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thought. it was a death as part of the second because. it was a kind of risk. free risk yes and no they are being false forms in a very useful member of the society. let's have. a fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out it's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to kill the narrowness and spending two to twenty million and one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i
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think of what i know about the beautiful guy great so one more chance for. a nice minute. the world is sarka. largest international congress on the ballot july seventeenth with twenty seconds to your party business program. urban. forum dot com. welcome to day nine of the world cup coverage of football's biggest events we've got analysis of the brazil costa rica game underway right now as well as predictions for friday. host cities in russia welcome thousands of fans from all around the world. been
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finding out about some of their journeys and world cup experiences so far. fifty year old volkswagen has been driven. from brazil. and in other news iran warns it's on the brink of accepting the hard won nuclear deal with the struck back in two thousand and fifteen describing the cold as being in intensive care after the u.s. pulled out. happy with this is friday i had like news on the way a bit later plus three very different. football
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friday starts with one of the tournament favorites brazil taking on the underdogs of group costa rica. stadium the second half is about to get going with the game still goalless right now both sides of chances are still even have the ball in the net however. celebrations the strike. before the game. creating a real policy atmosphere. a good move. yeah . also in that group serbia will meet switzerland later today in kaliningrad a win that will see the serbian secure their place in the last sixteen of the tournament. is in group deep and it's a pity the tie starts at six pm moscow time both still have
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a chance to make it slim picked up a point in game one against argentina along nigeria against the leaders croatia of that opening also hasn't dampened african fans spirit so they could be simple mean gets the rub of the green against that they won't need any miracles to get three points today made any magical croyde seem like i run through our beats i slog through the no margin you got to support the best thousands that was already pretty good so they got all the support they need to play as just need to come strong outcome correct however the icelandic vikings have their eye way of inspiring their team to victory as donald's been finding out. and the brand themselves vikings and they've invaded the russian capital in full force iceland deployed almost ten percent of their population to support the team at their first world cup. in the game against the
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mighty argentina that ended up in a big upset for leo messi and the rest of the nation the blue shirts shouted themselves hoarse it was time when i joined them. with the to the. through. was. kristen and co felt right at home in a city with roughly forty times the population of the entire country the pleasure to come here is like nothing we've ever seen before it's now down to dave's it's about this it's about own admission our own to do this is why you're so welcome
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to. the new the time i've spent with iceland's chanting cool one thing is obvious qualifying from one of the groups of death doesn't faze the vikings and even if they don't win the cup they've already won everyone's hearts done of doxy. and whether celebrating a stunning victory or coming to terms with a bitter defeat or glass of beer is often part of the picture by moscow on a number of other host cities demands being so high the bars are running dry less applies to say that they are posting deliveries as best they can with festivities in full swing previously long held perceptions of the host country and its. people are beginning to fade some western reporters are even realizing the russians can actually spawn to sky news has been openly shown for the country's hospitality but there are others like us they have now explained wanted to spoil the party from the start. there is nothing quite like the world cup the
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scope of it the every. aspect. of found in it for the football but before the bulls even been kicked others already in the second half of a very different game here brazil there's no value in human life it will rob you and. this will be good because with the world cup looming rates are carried out on a regular basis just minutes from iconic beaches shantytown called for villers it's always been like this headlines exposing the evils of the host country grab readers' attention and the eyes of fans but this time some say it's worse soccer associations have threatened to boycott the next men's world cup in russia diplomatic we caught a potential world cup boycott by england the royal family will boycott the soccer
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world cup in russia this summer great britain and its media lead the eleventh hour charge to try and shrimper russia of this tournament after the failed poisoning of an ex double agent in sol's bre case muddled with inconsistency zend in which the actual perpetrators haven't yet been identified it has soured relations between russia and britain but one might ask what does that have to do with football well it turns out it doesn't matter it's highly likely russia did it q now it's. references yes i think the comparison with nine hundred thirty six is is certainly right another political clash over syria and while our giant billboards across london urging a world cup boycott our government should not strengthen the also return and she
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whiston part of the russian president but boycott the twenty eight hundred fifty world cup in russia and of politics isn't enough try recycling every other old argument and leave the football itself on the bench from homophobia to raise his i'm from corruption to terrorism every grievance you can think of gets put on the pitch why even risk coming to russia shady types everywhere men with tattoos sagas that is exactly what life is like here in russia two men share a cigarette of a beer in broad daylight gosh that could never happen in britain could it the photographer himself says that his mission was to show the darker aspects of city life everywhere from tokyo to new york but who cares there is an
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agenda here i think even if. it is going to look darker look i trusted this. article will be around me it's all those i've never assumed it would be anything like this pussy riot the shock feminist performers who rose to the top of russia's protest movement years ago and have now largely been forgotten they're back again no relation to football they just don't like putin's so that makes them relevant again the more you read. the more outlandish the pundits get beyond this media circus serious and legitimate issues the last hooliganism and racism among football fans russia's seen its share of disgraceful fan behavior but so
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has poland it's really germany france a racist attack left him with a broken arm incessant abuse from polish fans wore him down as well fine chelsea football fans and fans from all football matches after they pushed a black man of the paris metro chanting a racist that's the way we like it. this is the most politicised world cup in decades the media's made sure of that head of us is the greatest celebration of sports and football in the world of common spirits and a love for the game that transcends borders nationality and culture but hatred and scaremongering already here brought by those who couldn't
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care less about football. well let's get an update on that still goalless purcell costa rica match and some petersburg now into the second half a serai is there for us. the fust off of that group the fixture between brazil and costa rica and big goal a sun the best opportunity really falling to govern. people to vote on the control and finished putting it in the back of the net unfortunately he was offside all the long distance efforts by winning unfit catania really the best of that brazil could create costa rica themselves having the charms as well to break the deadlock but overall a much tighter game than perhaps many of these brazilian fans had thought of course there are tens of thousands of them celebrating and one of them that i managed to catch up with is now roads he's travelled over fifteen thousand kilometers from
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brazil in a fifty year old volkswagen beetle that we managed to catch up with him earlier this week and find out his story. this fifty year old volkswagen beetle has been driven by mr noah and his friend col from brazil that shovel to hump a dozen south american countries before getting his ship over the ocean to come here and enjoy the world cup now we're going to take me for a drive and i'm going to ask him some questions about his journey. let's go. play that. when i was a little boy i asked my father to take me to the world cup in argentina which is pretty close to personal and my father told me it was impossible to get to argentina in a beatle it was in my childhood ever since then i've dreamt about
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a line so when i was forty i bought a new paedo and i started travelling all over america. in twenty fourteen when the world cup was in brazil were still lost to germany one to seven then lost to the new. no legs zero to three just one goal in two games i told my wife it was completely impossible for brazil to win that crown so i thought about going to russia in the beadle my wife said why not so we started preparing for this trip in twenty four teams and here we are in russia in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight beetle. the beetle traveled around fifteen thousand kilometers on a ship before that we don't already done like fifty thousand kilometers in south america now it's going to be another ten thousand kilometers through russia will go through st petersburg moscow and sochi. comes on and then st petersburg again and then we go to moscow to the big final where surely brazil will play well the
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weather here is that is why this tropical that brazil but these guys are on the way to watch the game against costa rica and they'll be hoping for a brazilian victory good luck guys. that second half getting on the way now and still really have to break that if they want to proceed from group b. . i'm still no score and i feel i keep in touch with all the football headlines too right across the world cup download for all the action that it happens and check out our site to all tee dot com one of the must do's there is to take a look at this.


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