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the kremlin and the white house confirmed the first official summit between donald trump and vladimir putin. all day fourteen the c's switzerland and brazil qualify for the last sixty but there is a surprise in group. defending champions germany go crashing out on to south korea and while the koreans failed to qualify for the now counts their fans couldn't be happier.
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coming to live from the russian capital you're watching aren't international welcome to the program. the kremlin and the white house have agreed on the first official summit between donald trump and vladimir putin this was revealed during a visit a few u.s. national security adviser john bolton to moscow artie's more i've got a free ports. this summit is indeed happening what have led to me at putin's aides also said that it was organized before john bolton's visit to moscow but we learned we had a few details as to why or how this summit was organized bolton said that don't trump ease for mending relations with russia despite criticism both add to the at the broad the fact is that it's important for the leaders of these two
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countries to meet their wide range of issues despite the differences between a square those president trump and president couldn't think they may be able to find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a bad idea which you know it's important that it's john bolton saying those words because he's aggressive when it comes to foreign policy he called russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. elections an act of war and dad now he's backing donald trump saying that we do indeed need this summit that you know it will benefit it will benefit everyone especially at this stage with vladimir putin put the relations not in the best shape which is baps diplomatically very polite others would say that the relations between the united states and russia. are at an all time low i have to begin with regrets a belief stating that relations between russia and the us a not in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it in the meeting with you i think
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this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s. but your visit to moscow gives hope that we'll be able to at least take the first steps toward restoring full relations between all countries are. also a number of tough questions asked of john bolton with gods in his private positions very anti russian classic republican as some as some. my colleagues called them during the press conference but he said that what he said before what he wrote before was you know it got besides he won't comment on it because it happened before his current posting his national security adviser to donald trump he was also asked the funny question that you know he was treated with more respect than the po-boy anglo american jobs with germany because vladimir putin wasn't late to his meeting with. john bolton at which he elected they said i don't want to reply i
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don't want to comment on this question but let me also extend. friendship they both reads rates at the design med relations to make he said he wouldn't even offer to share russia's experience of hosting a world cup. i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the fifa world cup in twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup appropriately we'll be happy to share our experience in the. most appreciative of your courtesy and graciousness here and i look forward to hearing how you handle the world cup so successfully among other things specific details when donald trump of to me a booking will meet i still secret they've decided to share them synchronously the kremlin and the white house and washington together tomorrow decide on an ounce of
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new creation it will be russia with the united states it'll be a. country who's doing the event in a meeting that six back to the last few hours ago and in a joint declaration. to discuss the story in more detail we are now i joined a life of with admin go to reap an academic specializing on international affairs thank you very much and welcome to the program here on our team to national so do you have any expectations from of that meeting. there is no doubt that this is a very important meeting i mean we knew he wold know the world knows that the relationship between russia and the united states has deteriorated to a large extent during the past. two years at least and certainly with and since even the coming of president donald trump took power in the united states.
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that are many reasons behind that but certainly the crane. issue or more importantly the accusations from a number of the leading american specially with and congress with the democratic party allege that russia interfered in the american elections and there was collusion between the campaign of president. candidate trump and russia and the very last year ship has deteriorated to such an extent that some people have said that this is even lower now than it was during. the cold war certain kinds even when relations were very at a very low level at that town but i think president trump has always said both as a president and when he was a candidate that it's in the interest of russia and the interests of the united states in the interest of the world to have
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a meeting between the leaders of the two countries and that that would be something that might help resolve many of the issues not every issue but that will resolve many problems many issues between the two countries and on the world scene and i think the president has repeated that president trump has been saying this even at a time when he was accused of being almost like a puppet. president putin's russia by some radical democrats and opponents of the president so this is a. very significant development right now that may be the most important development this year depending on first of all whether it's going to take place and what should looks like that's what's going to happen and if if we see results emerging from that from that meeting which is what both sides expect i don't think we can expect resolving all the problems between russia and the united states but i
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think we are likely to this summit takes place pursue some advances in some of the areas where the two countries disagree upon the two countries need each other for example the question of korea is something that's stream important syria is another important one what happens in the ukraine that's another another issue. maybe even the or the salt agreement has that all of these might be very important issues that's true now speaking about all this and now you just mentioned old those topics that both a leader is a might try to appoint and of course this is the summit that everyone's going to be looking forward to thank you so much for your insight that was adamant the reap academic and expert on international affairs thank you again. and we're moving on portugal will be facing you are why on saturday after making it
