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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 26, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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for all these flags it's quite an accomplishment so what is the point what's the end goal for w.b.c. currently does more than eighty countries nine hundred seventy and would delhi busiest time is a platform where all the countries meet so proudly we have more than sixty countries coming here out of eighty who are the members. liberal and a micro nation struggling to be recognized by the un an island on the danube a river located between serbia and croatia a seven square kilometer piece of land between the two countries which neither of them wants all because of how the borders will be drawn after yugoslav war serbia was fine with the new line even though it had lost the berlin but overall it got more land while croatia was awarded the piece of territory but ever since as considered as a part of serbia meanwhile bit the average cup planted lead balloons flag on the island and have a million people have already applied for citizenship event
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a great progress i think the biggest visible sign of that is the fact that we have one but not that anyone but not a presence a party that has forty percent of votes according to latest city in which country and gracious and it is them to keep this way for us to succeed recognizing labor land is the best way have to solve the border dispute with her because he's they will ever claim liberal and they will lose the border dispute with serbia which is completely against creation the show interest and second of all he sees that the creation of evil is a great economic opportunity for the whole region croatian human shield party has been making progress in having croatia recognise me but it was invited by the w.b.c. summit to showcase the struggles of building a fully block should include to operate a nation in a modern world. that's a wrap up of today's top headlines and away this world cup highlights but don't
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forget you can always had to our website r.t. dot com for the details on all that and more thanks for joining us this hour it's. usually when we have brought about a situation within a conflict we the enemy with a great decides to go cia the first people to rush into the u.a.e. do their departure and as soon as we depart this force is said to me. so as to the budget.
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greetings and salutation. earlier this month the folks at food giant kraft tines took their country time limit a game to a new level by introducing country time legal aid the company is offering to cover permit fees and fines for any child who runs afoul of the long arm of the law while running a lemonade stand because most people realize that finding a child for having a lemonade stand is nonsense of course san francisco canine cannabis treat maker allison at all doesn't think those kids should be let off the hook so easily it was caught on camera this weekend threatening to call the cops on an eight year old girl who was selling bottles of water from the steps of her own apartment building to people headed to a nearby baseball game in ninety degree heat all because it was being done without a permit at all claims that the girl and her mother were to load she claims they were screaming for hours and no stopping she told the huffington post though quote
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it was stupid i completely forgot that hand that i handled that so poorly i was completely it was completely stress related and i should have never confronted her that was a mistake a complete mistake please don't make me sound horrible now known as permit patty on the internet allison udell is one of many white women calling or threatening to call the police on black men like women black children for the crime of trying to barbecue selling water or just generally existing probably too loudly for her liking and white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was asked to leave a restaurant this weekend after immigrant and staff told the owner that they wouldn't be comfortable serving her today were comments of both topics and position as press secretary california represent a vaccine waters told supporters at a california rally this weekend quote if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant in a department store at a gasoline station you get out and you create a crowd you push back on them tell them they're not welcome anymore anywhere now
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many clay. civil disobedience could be the end of civility so let's stop being polite and start watching the hawks. were told. that the. real truth is what. lies at the bottom. of. what they like you are going to. welcome everybody to watching hockey the top of the list and joining me today for a civil discussion is educator and writer d. walk ins and a social justice attorney nunna a mucci how are you today both of you thanks for joining me in having
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a thank you i wish it was a better story to talk about obviously so the story of this eight year old girl selling water made the rounds this weekend and alison at all the woman in the video claims she was only pretending to call police which i don't i don't know which is worse. and it was just because they were too loud that she says it has nothing to do with the rapist she said black with being her being black was it wasn't i'm a motivator but it kind of seems impossible not to feel like it must have been. and then it seems that when someone is caught doing something as unseemly as you know pretending to call the cops on a ninety year old black child in this day and age there's always this excuse that they were uncomfortable something someone else was doing was was keeping them from being happy that they that this was this was about their comfort what kind of message does that send to black children to the black community as we watch these things happen more and more frequently right i think one that police officers.
