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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 2, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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i think i think i. was. part of the city's brimming with a festive spirit a brazilian can. find some locals out onto the streets in celebration for a nice not everyone no idea but unity to actually get to the world cup and enjoy the atmosphere right away. i.
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was much ego which is on some basic really cool this is a long journey but we decided to stay that way thanks k b jim we discussed it once you decide it's kind of russia that i'm exploring. russia so you feel. like you get on with people and russia is very friendly. for some of brazilian fans paid a surprise visit to a children's hospital in the host city of smartest say a low check i was getting on their fun fun time had their most well come ahead of
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monday's clash neil went to see what else fans can expect to the city. please. funds coming here for a world cup and twenty of them sacrificed some have say for months even years to get to russia others have been sacked from the job because their bosses didn't give them the time or money is tight the college and i'm on stories so that's why i can set the task to see as much as i can here in community pulled some are at each column drink for twenty year old more or less that is the equivalent of all of this a run for fifteen hundred roubles let's see if we can do it. on our first stop today is a cultural one very busy one judging by the shoes of people waiting to go into the truly poker amongst all of those unlikely forty two states where at least all the
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people joseph nolen would have gone to the trade center a little tired of. the usual. less than thirty years ago similar with the clothes to be towards others to each of the important particularly in the soviet space program. but not for my hundred fifty roubles you can get a stellar as you like and learn all the secrets there are to know the space company's evolution. it's time to do it i'm afraid the first selfie of the first. always any football fun knows who comes to refuse to be in top shape from all the games on here in some or there is a surprisingly future radio to conclude seems i'm going to try one looks pretty
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recommended to me to spec food. so this really is the perfect stop for a traveler moment but you don't get a break to eat meat and likes this whole cloth before it is excellent let's try this. soup. will become a possible kinetic looking denmark fun to look at least in the world what the experience of russia twenty to mean i get excited amazing some more guys right here let's look hello what's your speak french but it's pretty good as there are some guys getting. tired but it's been really nice for the times good finally hello sir the lovely. so we've seen just some of what this city house to offer a couple fun on their dime time we've seen some great sights we've beaten some good food i've got
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a couple of euro left in my pocket so let's just go find it for. we follow the money it's no ordinary feel like he's the pride of some or. even a thank you very much. and we've got some really. great skill to. morphia brazil star player named as the admiration of course of supporters around the world although he's also quite famous to to for now and again fall into the ground during games we also found since march they could imitate some of his facial expressions.
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i'll look for.
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the thousands of photos taken pictures and videos showing the world cup in russia the start of the kampala past them for you to check out who want to see them it's the fans are you view project on our side of main site t. dot com. much of the time. or a lot of the i thank one thing or it will and i am. one. on one thank you and the law will put.
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you to follow the thrills and spills over the world cup twenty eight seen here in russia right on this international and on the. first. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to press. that's going to be press it's like well before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested in the laws and how. things should. it.
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seems wrong but i. just don't. get to see out just the active. engagement because the trail. find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. again let's check out some of today's news stories now germany's interior minister is threatening to resign amid a growing divide with chancellor angela merkel over immigrant policies horse has pushed for a tougher stance on asylum seekers and german media is now suggesting he wasn't at all swayed by the recent deal struck by the e.u.
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to try to solve the migrant crisis. i've said that i will resent my decision to resign and that i will implement this if a solution is not found within the next three days the german chancellor angela merkel is fighting for her political survival interior minister mr c. office issued angela merkel with a two week ultimatum that expired on the first of july sunday mr c. hoffa saying that he once had to find a european solution to the migrant crisis and now we're hearing that he feels he is left with no choice but to turn back migrants from germany's borders this of course flies in the face of the german chancellor's open door policy and she of course felt that she had found this european solution after a two day summit that was held thursday and friday in brussels there was an e.u. summit that if he now seems as if the interior minister would disagree. we are sure that we have the right to immediately send migrants back from the border was all
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that might open up we go and either we find a solution so that you never can be your own people feel that we are guided by the values and that we advocate multilateralism and not you know literally or no one will believe in our values which have made us all strands if mr c. hoffer in fact resigns this will see a break up of the seventy year alliance between his christian social union and angela merkel's party what it does mean is that she will either become the leader of a minority government or have to call for new elections while at the same time no doubt she's likely to lose support from within a party this is a particularly tense time for angle immokalee who is fighting for her political survival let's go live now it's also the germany. thanks for joining us this lunchtime if it meant a statement or the truth and so literally merkel is fighting for a political career today. yeah this i know as she self admitted
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that this is a very serious situation. today fractions of c b u n c's a ball about this will need to it's going to be in that and two hours that they were going to meet and they are discussing if this government will still be in charge afterwards and if yes with which person i'll ask and the indian government and if so it's a the marital order or zero five and it's all over this fudged deal he's not in or happy with how could she have got as far as negotiating this without that his backing because he's in the coalition. well. it was it was quite clear before she travelled to brussels that syria will come back and declare it a success and she did that. but in fact it wasn't