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through the world cup group stage and in wednesday's group matches there was one major upset now for the latest over a two hour special coverage from r.t. studio and the heart of moscow. rating bowl champions full time slope west germany default we wondered if brazil might follow them in another big shot but it hasn't happened it's going to forming prepaid brazil brushing server side to nothing switzerland playing out a t.t. to costa rica what do you make of the reaction we were keeping across both of those games but brazil fairly comfortable comfortable played really well today. you know so it was a straightforward two nil win serbia didn't have what it took today to put any kind of pressure on on bristol and in fact i told a lot of the certain players looked straight at. me to reach out for and was sort
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of acting out all the time he was fit and booked as well. because he would have missed the next came the same with manchester united's in mind match the same you know acting out very very solid it difficult to break down he's brought back he sits and got in front of the pack roll he did school the goal today it's one of the first times i've seen actually pregnant to the say the other half. and you know. that that was old was kind of the at half an hour to go then and then you was brought up in india in the old days it would have put another strike and to go for number three and still had that little problem child name who is the most expensive play in the world needed an unbelievable amount of money was paid for him to p.s.g. and he's still trying to impress everyone with his skills and nothing really is happening for a name i had a couple of chances today that he missed but also it's in the actual game where i
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think he becomes a problem it's like. the put the other players to think that the game so decides to science or whenever they have the ball find a man he will do something. but they do find that it's ok but he won't do something he it's not happening for him and i think that he needs a little break he might not even be completely fit because he was injured getting into this tournament. but at his current stand and his current level it might not be a bad idea to give him a little bit of a break because it's not happening for him and one trick of a player like that you know a little bit of thinking time sat on the bench watching the other guy he might come on he might be a player that is more valuable than he ever did four or five chances will's most expensive player but he certainly not living up to that reputation like we said this is a much more solid looking you know the heart it's
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a beat at the back and it won't have affected the brazilian celebrations i'm sure they took the great they did a pretty comfortably in the end seven points only one goal conceded we talked about the brazil performance you know neymar trying to strike since flicks didn't produce much there was one quality month i was in the first all that came because he was thirty six minutes tino putting the bullet in the. right thing you said. he was he was really fantastic when he played for liverpool and he's just improved on that since he's joining barcelona you can see when you when you get used to having players that makes those kind of runs his problems is out of the the bus alone or the playbook that then you find the players with those kind of passes as well and that was just third passy had in that first half. had one of them. and the other one and then the third one so time lucky it was a slow progress from brazil today to kind of strangle serbia out of this match
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serve he will still have hopes of maybe pulling off a recovery but they were pretty much extinguished on sixty eight minutes this is a double belly kill to stay so. and you know to know that we're never going to come back from that serbia. in this incident. is actually committing a felony i'm quite sure it would have been a penalty. not scored but metres got himself booked in the situation and again a stupid thing to do. and maybe a fair reflection on how serbia work today it was sort of a little bit of everything all the time not completely where they've been when they played the reagans with some. groupie much that was play tonight and this is testimony we've said it before though teams that are already out of the competition they're still giving their all
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it means a lot to them to be at this world cup and twice costa rica when they hiding in switzerland twice they take them back to two it ended and it's a pretty good game this is just have to put the ball in the pocket of some and i'm . just thinking don't think about it don't give anybody a chance to put a foot or anything i suspect he doesn't score see many goals because you clearly relish the opportunity to do you do you think the celebrations were great i enjoy need jesus. that's how i would be doing it if i was going to smash it and really revel in that my kindle washed and we rated this what but it was just and he could ice for costa rica and then we had a game and it was just it became a game costa rica really went for the win fantastic and it needed a fantastic finish to be really playing against someone this week school he was excellent in the first five minutes here two massive saves. and one of the. i'm
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putting my neck on the line here i haven't i've only seen the watch i watch it from here and broadcasting but it looks to be one of the saves of the. and so i get back to my hotel and we see one more time and then i'll let you know if i still think that tomorrow but in the first five minutes costa rica could have gone easily in the easily country you know. and they didn't but then. i was want to point out i liked was the celebration that we took off probably knowing it's a booking if you take it off they just gave everyone a flash of half of a story so clever thinking they were going on what looked like it would be the way to eighty eight minutes switzerland's came from yes it damage just to the right of this just from a. fraction of the pension i don't think he's had many charges that he comes in and the finish and i'll tell you people don't know how difficult that was the
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technique that required to put the ball with that pace with the siphon up all that comes to with that accuracy that was a that was a fantastic finish and fifa changed to all the old rules first of all the referee was quite happy to give a penalty to. a one two minutes before you actually can slot for side eventually they got the pendency you know when it comes off the ball and hits a goalkeeper in the head and it goes in but it's written down as a goal and on goal by the goalkeeper and when you read back in two weeks you probably remember that he had the thing though did he make a mistake so you see preserve very very comfortable going through this group that was a difficult start for them they played one one which was in the first game and everybody so well for so they're going to struggle here for that to happen seven points switzerland i mean they've really had to mess up today.