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fulfill the duties of white people who and the why supremacy in a white institution. so oftentimes. we white women are perceived as innocent as guilt free and oftentimes are purveyors of a lot of violence pacifically anti-black violence throughout history. had k.k.k. chapters still have taken here chapters but often times we think of white silence we think of the trumps we think of white men and we don't believe think of all the ways that white women are complicit to this violence and so cops serve the interest of those who are in power and so black people can call the cops on white people right but white women still in power at any time any type of this comfort to remove black people from public spaces and that's also goal of policing is to remove black people from spaces in which white people feel uncomfortable and we see that in d.c. we see that across the country we see when judge a vacation is happening that the first thing that happens is you see a influx of police officers it's a civic localities to do the process of removing black people and letting them know
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that they are not welcome in these public spaces which is just you forget that it's twenty eighteen and the entire concept of telling people this sort of forced gentrification through police saying. that it even goes on and that what you are saying about white women kind of using the police in this way it brings you know other thing is that it seems that part of white this white privilege especially white women is that we kind of use the police i don't personally because like i don't that's one of those things where i find it hard to understand the motivation to do it but it seems like they treat the cops like they're doormen it's like the doorman of white supremacy and white privilege someone is in my space someone's being too loud so they called the cops and you're supposed to tell this person to be quiet but what does that relationship with the police between white women and why people are so quick to call not understanding the danger not understanding the
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trauma what does that relationship tell you about how people of color are treated by the pool. as opposed to how white members of society are treated but to have the history of being the doorman for white people that's what they are and. the best way for us to get past some of this is to acknowledge this this is their role like a lot of people are trying to have an argument from both sides you know like well you know to cops you just on his job well you know this little black girl if she was a little white girl she would be an uprising she would be entrepreneur and she would be taking her destiny it's in her own hands and you know give us some type of metal but no it was a black girl so that white woman felt like she was out and she didn't belong there and she she she called the cops oh it's like. it's been like that like it's been like that it's going to be like that you know you know i get frustrated when we have this conversations about reform because it's like stupidity like this like you should you know it's ridiculous is there
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a point where we need to start and do you think we'll get to a point where law enforcement will start treating these kinds of things that what they either frivolous they waste the cops time they came from from doing things they're supposed to be doing is there a point where these things that you need to get a fine when you do this when you call the cops or pretend to call the cops and do these things it is that i don't do it when i look at his criminal justice the criminal justice system is really really important to the infrastructure of america as you know the way we currently set up and need certain people to be in trouble and that's what these police officers do to keep their going right my answer is no no no because again mike i think that to your point where you say like people not being ignorant the fact of what cops do i think white people are well aware of what cops do and they are they're well aware of police brutality and police violence and we keep having these conversations as though people are not knowledgeable about these things when they are and so police do act to police black people and poor people immigrant people and people who are other by the state in public spaces so
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she knew exactly what she's doing and people who do call the cops know exactly what . doing and i want us to remove law enforcement from communities and and to fund divest from policing and so that police officers don't have money to function and respond to these types of calls that shows that the nature of policing is not to prevent crime it's not to protect people it's a protect people with because it's used to protect a class of people and so i want to reimagine what the source of policing is and what we should be using policing for any we should be using policing which to answer to me is no we don't need police is right now where we spend money. and they're not even doing it that's the thing that's we don't have enough money to solve murders and rapes and we don't have enough money to do rape kits but we have enough money to answer every call by every water right over a bottle of water she didn't even have only for me she doesn't know she. was a result of this in the snow and she's the fall of federal laws doing our president oh well that brings me to the sarah sanders thanks. sarah how could you sanders was
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asked to leave a restaurant this weekend because. the staffers were uncomfortable and owner gave them the choice do you want to serve and she politely asked her to leave and she laughed and of course she tweeted out from her press secretary account about this business and there's some been all that. with the sarah sanders incident also you know you have two major cabinet members and major members of the trumpet administration has spoken out and spoken pretty racist lee racist about the border crisis and they're going in a mexican restaurant some people are giving them a rough time there i mean it's just obedience but it's relatively so during things that might scald civil disobedience for a reason it's really it's really hard for him and you've got. michael we only have everything in power in the world but let's cry about it some are now what the washington post editorial board actually to let the trump team eat in peace that
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down that road lies a world in which only the most zealous sign up for public service and that benefits no one let me ask you first is it really a danger we need to worry about that making public servants be responsible for the actions to the public when they're in public that will only have public servants are actually dedicated to their morals and ethics and willing to face the public is that a danger that will suddenly have people no i don't i don't think that's a danger i think it is the responsibility of the public to hold elected officials accountable and you know while people my reverse didn't say well black people weren't in the lunchrooms or what have you i think. one needs to be on the right side of history and that what the administration is doing is outwardly spewing bigotry out really spewing racism and i think that needs to be directly confronted i think the reason why we have the trump incident is because to this day people still take it as a joke they don't know understand the strategic strategy he's using to acquire more power to acquire more money and so they use these distractions of sanders and all
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these other cabinet members to distract from what's actually happening and the trump regime and i think the more that the right moves right and does not operate on the levels of civility the more that the left or whoever else feels compelled to act in civil disobedience and. that is how we change a country that is historically how changes happen throughout the world is through civil disobedience and people looking at something and saying this is wrong i'm actually not going to sit for this and so i think that is the responsibility of the public if you can't vote them out you directly confront them may make people feel uncomfortable and that racism is not allowed here and that's where maxine waters is not allowed here and we're not going to welcome that and people can play both sides but the matter of fact is there's no two sides to racism there's a system that is in place and people need to acknowledge that and recognize that and so i support people who are doing civil disobedience let me ask you we've got about thirty seconds left is on that same point isn't this whole civility thing
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really just code that really just a code word for gentrify like there's a way to act in certain people if you're in a position of authority you can't question them and it's just a bruise she should be lucky that you don't want to eat in a place where people hate you you don't know and all of the payment because of the people across sorry didn't know you did or yeah but you're hurting people all over the world so you grow up and go you know. i mean that's a very we all have to just take responsibility for things one in this day and age when you know how trigger happy cops are you know that they're not thinking to put a child or a mother's life in danger by calling the cops like that in a situation i think is wrong and you have to accept that there is a rape there is racism whether it's institutionalizing you don't realize it you've got to take responsibility for that thank you so much for being here today and keeping this conversation going.


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