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things that were great show sitting very solidly six points those were the mention that had a fantastic stage so far that puts him of course comfortably through to the knockout stages second place nigeria total control for them to know last year of following a two nil win against boston this will be the make or break for the eagles iceland argentina have just appointee's bit of a disappointment for the argentina of course action today though could change absolutely everything all these training teams still do have a chance of qualifying and they're going to be going all out what he said but that's the games being played a lot riding on this day against argentina of course messi has clearly under a lot of pressure following his latest performance in the quantum and so far i can tell you i can see in a place nigeria in st petersburg out in siena will qualify with a victory over nigeria coupled with iceland failing to defeat croatia now if iceland do beat croatia then georgetown paoli side can still qualify if they beat
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one chariot by two more goals than iceland when their game isn't seen on iceland of course when and finish with identical records now of their fate will be decided by something entirely different this is even precedent does not make it a discipline you recalls of all things and then the drawing of lot as far as i'm aware that really hasn't happened in any major recent told of a sudden not not at all a loss to moral pirates last summer probably argentina picked up three yellow cards often have none protesting the fair play award that perhaps the creation of course as we said qualified they will be when is just a point against boston to side effect of a pressure of moderation and now by things nigeria will qualify with the win i have an argentine a point would be enough if iceland do not beat croatia so let's take it as it is going to. do but with us here we should get some tables are going to speak shortly now in the modern pm game if argentina and the jury get the draw iceland will go through to the last sixty this is there. world cup debut of course as it's kind of
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a as well as doing tremendously well so far they're going to get through to the knockouts if that's the way she at least two goals and also school one more bearing in mind they've struggled the school moose loose as the former cska moscow and out of the city man household there used to live in the help they can get that now this world cup is not just about football i know that's i think my case but the people here and they hate to thing they had to dance they have to rival hugs apparently and downs and share each other on the head of the decisive matches to now one of the keepers took to the draw was one of the argentinian keep sightedly.
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achilles that casts a russian psychic the line and legend which is predicting the outcome of all three matches in some papers but what a talent he or she thinks messi and co will be heading. to whisper a preferred argyria over in today's match given the previous performance how messi is failed to score and he may well be right there actually might that certain goal of sweepstakes from so the cats actually doing better than what the human pundits it seems that argue with a cat. or tease i was in st petersburg he caught up with a fan who came to russia to back his team. the head of that game between nigeria and argentina here in st petersburg i've been speaking to some fans and in particular i'm joined by one collette cheap he's travelled from the u.k. actually but he's a huge nigerian fun i suppose you could describe you as a super fun well my brother i think is. to speculate that's the problem i'm happy
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to be here happy to be in russia to walk a very well yeah you can see for what brings people together. what do you think of the game what do you what are the chances of nigeria to progress in your opinion probably just as a very very huge to be honest it's a pity we played i guess iceland i believe we can do it we can't be afraid of you know messi or whoever you know just go there play our game with the advantage of the four. in a friendly. so i know we can do it again what is the significance of this world this is the stuff i have different ones that do want to die jenson i game is white has. me run you know does it do to bless them and yet i've done that it can go up in form of live anywhere unless the you know these monkey. not such issues of
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addition just for blacks it is guided by to hold us in nigeria keeps on all that. coming out about fifteen minutes in both those games and most of. moscow nil nil in both games denmark france australia peru still nil france about to take a corner and interestingly in terms of the lineup cahill australia's star players actually score about half of australia's total world cup goals and he is not in the starting line up so we are straight are going to need to look far how they can get as we said a must win game for them to have any chance of coming out the group at all that data was only this the star talent attacking midfielder also more than a lot of the manager was under a lot of pressure to play him and that hasn't happened perhaps he's saving them doing a bit of a germany putting on the pressure in the last ten twenty minutes or so to get that goal now another game to look forward to on tuesday today of course between world cup debuts and islip. and cry show wrong be looking on stoppable right now the
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storm months it's the competition smallest nation and they can still advance from group to if they do get a win and are fans of course with their signature chart which was made so famous at the european championships a couple of years back they've already filled the streets of rostov on don. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh these times be near our house where our all over oh abounding bomb has traveled to sixteen hours by train to get from thought changed to roast of on down i'm not sure i. didn't know about the sun in the news here well he's there for the croatia iceland and counter. now with eleven cities hosting the
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cup matches at this tournament fans are finding themselves crisscrossing the country trying to keep up with that team and today it's our turn we're travelling from the back seat here all the way up to ross stalled in the north platte something like four hundred kilometers away most i told is going to take a sixteen hours in full wallington selfie equivalent of watching ten matches back to back to where the good news is this ticket is only costing us forty dollars. and this is what you get your money you get a four berth cabin here she gets out for bunk beds two on the floor the ceiling that's all down at the end of the corridor will. have your. toilet just for that. sounds like a sofa. and my favorite bit at the top where you actually get a cold boil this is powered by cold and i'm here to myself to see.
