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the government of madison july seventeenth twenty second do your part business program interactive exhibition urban. suburban forum dot com. breaking news on r.t. international the kremlin confirms the first official summit between donald trump and lot of the person. was the day for the world cup with defending champions germany crashing out of a tournament after defeat by minnows south korea. but that means sweden top group found mexico also go through despite a battering from the scandinavians. other headlines chemical weapons washing. the walls a significant splits off the delicate spoke to enable you to attribute guilt for chemical attacks not just establishing facts.
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of life from moscow i'm daniel hawkins lots of news to get through in the first moments today beginning with the top international news story the kremlin and the white house have finally agreed on the very first official summit between trump and putin this was revealed during the visit of u.s. national security advisor john bolton to moscow where he met with the russian president. has this report. devises has revealed that this summit was indeed. trumps national security advisor even came to moscow must of been in the works for quite awhile as i say details this all we know is that it will happen outside of russia outside of the united states somewhere in a neutral country third party will play host the meeting is expected to last a few hours and. in
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a joint declaration by both donald trump and putin which which will be a breakthrough given covered relations earlier today we saw blood timea putin to meet john bolton and you know it was all very official handshake smiles but they exchanged a few words an opening statement and let me a putin said that relations he was being perhaps very diplomatic he said relations out in their base shape now others might say they've never been worse but. said that this is the fault of internal u.s. politics and dynamics have to begin with regrettably stating that relations between russia and the u.s. are not in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it at the meeting with you i think this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s. but your visit to moscow gives hope that we'll be able to at least take the first steps toward restoring full relations between our countries while this trip john
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bolton coming to moscow has been talked about for weeks there was so much speculation about what you know what the point was and given that this is john bolton himself and he's aggressive in his foreign policy he's. the sort of person that would always put america first there's everyone out second coming here and you know this breakthrough coming now is certainly something unexpected. russians have walked all over the. obama administration for eight years it's really
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been a pathetic performance if you make them feel pain and others feel pain then the possibility of deterring future conduct like this increases that's what we need to do all that diligence john bolton is very civil with putin even expressed hope that you know russia and the united states could work towards a common goal the trust could be rebuilt between the two countries and let me approve and also mention brought up that the united states had won a joint bid to host the world cup and said that russia is open to share its experience. if it was. i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the fifa world cup in twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup appropriately we'll be happy to share our experience. most appreciative of your courtesy and graciousness here and i look forward to hearing how you handled the
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world cup so successfully among those big development they've finally confirmed that this meeting is going to happen last a few hours again it won't happen in russia with the united states but a third party a third country will play host and it's expected to enter the joint declaration more details we are waiting for here. john bolton is about to be a press conference as lots of questions lined up for him and his intentions here and what will come of this summit where it will happen whether it will happen we'll have that we're expecting in the minutes now u.s. national security adviser john bolton is expected to speak to the press in moscow following that meeting with the russian president will of course be following any updates we'll bring you developments now meanwhile we also have some spectacular news in the world of football so let's without any hesitation cross toss special studio overlooking the kremlin the red square for some breaking news from the for
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world cup twenty eighty. it is an absolutely magnificent evening cave in moscow but it is one of the top he stays in german football peter schmeichel alongside me is just be watching with me the game germany against south korea the germans needed to get something out of this to progress as it is the reigning world champion the four time speak for well champions out they were defeated by two very late goals both coming out in time against the koreans and they've gone on this. i have to say in my opinion this was deserved win for korea absolutely so i mean they didn't have the ball that much to serve deserve they had the chances in the game and of course as germany got more and more desperate to get a goal that opened up in the second goal was scored wise and manuel neuer was up
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the other end but yeah germany did not deserve anything they do the way they have played this tournament has been very bad the way that preparation games have been you know we think ok that's that's just in preparation but they carry that really poor form into the tournament and we're quite lucky to get three points out of the sweden game i thought they didn't produce that many chances put a moment of absolute brilliant from from toni kroos gave them a lifeline that the absolute did not take today and i can't for the life of me understand the way that the manager your human the who's won the world championship with these boys what he was thinking he made five changes to the team against sweden and for the first time in months germany actually looked they looked a little bit different and a little bit dangerous that didn't produce that much in that game other than of course they got this win and today he goes back he changes back for changes he puts cut here in which he substitutes and he. julian which i thought is you to
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substitute your substitute someplace hoping this guy can come up with something and he couldn't he's not putting miller on miller came on later on when he came on something happened and you know when you have to to sort of say ok was it fair was it not fair it's completely fair that germany are not in this suite the next one through from this group and they deserve every bit they've got sweden have been huffing and puffing and had so many decisions going against them and they turned up today they beat mexico three males mexico who won the first game remember they won one millions to many which for many people was a big surprise. and they won the second game as well against south korea took them to six points and they lost today their fans there and the look at their faces for twenty five minutes it looked like that they were going out but they are not going out and they still have to stay in the tournament actually south korea to serve as they came out nothing to playful with a k.
