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he stays in football and then you have all the flap players and the only flap player who's really produced for that is continuing not naima has just been a danger in that box all the time. and you know sometimes you looked on manager and say ok you're going to put your job on the line today if you don't win this game against mexico will you have a job after the world com would that be a failure if brazil don't progress into the quarter finals and one of the problems that he can face on one of the challenges he has in his team selection is do i play naima do i not play naima. and i'm not a manager so i don't know i don't know exactly you know what the considerations what the hope for and how much hold you actually in percentage i give to a player like name is that the day to day for him do you get a bill or do you not so he's got options i mean you had options to i mean you would have been a for me a very very good choice to to put in he's been again another player has been
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fantastic once he's come on so it's going to be interesting to see and i've said all of this now and now a name i will score actually be the best player in the world i hope that's the truth but all he will fail and the manager will be sacked and that is me so we spank tang's and you can leave it to you like sometimes i show the best of your football the finest i don't doubt for a second name us a hero and they're really excited and expect a lot from him and the rest of the team ahead of this match. if. i. can recall a correspondent in the city. mara for us to be watching the game has been soaking
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up the atmosphere and the searing temperatures i believe you know neal it is thirty three degrees and two very flamboyant phones. yeah certainly right i'm going to help you a little bit on the temperature thirty five in the studio here even a little bit warmer but i tell you what the funds don't care one that just thought i'd just be looking at a stream of yellow and green joyce is coming in here to morrow arena quite an eye catching i mean as well a u.s. base because of this space exploration the aviation industry that's been and so you know synonymous with some aren't going to be years and still is i can even hear a few did you settle it's interesting really enough they're not allowed into the city because if it didn't go up to make but you can easily pick them up off the end lots of drums beating your eyes you can imagine a lot in the american bottle between mexico and brazil jus to kick off just
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listening to some of what day you and peter were speaking about neymar he is of course the main man on the splay here there are plenty of other players wanting to take the highlights but a lot of fun locals on foreign funds like are here to see him struck his stuff but one of the criticisms during the world cup is the amount of so-called play acting diving that he has been getting into so i took the chance to go out on to the streets of some our yesterday evening and haas funds for their impression that to show the anger the anguish when their love to strike her name is talking. to your face like him yes. the truck driver. but. he did it. all along. and you're all i want to give you are. you all right.
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my. anybody going to do this. i. keep trying to explain. yeah boisterous lot
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but great fun there outside the park in some i was also speaking some mexican fun by today's game a lot of excitement of course going up against the five time world champion but also opera hence. they want to say goodbye to a record that they've had for the past six world cups going up the last sixteen stage in each of those tournaments one of the things some of the players are trying to do to say goodbye to the past today as you'll see during the game some of them including the star striker javier hernandez from mexico cause. her. peroxide blonde so maybe that will make a difference they're going to need all the help they can get to kick off is forty five minutes away it's starting to get noisy here i'm going to try to get my seat and watch what should be one of the great games of the knockout stages temperatures are high and they're going to get higher when play gets underway. thanks you know
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neal just outside the stadium. and. everybody wants to be here finally one particular. spread across social media by his friends who had made the trip to russia. it's not like she was much ego which is really nice if this is
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a long journey but you know we decided to just you know when. we discussed it once again i decided to kind of russia because i am exploring. russia seems to be a wonderful thing if i can get on with people and russia is a friend. i don't think is going to be the only one. and then it's a phone call from a from abroad in the final hours when i watch the team when i've got the team news here. let me just quickly run you through the team mexico style that will chore and
