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magazine july seventeenth through twenty seconds or rather your part business program interactive exhibition urban. forum dot com. fans from get into the world cup spirit ahead of their team's clash with giants brazil on wednesday a day that will see a number of other crucial games also being decided. to have also been partying after reaching the last sixty eight on tuesday can see maradona there the legend along with france denmark and it means iceland are out and it's goodbye to their fans side also a much loved viking plot. and in other news the u.s. national security advisor is in moscow where he'll meet the russian president
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vladimir putin. well welcome to our. top stories and world cup action as well. now it's day fourteen of the world cup here in russia with all eyes on wednesday's match between brazil and serbia here's our top pundits predictions for that it count. sara in brazil. i love my place and the money i have fantastic relation with with but no money and the need for holly dates is probably one of my plays that needs all these years he has to go on he has to lose his match. speaking seriously asking sara if you can give
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a difficult match for those who serve you strong is physical has technical as experience they have a little bit depth depth crazy and emotional side of the game that sometimes bring players in teams to the best level of their performances brazil is obviously brazil will be always brazil with so many beautiful players i think amazing match and emotional part. i sing said we can create a problem. so obvious find somebody been preparing for the match by partying hard in central moscow who's now famous nicole square street a place that's become iconic of the world cup in russia. oh.
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quite incredible scenes there pretty much every night in central moscow now apart from serbia brazil wins they set to see a round of other crucial encounters between teams from both groups and f. fighting for a place in that coveted final sixteen and mexico will face sweden south korea's go to test when germany and switzerland is set to play costa rica as we've already said serbia will face off with four world champions brazil brazil and switzerland top group easy with four points each serbia have three costa rica have mill only costa rica is out of the tournament for sure so there's everything to play for for the other teams peter schmeichel caught up with switzerland team captain. for i os which didn't always to the world in the competitions. because we've
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evolved a lot of levy changed a little bit i was styled to play before we scored many goals from corner kicks free kicks and now we have still displaying is playing also forward and all the more only behind and then you play on court also as we know. you play just woodfull you have. different mentalities we have believe he can do the one against one they have very very good cross the so he walked a lot off these also to not be afraid to play against a big teams only be like them because stop what they don't like that's why i'm sure that also in this world cup you can do very well i don't know man. so as for the current standings of group s. mexico is in the lead with six points germany in second place on three sweden have
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been the same while south korea has zero points they are out of the total but i'll jump in five this have faith faith rather that he will ultimately pull through. houston is through i mean to do the i don't you think it was said to my mom and sometimes you feel my devote myself to one just was actually to do the real one side doesn't feel to most was a little different from stem to some me because it was like. my. over with. the other forced and this
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was crucial for the tie club and this is. the most of the g.p. lodges of us in the odd sense its mother. blowing up early. is itself on the chelsea football club yes i will think well just modest of those women he's not shy you just pull some of them you can see the effects on him a lot of those. months was going to sue the police but the worst of the flood to. separate these two off and simple the leaders of both rooms. consciousnesses are others and none on the mark on french officials will go for very much in keeping with. and they saw france and denmark from group c. as well as croatia and argentina from group d. moving through to the knockout stage is a roundup of the highlights from tuesday's games. ok
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i. thank you i thank you. thank you i thank you. i was i was. it was a tough group think we were confident we could go through and when we didn't expect
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to be so difficult we need to level that she's the dynamics if you know of city push me make a mountain top and. i thank you and i know motion is rather high at times tense hard to take me inside finally secured a win against algeria all croatia sent a brave and always positive iceland packing home. fans love for their home team seems there are no bounds even if that means facing a wins these fans at an argentinian research campaign and toxic couldn't wait to celebrate vaca on trees victory over nigeria the blistering minus twenty degree winners didn't dampen their mood for passing. peter schmeichel popped along to
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catch not just then market action but also his own son who was the goalkeeper of course keeping up the family tradition a bit of deja vu there are nine hundred ninety eight and two thousand and two france and denmark found themselves in exactly the same situation a match in the final group game. michael jr did is that proud he repeated the clean sheet he kept sixteen years ago. caught up with caspar soon after the match. to this was the first game that you have played in this store and without any kind of foreign interference did that make you feel better. i think it probably should have been to florence variances from that it looked like we should have a super but. wasn't given where do you stand on the body do you think it's time to . write the final one so you're probably playing creation the next round. very potent forward line what do you think as i
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said that's some scary or calm collected. huge well let's see if it is it's likely very likely today we just enjoy this result we enjoy that we're going to the next round and then some more we start focusing on mexico. seventeen thousand people from different countries all participating in russia's volunteer program during the world cup we had the story of just one of the volunteers. daniel has waited to long for the state to bring in spain into a truly football mad family he moved to russia four years ago he says that his childhood dream was to witness the world cup. in last year's confederation cup in the city of crescent r. and worked there as a volunteer as well how being to point to visitors and the right direction. primarily it's about language support when football fans come here and they hear people speaking their native language it will make them feel at home. just whine
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and. army of taking part in this feast of football this year is the world cup and russia has broken the previous record set by brazil for the number of votes of volunteer in to help more than one hundred seventy six thousand applications have been received and after hours and hours of interviews the hopefuls were whittled down to seventeen thousand volunteers from not so far away and neighboring valerie's all the way to new zealand. twenty year old all guy is one of them she's a student from rostov on don one of the host cities along with her friends she has been training at the local games to be ready to face the championship i applied for a position as a steward because i love football it's so one of the lifetime opportunity and i want to fill that amazing atmosphere and be part of such an about. many helpers thing to make this world cup to remember my dinner question. i was thousands of
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fans taking pictures and videos during the world cup in russia started to compile the best of them to allow you to share their experiences you can check out. view projects i want sites dot com. i.