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for germany an absolute battle that germany lost let's just recap the significance of this because not only are the reigning champions out and out not only is this the four time champions who are out they've not gone three from the opening station got past the opening round for the first time since nineteen thirty eight it's only the ton failed to get past the first round and just to add insult to injury as you can see in front of you they have finished last in the group finishing below the koreans now on the basis of goal difference that that second goal going in in what the ninety six minute putting the germans bottom of the group now this is going to say this is a humiliation you know what this is called it's called the champions curse so that the champions from two thousand and six it's city they went out in the first round of the two thousand and ten two thousand and ten spain won it they won out last time in brazil as you can remember they were when but now they were humiliated four
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years ago. brazil and obviously germany the champions from that tournament in brazil they've gone out not just three consecutive champions have left the tournament in the open face and if we are going to be honest everybody of course expected journeys to go through on reputation i think based on that second half performance against sweden people thought they had momentum they know how to play attacking football now but if we look at the way they played in every game poor in the first half against mexico they were losing poor in the first half against sweden the releasing poor in the first half against south korea this was the last the last time the only time they didn't manage to pull things out of the bag in the second half they just went to the well too many times looking to leave a light say they had no point that they looked like that they were trying hard you always get the germans team to try hard you always get them to you know put a pile on the pressure pile in the pressure and in all fairness to get some chances unfortunately for germany. for the three of the four chance they got to match home
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most match homeless and i'm not kidding mats hummels missed three open goals on headers from the eighty six minutes and to the end of the game i have lost count of how many one woman eighty six minutes we watched the replay he was completely about six yards out you think he couldn't possibly miss but he did and this was the consequence a few minutes later this was in what the ninety second minute kin was on it went to walvis well so. you know a lot of these young guys. when it came down to answer it it turned out that it was toni kroos whack to pass the ball to him so it wouldn't have mattered had he been outside it came from a german german foot and you think about that the irony of that it was toni kroos who actually gave germany the lifeline and he gave kind of gave it away again i mean i hold nothing against tony because in that situation it's what happens in football you know he i think he is. he's the only german player who comes out of
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this with with his dignity but doesn't say a lot that he was that deep trying to defend for he stayed in this late stage of the game that he was trying to be everywhere the midfield play they had a corner so yeah it was probably you know you don't really hate he would be pushing to be the greats if it was for a winning goal so this is just you know i mean the game is just finished ten minutes ago i'm still sort of a kind of the stand this i don't understand why they didn't publish why did he make so many changes like a recovery got so many questions what was your commute thinking about going to see have to go after this after all the success he's had this was a terrific result ultimately i think this is probably something that's going to make everybody's mind up about making a change in germany as i said before all the preparation boys to this world cup was back it was saul's they got they they lost for the first time was in thirty eight years to austria and you know they day had they've they've and you can excuse them
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for you know having other up occasions someone like toni kroos for instance champions league raunch on this league final and and you know that they might not be getting it one hundred percent when it's warm up games to a world cup but you'd expect them to give one hundred percent when is actually the welcome you took you talked about mesut ozil who at times you wondered if you realize that this wasn't a friendly the way you strolling around on a page i thought i mean i have praised him live for his these changes and his decision to to make big changes in the in the game against sweden at number two game in the group and he didn't leave. and name it as without and it made a big change that the midfield suddenly they've they've they've got more energy they played better but he brought both of them back today and it was a big mistake i think it was a it's a key mistake because none of them are in any good form and this was a time just looks like he doesn't care and you know he cares are absolutely sure he
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cast it's just the way he looks and when things. and not running the way it should run you know when you have a player that looks like that and the player that sort of caliban with that reputation and statues in football other players less experienced players and you look to that guy you know for help for inspiration and they see this body language they finish. their language and you know i thought it was a big mistake for your converts to playing today because he's not proved anything over this this period in the world and as we have seen time and time again injury tangles being so scored in this twenty eight hundred twelve cup so we don't when south korea went ahead and ninety's two minutes you figured that's going to be at least another six or seven minutes especially with the ball for not the gulf and the last but it went against the koreans noir way up the pitch lost the ball tapping you know things i really like about noir you know he will do anything it takes to get back in again so he will he will sacrifice and gamble on being that
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extra man up in the in the pens about unfortunate he didn't get all the way up there so as you could see from that little clip the ball ended with him and he didn't get it it was taken off and one long pass that would have been i mean that ball could easily have gone in had it been one more meta to the right that could have been some call maybe the the the longest goal in in history an influx of i don't know that's for you you just find out you were not so obviously the date they went to wagner not right but that's an offside bar and he was playing the an inside his own half so it was offside and then it was too narrow and i can tell you at that moment you should have seen the mexican supporters i mean from looking like people who was about to drop dead they did get cut straight back to their own came singing dancing and we could hear it here as well so a really good day for mexico in spite of that three no defeat to sweden but. well incredible but you know we know that the mexican fans are relieved because. i think