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go all the. less so and get a lot of that is a back for herrera. and then my case i can start the first game in march and this is the fourth world cup and he retires after this championships this could be his last game and not for in front of. a pound he tied his hat blond looking forward some back and then to the big ten and lozano number twenty two that everyone is so excited about in these championships that is a statue of brazil fact now jacko silva on the island and then there were three but it was fever philippe's instead of months and polynya casimir in front of them and then they moffitt a good team you will yeah and behind. as you said that's a strong brazilian team up against a strong mexican team mexico makes two changes from the game against sweden and
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t.t. was forced to make a change with my set up because he's injured so that's coming up in forty one minutes time kickoff let's look ahead quickly see belgium against japan in the rough stuff everybody kerning about belgium they have household names in their team of course it's not quite so easy to pick out big names in japan but they've got a fairly solid unit and quality places was it's not this is by no means an offense a complete no this is a team that is run and controlled by kaka who was at manchester united. a couple of years back he's a captain and that the names that we now wow ok zaki from their stand off course honda who's who was a speech that the japanese tell his mind whenever they need to go to put under on and he really disappoints me i still feel on the bench now that when he comes in he's usually involved in adult but this japan team a surprise means the theory the level of that technical ability very very high and quick be one of these plan. so quick and strong and they never get in ok they had
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just incredibly a lot of going through and unbolt was a goal difference five played it was you that you may have fast made and so yeah you know this is the luck you need sometimes but they're up against belgium we saw belgium make nine chances in the last game against england and then made a change just. didn't didn't sort of lower that level of performance and you could see that. if and if the manager needs to use the squad in in the games that comes up now and we see a lot of players being suspended for this round so we need new players in from the squad take they have a capable i thought they were they were very good against england and just to make a case for japan here we've seen belgium do very well but in all fairness it was genius it's panama and in the reason this is a high level now well you can argue that they they started off against panama and
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every game in the in the world cup the first game you play is always difficult because you you know you don't really know you you play practice matches you haven't played for points for quite a bit with the country you don't really know what your level is you want you have you know a whole nation's expectations on your shoulders and if you're belgium of course with the talent that belgium have you know they're expected to go a long long way so they didn't know but they still did out there went out and did the job. and then they played tunisia tunisia came in as the highest ranking african nation they had it is a bit of unlucky with losing the best two players before and the championship but you still have to go out there and do a job and they beat them five two and i i think we saw the real belgium in that game so you know the expectations are great for him you know all the big nations all the so-called big macon set out to know so then you know the sort of every chance for them to go a long way in this tournament well we know now that they're on i said. he's in the
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world cup and if you need a good example of that just think back to yesterday when russia calls the biggest upset of the told me today they may well be more than they defeated spain in a thrilling penalty shootout it means that the hosts take their place in the one finals for the very first time at the world cup here all the best bits of the action and the emotion. ensure. yeah sure sure. sure yeah. yeah yeah.
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sure your. god be sure. yeah you sure. think they're better. sceptics you do it quite being very strong point of view and trying to be the nature of people sparing in all of the beginning credibility which they did. i think spirit won't work with me then getting in between the players and doing very well the group works for a time they know that they're not far to go to the productive. it's about being
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together with their friends i think for that long and and we also will remember if you look i don't think you could ever play very well for the devil but if you did you couldn't win you brain riding in the penalty for three years. everything was full of it was you was it was was was was was was was was was the even the soon. to school so she simple so little it's in the way we need it maybe to make sure the cars come on into shamble not that i missed when i smashed it to the palest. expressing she was somebody and as nice as the show is it was just in chess to go to this point so that i am aware things didn't know it was
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ok. i. was with us. yesterday was a great day for rush hour and that football team and they now play crazy in such a at nine o'clock on the seventh off to and i announce i am so happy i can introduce you yeah cause the president of the local me to moscow back to the studio thank you very much for joining us when we spoke the last time you were very apprehensive and very cautious about the russian tense as i was what you think now yeah well what could i say are all nations in shock now we have all.