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we've got these final great matches and the match is quickly now filling up with teams that have qualified like the look of the most if you could only have tickets to one. which would it be of the games yeah. laughs the site is obviously going to say that lots of. i actually think i would i would go to the spain russia game just seem to have the atmosphere in the news media i was there yesterday for the france denmark game and it was a bit of a flat experience no goals the last twenty minutes were. that he could have stopped the games i think in twenty minutes before to be nice to experience to lose. in full flow with with two teams and we have to remember is a knockout game so it has to be settled the drama that can create in that arena couldn't even trick is that spain i think is the team i would say that you have lit up the most when speaking about you used to believe that they have complete quality
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throughout the team and playing the host nation will have a huge very very supportive crowd behind them so it's going to be something special i didn't get it was going to and i think for russia the way that that you know they were they were crossed for the group of spain portugal the way it always panned out this is as good for the alternative would have been to play a little and so much now. would you do that would you think that i mean you could you talking plus what thirty thirty three degrees you play in portugal who it's a different team you don't really knows turning up you know ronaldo is going to be difficult they went all the way to the final of the euros two years ago without winning a single game they won them on penalties when they needed to shoot to decide the game and only in the final and that is in extra time as well on in the final if they win a game so we have this kind of team you don't really know so if i'm if i was
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a russian play i'd say i prefer to be in my home initially at eighty thousand people supporting me just atmosphere it's going to be fantastic and i know i'm playing spain but i'm. take my chances with you know you're a player at home so your neck that goes a long way in football is mine. too to produce that little bit extra and you're just very quickly we're other states now we're going to lose we are going to lose some big names we've got friends taking on argentina uruguay against portugal there's no hiding anymore no no no all this is that the world cup so far it's been fantastic the atmosphere in the in the streets of moscow i think most fans they use moscow as a base in the travel out to the to the cities where the games have been played so this place has been absolutely heaving and people had left it but it's been the group face now it's a big boys everyone who is strong enough to get through that so it's a tournament squad and half of sixteen teams going home by the time you start these
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games and sixteen teams are still in it and every time we have one round it's going to go half and you know you really have to be at your game you have to be performing at the highest of your ability to get through to the next and so. you know it's no surprise you have all these games became tomorrow you know a really really big game when the draw was made everyone pointed just portugal spain and then in kaliningrad on the third day with england playing fields you know and it's it's not irrelevant but it is in many ways is a pro through. and i'm just wondering how tactical will it be you'll have noticed on our draw many shown it to you with a four space is still available that is the team. mates we will see the group eight action play out first so i would know poland around little bitty teams out of colombia and japan and senegal and by the time england play belgium in that much anticipated encounter those sides will know who they can face if they finish top or
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bottom the level on goal difference level on points level on goal scored if it's a draw it will come down to the fair play the yellow and red cards in every moment . the moment they're only separated only in time of that group because they've only got two yellow cards two podiums three so this is where i could get to and if and if it's a joe and they end up getting the same amount of have the same amount of. yellow what is it. after after the game because to draw lots and it's open. don't even know what we saw in this nation age will be something electronic a second a beat he's got the longest stick of the flip of a coin it will be i have an idea that you depict three or four players and then you go to the red square that's a foot tennis court and you actually play for that place likely with r.p. i'm sure that will be better than what actually actually. supporters from around
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the world are enjoying the worldcom badness here here in the russian capital or he's peter oliver was in the city center and even played some football with the fans. couple fun sometimes here in russia over the world taking over nikolsk i assure you this is amazing is i feel in moscow like in belgrade. yes. who've it's amazing what i assume you guys been able to travel around much where you go yes into gaza. for the news with us are a stray which if you took us to see our train from near nice where would you end up like yelling no no. we are having a great time different atmosphere we don't care about the results and we win if you think belgium will it it's right that's the first time we've heard that on this program the people who have been doing it here they were booing at the fronts did not pay what was going on now i was a p.t.
