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tv   Sophie Co  RT  July 2, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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absolutely amazing we've just seen history being made russia can do it i love russian see and see this madness it's so amazing get it if i can feel it is the best he saved us he won the match against spain week spain is a match. so may seem to protein is the way of the much this is great clash so how can we can can match yes yes thirty. minute. snow just russian fans it's also people from all over the world happy they can see the host that they are playing in the quarter finals. of the suspect or a thought for the losers on this occasion spain will have it hopes of a second well cup title but this is the taste of disappointment for them but i think in a spanish team today. it is in play. dead
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again only so it's not only. a spain we rush by the football. everything is possible if you take a look at the forty four no i know this is out front shade over the years why first they called france look for the top left of the draw on the few more things i've done the hard work made it through for the last russia and it's all right now they will face croatia that much will be taking place in sochi on saturday july the seventh so just six days for the teams to recover a lot of those press specially the russian russia looking really tie today the denmark croatia match she went to sit on it went to penalties as well as for you bit more about that was a lightning start for this last match of fuel can sit with us which was about sixty sixty one seconds on the court. denmark ahead bus stop for denmark they couldn't
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really do much with that lead a gracious trip back within its four minutes played at this point as mario men seek it out on the end of a cross into and in his shot so you level the schools so for when it's played and it was warm warm at this point the match continue without. any food the draw or go opportunities to know that was my secrets make it one what you'd expected at that point we could be in for another absolute goal fest but it turned out well warner full time it became very very cagey exit sign went pretty much the same way until i actually played only nicks that side for a shit got a penalty it went to look at moderate best of player is already scored a penalty in this competition and that's just what you say do we send it to the penalty shootout not just the first one for ten more christine erickson so it's a pass this was the licking and no the saving it is the one in exits on this fall
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that was going absolutely crazy the divine rackety getting the goal that put through a shift through to the quarterfinals draw on a push michaels senior and junior that. disappointed of course for denmark to asia congratulations and then three to face unexpectedly russia in the last day it's been a day of records one of the two thousand and eighteen world cup as a leader and it's being incredible is the first time that russia made it through to the quarter finals of the shocking victory of a western shot western in stoke it was also versus first in a penalty shootout to well catch a guy and in the later game of the day craziest and denmark out of the tournament also winning on penalties. are donald trump and put in an other news who will be holding their first official meeting on july sixteenth in finland as our guys never ports not everyone is happy
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about the summer. trump is acting strange stranger than usual. awful nice to russia getting along with russia is a good thing it's not a fancy that if. they can buy itself the coup these sensitive might rubs on the wrong way what he says next caused a storm he gave up crimea as lost. with you or. anybody else we can preserve them again but i mean. that was certainly given up by . the media interpreted it as trump potentially willing to recognize crimea as russia now trump he'd be hounded out of office the same week but reacting to the summit visuals of the diplomatic.