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any expectations so far where we're celebrating we're still on the clouds where we're still and all ins in different worlds but you said i know previously this would be the achievement we want to get out of the great state result but how much do you dare to dream now because when you've been a team like spain i know but if you've been in spain why not croatia then you find yourself in charge of territory at sure now we have chances to be in there semifinal and i. said even this semifinal in russia it's something then you know a different dimension but ok why not a good three now work with you with football players and your job and your job as president for the two mo here and you have a lot of experience working with russian for the players just just for people who don't really know russian football players mentality very well just put it in the
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picture how. are they dealing with a situation like that do they have what it takes to take it to the next step why have they already taken it to the next and i think now the they became a national hero they feel that they absolutely they have a heart of lions now they could go somewhere else i don't know somewhere else but yeah no i mean on this territory before you for the standard there are some guys are really the young guys ok they could be brave they could go. so well for doing which we don't know what to expect really they have the mentality to deal with this because as you say the national heroes now everywhere they go their lives that they've changed forever so it's a step into a completely new way of getting though the day they be able to deal with it i know for sure we will give a game to gracious or give them again they will they will see us from here how the site i think well will see now. it's already it's already is it is
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a big achievement already for us we it's it's totally something unexpected for everyone if you ask any job most in russia in russian media no one no one expected with the beach he was just picking up on what you said somebody lucky good i can think of you know he's a veteran he's one of the most count players in the russian team in russian history yesterday i know i saw it lots of people fairly new to football doing internet searches on him wanting to know more about him as a person even married as he got children who is this guy so this is the home you found a little talking about putting statues of prevent. this momentum be able to now spawn a whole new generation of football fans because this is another level it's not just will match now this is another level in terms of just fame celebrity and awareness absolutely destroyed we make huge investments in our in our industry in the football in
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a we feel it now we became. you know they were real real food bowl in russia and we became a draw for both of them expect before that it was kind of a joke russian food well it's all this committee shanda stand up comedy the oldest at so many jokes about us now we're serious and the they should should do because i said as a real heroes and it's for a while industry and this is so it's very hard to really to do to deal with some of the new situation how is it going to affect your football club now this is the same as it will have so many more new fans so more interest from my every side from sponsors from the fans from the public from the media and they will take us seriously now and you know it's it's it's very very important it's hard to think you're going to get out to recruit players from from other countries as well i think yes definitely hundred percent so now they all see they would have serious not at all in the eyes. ice hockey puts the football this well and obviously you're
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looking at this through the the eyes of the founding wildlife to what about the businessmen the folks the football. entrepreneurs are you looking out for potential signings were you watching this world cup you're sure every every all of potential platform for tour to achieve fans to your program to. be able to be you be a brand to the individual entity to bring it to the fans so we know we haven't seen any plays though do you want to bring to luck on your show. i will take place you can't say because it was the price of. yes it would take it's a little bit of a sign that he was not yet now in the market you supposed to that now we're not going to you know there we will expect him there they will focus this whole way and it will buckle why does a president of the football club i guess you're aware of this coming into will come
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up the performances you see prices go up i do kind of desperate to sign players before the tournament starts because you know it could be too late if you leave it at true sometimes but from the other hand you should not be more focused on not on the players who play on the world cup but who are not playing on the world cup but you know and here from there from the sign in care year we did two major dates it's a world cup and the pressure really transfer witnessed last so i let myself go overseas a very important date for us. because we probably were expected to be able bring call their stars from world cup and then the real market will be all so well wisher very good luck with the local to moscow and of course with russia and can we invite you back after the such a game if they were. regards i told her i would scold you i can see that you grade. you don't dream do you believe we're almost now the point where it's
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scary to believe they might go through one of the rounds i could not get tomorrow morning was one of the most beautiful morning of my life i woke up and they said. in real water fire and we had a good chances so reached semifinals is it's true and i still dream in it's it's cup it's very hard to explain it's probably when the. europe was more or less safe but i woke up i had the exact opposite feeling. it isn't fantastic speech to thank so much for coming in and speaking of dreaming that's what brazil and mexico find pleasure doing right now they'll be kicking off in matching twenty eight minutes we'll be here to bring you all the latest action.
