you need to win any kind of tournament you need to have the chief working with you so it's to the you know it's a long way to go away but they're looking alright so far three know the wind in the bag well in the first five days of this world cup it's going fast peter is that five days in athens we have seen the big boys fail to impress underdogs like iceland and a run securing some at big scalps on the two million fans here. flocked to russia
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to witness the action well they'll be left to support.
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any rumors about like russian hooligans or russian because while in america. russian spy how many people are spying on you right now. probably like living telling people are watching me do my score and get the same old sport that i see in the open champion i. could cope with the stuff as i know better and.
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peter. peter out of course all the literature out there shit that is what. i am ok. but. if you. think i i. oh thank you. thank. one another icon of the game to give visit his predictions was one united both
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shows they move who is looking ahead to tomorrow's clash between host nation russia and egypt. i think that's the match that's the measure that is going to decide qualifies for the. for the next for the next round normally bowls would get three points against saudi she sees their match because you know what i think is a different level of experience and mental ready for the world for this level of competition for this is a big match russia has to step up solid because all the makes the makes the difference and has to impose the physicality has one of the most important points for the match. lottie's andrew fama also all stories a for his thoughts on how the group stands and how the championship has gone so far. ok now before all this storm it started to make some
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predictions for us to get out there on the predictions. for now a little i think a little bit. of a funny feeling and trying to bring some well some salt and pepper to it let's have a great day can we we know that yes i there was a prince in europe why and russia would get active it there it is russia and europe was there in that position was there almost almost that russia needs and russia needs a draw against egypt and job done and. to want to. ok great play then let's go into great big joe as i said spain and portugal and it's only one game so i ran portugal but nothing to just me you just need to be careful when you play against iran you cannot lose against iran because if you're on the six points is qualified and one of the big ones is all traipsing let's have a look at that one. jos i said france australia the title says france denmark yeah
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but you saw how they lost yes australia lost not deserving to lose in my opinion they lost but showing clearly that they were competing for points and if they compete that's where you're going strong and i still think we can do obviously a better result against the on against so my for the action you steal. great take argentina nigeria. yeah you know here i think i'm going to lose with nigeria not just because they lost the match but specially because the way they lost. i didn't like a troll when i looked to paper i like many of the players i like. the names i saw nigerians typically strong african country but i was disappointed. when i see a player like john obi mikel to play. as. it is impossible to
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be good with your playing as a pen because i think nigeria lost a good six to get the ten and he gives north and i make it to the two the team playing in position supports move on to creeping in it's. serbia brazil city didn't get i didn't like silver did look good so i told me to do my predictions that i was not thinking that sort of deal was going home i was wishing serbia was going home which is a different thing because i want i want my man to go on on a holiday you could see that when switzerland got a point against brazil obviously they can get three against costa rica probably they can get one against serbia and then if they go to five. my prediction can steal can still go with brazil and and switzerland but i have to confess i want my play to go on and let's move on bank f.
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. g.'s a said germany and mexico germany at the bottom that green. i don't like to go germany i think is going to qualify with six points. and and mexico has a big chance now to qualify even with five so you from mexico doesn't lose against sweden which is very possible and doesn't lose against south korea which is very possible all lose one but when the other ones which is all for normal i think mexico will qualify with five or six points and i don't believe that you are going to have a football scandal with germany going home so i think my prediction will be correct finally you being with us what five days it is your last day today just tell us what have been you your impressions of moscow and also the world cup know the. fear in the city amazing. and you know where we are just in the most iconic place
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in the city where everybody's coming i can imagine so to two nationalities probably even more on the streets that mysterious fantastic the city is beautiful the weather is amazing i will stude you i have to believe that these are the best studio when in every in there are television present amazing experience for me but now i need a little bit of work and need a little bit of holiday but i will be back and we. we've done before semifinals and finals.
