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haven't straight time and that was a little bit of the frock it's going on the brazilian fans were celebrating lightly the mexican finds took a little braids to this started throwing their drinks at them not led to some of the sure it's coming up asking everybody calm gone and what did i witness at the end of the game just as i was running up to this life decision i turned around and there were the mexican phones with their same barrows the same ones who had been throwing drinks hugging and kissing their brazilian fans the same ones even though they had just lost the game and that's really indicative of what i've seen here and some are over the weekend yellow and green coming together anything that can be drum can be bind like a trump was being done so over the last number of days and it is a lot an american party was was it was you i.
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was name on is the best soccer players off towards actually better and better than messi yes whom and all moon were blown away by i was very happy today because we are. very good you know and this game of the show how they can win. going through in the defense and try to score name same was amazing to the. moon all over bet city in russia we love it the we love it and lot to but not just through show but the russian people russian people are awfully are so friendly i are one day of the most of friendly and best people in the whole you were doing love with the russian people we brought you the love of the we are now we are brother i hope i hope they make it all the way to the line on my. brazil russia final. five.
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that. have to say we just had some sirens and police cars racing bike i suspect they're on the way to a rest name for some criminal play acting in this much oh my god name was so even given man of the match my fever and the thing is we need to have fee for looking at this the way he behaved in this game is never a confines on any other way than this race for it really really annoys everyone who loves football and he looked like he was seriously on his way out of his life he was dying i thought but he was the next thing that would happen was he was going to be put on a stretcher put in an ambulance and we wouldn't see name again that that's the kind of play acting we're seeing at the moment we now must try and get rid of this play acting because we don't want that and the one thing that really annoys me here with this is that name checks so much attention so that means that all the kids in this
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world everybody thinks they might as a great player they see this i went and i go and watch i have to an eight and ten eleven year old in my house i go and watch them play and you know work that's how they do every time they fall foul they look like and it's not on this is not what we want in football if i had a name i would honestly throw it in the bin after watching that game tonight and i think we saw the good the bad and definitely the ugly elf name genie today let's have a look and see how that name and he behaves on this one here and you know. let's see i tell you this now that's nothing wrong with him the referees don't want to know about it because back in on the pitcher a free says play on and walk to work you know they mustered up walked on the page. it's not hard to see any of the other guys doing it no we don't and i can see this is kind of stuff well i would be setting yourself quite a reputation even amongst the pope. because we were talking about his play i think
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prior to this match we even put it to some of the fans to reproduce some of the facial expressions and writhing in apparent agony this is what they made of it in your face i can. try. but. it's. clear all the albuquerque. but i promise you.
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it is going to this. r.t.a. talked to russian cosmonaut. who told us about his unique hobby taking pictures of the world cup host cities. my your granny or did you experience when it was my third expedition i became interested in photography at night it was not my initial plan to make pictures of all the host cities but that's what happened there are fantastic views from space when we are travelling at velocity of around eight
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kilometers per second it's not easy to get a good picture of what was the way of practicing and learning how to use the equipment you think that's why many cosmonauts are good at photography but it was. the last world cup we had alexandra go to max him said i have and read vice men we had bets on whether germany would win you know she thought they wouldn't have to shave their heads so i said i have an advice men did it when we play football on board we always try to be careful about and keep the equipment safe but the technology is really expensive so we try to play with as much accuracy as possible with. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to present. something i want to. get it right for the survival of the korean people. i'm interested always in the why. anyone else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out these days become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground.