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and i'm going to come back and. not out of the mouth of somebody that is playing that actually. this was a good time to. try to move there. was nothing yet i mean not why not. all people we believe this will be again. oh my kids i don't want them up with johnny what are the other moment i looked at a mother having a little i'm a little. put out by other mothers how do you know the motherboard.
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right we're all set to start in five guys this year has a signal. to. the song to talk about. just maybe right after the mars explorers one who would have their. own record. to say. ok alice. welcome to sophie until i'm seriously sherrick not said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. the rock metal.
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from the altie new scent to the rest of our headline news now with me cold and bright and mexico has witnessed a tectonic shift in the political landscape with a left wing outsider claiming victory in sunday's presidential election. looks at the man who set to take power and examines how his tenure could exacerbate tensions with the united states. andrei manual lopez obrador or i'm low for short the new and somewhat colorful president of mexico a real underdog whose party more and ended almost a century of rule by two of mexico's dominant political parties. and as is fashionable these days often justifiably i'm no exactly
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a fan of trump i have to convince and persuade those americans who are manipulated by don't trump the campaign of united states first or america first that's a fallacy it's nonsense. we have a respectful relationship with the american government but we're not subordinates the mexican people have been insulted and put into question that. the role this president and offended the mexicans our position was to reject the hate policy promoted by trump and his counselors when i say not of i mean he really doesn't like trump even wrote a book about it called trump or lease and trump of course you can't have a proper election days without a little of the old russian meddling or at least someone complaining about it actually initial signs of it and the mexican. presidential campaign already has an
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aspect where we want to confront her behavior was with russia you know the russia. you know number of like around the world. from mexico. nor. even in mexico to his credit. found that really funny. i'm just here watching the weather waiting for the russian submarine to come with my people and with gold from moscow his supporters even made a jacket for him with the word manual of which written on it get it. andrea manual manual a bitch sounds kind of russian to his credit he wouldn't wore it because that would be it his dislike of trump his sense of humor or whatever else he swept this election preliminary results he got more than half the vote is rivals eating the dust. let's recover our
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greatness as one of the mother cultures of the world. we are setting a precedent in history. there's a greed energy out there you can feel it it's great. to be fair he's had some practice it is third attempt at the presidency bit of a sore loser too when he lost the election in two thousand and six he staged a fake inauguration party for himself never mind that good practice for the real thing congratulations mr manual of it landed near putin sent his regards. to the german interior minister and to resign over chancellor angela merkel's immigration policies host the whole first been pushing for a tougher stance on asylum seekers and german media suggests that he wasn't pleased with the new deal struck by e.u. leaders to tackle the crisis. i've said that i will present my decision to
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resign and that i will implement this if a solution is not found within the next three days the german chancellor angela merkel is fighting for her political survival interior minister mr siegel first issued angela merkel with a two week ultimatum that expired on the first of july sunday mr c. hoffa saying that he once had to find a european solution to the migrant crisis and now we're hearing that he feels he is left with no choice but to turn back migrants from germany's borders this of course flies in the face of the german chancellor's open door policy and she of course felt that she had found this european solution after a two day summit that was held thursday and friday in brussels there was an e.u. summit that if he now seems as if the interior minister would disagree. we are sure that we have the right to immediately send migrants from the border was all that's going to open up we go and either we find a solution so that you never can be your own people feel that we are guided by
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values and that we advocate multilateralism and not you know literally no one will believe in our well you have made us so strong if mr c. hoffa in fact resigns this will see a break up of the seventy year alliance between his christian social union and angela merkel's party what it does mean is that she will either become the leader of a minority government or should have to call for new elections while at the same time no doubt she's likely to lose support from within the party this is a particularly tense time for angle immokalee who is fighting for her political survival they do best and he's an m.p. for alternative for germany told us that no party other than his own will be going to see another election. as she said adamant as it is a very serious situation today fractions of c.d.u. are a series of both parties will meet and they are discussing if this government will still.


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