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find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a bad idea. it's important that it's john bolton saying those words because he's aggressive when it comes to foreign policy he cool russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. elections and act of war and now he's backing donald trump saying that we do indeed need this summit that you know it will benefit it will benefit everyone especially at this stage well let me a putin put the relations not in the best shape which is perhaps diplomatically very polite others would say that the relations between the united states and russia. are at an all time low. i have to begin with regret sublists stating that relations between russia and the us a not in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it at the meeting with you i think this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s.
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but your visit to moscow gives hope that we'll be able to at least take the first steps toward restoring full relations between our countries. also a number of tough questions asked of john bolton with gods in his prior position he was very anti russian classic republican as some some of my colleagues called him during the press conference but he said what he said before what he wrote before was you know it copy side he won't comment on it because it happened before his current posting his national security advisor to donald trump he was also asked a funny question that you know he was treated with more respect than the po-boy angle american jobs with germany because vladimir putin wasn't late to his meeting with. john bolton. to which he elected they said i don't want to reply i don't want
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to comment on this question but let me also extend to add in friendship they both reads rated that desire med relations to make peace and not me a burden even offered to share russia's experience of hosting the world cup. festivals with i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the fifa world cup in twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup appropriately will be happy to share our experience in the. most appreciative of your courtesy and graciousness here and i look forward to learning how you handle the world cup so successfully among other things. specific details that stuff when donald trump applied to me a booking will meet i still secret they've decided to share them synchronously the kremlin and the white house in washington together tomorrow the sydell announce
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a new creation it will be russia the united states will be a. country hosting the event in a meeting the six back to the last few hours and in the joint declaration. ok. thanks for the update on. news and special world cup highlights and i'll be back in thirty minutes with will to stay with. hello and welcome to the peter schmeichel show the group face are nearly done of this fee for world cup two thousand and eighteen here in russia two more days of play and we know who all the sixteen teams that would play in the next stage of this tournament are and by the end of the day for more teams would have qualified
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another fourteen would be on their way back home for the day it all became it's in group f. and that's where mexico they play sweden and germany they're up against south korea and both games kicks off at the same time five pm moscow time so who will go through here well the short answer is that everybody can mexico who have won the first two games can still end up going home after today and south korea who has lost both of the two games they could still be in the tournament if they beat germany with more than three goals and sweden at the same time they loose is to make soko it can get very complicated if germany and sweden win their games one nil that would leave mexico germany and sweden and six points each all having scored three goals and conceded two and in this case the rules are not that clear i've checked this with fi for germany and sweden they will go through and mexico will be
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out and that would be very very harsh since they were literally in the next round until twenty cause the german superstar scored in the ninety six minute to make it two one to germany with sweden in the came on saturday so incredible amount to look forward to in this group and i said the two matches are kicking off at five. pm this afternoon. and then at nine o'clock tonight it's a conclusion of group b. the group of death and it certainly has lived up to that name here brazil play serbia and custer rica play switzerland and let's just take a look at the group table brazil our in four points they lead with the smallest of margins one goal to switzerland serbia on third place with three points and the only thing that we can be absolutely sure about here is that costa rica will be
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leaving for home after the game other than that it's completely open between the three remaining chines and all three can and will go through if they win but only preserve in switzerland i guarantee to go through if they draw circuit can only progress with that euro if customer it beats the swiss so a lot of potential twists and turns in weight and we will know for sure who's been successful at around eleven o'clock tonight. in the years two years ago switzerland was a so-called how to beat a solid defensive block was a foundation and a one zero win over pena and then three draws losing only and penalties to poland in the last sixteen match was proof of that but the qualification to this world cup and in the two games they played in russia so far they've played with more style and flair i've spoken to the team captain stephanie steiner about the change.