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now of course if you're on the train for any length of time the chances are you going to miss the football army or all you because of modern technology we can watch a game here on a small. alexy of children and the scenery there from siberia to travel around russia. so i rushed off finally half thing on the train for sixteen hours to get much sleep only during that time but going to spawn of my face it was raining. and this is where i am i since and i don't want to great night should be licensed to wind in the woods against their will. i mean time i need to get fresh and. that was a pleasant surprise when someone says sixteen hour train journey i think i want to nightmare but the how to really know how you could actually do to stay with us for all the latest world cup special coverage still millionaire moscow still milk the phone gold actually though we do have a school update for you coming in just now breaking news not useful breaking news
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it's come out it's peruvanam it's the fun b. school one of their short term goals twenty seven shots in goal no goals they have a lead could be your asses why because apollo get approved finally have the goal finally get their first well three points so far too late for the bullshit other gung ho but you know when the pounds up other than the yellow formula yet are not in the australian game and just how the charts for prague still need a little more frost twentieth minute coming up will get all the stuff that's for you as they do come in we'll go down and join the korean fans in celebration now with that i'm back with you shortly see that.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and get cornrows to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the
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only numbers you need to remember is one one just shows you can't afford to miss the one and only film by. the time. i welcome back to the news polities middle east correspondent point to sneer has been denied entry to ukraine she was stopped at the border while heading to a human rights conference when media freedom his latest report that she said. so the good news is that i have finally been given my passport back and my boarding card so i'm actually going to start right now and make my way through to the boarding gate i have been stuck here at the international departures lounge for the
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last eight hours and there's been no more explanation given to me as to why i'm here and why i was deported and why i'm being refused entry to claim other than that it was an order they came from above now i do understand that this essentially means that they see me as a threat to state security that's often the reason that is given as an explanation but how they could be true in my case is beyond me because i was essentially coming here to participate in a workshop dedicated to the work of foreign journalists now you can see behind me there and i'm moving the camera at the departure lounge is really quiet and then as i say this is where i have been for the last eight hours this is the piece of paper that they had me sign it is written in ukrainian and it essentially says that i am prevented from coming back year after year and now that five years now the o.e.c.d. has issued a statement saying that they regret the fact that myself and our russian colleague of mine have been denied entry to what was essentially
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a workshop conference that is open to everyone but it remains to be seen if anything comes out of that other than a statement now to be fair the police are basically left me alone aside from bringing me my party for the short time a good basic unit for the last eight hours to burn this part of the airport as i'm speaking to the station happening right now and then the c.e.o.'s did ok to to safety of journalists and it's quite ironic that as people they are deliberating over this and i'm stuck here in the departure board and i'm able to relate on this issue that i really wanted to participate in because i believe it's vitally important that journalists from across the spectrum give their input as to how journalists can work safe area in dangerous areas as you see behind me this is the key. that is starting to feel so my flight is starting to board i want to say thank you to everyone for the messages of support whether on whatsapp whether on trips i do appreciate them now catch bass with you on the other side just now. one of paula
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said there she wasn't given any explanation as to why she's been denied entry however under ukrainian law foreigners must be given a reason if they're denied access. but we've asked the ukrainian foreign ministry to clarify their stance on the situation and we're still waiting for a response but we did get a response from the british foreign office commenting on the case of artes paul a slayer who has a british passport they said it wasn't something they could help with and also redirected us to speak to the ukrainian authorities. or point to the to leave ukraine once before when she was when she received death threats in twenty fifteen she was covering a story about wildfires sweeping through the area around chernobyl and asking people about how the situation was unfolding ukrainian journalist unhappy with paula being allowed entry to the country launched an online campaign and called for people to kill her since she then started receiving death threats on twitter she subsequently fled the country. well the incident was mentioned at the media freedom