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the fact the two presidents a meeting in gaijin insisting dialogue is something i support i believe it's time to talk to the show because to the actions of a neighbor from state to state the pundits though showed no such restraint they're in meltdown we have no idea what kind of information donald trump will say just bragging to vladimir putin may give him the knock listen tell me all the spies are because they want to prove how tough he is the russians clearly showing that they are in the driver's seat on this race dangerous we saw the last time when the russians came in visit there at the white house where he gave away classified information that is not the way to approach a summit with president putin the way approach summit is to have done your homework and go in united in a way that doesn't play into the narrative that president xi and president putin the been working overtime to push that the president has played into that narrative in fairy very dangerous ways. from reasonable concern to outright tara
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but there could be another explanation for trump's behavior the known game trumps bluff but your buddy has to spend more money. to me bring. something that would make the united states nato trump says his allies on spending enough trade trump says europe china have it too good he wants to change things and no one's playing bull looking at the latest decisions of president. someone could see them saying bush went like that who needs enemies we must be prepared. we will have to offer a low trumps a businessman but the thing is in these jeans and if you will pounce on being pals you need to get them in life and what better way than the fia and
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using big bad russia they get everyone to behave the fact is that it's important for the leaders of these two countries to meet their wide range of issues despite the differences between us where at those present trump and president putin think they may be able to find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a bad idea you said. i don't really address what i've written in the past or but i've said on television it's all out there right now on an advisor to president trump it's his agenda that we're pursuing and that's the agenda that i intend to advance and that's john bolton amongst the most militant hawkish u.s. politicians who said that russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. elections was an act of war look at it this way if trump's
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a russian agent he just. blew his goblet years in the russians by he just pulled the entire world and is likely to get all his misbehaving allies back and live. in the german interior minister is planning to resign in protest against chancellor merkel's immigration policies that is according to national media quoting sources within the minister's party or he's possibly or store well the situation is extremely fluid and at this stage there are a lot of rumors but nothing has been confirmed as you say the interior minister horst see hoffer has reportedly threatened to resign we are however this moving additional reports that he's currently in private meetings with members of his party who are trying to encourage him not to resign now there was a press conference that was supposed to be given some several hours ago it's been postponed three times so there's obviously a lot happening behind the scenes that we're not exactly aware of what is going on the issue at stake is essentially what germany is going to do with the migrant
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crisis now the interior minister gave the german chancellor angela merkel a two week ultimatum that expired on sunday july the first and essentially he was calling for a european solution now there was an e.u. summit that was held thursday and friday and merkel obviously felt that she did find that you have p. and solution at that summit but it certainly feels and seems as if the interior minister mr c. hoffa thinks otherwise what we are hearing and this was a comment given by a party official reportedly to some media is that he feels he has no choice but to resign out of credibility and because it affects his credibility in terms of leading his own party we also understand that he feels that he has no alternative but to turn back migrants who arrive at germany's borders return them back to the countries where they were registered in this obviously flies in the face of most schools open door policy and the two are at loggerheads over what to do over the
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issue of mine. we are sure that we have the right to immediately sin migrants back from the border was all that's one of the up we go on and the other will find a solution so that an african beyond people feel that we are guided by values and that we advocate multilateralism and not unilaterally is no one who believe in our values which have made us all strands of now if mr c. half in fact resigns this will see a breakup of a seventeen year lions between his christian social union party and that of angela merkel's what it does mean is that she will either remain the leader of a minority government or she'll have to call for new elections and at the same time she's likely to face increased pressure and opposition from within a party so essentially the german chancellor is fighting for her own political survival the two leaders did hold a two hour meeting on saturday night but that was described as ineffective and since sunday evening they have been meeting both here in berlin and with their
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respective parties and we're waiting to see essentially what announcement he ultimately makes political scientist verner part celt says the standoff within the german leadership is far from over apparently until america doesn't want to move or is able to move you to a european obligations and for the crucial social union it is of utmost importance not to lose its credibility the promise has been there to see all the would stop immigration of those who are not entitled to go through a asylum procedure in germany and if he does not keep up with this promise the christian social union will lose all of its credibility apparently so christian democratic union is unveiling to accommodate these needs are christian social union and as a result it was a damage ng but those parties. on friday e.u.
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leaders managed to agree on a new strategy for tackling migration to the bloc they struck a deal that will see some member states do more to help the countries hardest hit by the influx it comes after weeks of political infighting triggered by the new italian government's are blind stance. and sister traceless response to the situation with aquarius is proof of a form of cynicism and a lack of responsibility on behalf of the italian government when faced with this dramatic humanitarian disaster. my duty is to defend the borders of this country which cannot become a refugee camp only those have the right to enter it's legal and it's there are other points they can go see in spain and france malta and the netherlands.
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and my son it's going to be a very long night we should have a good dose of red. sox host of the impossible to different agreement to see the fun.