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four years ago you had a how to talk and then you had surgery how how has that affected your career and the decisions that is made now. of course in the first two three days are you here lies a side of us a little bit afraid to have a very good doctor so explain here everything and of course if you have something like this year after year and showing more because you never know when you korea. is finished so obviously. all the pressure he. started to enjoy living in all of. us with a life as a footballer you know. as a person as a human being it is essential of course for these two children. i think outside of a. quiet guy so i don't have to change some of enough to program like these you stop to to to being a force molten so why are switzerland always in the competitions. because revoked
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a lot of levy changed a little bit i was styled to play before we scored many goals from corner cakes and free cakes and now we have still teamed up displaying is playing also forward no more only behind and then you play and call into roles with no review play just a beautiful people have. different mentalities and we have the latest je can do the one against one they have a very very good cross the so evoked a lot of these also to not be afraid to play against the big teams and stay only be like them because stop what they don't like that's why i'm sure that also in this world cup you can do very well i don't know if you have sort of a very national cultural. thing that plays a part and that you can change yeah i think i think because they bring a lot of quality at the beginning maybe we had some problems because of the
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mentality says what different but then we spoke a little and he sold over different like he was thinking so on the pitch they bring a lot of quality and just cool guys but what kind of difference have they brought to the squad to the atmosphere in the school thinking like we've just received going he's crossing three times behind the goal he started to think only time maybe i stop and i give make because and. in the head you. so they go into just to just to the not so i just used to ok now i do i did do miss two mistakes so maybe the next i am looking for for the safety pass no just. don't think about mistakes just playing for football and enjoy has it been the opposite it's been problems as well it's been difficult to deal with maybe at the beginning because. the mentality was to begin to be little bit different so they need to understand what
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vs receive won't reeses not the easiest tool to stave off because you need to be on time one just wants to go on the. yeah you getting three so for some people it was not easy to do to understand that if you have a big stand in streets and under all the live so you ask a lot of guys holes will so to begin d.s. was maybe a problem but then they showed the c.c. side of the life and be maybe opened a little bit and now it's just a great moment to call in the national team so he just enjoying all the training and maybe a little bit the point that he worked a lot they like a lot of to play football to enjoy the food. you need to what is important as we see expectations what you thing you can do is. of course you need to pass the group which it's not easy because somebody from brazil you have. a very big team in the group after you of course study they did very well four years ago and also save you
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know they have just great players and that's why you need to you need to be ready it will be a big fight but at the end i'm confident it will pass the schools what about the people of switzerland what using their expectations to what that scene can do. if they just. just a lot of our team you know because he also used to know that the team is going to the world cup europe. in shame for your pasta group four years ago we foster played against argentina in the utopian. steve event thousand against poland so just wait and a lot of us in the butt if you play well the people who get behind you when the team stop to do good to play with then the papers are calling a lot of model but you don't have these powers from the game from mean from you or your friends how much you work on the one on defending because you're always so good at it you know i think it's a little bit from a county you know if you have
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a small county so you are just in front of to go into so and behind you is not so big to defend it's the ability to change the little falls against the small teams that do stuff to make the game so we are more in the office of zone you need to be . on the placement but even teams defending you know so when you are only behind your fellow players it's easy it's because the zone is small to space to be fairly small but a lot of evoked a lot of is of envy attack that everybody's although they do wish to strike at that when the ball is coming out the other day oh maybe you can do fall maybe you can take to build for him so you don't need to do a teammate this behind an eighty minute to sigyn forward so you would you don't lose so much energy that was he was working a lot and yes of course it's a little bit because you're born to defend you know you're not bressie a lead that you go ok we go and we score born to defend that's why it's a little bit in our blood to defend would you say that the group that you ended up
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in is probably the hardest group in the world i don't know because i was not looking too much to other groups i'm just focus on our group it's not easy like we spoke already before and. i'm positive i'm sure that the past is the scope because we have to quality because to be really want to we want to. do it and if you really want to do it you will do it so i'm positive do you have your a way of playing and it's unconditional or do you change your way of playing from games again no we have in our game forty of us and much more focused on the team because we never had this quality that we have now so now we have these qualities to play football to play a really good football to stop the action from behind. toolmaker good pressing also
