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intellectual and political infrastructure is now in place to prepare for a new vision of europe's future and more specifically that of a strong europe within a stable eurasia that is strong europe within a stable eurasia well i think this is the destiny that is starting to emerge today and that mr trump is actually accelerating. because we'll take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to. the former prime minister of france discussing many other pressing issues e.u. and france in particular have to deal with stay with us.
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financial survival today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash into three different. is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something if you're going to america something over the cayman islands it will pull these banks are complicit in the kleptocracy who decide after all it's a murder to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacey old beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile for mac. you know what money laundering. thank you so much has a record. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by mike was hoping when the board doesn't perform on the eyes of god i'm stumped on this is going to going to go through the. woods as the fee that they got into the sea it's
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a must also bribe them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public i think microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that some think office could put us in more than that that's what we call soft missile defense of the zip selling the stalls the only one local all of them all the folks in the morning to most of the world in this huge boardrooms all of those with you know the ins and all this in the arsenals of the host i get on with the all business starting a more sustainable homes in front of the hub and his cards on the find. out what politicians do you shop to they're going to. put themselves on a lot and they get accepted or rejected. so when one of the first entry.
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or some who want to be rich. but you'd like to be close to see what the forty three of them or can't be good for. industry always annoys him a hard. question. to which. of course. we're back with. the former prime minister of france talking about the current challenges france has to deal with. correct me if i'm wrong but i can't remember any french president being so much in the spotlight gleick. seems like everyone
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cares about what he has to say and he talks to the united states on behalf of the you on the home plate it's almost as if he is actually replacing angola merkel as to unofficial leader of the european union would you agree with that. leg review that emmanuel michaels leadership was established very very quickly you know within the institutions of the french republic general to go said that the president of the republic is responsible for the essentials of french presidents who on the first day following their election and sometimes even five years later did not have exceptional charisma make him think the manual. the first day of his becoming president he had the bearing of a great head of state he's got this magic ocean issaquah which is called charisma which is called leadership and it is true that in the whole world people are listening to what he has to say first off because he is just forty and is likely to
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be present for a while this will be decided by the french voters of course but also because he is someone who is blessed with an intellectual prowess that is particularly sharp because of his liveliness and his modernity so all these are considerable assets but naturally on an international level it is necessary to show prudence to listen to others because the current situation has profoundly degraded and global tensions are very high and there's a lot of uneasiness regarding current crises such as terrorism such as migrant issues even questions linked to the digital revolution such as the digital economy . results in a very dangerous world and france is mostly satisfied to have a president that is recognised but there are strong expectations of him and his challenges now not to disappoint. him that he has enough political weight to replace merkel estan leader of the european union. property i think that
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the political weight he has it in his own country because he's backed by a strong majority angela merkel has a more complex political situation with constant negotiations within her coalition . has much more room for maneuver with the national politics number less obviously america has the experience and also has the success of our policy and the strength that the german economy has today behind her there are challenges in germany for example demographic challenges but there are also results that are massively large that have given the status of a leader but i truly believe that europe's future depends on the goodwill the mutual comprehension the intense dialogue that will exist that we in france and germany between and i knew in moscow and angle americal if you know i know now that the u.k. is leaving the e.u. france many pulling more weight and hero does it help microns in mission to lead
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hero meanwhile his game or political clout whether london out of the balance. to start with fundamentally is not good news because within bragg's it is a process of deconstruction of europe which is worse you know on the other hand we have important treaties with the united kingdom in matters of defense these treaties are called the lancaster house treaties the pact of essential military cooperation so we must retain a strong bilateral relationship with the united kingdom. however it is true that we have seen that brags it has first and foremost brought france and germany closer together has brought together several countries from continental europe and in this situation we can see that brags it has triggered something a revival of the european ambition and from an economical perspective from a financial perspective we see that many financial players who are based in london which was pretty much europe's financial capital these players are progressive the
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moving to confidence of europe and we're joining the euro zone or so this low is strong enough to show the public opinion but there is a real interesting new dynamic here that means. so the level barely ample of lemon i'd like to talk to you about the threat of terrorism france facing sporadic lone wolf terrorist attacks and almost a month basis and the center for the and now this is of terrorism says that france remains the most heavily targeted country in europe in three years since to back lawn and france has adopted a number of anti-terrorist laws but the threat remains why is it something wrong with france's approach to the issue also there. i think that we have made significant progress especially in terms of surveillance in terms of intelligence we have also made great progress in the legal and legislative aspects of these things to make sure the surveillance policy is faithful to our