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a success because the governments from hungary from czech republic call and said no this is nothing it which is valid and also mr silver said well i don't think this will last so that's that's the reason why they are still in and talks and crisis more those missy offers saying that he wants to close germany's borders to migrants if he does that most likely angela merkel will sack him it'll have to go back to elections again would he push it that far. well you know the minister could have closed those aboard us. whenever he wants this is called this is his competence so he doesn't need to to ask the chancellor and he didn't know i saw no he said i will i will step back and then
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a few hours later he said i'm stepping back from my from my a step back the situation is really very unclear what descry year and what is really one hundred percent know what he and nobody wants a new elections because only the ultimate diva for dogs on the air the our party with profit all other parties that would move. we now see is a theater how to how to stay on power so what's going to happen if these talks fail now in the coming hours one of merkel's options well most probably they will agree on something and call it. a win win situation and a compromise and they will try to postpone the final decision after the summer and also now our summer holidays and who are traveling. abroad and everything couldn't
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get. more quiet. of course there is also a possibility that only seat of our leaders the government and marital will stay and power and she will charge she will change just one minister this is also possible ok we're following the story closely thanks for your input this lunchtime tens of germany m.p.'s painted by strong pre-shared it. it's twenty four a half minutes past one of the afternoon that's where the headlines look in so far this morning dominated course by russia beating spade in the world cup knockout stage last night now just a month later today eight separate will face mexico belgium face in japan make up to your first choice for all the atmosphere around the games are correspondents in all the host cities there moscow for now is kevin always saying thanks for watching and have a great monday off in the. ministries
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police forces in the city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that's what mike was hoping the board doesn't want the eyes of god to just damas down the guns not woods as that good he got on into the sea it's just a little like the proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that it's such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public i think microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that i think softness can put more on. the softness of the sensor is it still being the only one of the more vocal. misused war. with. the us this is. almost i've been done with the all business stopped and there was a string of phone calls the fund is up and his cards on the phone.
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for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of alternative but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to go to the eight percent of the beach but how would you and will show. the great game the great game you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. along i just i want to you know and i'm really happy to join that to fall of two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one come on doctor patient me to just say the reno bianchi team's latest edition make i think i need to just say look.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy migrates a woman chance with. a nice minute. now after a tense in this is going underground after that match between spain and russia and
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on the day the u.n. human rights council debates the killing of palestinian protesters by anglo-american backed israel in gaza coming up on the show the ongoing crisis catalyzed by a war that to raise amaze supported we talked to the libyan mission chief of the international organization of migration about the post nato war descent of africa's richest but capita country and on the first day of the championship his wimbledon only serve the rich we ask working class as we all are just dr lisa mackenzie plus we look beneath the prize money and plans to speak to a charity funded by the wimbledon foundation about government cuts allegedly putting some vices of domestic abuse at risk all the civil war coming up in today's going underground but first facebook sees itself under investigation at the european parliament today as a story that has made great headway in nato nation media rolls on the story is why did trump get elected why did britain vote for brics it was jeremy corbyn leader of the british labor party and why people across europe turning against new liberalism
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the answer could not possibly be this wall street bank goldman sachs will pay five billion dollars to settle claims that it duped clients with rotten mortgage investments that goldman knew were likely to fail this was part of the widespread mortgage fraud that triggered the great recession in two thousand and eight you know the bailout and fraud of major nation financial institutions around twenty zero eight didn't cause trump and breck's it it must be this when we first launched we were hoping for you know maybe four hundred five hundred people harvard didn't have a facebook so that's the gap that we were trying to fill and now we're one hundred thousand people. clothes were going next town we're hoping to have many more universities by far hopefully over one hundred or two hundred and from there are going to launch a bunch of site applications which should keep people coming back to the site maybe can make phone call yes social media must of course the seismic political changes
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since twenty zero eight a particular country there are people in russia whose job it is to try to exploit our systems than other internet systems and other systems as well so this is an arms race arms race or zucker berg seeking to secure pentagon funding because u.s. president donald trump's steve bannan written speech of his inauguration didn't mention social media or facebook he talked about american carnage that arguably brought donald trump to power for too many of our citizens a different reality exists mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation this american carnage stops right here and stops right now well trump blasted obama for not intervening in carnage he saw in libya before opposing the actual cameron obama sarkozy bombing when it
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started the legacy of that catastrophe which was supported by u.k. minority leaders resumes though still with us this week joining me now from tripoli in libya is often see the chief of mission of the international organization for migration often thanks so much for coming on the show what is the situation in recent days i understand among the hundreds you help on the libyan shore many are children thank you very much now we're going to getting better and to see is can we are we missing as usual more movements intimidating you and definitely among the groups more done ten percent are children fifty six percent of the child. accompanied miners. the figures are astonishing twenty nine thousand unaccompanied migrant children hundreds of thousands of migrants since january first not since the beginning of the anglo-american bombing of libya says journey first this year your figures say nearly a thousand have died at sea yes we are talking about the whole military nian so