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the only thing european states appear to have agreed on is to block people at the doorstep of europe regardless of how vulnerable they are or what horrors the ace king pain measures that a few years ago were deemed unacceptable now are being common talk so do you think that the e.u. is spelling down to the far right leftist not the truthers right and left the program is immigration. the. clashes have broken out in portland in the us state of oregon between groups of nationalists and anti-fascist. it started as an anti immigration march by the right wing patriot prayer group
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fighting broke out when they were confronted by a rival rally police moved in using crowd control weapons to break up the groups where people were taken to the hospital and another for the rest. a prominent anti child abuse campaigner has been arrested by the f.b.i. in new york over allegations of pedophilia artie's kind of mopping comments. twenty two year old joel davis is outspoken in his activism against sexual violence that's what makes his recent arrest so disturbing joel davis has been arrested and it's alleged that he attempted to engage a minor in sexual activity and he's been distributing child pornography now beyond the basic charges the actual details of the case are pretty disturbing the f.b.i. picked up davis in a sting operation now they've revealed some of the text messages he exchanged with undercover agents what's about to follow is rather disturbing but it's actually not the most disturbing part of the correspondence during the course of the text
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conversations davis stated that he is into children ages zero plus and has no limits davis told him because the offices that he previously had sexual experiences with a nine month old boy a six year old go and a seven year old boy now according to the f.b.i. davis actually asked the undercover agents to send him explicit videos and photographs of children the department of justice says they are appalled by the case conduct and as to instill davis is unfathomable as it is sickening and as this case demonstrates to enforcement keep its watchful eye on the darkest corners of the internet to bring prejudices to justice davis is a long time outspoken advocate of human rights he had a organization with over five thousand people it was very well funded he gave regular media appearances in our acted and respected in peacetime then you're not going to be able to protect them or respect them in conflict like you need to when
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you do need the rule of law and so many conflicts across the globe children's bodies are quickly becoming sites of violence where rape is used to terrorize and degrade to entire communities now davis went on to actually give a ted talk on the subject of expertise that of it was two months ago and the video is now unavailable when he was giving an interview to n.b.c. about how he combined charity work with his studies he said he feels like he's living a double life those are words that would come back to haunt him able to mop and r.t. new york more news in a fresh look at your headlines in about thirty two and a half minutes you're watching art international certainly glad to have you with us . it's. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want to be honest.
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that's a going to be press that's what i'm up for three in the morning can people that i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. question. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of fresh camera you have to go to the center of the beach but the way we do and do show the great the great the good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one. needs to just read the review theology team's
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latest edition to make up as we go so i need to look. seems wrong. why don't we all just don't hold. any new poll that you forget to shape out these days to come out again and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and
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shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. here in kiev in recent days it might dawn independence square has turned into a full scale war zone. more clashes in ukraine's capital kiev. there is absolutely no you shall hard to tell what you are caricature anybody who would. do the probably a month. now on the brink of
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a civil war at least seventy dead so far and the death toll rising it you can allude you you sure as a new music stockholm and. what we saw here today was a revolution. that it was initially but it's. not invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals with. us from when you go to go to the. nato has expanded into thirteen countries up to the borders of russia thirteen countries. focus has to be on not allowing myself to turn into a hot wall between ukraine and russia. but. that the team of boys in the city would just look when and if the new buildings to be truthful.
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mum alice the eleven. the mummy mummy mummy . ukraine.