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with about five ten minutes to go they were all on their phones in the stadium of their match and you all wanted to know what the result was going to be from south korea germany probably fearing that they were going to hear about a late germany goal but absolute delight but nothing compared to the delight of the sweden fans what a turnaround for them from despair that last second defeat to germany to topping the group with this rino win over mexico you want to see the light this is how it looks. i. ask you. i. am. so let's head to that matching you can't. wear mexico top with a group of six point zero taking on a swede deciding had to get a victory i don't know how many people fancy their chances but things look an awful
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lot better after fifty minutes and this was a big. getting the breakthrough for them let's take a look at how that goal came about and you know sweden the today they got everything they deserved and the they suffered lately the defeat to germany that song was called right that. the energy out of any football player and it's something that you carry on for days sweden didn't have to face it was sunday night and here we have witnesses so it was basically straight down to back to business right away did you think they would have the energy that must have taken so much out of them the manner of that late defeat against the. athletes in sweden over their famous for their of their toughness and mental toughness and you remember someone like you just for instance who just stood in the baseline return john mcenroe's of whatever he was he was trying to do but they have this it's a mentality of things we haven't they can really really when they need to they can
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focus and. and they did that today and you have to remember this game was played in that even though this is where the temporary stands are actually outside the stadium and it's fair to say that for most of that game you know the mexican team were in that stand they were completely played off the page i thought it was an accident performance by by sweden and they deserved to win three you know and three nil is not a big meter in this game because they can sweden got there we talked about this is half time it didn't get a penalty when i still think when we see what else has been given talents if they should have had it it was a nil nil but again mental toughness to check in to have time to have a chat came out firing on all cylinders and right from the word go and then five minutes into that half they got the reward and i won the need and at this point you have to remember that sweden really needing a victory said it couldn't be relaxed at this point they will breathe a little easier sixty two minutes this was the defendant and the rest run down
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crist. increasing. leads so this was. a penalty yes yes i was in the rain of sliding into malta spectacles but deny defend against germany finally sweden getting some decisions going going away from the for a couple survive but there instead of going to our grandkids put it in top form and i think you must've looked at what how you came to the other day this is by the way is going to say second goal and pence in this tournament and he was for me he was he was man of the match he's sending half and the way he played today he looks a bit worn out and i'm not saying all but he looks a bit tired at times for today he was majestic he was really leading into team it was a grand example example on on what a caption in a team can do just by showing. and begin oh it's what we're talking about and i hope that that is not the captain for germany but just by showing just having that body like just showing everybody else i want this and i show you. how to do it and
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it's a diner a plane ticket i know people have seen how we came to the couple of times that's not an easy penalty it's brave isn't it to go to also see cigarettes and he hit it over the bar two games ago and yesterday he tried the same thing and he was successful it doesn't take much these balls are very light you know he tried to lift the ball up in that you know can easily just give it a little bit too much and that's why you see most people most people will roll the ball out software haven't you know tried to technical but roll the ball around the grass because it's it definitely won't go over so but and if sweden had any nerves so ever to know they were certainly settled by team self destructing really seventy four minutes it was no goal from. alvarez i think they've given up the ghost by this point that they were deflated and sweden rule over them and strain it was supposed to start looking inevitable as religious training was
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a really good result i'm a little bit disappointed with mexico i'm not going to take anything away from sweden three of them are fantastic today i think what sweden did today was it was one of the best performances from a team in these well cups so far but the disappointment with mexico is that because it was one note and then with two no down then with three nil down there thinking that going out of the world and they know that the other team in the group which was germany they needed a result as well and they also knew they were not getting it but what happened in that second half when the goal started to go in was to start to lose that discipline first of all the discipline in the system they've played so well and they have played well in the previous two games but also the disciplinary discipline so they started to kick my ass because it got a few bookings and the referee had been it picking could have done a lot worse for mexico and this is this is a you know done mindset was oh well we're defeated now we're going out the fact is they're actually going on so if you carry silly yellow. it's for something that
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happened in this game into the next round you could still get another yellow card worth it to go through into the quarter finals and that for me was a little bit of a disappointment on the mexican team but the two games they've played that's already these are the two games they've won thirty this will have to go through there's no doubt about that they have been a fantastic team in this group and sweden's performances i think have been solid and today they were excellent and i'm very many many congratulations on a trip to new mexico had gone out six points that would have been extremely unfortunate and it would've been a great loss to the competition not only in terms of the play i think but also in terms of the founder seems like probably every other mexican supporter carry some kind of instrument is pretty adept at using it up in colorful they have been allowed and somehow they've made it through to the last sixteen despite today's performance this is what they mean to the world cup have a look at this. right