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magistrate the work of the world. to make up for that could you do us a little favor because we didn't see you play any football yesterday games rejoicing. that the five six seven eight nine. lovely on my head. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. the fruit of the poisonous tree this is what critics are calling the ongoing
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investigation of alleged trump world collusion with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election in the meantime the upper echelons of the f.b.i. have been decimated approvingly. as russia gate morphed into f.b.i. . economists try to measure the impact of both cops and one thing that we know is that they make people they make people their own was intended to have approaches for the national government it's not a project and. it's the projects and brings people into this it's extremely profitable because in general is very profitable but close to it was huge investment on the government side is that this development of food culture in egypt.
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welcome back to the program the u.s. says was throwing two million dollars of funding for the united nations counter-terrorism office or calif moppin is a new york with the details. now the usa has withdrawn two million dollars from the un office of counterterrorism the reason given by nikki haley the un representative of the united states is the exclusion of interest groups and n.g.o.s from an upcoming conference of the united nations about combat and terrorism now it's important to point out the interest groups the n.g.o.s have not been excluded from the entire conference however at the conference that opens up on thursday there will be a session two sessions regarding the issue of sharing information and expertise in combating foreign fighters and n.g.o.s are not participating in that part of the press is also excluded nikki haley referred to this as abuse and said that this was
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not acceptable this isn't this an abuse of the un's new counterterrorism office and a stain on the un's record on transparency and civil society inclusion this is not the first time the united states has diminished its role in the united nations recently we saw the usa withdraw from the human rights council of the un prior to that we saw the united states withdrawing from the un body for organization education culture and science so the usa is reducing its role in the united nations and this withdrawal of two million dollars from the counterterrorism office seems to fit a pattern of the united states in regards to the us. libya is being torn apart by rival armed groups seven years on from the full of khadafi and the city of derry on the frontline of the civil war now the limb in the army is now closing in on the city and has reportedly captured one district from militant
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forces the allen a operates in eastern libya and reject the internationally recognized government and tripoli. was. was on. that's it from our team for now but we will be back with more at the top of the hour in this state with our to international. she is very valuable and very competent so so far we go to do something to be
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competitive as a footballer and therefore we know from that when we come back to the. rich old this no legends and we can perform in some. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go i mean eighty percent of the beach but probably with you and do so with all the great the great they get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get let's go. a low as does that worry you and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one come on both
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appreciate me to say the rio bianchi team's latest edition to make up as we go so i need to just say look. this is bombast broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. i'm part children thank you for joining us coming up today melissa on all the c.e.o. of the stock solutions joins us to talk about that supreme court decision in favor of american express that we reported yesterday i guess and what does it entail for retail. and how about the impact upon the tech sector will tell us and we've had a great feedback on the art on r.t. correspondent dan cohen series on the health risks associated with cell phone use
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it's both scary and actually sort of infuriating information he brings to us but it's incredibly important that we receive it dan will conclude is serious today plus the chairs of the u.s. securities and exchange commission and the commodity futures trading commission both nominated by president trump two jobs and confirmed by the united states senate have been facing some challenges how are they doing public citizens partly nailers will they get through it and conservative t.v. and radio host steve malzberg helpless or out in global investor confidence which has dropped like a stone this year all that ahead but first we get a few at. the shanghai stock market has entered bear territory the shanghai composite index is now at a two year low having fallen by one point five percent in wednesday's trading at more than twenty percent since a high in january markets across asia also fell the gravitational pull from the shanghai exchanges fall with the hang seng down the percent the shans and composite index also fell by one point eight percent.


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