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it's an ancient and proud land. with a rich history filled with much beauty heroism and sacrifice. ukraine is a border land. a place where east meets west. this is the flag of ukraine the blue represents the sky the gold it's seemingly endless fields of wheat. ukraine is a prize many have sought. and much blood spilled in the quest to possess it. ukraine has been the pathway for western powers as they attempted to conquer the east. in world war one. and world war two. and every time the
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ukrainian people ended up paying the highest price for these grand games of powers . history doesn't repeat but it surely rhymes said mark twain. if one looks closely at the history of ukraine one will notice many rhymes. being surrounded by stronger powers ukraine has needed a lot of cunning to survive and the art they truly mastered with time is the art of changing sides. in the middle of the seventeenth century ukrainian leader. broke a truce agreement made with poland siding more powerful russia. just over fifty years later as the russian swedish war was raging another ukrainian leader ivan mazeppa bro. the union with russia when he switched sides joining
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forces with the swedish invaders many times ukrainian history was written by third parties seeking to keep the gains of a revolution at any cost russia agreed to the humiliating conditions of the breast with treaty of one thousand nine hundred eighteen which turned ukraine into a german protectorate another historical document to change the fate of ukraine was the molotov ribbentrop pact of one thousand nine hundred thirty nine one of many such agreements being signed between european countries and rising germany. attempting to protect his nation from the approaching nazi threat. joseph stalin negotiated a treaty of nonaggression with adolf hitler while promising each other piece of the soviet and german foreign ministers molotov and ribbentrop realigned the map of eastern europe splitting it into german and soviet spheres of influence.
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no sooner had the moloch ribbentrop pact been signed then poland was split and in september of one nine hundred thirty nine eastern poland awoke to be western ukraine and a part of the family of soviet republics and the u.s.s.r. . but even this bold dividing of lands and nations only delayed the inevitable germany broke its promise to the u.s.s.r. . on june twenty second one thousand nine hundred forty one germany invaded the u.s.s.r. launching barbara rossa the largest military operation in world history. barbara was aiming for st petersburg moscow and kiev ukraine three destinations of major significance. ukraine with its rich lands and resources was
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an important industrial and economic source for the u.s.s.r. to cut it off from the soviet union would strike a big blow indeed. for most of the soviet union the second world war was about fighting the invaders of their land. but it wasn't quite so simple for ukraine the truth is ukraine has never been a united country. when world war two broke out a large part of western ukraine's population welcomed the german soldiers as liberators from the recently forced upon them soviet rule and openly collaborated with the germans. the real scale of collaboration was not announced for many years after the war but we now know that whole divisions and battalions were formed by ukrainian collaborators such as s.s. galaxy and not to go and roland italians. just in the beginning of the war more
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than eighty thousand people from college cina region voluntarily enrolled into division s.s. galaxian in a month and a half notorious for their extreme cruelty towards the polish jewish and russian people on the territory of ukraine. members of these military groups came mostly from the organization of ukrainian nationalists the o. un founded in one nine hundred twenty nine this organization had an ultimate goal of creating an ethnically pure independent ukraine and considered terror an acceptable tool for achieving their ends their official flag was black and red bland and blood it will remain in ukraine's history long after the o. un will cease to exist in early one nine hundred forty the most radical nationalistic part of the organization of ukrainian nationalists got its own leader step on bond era severely anti semitic an anti commune. just he proclaimed an independent ukraine in one nine hundred forty one. his german allies frowned upon
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such an act of self will and it landed him in prison for nearly all the second world war not participating in the events physically still managed to successfully spread his ideology many independent historians estimate that the zero un militia exterminated from one hundred fifty to two hundred thousand jews on ukrainian territory occupied by the germans by the end of one nine hundred forty one. the most notorious and outrageous massacre took place september twenty ninth and thirtieth nineteen forty one in kiev. of the city of kiev and its vicinity must appear on monday september twenty ninth by eight o'clock in the morning. bring documents money and valuables and also warm clothing linen cetera. they need not follow this order and are found elsewhere
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will be shot. thirty three thousand seven hundred seventy one jews were killed in this two day operation of the nazis and ukrainian militia. another outrageous massacre was carried out by the ukrainian insurgent army and the bond faction of the organization of ukrainian nationalists in german occupied polish and eastern between one nine hundred forty three and one nine hundred forty four this genocide of poles was led by me call eleven thirty five thousand to sixty thousand people involved and twenty five to forty thousand eastern. fell victim to this massive ethnic cleansing operation. sensing the inevitable loss of the german troops the organization of ukrainian nationalists who gave up on their former ally.


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