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a tool to be a radios on the preventive and work so i think now will be. well to begin of course like you spoke before you see a little bit the team and maybe of course against persons who will not go up up up up because you know if you keep them space they. you know if you want to against one every time against name out against douglas caused all these very good players to be difficult to make a good result also then they don't like to defend so. that's just just to your game and be careful on the important or on the on the dangerous points to the team and at that point i think like you spoke before you will make to analyze this you will know directly then. as the new modern football league you look at the team and then. do a little bit tactic on them and then of course you work on these points so in order
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to win the game the fruitful have to school goals so who is going to score your goals who is your school i hope me know. you have you have we have a lot of good strikers it's true that maybe that was our biggest problem during the qualification because the strike is still working where you will they are they lit to play the team very good because it's important to of players still moving there holding the balls that you can come up to be we have. at least at the school of discord more than four goals and no qualification and p.c. supporting. the need to. work way out of this one against one in their training. to try to go to. hell of course the goalkeeper they are working also a lot of stuff because you know week soccer code you strike is called me and you need to take the confidence to just call from ten to one against one of you you need to score minimum some goals and that's you need to to walk a little bit but i'm confident the we'll find some player was course you know so
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when you look up up to the pitch the players in front of you who are you looking. to change the cause of the game who is the star player a player is in that scene at the end of course all the team is very important we have some key players i think you. can see if parties shockey that it's really important for us he has something that nobody hasi can do just in one moment he can do to different pieces his left foot very good one against one and on the right side he for me is just working where he will because he's cold mean you can overlap in. i did he was right about securing he has put in some really big performances already the highlight of course was scoring that last minute when i can be a friday night to get switzerland that incredible two one victory.
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when lawmakers manufacture consensus instinct of public wealth. when the ruling classes some protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent.
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we can all middle of the room sick. rooms the real need for. tonight switzerland play costa rica and then join that game will be enough for them to still be part of the fee for world cup costa rica though the world cup is already over and that has been a major disappointment for the country remember four years ago they went all the way to the quarterfinals so with the expectations of what this team could do here in russia with very high i went to costa rica already of this year to find out why it is that a small central american country keeps getting to the world cups and often with great success and who better to ask than my old friend and teammate follow one
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chopper. only way up. welcome to costa rica sunny. oh you don't need an umbrella. i think i've played in the stadium i was a school. to be and i'm talking about korea he came over here to learn how to play so that's great he came to costa rica and i think it was great so it's very nice to be in costa rica and the reason that i'm encountering it is it's very similar to denmark in terms of population and. small country with a lot of success in the world. and i kind of want to find out what what you guys are doing. that puts you in the position to. ten years of age and i want to play football so what's happening the main thing is to play on the street i mean i grew
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up playing on the street on every park and there were even something happens even today i mean. actually the players over here we come from from the street you know playing on the street and then after when they go out when they get into thirteen fourteen years old they will get into clubs like you know the biggest clubs they all hear in. the academy scouts do they go and see the kids in the street and everywhere and everywhere yeah everywhere and how did you get found a played on the street as well and then i was in a small academy and then flew on a tour from well i was there for teens i was six to twelve year old yeah but mainly only saturdays we only practice on saturdays every day is just playing on the street when you when you are playing again so i don't know in
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a small place ten or fifteen be fifteen you will you will manage how to you know be creative. every neighborhood you will find a church you will find and you will find your church and you will find all the kids on the pitch and the parents in the church yes well yeah well everyone has to go first in the church and then to play the way we would you say that football is the most important thing in costa rica it is it is. the first sports for costa rica it's food. it's crazy and you know these days even even more. it's like history repeats itself. quantified again for the two thousand and eighteen world cup in russia. again. for me there in the group of death for me the most difficult group of for the holidays coming in serbia switzerland and the mizen