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laws especially to the protection of civil liberties which are part of our constitutional rights there is significant and important progress here. we see that often when we encounter trouble we get the relevant information concerning these troubles very quickly the problem is that a lot of times we are dealing with solitary actions and that is very difficult with a number of radicalized individuals not only in france but in neighboring countries who can come to france at any time it is obvious that these isolated individuals are in a situation where they are protected in a way by their isolation and their anonymity but generally speaking we have made a lot of progress numerous attacks were filed and we remain very very vigilant with regards to our military budget which is rising the intelligence budgets which is rising to surveillance budget which is also rising and significant efforts have been made doll these areas. of course this is
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a very difficult war and numerous countries have had to face the sort of difficulty and international cooperation is well established on the subject. it's all beyond french borders mcclellan has intensified the entire terrorist involvement in syria moving more troops in than up in the eight cents to the kurds in the north what is paris hoping to accomplish in the country and what kind of dividend after with his military investment. that was all you know that the french policy has always been based on dissuasion on talks not on force so intervention is not our strategic happen sometimes against terrorism we are obliged to come to aid of countries that are in chaos and that is what gives legitimacy to our actions in africa. with regards to syria in the previous five year period we had some goals that were sometimes incompatible on one hand the goal to fight terrorism and on the other the
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goal of fighting against bashar al assad who is fighting his own people so these were two goals of a contradictory because the fight against terrorism required in part the acceptance of bashar al assad's role in syria and we had many debates in france and opinions differ greatly and today emanuel has showed the course which i think he spoke of a great length and we've great conviction a lot in your putin that you are goal number one as of today has been clarified and it is the fight against terrorism regards to the future of syria which is important that the syrians must orchestrate their country's future and if we can help them we will but our number one goal is to be able to fight against the terrorists hard beds that currently exist there. france have any kind of colonial guilt of the syrian affair since it was france and basically created modern syria by growing lines on the map. no. no i think that there have been numerous debates regarding
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the consequences of the colonial spirit which is still present in some places but this debate does not concern the levant it concerns in the past africa and the current political path that we follow is very clear on this subject so i do not think that with regards to syria there is a french position that is particularly motivated by our direct interests our main interest in this affair is peace it's the protection of our people it's the. fight against terrorism so of course it is a blow to the heart when you see so much historical heritage all the traces of the huge civilization of what was once missile but they far before us and way before modern times all these images of destruction of historical and civilizational heritage very hard to stomach however our main purpose in this region is that of protection of our people by fighting against terrorism or. bad you'd think you do not think at all that france have serous or its influence in its former demain
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maybe like in its former african colonies. france is never happy about losing its influence also i think we seek to radiate our influence everywhere we can what as it happens on this topic we do not have a vision that would be in the best interests of france but we have a vision that is in the best interests of peace and we act on behalf of the international community with the international community to fight against terrorism and obviously together all the goodwill that exists around the world to unite in international solidarity against terrorism this is our guiding principle this is the nose or is it finally i heard you say that actually war is not impossible at the eastern here appealing frontier with hate as squaring off against i imagine the russians what makes you think that the mutually assured destruction doctrine well failed you. i think that the nato summit that will take place in july will
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undoubtedly be the summit that will put made a face to face with a major strategic decision we can see that nato is founding principle was solidarity but that today this solidarity is for the most part challenged by the american president. so i think that there is truly a strategic a revision that must be carried out personally i have committed myself by creating an ngo and non-governmental organization that is called leaders for peace and i work with mr orloff from russia and other partners we are around thirty in total people representing different countries all having had experience being for instance a diplomat a prime minister the minister of foreign affairs or nobel prize winner where all of very very worried by the situation of in comprehension that is unfolding to the east of europe and we would truly like to try to convince the various parties to avoid this accusation or else these threats of war that we hear from both sides and
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that are for us scenarios that are not only catastrophic but are also not truly of strategic interest to anybody and we're all aware of europe's issues with russia we're all aware of the historical context within europe and that we must be able to listen to each other but security in this region must be assured and assumed and we should not be in this situation of virtual threats of tensions on both sides which truly creates an uncertain climates as we can current to see in sweden for example yep i think that nato has its share of responsibility here russia has shown its capacity in a crisis it showed its will and its power its capability of showing the strength of big russia and where oh we'll aware of all this but it is necessary to be able to appease and calm in this part of europe because it is now a source of tension that does not seem to make much for teaching sense. who said sound of you were talking to. the former prime minister of france about
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europe's vital issues and that is it for this edition of sophie and co i will see you next time.