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will bring you the world cup special coverage throughout the day here of course on our international. french authorities have begun clearing out parts of a rough neighborhood in the outskirts of paris where locals say a drug epidemic has spiraled out of control the cleanup comes just a day off to do a report on the year's long drug problem gripping the french capital. police have been here in the area dubbed by locals as croc kill since the break of dawn on wednesday there is
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a huge operation underway to clear out the hundreds of people who've been living in this slum for many many months as you can see shacks have been constructed and you can get a sense from the piles of rubbish here just what the conditions have been like and so pungent is the smell here that the offices who have been inspecting the interiors of these shacks have had to wear face masks locals have told us that they have been crying out for help for some months to clear this black spot this plight in that community. today i'm satisfied but i'm not exactly sure whether this change will be permanent maybe it's just for the journalists who come here. i think the the media pressure on the city of paris and on the pitch was. too important. not to not to to react this police operation comes
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just one day after we reported on the situation r.t. . i'm on the road that skirts around port palette in the paris as you can see the slum that's emerged here is brimming with rubbish it's also infested with rats but more worryingly this has become a whole sport for crack addicts and the issue isn't so severe now that locals of this crack hill a little further up the road it's not long before we come across people who appear to be smoking crack in throughout daylight others showing signs of being high often known as the poor man's drug crack is said to to refer. of cocaine mixed with baking soda or mania it's the most addictive form of the drug revision
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i've seen people come here and after six months they look like the walking dead they lost fifteen kilos it's really hell for everyone she share in the g.m. has lived here for twelve years he says that while poor delish apparel has had a history of drug problems it's now spiraled out of control. the situation imported election apparel is catastrophic the authorities have let the place turn into a slum full of crack addicts it is ignore way the community on the hill there are five hundred people who were doing crazy things and annoying the locals very aggressively steal all sorts of things going on here about five years ago there were around a dozen of them we knew who they were but today it's five hundred the state is completely abandoned everyone stuck in traffic we see some men demanding money from drivers they claim it's for food but local say the money goes on drugs and despite a continuous police presence nothing seems to change some officials are now claiming
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this is the crack capital of france the scale of the problem is such that put the chapelle is the biggest selling point and consumer of crack in france the people who live in port delish appelle and its surrounding areas remain in fear is the crack addiction continues to explode jollity pinsky r.t. paris and donald trump is threatening motorcycle make a harley davidson over the company's plans to shift production away from the u.s. or have a story in full right out of this break. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach.
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you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge tournaments and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the . great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia. this special one. needs to just read the review. the latest edition as we go.
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u.s. president donald trump's national security advisor john bolton is visiting moscow where he's currently meeting the russian president vladimir putin let's cross over to. for more on the meeting the purpose of john bolton's visit you mentioned earlier in your report better relations with russia what do we expect to come out of it. well they're meeting now and they've both made opening statements vladimir putin stated the obvious that you know the relations between russia and the united states right now. exactly in their best shape and he says that because of internal political dynamics in the united states you know political struggles between various factions of the united states but he said john bolton's visit to russia even in an overt itself gives gives hope that relations will be restored between russia and the united states to which john bolton said that you
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know we'll will meet anyone we're open to even meeting a rainy and officials and that donald trump is supports global global stability and they both reiterated that nobody wants any sort of conflict but the white house clearly stated why john bolton was coming it was to talk about the outstanding and serious issues between russia and the united states syria ukraine the developing arms race relations which are almost the low and sending john bolton here because you know those rumors that he's here to organize a meeting between vladimir putin and donald trump which would be which would be a huge thing though john bolton himself yes quite a character setting him here may have been a message as well because he's he's aggressive when it comes to foreign policy he's a real hawk a real america first everyone out second kind of fellow so even if donald trump
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ease all for repairing relations with russia job bolton might don't be on board. russians have walked all over the obama administration for eight years it's really been a pathetic performance if you make them feel pain and others feel pain then the possibility of deterring future conduct like this increases that's what we need to do of course one might ask why you john bolton and why he now all of. dimes take
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into account what's happening between europe and the united states the chill in relations they off the donald trump slapped tariffs on various european goods that irritated them then said a number of things about europe itself and nato he says he's unhappy about how much europe is is chipping in into the alliance at the defense and and spending and you know there it there at all and so. donald trump's sort of reaching out to russia it may be a message to europe either you dance to austria will make friends with russia and any way you look at it the europeans a pretty pretty afraid and it also explains donald trump's recent statement about and highly an expected statement about returning russia to the g. eight. i would rather see russia in the g. eight as opposed to the g.