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brazil again and again the third time you know what is for welcome the yeah yeah. so you kind of find yourself in a similar position looking into the world of what is the most fair and the expectations this time around in the country while the space station is high you know because we've done a good job in two thousand and fourteen. people people don't realize you know how hard is this growth you know people think that because we play against cecil and against serbia it will be easy games but i've been trying to say i've been trying you know every interview just saying to them to be careful and he's he's a really tough group. great players players playing in pain in the biggest teams in
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any row i know is if he called i've been trying to say to everyone that it will be tough but you know one. is called challenges and i think every country going into the world cup will feel they have those kind of challenges. i wish you all the best in the world can't. so for costa rica it is goodbye for now and so it could be for brazil as well that would be a massive upset if that was to happen but it could be a reality come eleven o'clock tonight they place a it's a stop and difficulty and with only full prison players that's pretty new custom you know how to use shoes i must say though in my opinion performing to the normal high standards it is going to be a very very hot match for them if that doesn't change the name is very much at this. sort of this for me he's been poor in fact i believe that he's preserves biggest problem he's using these world cups to convince all of us fans that he is
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the best player in the world and it's not working for him and he knows this attains it has spoiled into frustration and even desperation and instead of playing for his team he's playing for naima trickery choosing the impossible solution that looks really good when he comes off but very very bad when it doesn't and then that's all that diving it irritates the hell out of me have you ever seen messi dive around like that all right now though in the last many years harry kane and then the other true world class players in this tournament do all that well i haven't and i think it's part of being world class that you do things correctly someone like missing always attracts special attention from opponents but he deals with it and he hardly ever acts out name on the other hand he uses so much energy to try and get free kicks and other players book and it takes so much of his own performances beyond
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cool p.s. the touch for free from the game against costa rica initially fell for all this and gave name a penalty only to take it away from him again after consulting volley that was great referee and great views of aa but the whole world was watching and he was a truly in paris thing moment for name and you can only hope that neymar he will learn from that situation let's stay with val for a second since last week's show we've seen quite a few incidents been just five on some was really good like the penalty against name i just spoke about but also some really bad ones and it's important to remember that even though it is technology it's still be looked at and it's still being interpreted by people and people often see things. differently but when the swedish strike a mark as was clean through one in one with manual noir the german goalkeeper in
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the game between germany and sweden and most keenly early filed at the moment he was about to pull the trigger the referee wave play on and the assistant did not react just as a reminder this is what the feet of president jiang know infancy know told us last week on the peter schmeichel show. in two thousand and eighteen if everyone in front of a steamy or inside the stadium if it's small by four known within a few seconds whether their face committed a big mistake and the only one who doesn't know it is the referee himself we make something. i think that we can all agree on the whole world hates see and yet nothing was giving i think the referee made a mistake by not giving the penances straight away but i fully accept that that's part of the game it happens but the valar assistance of negation is to alert the referee that you might be making and this is fee for language by the way
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a clear and obvious mistake and i think he told him that it was not a penalty and therefore grossly let the referee down so why didn't the polish referee cole himself well why would he if he was told that it was not a filed and this i've been the goes against the principle of the whole system is a tool for the referee to help him make the correct decision and voc is introduced to make football maul fair and once we get a few years down the line with this technology it will just be part of the game and we won't be talking so much about it but until then expect more controversy and more debate to next week on the peter schmeichel show.
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you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the path and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox swiss customs are here permanently and all the science is controlled by them and they impose the opening time so it was it it is from is
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all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and sold in the side this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet stretford also discreet because they concern fraud of some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport says for a position that will never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousands is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. the world is. largest international congress on the development of magazine july
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seventeenth twenty second so write your part. for him dot com. the kremlin and the white house confirm the first official summit between. the parties on brazil ahead of the final game as they hope to avoid the fate of fellow favorites germany who have just crashed out of the world cup. i. despair as the defending champions go crashing out of the world cup at the hands of underdog south korea. is nine pm here in moscow and you're watching all t. international live with me in a day or two to welcome to the program.


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