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. here even if i move. i. am confident they not i mean if i say no to me and cannot see the supreme tin can a set of shoes when everyone else is going to say there was nobody in korea even. if it was back yesterday in athletics cadillac idea. first you know he's someone that. i mean even if i haven't ever been able to get there it's. almost all of those full days and carry much for more than
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a few of the last. but i think the name wasn't pretty middle that was in blue but i haven't done it but i found here. was a time in my memoirs. when you think when you think. so mexico and sweden have they worked hard to place in the next round what does it mean for them what is their reward well let's have a look at our draw now to more flags at payette and it means that the group winners are sweet and now they will play the runners up of group a remember that brazil service whistlin vying for those two places and they will be in st petersburg on july the third mexican to play the winners of the group a in some are on july second just take a look at the top right so russia play in spain let's just assume that russia goes
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through their home advantage yes then france. playing then so let's just assume that go through with what you believe in russia of the system how great a game with that being the top came of these world cups on absolutely sure. but that's what i do you know i mean i'm very much hoping for that to happen now how about if you like that absolutely it wouldn't get much bigger than that i mean unless they played in the final it doesn't get too much bigger than that does it of course i mean if you want democracy because france is this stage this is special because it takes as we've we've seen it's an awful lot of hard work and you know your emotions are up and down you're in you're out then you're. not in and then you're. just to get through this bit of it playing against the best teams in the world it's so difficult and also now there's a little bit of a rest period and then the next phase which is a knockout phase. you have to play live. it's different you have to approach the
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games a little bit different we won't see as many goals we know this historically we won't see as many goals we see more cautious play because you know to get through to the next stage of that which is a quarter finals you know and i think after having seen south korea just beat germany two nil i don't think anybody would fertik to that at this stage anything is possible and you know and germany is the second most successful team in world cup history and tonight we see the most successful team in world cup history that's brazil they play serbia and the other group in the game that group is switzerland they play costa rica and that's a risk dance and a realistic big risk that brazil won't go through we might end up losing both of the most successful teams in welcome history on the same day i hope not brazil they they need to up their game they are there in fact a very many many similarities to the way that the german has played the only
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difference is that germany came into this last day with three points and brazil comes in with four points that makes a very very big difference in in what can happen in two different scenarios two would be for the four points rather than three but it's all going to hinge all night game i suspect brazil serbia because it would really serbia in which they have to take it really on any switzerland's it to pick up a point against costa rica so it's not that big a center around that's required to see that all the five times champions depart on side the four times i think i think the simple fact in this group is that any i mean obviously costa rica gone they think they can do anything but anyone who wins tonight will go through that's a simple thing right. that brazil and switzerland with the jaw they'll go through as well serbia can only go through with a draw if costa rica petes switzerland so those are the sort of simple scenarios but you know that's going to be so many twists and turns in this group so that
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again as you said there's a lot really. this competition very similar to germany and it wouldn't take a huge surprise in the results for them to sit across alongside it wouldn't. and serbia is a stopping team it's one of them you know they just keep going and they have really good players as well and it's not sort of a fashionable team you won't know you know twelve of their players and you have brazil playing that playing in the spots like stadium and spacek stadium is for atmosphere it is incredible and the reason i say that is because our shared ski which i have traveled around russia with that's the one thing he's been consistent with all the time said spacek stadium is incredible for mr probably the past. and so he's going to ripples interests like he will he will so we can ask him later on when yeah but that will help brazil they need this kind of that they need this kind they meet actually they need
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a little bit of help from their supporters but they said this already we've seen a lot of brazil supporters around in the center had it escaped not a lot of atmosphere old confidence coming from that very very nervous people very nervous people it was a while when i walk from my hotel up to the studio here i walk through literally everyone all the supporters all the party is going on on that route and the brazilians have been so do i see dancing singing absolutely having the best part in the world today stone faced see the you know they're walking around a little group which again is unusual because they've been sort of clattering around it's in larger groups having parties are behind us where we are you know singing today very quiet just absolutely and they think they're right to beat it because it's going to be this is another one that's going to go right to the what we option i would nine hundred ninety plus six in every game always so ninety six minutes it's kind of cold really chilly this would have to go down. the biggest
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day of shocks and upsets in will come history if we were to lose brazil in germany i suspect the baileys half a dozen teams elsewhere thinking this could be how it will it be we'll have that be another earth shattering surprise in the group the action make sure you stay with our coverage with peter myself throughout the evening will see short. a bite for many flips over the gaze so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch or the funnel school it's about.


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