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when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murderer i would prefer an it be in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no way to present and that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want to that's going to give them peace it's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite you know we've been through this this isn't the way. to commit this type of sloppy corruption in the u.k. that's what people respect the case for them the most corruption bottlers of corruption or the concierge of global banking corruption they do
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a fine job at it but they don't do it here in shantytown. welcome back to world news headlines now donald trump out cold on staff at the washington post to go on strike against the newspaper's billionaire owner american reports from the u.s. capitol. well this is yet another dispute between the washington post and its employees but to remind the viewers the washington post is owned by jeff bezos the founder of amazon and the richest man alive according to forbes he purchased the paperback in twenty thirteen for two hundred fifty million dollars and the story trumps of her into sort of with the washington post union publicly calling on bases to provide better working conditions and better pay for their workers i'm fighting for a decent raise because i believe they're one which contributed to the post success deserted i'm fighting for better retirement benefits i'm frightened retain some
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amount of job security but this isn't the first time bezos has been publicly called out for not providing suitable working conditions when he visited germany back in april to actually receive an award for business innovation and social responsibility ironically he was met with protests by local amazon employees and bases responded to the protest saying quote i am very proud of our working conditions and i'm very proud of the wages that we pay claiming that his companies pay much higher wages compared to others but this petition signed by four hundred washington post employees was indorsed by the president of the united states by a twitter of course now he tweeted a washington post employees want to go on strike because basis isn't paying them enough i think a really long strike would be a great idea employers would get more money and we'd get rid of fake news for an extended period of time but for some quick background trump has publicly feuded with the washington post who he calls fake news for writing negative stories about him but the washington post union didn't appreciate trump's support saying that it
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wasn't helpful for their cause given that the president's support is really just an attempt to attack the paper and its mission but the washington post you get out of that even though they're raising concerns about workplace issues it doesn't undermine their support for bases and fellow journalists in their fight to bring truth to light so considering that they turn down such a significant endorsement from the president the united states it remains to be seen whether or not the world's richest man will acquiesce to their demand. the me to control the sea has raised many questions for example how long you can stare as a coworker before being accused of sexual harassment while online t.v. show provider netflix apparently has the answer artie's an associate churkin explains. oh sorry i didn't mean to sexually harass you netflix have reportedly introduced a policy advise in their employees not to stare at each other for longer than five
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seconds this has neither been confirmed nor denied by the company but the general idea is allegedly inspired by the me too movement to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace according to netflix employees quoted by the press this five second staring back as part of a package of no lingering hugs no asking for phone numbers and no flirting we're proud of the end to your usman training we offer to our productions we want every netflix production to be a safe and respectful working environment but do you think about when you think about the five second rule i have no idea what the five second rule if you were to guess would you think it would be about i can eat something after i fall after after i drop it on the floor but only before it's placed there for five seconds we have a three second rule in norway so we have what you have to have three seconds between your car and the next car. in time yes oh really you guys were talking today urging
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people about netflix you know netflix yes ok so they have reportedly introduce this new policy where they're after people who work with them to not stare at each other for longer than five seconds. told one sexual harassment really ridiculous company that nonsense that you want to try it sounds like small amount of time but it's actually really good it. seems ok let's start each other let's do that. like the next smiling we have to do whatever his big. picture seems somewhat counterproductive in every single way seems a bit stupid really. just looking at people isn't sexual harassment if you and i work together we can. i look at each other for longer than five seconds because then it creates like an uncomfortable environment apparently at the y. you are looking at me i'm all right now i don't find uncomfortable it's just one i think that sounds a little bit odd that you can't have corporation with anybody and then be afraid of
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sexual harassment i mean that would just be weird i think it's stupid it's people work together and no look at each other about what the latest the top as they are. the trump a juggernaut continues on all fronts is he remaking the western world or merely isolating the us also is north korea coming out of the cold and much much more on
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this edition of crossed. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market so thirty percent is what is your home with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one does not show you know forward to the one and only boom but.
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welcome to. both russia and the us are calling for relations to be rescued but hostile rhetoric is still growing louder on both sides in moscow and washington let bygones be bygones robert english former policy analyst at the u.s. defense department international relations scholar is with me today to talk about this. goes to the cold war is harboring in washington and moscow as relations between russia and the u.s. in syria raid into the series of personal jobs and escalating decisions what is inhibiting the understanding between the two great powers how long will the current confrontation persist and who will be strong enough to stop. robert english former
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policy analyst at the u.s. defense department welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us happy to be here so interesting times really than. imma start off with henry kissinger quote he says that dimon is ation of lattimer putin is not a policy it's an alibi for the absence of one g. agree with him yes yes yes is there a coherent policy line on russia in washington there are seven or eight coherent lines but all together they produce incoherence by that i mean the congress thinks it knows what it's doing there are some individuals let's say the department of defense who have one orientation in the state department which is a revolving door who have another and so on no a coherent administration line has not emerged because they're fighting internally because trump started off as a pragmatic question complainer right he wanted to make good with russia but then
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they stopped wishbone tat his hands does this mean that the american line towards russia is pretty termite no matter who the president will be no no this is and this is unique with trump no tied his hands in particular because the pass this legislation requiring sanctions right and. that is certainly tied to trump personally because of the suspicion that he colluded with russia or that members of his campaign team. up to no good with russian representatives and the two who knows him there's this anger because hillary clinton lost and blaming it on somebody who sort of outsized anger at russia that's why trump is uniquely tied with another president might not be so you feel like making russia u.s. adversary is partially part of the internal political fight in america they're using russia adversary against trying to weaken him is that part of the game for somebody who is it's not the only thing. one has to admit that russia hasn't helped