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seven i would say that the g. eight is a more meaningful group than the g seven whatever donald trump and his administration a plane that it's working in your. press especially british press britain the champion of the russian movement in europe they're saying they're ringing alarm bells they're saying that their dismay that this is this isn't good of relations between russia and the united states isn't going to be good for europe but john bolton is open to the press later today we've got a whole lot of questions lined up where meant when he answers hopefully we'll have a clear understanding of whether the united states is bluffing here or whether it genuinely wants better relations with russia indeed in time that much anticipated meeting between don't trouble about to produce and finally materialize that would no doubt be one of the key questions there are these what i gather for the latest.
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another a few american symbols more iconic than the harley davidson motorcycle. i . i. very soon could all come to an end president donald trump has now lashed out at a motorcycle maker over holley davidson's plans to shift production away from its united states base. harley davidson is using deficit excuse and i don't like that because i've been very good at arlington which you know they use that as an excuse and i think the people that right are always are not happy with harley davidson and i wouldn't be either but mostly companies are coming back to work. on twitter
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trump even threaten the company saying that if harley davidson doesn't move it will be the beginning of the end and they'll be taxed like never before harley davidson of course planned to move some of their manufacturing to europe to avoid newly imposed e.u. tariffs when exporting to the continent the company says the move will save nearly one hundred million dollars per year in taxes. and the backdrop to that story of course the e.u. recently slapping import charges on american goods including most of works in retaliation of course against trucks tariffs on steel and aluminum trump claimed the levees were needed to protect u.s. manufacturing from unfair competition economist jeffrey albert tucker though says american firms have nothing to gain from trade was this is a consequence trumps trade war and it's a classic case of how these government actions tend to have the opposite effect
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trump wants to make america great again what he's actually doing is causing more financial pressure for american firms that rely on imported raw goods and for american producers who rely on markets abroad to buy their products so this is very bad american companies will move aspects of their businesses abroad if it's a life or death issue the purpose of business is to serve the cause of business and to to stay profitable and to serve their stockholders the purpose of business is not to make donald trump happy. well this is the latest picture you can see behind me from the kremlin where u.s. national security advisor john bolton is meeting russian president vladimir putin and out of the whole range of international issues on the agenda to discuss and perhaps of course ranging also that much anticipated as we said earlier a meeting between the u.s. and russian presidents a what better time to have this meeting of course than the
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world cup here in moscow and in russia. who will be. a group of french butchers say they're in need of police protection after becoming the target of what they call terrorism not what you might think of course at the hand of vegan activists according to them they accuse animal rights campaigners of vandalizing shops across the country and spreading fear among meat lovers. so i came here in the morning to open the shop and get the carrots and i saw the window had been smashed at the first i thought it was mandela's more wrong but then i saw the writing and realised it was an attack by the against.
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the post this is murder sounds suspicious a new species is murder first humans who think they're superior to adults. i saw said that but you know now they're attacking buildings but who are they going to target next the people who work there and if the police do not protect us things could escalate so now it's beacons were hungry but then at some point the coaches were good and bt and then it could get serious. well join us again often our moscow time for the latest global news headlines and of course the latest football updates as well see the.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. thank you for joining us today all right coming up european central bank is doing great changes and has seen some well as is your movie joined by daniele de martino booked to discuss the recent developments plus we'll be catching part two of dan collins' investigation of the health risks associated with cell phone use and later ten years after the great recession are we in danger of going there again west former banker nomi prins the author of collusion how central bankers are rigged the world seems discussed banking got off the globe and finally r.j. correspond to trinity child is just a look at some outdated deliveries and that is that united parcel service used yes all that more straight ahead but let's get to some stories topping today's
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financial and business headlines the supreme court of the united states has issued a ruling in the case of ohio versus american express siding with amex five before the majority opinion upheld the provision of amex's contracts with vendors that prohibits vendors from encouraging the use of competing cards to amex with discounts for promotions the majority opinion written by justice clarence thomas found part platforms are quote two sided platforms and quote that interact with both customers and vendors and that it is a unique feature that justifies what would seem to be an eye competitive practice justice thomas wrote that in the absence of restrictive cause vendors could effectively capture sales from amex card holders while evading the fees by simply encouraging them to use different cards with a lower swipe fee at the time of purchase the decision expected have major consequences for retail and the race to capture market share in the growing cashless transactions sector and.


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