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f.o.c. of. the great destabilization with only days away from begin to pay their way an open seat on the u.s. supreme court sharpens the political divide are the democrats going social.
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and outlets are going to learn how to love their man and not out of the brotherly love that comes. out of the out of them out of their lives when i get a feeling. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm doudna mom. no not out loud get out my little body not far north america and our stop or x. chanting and they'll all people we believe just a little bit here. a lot of my kids i live out the bubble so johnny hardy of the moment i thought of mother how do it all because there are a lot of them i'm a little way to maybe all the little of the pimp i don't want to put out a love to my worst party without all the other while it.
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i. kicked off in the world cup last sixteen much of. the price for the clash with joy it's brazil. favorites brazil of course kick on to the quarterfinals defeating message at mexico to nil. celebrations from their funds both at home i did russia. i did other news this hour germany's coalition government tying spin the bottle and size the interior minister. says he's ready to quit over immigration policy.
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never mind the other dogs the top dogs who have back in charge of this world cup at least brazil sweep past mexico. the question is now who will meet them in the quarter final will be belgium or welcome to our special coverage. for the latest. in even my column evening to you here in moscow no more no more upsets today brazil three for the quarter finals. next week a tale the question is. apple cart again they're taking on belgium. and alongside me. andy thanks very much yes it's great to be here and it's great also to keep an eye on this particular match instead just picked up. roster of belgium
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japan now as we know the winners be going on to play brazil you like everybody else back in belgium tonight with good reason with good reason also looking at the line of sight we got plenty of paper here the old clipboard is now back but much change sides for both of them as well i mean belgium they had ten changes from the side that was the kind of the way to work for much against england wasn't the match that nobody really wanted to win because you get the so-called harder part of the draw but of course some of the top stars about vincent kompany is also back in defense as well which i think will pose a big challenge for the japanese going forward ok but i don't think this world cup cares about statistics are so right now i'm telling you because iceland held argentina didn't they they determine a loss to south korea last night we watched russia beat spain and the holders have gone home the european champions are here either so why can't you when tonight that's my question why shouldn't they because if they defend as they have done in the past they can get a result we know that the manager is he was quite happy to allow his team not to
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attack it was me against poland to get absolutely zero defeat of all things which would get a big you know and not get a booking so they go through unfair play so my argument tonight is i think japan could do something well and i mean so stridently how could i possibly argue but let's also look at some of the creative players that you've got as well the guy in you that got a soccer they can also bring a few familiar faces from the premier league off the bench it was interesting when they asked their coaches well they said when they were playing senegal they said so how are you going to beat the senegalese let's look at the height difference of perhaps there are bigger teams and he said well i've lost my place he said i've got to gain five centimeters in height and five kilograms of body weight he said other than that because i probably can't do that but with better of keeping it on the deck they play some beautiful football yes they're against the golden generation of belgium we've got some amazing players very familiar players as we know from the premier league and beyond including players like greece as you can see with the throwing in there so yes belgium are clearly the favorite busy belgium a battle. being scolded generation have flattered to deceive when it comes to the
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big tournament football they've never really done it they've not done it so far it could be their time but also why not another upset with a very good pure footballing side who defied all their odds and not a percent of the population who didn't believe that even get this far to one time ten past them. at the stadium like a will is just over three minutes gone then will so my a prediction holds for the moment that i sound convincing by the way you sound incredibly convincing on day when you say i'm convinced that only makes you think that's play devil's advocate and go and try ok maybe extra time and penalties will keep you posted have of course we're keeping our eye on this guy. has been speaking to fans to you and rushed off before the stamps. today the folks of rostov on don who will be filling the arena behind the me and by the way it does look like most seats will be taken by the locals the ones who'll be feeling all the bars and pubs had to choose whether they'll support the team that have won all their games at