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conference that paula was heading to the panel decided to switch to other subjects as soon as it was mentioned don't you think that ukraine should step away from the policy that we condemn and russia and think fall to the speaker for condemning the decision of the ukrainian authorities not to allow russian journalist of guinea permaculture and r.t. correspondent paula slip to come to grain free by preventing them from participating in this conference thank you. question for the audience not necessarily for the expert panel here so i'm sure that will be discussed during the break i have one with one last question we call you. know ok listen thank you very much to all my panelists. russian foreign ministry spokeswoman marie as the heart of us says the lack of a strong reaction from the international community to kiev's mistreatment of journalists only encourages it more poorness leah wasn't the only one denied entry to ukraine this tuesday we spoke with russian reporter you're going to primakov was
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also turned back at the border. who. or what. locals in a paris suburb say the drug problem there has spiraled out of control and they accuse the government i'm doing nothing about it r.t. charlotte devinsky has more. i'm on the road that skirts around
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port douglas a paladin on the price as you can see the slum that's emerged here is brimming with rubbish it's also a fast it with rats but more worryingly this has become a haunt sport for crack addicts and the issue is so severe now that locals have dubbed this crack hill a little further up the road it's not long before we come across people who appear to be smoking crack in throughout daylight others showing signs of being high often known as the poor man's drug crack is it too reflective of cocaine mixed with baking soda or a mania it's the most addictive form of the drug judicial review i've seen people come here and after six months they look like the walking dead they've lost fifteen kilos it's really hell for everyone. in the g.m. has lived here for twelve years he says that while poor delicious pal has had
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a history of drug problems it's now spiraled out of control. role. for us all to do the situation imported a larger pearl is catastrophic the authorities of the place turn into a slum full of crack addicts it is ignore way of the community on the hill there are five hundred people who are doing crazy things and annoying the locals very aggressively steal we have all sorts of things going on here about five years ago there were around a dozen of them we knew who they all were but today it's five hundred the state is completely abandoned everyone stuck in traffic we see some men demanding money from drivers they claim it's for food but local say the money goes on drugs and despite a continuous police presence nothing seems to change some officials and they're claiming this is the crack capital of france the scale of the problem is such that put the chapelle is the biggest selling point and consumer of crack in france there
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are no demands for an emergency plan to be instigated to combat the problem so far those crisis not being heated by the government nor the local authorities and for now the people who live in port delish appelle and its surrounding areas remain in fear if the crack addiction continues to explode jollity pinsky r.t. paris. senior u.s. officials are being hounded by groups of anti trump activists such intruders have risen sharply following the controversy surrounding the u.s. president's now shelved immigration policy artie's caleb morgan picks up the story . anti-government activism in the united states has become increasingly confrontational with a new emphasis on ostracizing and humiliating elected officials sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary found this out the hard way when she made the mistake of trying to eat out in a nice restaurant last night i was told but there were no threats hand in lexington
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virginia to leave because i worked for poor and i politely left the secretary of homeland security had a very similar experience however she actually made it to her table inside the restaurant first however she could mean join her meal before things got ugly then the chain restaurant playing a. ham sandwich. after she left the restaurant the mob set up shop outside of her home. where we all know that the anonymity of the internet brings out the best in people right well after they refused to serve sanders the red hen network has been subject to all kinds of threats and false reviews meanwhile several internet platforms are
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trying to stop the circulation of immigration customs enforcement employees by anti trump activists. as immigration and customs enforcement continues to ramp up its inhumane surveillance and detention efforts i believe it's important to document what's happening and by whom and any way we can to that end i've downloaded made available the profiles of almost everyone on linked in who works for migration and customs enforcement one thousand five hundred ninety five people in total things have gotten rough before between supporters of the administration and street activists however elected officials always step in and tell folks to be civil and respectful not any more than we. think we. should. you should you.