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in this there but russian actions that have made it easier for the people who dislike russia for the rooster forbes in washington to do what they've done but yes they. it's against trump there's suspicion of russia there's a whole combination old cold warriors trumpeters hillary supporters democrats who just can't necessarily accept a new presidency people who are genuinely concerned about russian actions what happened in england all these come together to paralyze our russia policy but also doesn't it come down to strong president weak president because i mean i understand your checks and balances and are saying you can't just do whatever the president wants to do but when i have a strong prize present like for instance reagan like he wanted to make it with soviet union and everyone followed suit i feel like maybe if hillary clinton were president. one day decided that she wanted to make it with russia everyone else would agree with her more or less and because he's such an outsider it seems like
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he met with much more resistance is partly that but the first thing you said is the main thing a president who comes in whether it's china russia any foreign policy issue with a hard line reputation if they decide they have to find accommodation accord a treaty they have a much easier time getting it past the establishment getting it passed congress someone who comes in with a reputation as we or soft whether it's china or russia or whatever it might be they're constantly met with suspicion and resistance so reagan was a tough guy and that he could make peace nixon kissinger were hard on russia and they could have the taught you're probably right hillary clinton who would suspect her of colluding with russia or making a bad deal she's as tough as they come on putin trump him in reputation not just soft but super soft so he's always going to have a uphill battle to do you think is done fixing ties with russia is it like
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a done fadel for him you know sitting in washington sitting anywhere in the united states we don't say anything anymore we never know never we never know what's coming next is this feeling that this administration has not settled. i don't what was happening with negotiations with north korea on off on threats of war my best friend trade war with china trade with europe we're going to have a record no we're going to pose massive terror so iran we haven't even got to maybe the most dangerous of all the issues so i can't answer that we don't know we all hope that we find some stability in the said mr asian can focus on one issue or another well at least on predictability it keeps you guys tone to make you straight all right so in the years after the cold war the funding cuts mean that fewer and fewer russian experts were being trained in american schools what does that mean for russian knowledge in washington how does this influence policy. it's not
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a good time. for russia expertise we have and it's not just now but it's the last twenty years there's a strange combination of. lost interest in russia so fewer people after the ninety's were going into study oh boris yeltsin they have a democracy now it's kind of dall it's a crazy place but pretty strong arms control going but show that was exciting so a lot of people how do i now let me put it solely i don't feel awake so now we do have a renewed interest but we have problems in our academy but say we train political scientists we train area experts very poorly thirty years ago twenty years ago when i was in graduate school we studied history first we learned the language and the culture very deeply and only then do we move to politics and we didn't always stop with politics we learned some economics we learned some strategic and military
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affairs and our experts were sort of comprehensive these days it's much more narrowly focused and there's much less interest in culture and history in the past and that produces very narrow or one sided experts so even though you're right we have interests now people want to work on russia they're interested whether it's to go into intelligence or business or anything in between but i feel like even though there are fewer x. x. there still are experts i mean look here self and there are like bunch of people of your generation who really do have a knowledge of russia what russia stands for and what it represents what it wants but if you like the state department. or the white house don't really pay attention to the expert opinion do they even take that opinion into consideration when making up policies towards russia so i have great respect for the state department there is a large qadri. of mid-level officials who spent their career in russia in prague maybe in beijing back to russia developing expertise they tend to have very
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balanced and sensible views but you know what happens every four years or maybe every eight years we have an election and it's the secretary the deputy secretary the assistant secretary the deputy assistants the political appointees in the basters who come in and gone to say every administration it's not just trump but it was obama before and it was clear before that they put in more and more political and i'm qualified people because their campaign contributors because it's politically advantageous and therefore the competence at the top declines well their latest trumpet wiser in russia and europe on the hill and she's not like a putting lever and it's not like her views towards russia are super favor rule but she sensible and she is pretty mad it which is already a very good and rare think for american it has been academic colleagues i have great respect for if you go to the hill for her work i had her as an invite to a conference at our university in los angeles she knows the caucuses as well as
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russia central asia she knows trade and oil with economic issues i have and she's balanced right she's not an idealogue she isn't hate anyone can she have a real impact on a policy i don't know i hope that she's working quietly within the system and in tandem let's say with people like our new abass that are here in moscow jon huntsman was also known as a moderate a sensible person and don't forget he has experience in business international trade he's been in china and other foreign postings my hope is that over time people like hudson and hill will move this administration in a pragmatic direction but then we watch the revolving door in the white house at the n.s.c. and i don't know. when it comes to russia and people in iran it does seem like the politicians pull to. blake they have a longer view of relations with the united states what i mean is russia scenario
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which try to be friends with the guys in the ninety's and they were trying to be friends with the after nine eleven but then them americans broke their promise pushed a nato towards russia's borders and then there was serbia iraq etc etc etc. to the americans this is decade old can continue to be one assessing relations with russia because it does seem to me that the media in america has a much shorter attention span and so does the public we see the whole picture and they think well why cycle when you are so right this is a bigger problem even than you know the average journalist working in foreign affairs working on russia i have to remind them as preparation for their interview of me what happened five years ago it's as if not just with every administration but every turnover of the bureau staff no americans you know we tend to approach everything as if we can start from scratch it's a very enduring and positive characteristics of america a kind of can do overcome the obstacles don't get stuck in the past but sometimes
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we go too far and there are elements of the past that cannot be ignored if we want to approach a country doesn't just mean russia china has historical grievances it issues with its neighbors with us with japan korea iran the shaw nine hundred fifty three the airliner shoot down we can't approach any of these countries as if it all started with each new administration and yet we tend to do that it's an american weakness it's also a strength but mostly a weakness but i also feel like fresh equals like the perfect enemy like the dr evil for america is a very good merit if for americans. having russia as an enemy is much more logical than this undefined terrorism thing maybe we're show us relations are actually a victim to a perfect narrative that russia fits into a perfect enemy there's there's something very important to what you're saying.


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