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this world cup so far and the only remaining eggs in team at the tournament indeed after the likes of germany argentina spain and portugal left the world cup it seems that belgium is one of the firm favorites here and of course that explains the confidence that the belgian fans are having about this game when you have a look at who it is aren't given to bring in your team is never a question of. you always when you get doing your work and once you get to win especially with those kind of exactly is the question of who's still playing it is a question of look at yourself and maybe a very small country but really because we have some really big players so i think we're confident and if you win always fantastic if you don't win we'll win four years from now we're in a great country like russia we feel like this is our moment those rumors going to play japan difficult seem. we're still going to win five zero i'm saying this on
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t.v. and then we're going to play brazil and then after brazil going to play france and then we meet you russians in finals i'm not sure we're going to play fronts you might play your way but anyway we have fate some people told me they're going to make sushi out of them we don't make sushi we eat sushi we don't make it. we'll all of it so it's not the only one no is going to war today and indeed the belgians are saying everything's already been decided no chances for japan but this world cup has shown that things can get so unpredictable and the japanese are ready to make another sensation their fans are still believing in that and they know how to put up a show to do that's what they've already done with some russian skills here in front of the stadium was.
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planned. so as you can see rostov is rocking and enjoying last of the final game that's happening in this city at the world cup so it was a prank there outside the stadium about half an hour ago so i can tell you they'll be happy inside starting tonight he said japanese fans a pride stop in japan a couple of early forages down the left there causing some problems for the salute and then using the wits as well which is something that the belgians really have to watch because that was a point i'd say to you i still got a hold of my prediction and i see that it's not because meanwhile the only a match went to plan for brazil and particularly neymar is the east cost mexico and here are the highlights.
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ok we'll start with the early game today still no between belgian and japan and last off i will keep you updated on that i have to say kate i thought brazil is very good today i've got to say brazil i didn't think really got to have a sex change remembering anything i was massively convinced but i don't think i had to i think mexico started really breitling you thought this is really going to be a tussle and mexico are going to do the wonders that they did at the olympics in twenty twelve and really upset the brazilians there but i think brazil perhaps
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didn't need to really up and they showed a real bit of class at the end plastered over right there but i think. we can agree that neymar to come good for brazil did a. pretty schmeichel and artie's and you'll have a look at why he's come into some criticism by for some of his performances. have to say we just had some sirens and police cars rushing by i suspect they're on the way to a rest name for some criminal play acting in this much my god name even given man of the match by fever and the thing is we need to have feet for looking at the way you've behaved in this is the confines of any other way than this phrase from really really annoys everyone who loves football that he looked like he was seriously on his way out of his life he was dying. but he was the next thing that would happen was he was going to be put on a stretcher put in an ambulance and we wouldn't feel neymar again that's the kind of thing we're seeing at the moment we know. must try and get rid of this play
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acting because we don't want that and the one thing that really annoys me here with this is that name checks so much attention so that means that all the kids in this world everybody thinks they might is a great player they see this and when i go and watch i have to an eight and ten eleven year old in my house i go and watch them play and you know work that's how they do every time they fall foul they look like that and it's not on this is not what we want in football if i had a name i would honestly throw it in the bin after watching the game tonight and i think we saw the good the bad and definitely the ugly elf name genie today let's have a look and see how that name mind you behave on this one here and you know. let's say i tell you this now there's nothing wrong with him the referees don't want to know about it he goes back in on the pitcher a free says play on and watch what you know neymar stood up walked on the page. it's not art.


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