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know you have a primary. at the moment is an analogy. germany this policy of family separation reminds us of the cattle cars of nazi germany when children were separated from their parents and marched to the supposed showers slave traders use these tactics not seen as he is these tactics terrorists use these tactics and now the president the united states is using these tactics bottom line donald trump increasingly looks like hitler in nazi germany like to concentrate it's really burgeoning are in a great deal unusual punishment john most would agree that's a pretty extreme exaggeration but members of the trump camp aren't exactly helping themselves when they look racist language. you know that. you're cotton pickin mind. david bossie apologized for that comment but the damage is already done and now we've got steve king referring to migrant children as gang material
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young boys old enough to be. tried as adults will serve in the military and prime m.s. thirteen gang material and certainly grew up in the culture of one of the top ten most violent countries in the world and nobody in this country who understands history wants to encourage anybody to move a political debate into a zone of reckless civil disobedience and violence people in the media who blow these charges up without actually dressing down those who might make those accusations are inciting. a kind of riotous debate paying up you have a duty to be fair and balanced you have a duty to seek out the truth and publish the truth and you have a responsibility not to shout fire in a crowd in a crowded theater and so we've got mobs yelling nazi internet threats racial slurs taunts and calls for violence with ingredients like that the story never really
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ends well. artsy new york. pro term supporters are also throwing their weight around most recently during a live c.n.n. report the u.s. president's repeatedly accused the channel of peddling fake news i know you can hear behind me was very well you know we have a couple thousand people who. are right here on stand right here. well c.n.n. reporter jim acosta was covering a truck rally in south carolina and you can see in this footage one of the trump supporters haranguing the journalist. we'll be back with more news after this short break.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. six guys just by the actual survival guide. when customers go by you reduce the price. to now well reduce the flour. that's undercutting not what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. whether the object is he should go to one of the for something beyond what because. it's very much what i mean i well me and i don't know some of the policy of.
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that. home i was a. dumb move to move to. school i'm. only in the spirit john in the reason i'm just i'm seeing some new poll watching your blood come of this from the. winter with him and oh is that. and there have no you moved can you hear.
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the minister going to most of the. you know world is a big part of their lives and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back and here's a quick update for you from the scores on the last of the group games in group c. at the world cup in moscow is still goalless between france and denmark where where
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the win that would finish top of the group while in sochi it's one nil to peru under a cut off to eighteen minutes peru's first ever world cup goal and that could dent a straightly a slim hopes of course fine for the last sixteen if the school remains the same and as it stands it's denmark that are going through to the last sixteen with france. so with one going to go these other standings in group d. christ lead with six points and as we mentioned are through to the next stage though when the group if they beat my slow later nigeria are second on three points well iceland and argentina have a point each one any team could still join croatia in the round of sixteen this evening but mess is argentina must beat nigeria to go through and hope that iceland don't beat croatia all those games to come later on this leak. but we managed to speak to one of the argentina fans who travel to russia for the world cup.
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