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from libya all over it. on the central mediterranean about six hundred fifty migrants died in b.c. and this is. again due to the number of reasons mainly the use of the use of inflatable boats to overcrowded boats and a situation do you think it's the lack of political unity since hillary clinton venomously chaired the death of gadhafi dick that's a driving force in the mass human trafficking which i know your organization is very concerned about ok on this side let me be very clear i would talk about the humanitarian part and if we talk about the background of migration apparently students beginning or thousands of years ago migration has been the nature of human being secure regime change in some countries which sometimes direct the flow in certain directions but i will not go more to the political side of what what
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triggers people to leave their countries because there are different reasons not only related to one country or one can see them but the most important part now is to agree that this is a global responsibility build needs to be. a division of the migration policies adopted by many countries in the world and definitely we need to focus on saving lives and saving lives should be the center of our attention and the countries from where the migrants whose lives you're saving when they come to libya they're often ones with i.m.f. programs egypt just got a two billion learn from the i.m.f. need share one hundred thirty four. million chad a billion gonna one billion they're i.m.f. loan countries egypt. has just got another three hundred million maybe from the u.s. government yeah but from my side i don't think there is a link from the amount of funds you receive from i.m.f. and. i would say the number of migrants from the country from i am we believe that
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people leave their countries for different reasons sometimes for security reasons many others for other reasons and i don't care who they are subject to different types of but human rights violations let's agree also when we talk about libya that it's seven or eight hundred thousand migrants in libya but we know that in other countries among africa there are hundreds of millions of migrants that pass freely between different countries also when we talk about the number of what are you going to europe that significantly decrease this year and even last year it was about one hundred fifty thousand in it from libya so we need to put things in context here saying the situation is getting better but which countries are your people the people who work for you which countries are they dealing with when it comes to migrants in tripoli thank you just to clarify the situation is not getting better less people arriving in europe does not mean that the situation is getting better for the migrants or for libya what i'm saying that it is
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a reduction in number and when we talk about libya for example as an indicator i mean libya last year returned to nineteen thousand three hundred seventy migrants back to their home countries and those migrants were from thirty five nationalities so that's why i would not limit the numbers or nationalities to a few countries can prosecution of arguably entrepreneurial people traffickers replace the more fundamental problem that libya needs a political government i know you urge the prosecution of people traffickers now definitely a strong central government that can be able to employ. i meant more strict measures against smugglers or to human rights violators in use country like libya also controlling the border to city and the country is a very difficult dusk and that's why without the elections a strong central government those challenges will continue to exist given the size of the country and the expansion and inclusion of power of the trafficking into
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except maybe. nato i think many people believe destroyed that country one of the richest in africa the richest per capita in africa is nato now providing your organization with ships and vessels to rescue the save the children that you are helping with nato helping you know the argument that need to destroy the country or not again i'm not in a position to comment on that or to talk about is talking about the humanitarian side nor we are i understand that. you would need to but are nato not helping you know i do and does not work with nato in libya. and just to get things in perspective do you see on the coast your people see law and order now breaking down on the coast or things getting better now because if you have any because god's increased we see only last week that he because guards brought back were intercepted two thousand migrants. what is unfortunate from our side but all those migrants return back to libya goes automatically to detention and this is something
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that we really need to work to work on and try to stop in the meantime we try to support migrants up on disembarkation one of them on the way to detention trying to provide the needed support i understand you're not allowed to be political per se but of course the interior minister of italy this is obviously has been in libya he advised the creation of migrant reception centers what's your feeling about that no when we talk about my going to reception centers that are a few questions that we need to answer first delegation second who will be allowed into centers so who will be accommodated in two centers for how long and what is the future perspective because there is no guarantee that everybody goes to a center will have the opportunity let's say for a settlement but that's not really the issue according to the government there in libya in tripoli i know there quite a few governments in libya at the moment libyan leaders are just say they don't
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want them they rejected reserving he didn't they now this proposal i believe has been discussed with several countries and as far as i know based to my knowledge limited knowledge i would say i'm not aware of any country who accepted to have centers so far. yeah in that region is it really the business of other countries shouldn't it be the libyan government that decides all this in libya it's definitely been responsible accounts are going to of the country to decide what happens within their borders but we cannot blame libya for the whole migration issue and leave it empty the whole responsibility for all the migrants in the country let us not forget that media has more than one hundred sixty thousand displaced people people in libya many of them are returning back to their areas of origin their deal with it where support and other challenges that are storing basic services dole production so there are huge challenges that libya is facing now and it's unfair to say that it's libya's responsibility to deal with the migration
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issue yeah you mention oil of course libya has the sweetest crude oil doesn't it it's a rich country but on can about conditions on the ground there your people seeing i mean we're getting reports here of slave trading torture and basically concentration camp conditions on the i mean there are reception centers but in these camps yes in libya there are formal centers under demolition of interior and there are the informal gathering points that are used as smuggling hops where the smugglers and traffickers bring people together as part of the smuggling process. and we believe that this situation is definitely i'm acceptable with overcrowded centers at both sides that does not meet that minimum unit it's not that we know the european union has come under attack for a defacto bribe to turkey to take in refugees from yemen and from syria is the e.u. helping in creating safe routes for genuine refugees on that libyan.


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