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in the welcome back this is our t. international now german chancellor angela merkel has narrowly managed to patch things up with her partners and a three month old coalition government which seemed to close to collapse in the country's interior minister a key member of the coalition says that a compromise has been reached and he will not resign here's our policy with more. i am glad that this agreement has succeeded once again it has proven to be worth fighting for convictions. well the country's interior minister who is also the leader of the christian social union mr horst c. hoffa has announced that he will remain in office and this follows a compromise agreement over the whole migrant issue being reached there were intensive talks over the weekend between mr c. hoffa's party and that of the german chancellor angela merkel and they continued
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until late monday evening but as i say the announcement coming that some kind of compromise has been reached now there are various aspects on the one hand they will be a new border regime that will be set up along of germany austria border any migrants who are picked up there but who have been registered in the e.u. country will be sent directly back to their country the german chancellor also suggesting that transit center has been established if you are going to transit centers in germany and we will depart migrants to the contras they come from the agreement of those contrasts. now mr c. has also said that this is to quote a clear and doable agreement over the future and the borders between germany and austria the two leaders have been at loggerheads for quite some time over the whole migron crisis. because it's you're sure that we have the right to immediately send migrants back from the border was all that's not open either we find
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a solution so that you never can beyond people feel that we are guided by the values and that we advocate multilateralism and not you know later or no one will believe in our values which have made us who are stranded now two weeks ago must see hoffa issued with an ultimatum that expired this past sunday the first of july and the challenge was to find a european solution to the migrant crisis the german chancellor obviously believes she had following a e.u. summit that took place on thursday and friday in brussels. transpires that mr c. hoffa saw things quite differently on sunday they were rumors that he was threatening to resign all of that now has seemed to be averted there has also been some criticism over this new compromised agreement that it is some kind of weird construct and it's not clear how it will work there is also concerns over the bigger picture the coalition government just how strong is it and will it survive an agreement like this that could ultimately prove just to be
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a temporary one george is a senior research fellow at the global policy institute of london believes the agreement is just a temporary fix that will not last long. merkle the suggesting is that these migrants are going to be sent back to the countries where they first registered as asylum seekers well who's going to take them back greece isn't going to take them back greece is already just simply overwhelmed by the problem entirely has already said that they're not going to take them i mean this new government is absolutely adamant that they're not going to take in. spain is very unhappy about. problems it's also very unhappy but it's very unlikely that this is going to work so i think this is just simply a temporary stopgap measure and the issue will come up again probably in the next few months what's really interesting is the. the view of the c.s.u.
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zero. because they are very concerned about. the rise of the culture and if you don't lend without the the of those who are right wing anti immigrant party because they are becoming a force in germany and whatever goes on within the government will will be with a view to head off this potential crisis that they're going to get electoral crisis that they're facing at the hands of the the a new. mexico has witnessed a tectonic shift in its political landscape with a left wing outsider claiming victory in sunday's presidential election but on guns you have look at the man who's had to take power and examines how his tenure could exacerbate tensions with the u.s. . andray manual lopez obrador or i'm know for sure
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what the new and somewhat colorful president of mexico a real underdog whose party more and ended almost a century of rule by two of mexico's dominant political parties. and as is fashionable these days often justifiably. ain't exactly a fan of trump we have to convince and persuade those americans who are manipulated by don't trump the campaign of united states first or america first that's a fallacy it's nonsense. we have a respectful relationship with the american government but we're not subordinate to the mexican people have been insulted and put into question i will not allow that to come to. the role this president and offended the mexicans and our position was to reject the hate policy promoted by trump and his counselors when i say not of i mean he really doesn't like trump even wrote a book about it called trump or listen trump of course you can't have
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a proper election days without a little of the old russian meddling or at least someone complaining about it actually initial signs of it and the mexican. presidential campaign already has an aspect where we want to confront to stabilize your behavior was with russia you know the russian. you know number of like around the world. from mexico. even in mexico to his credit. found it really funny. i'm just here watching the weather waiting for the russian submarine to come with my people and with gold from moscow his supporters even made a jacket for him with the word manual of which written on it get it. andray manual manual of it sounds kind of russian to his credit he wouldn't wore it because be it
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his dislike of trump his sense of humor or whatever else he swept this election preliminary results he got more than half the vote is rivals eating the dust. let's recover our greatness as one of the mother cultures of the world it's not that we are setting a precedent in history. there's a greed energy out there you can feel it it's great. to be fair he's had some practice it is third attempt at the presidency bit of a sore loser too when he lost the election in two thousand and six he staged a fake inauguration bazzi for himself never mind that good practice for the real thing congratulations mr emanuel of it led to me a putin sends his regards we ask
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a social theorist to undress banal to tell us what he what distinguishes the new mexican president from his predecessors. in previous administrations there was simply a consensus that moral lesson aligned with the rest of the establishment in the western world this consensus was centered around a kind of. what's often called the neo liberal economic policy model which relied on. the liberalization of the of the of the economy the liberalization of latin american economies for foreign investment to come in however this foreign investment is very much centered on. the benefit of the superpowers like the united states and other countries and keeping the mexican economy and in a state of dependency as i just mentioned and so this this consensus this this economic model is very much led by kind of a team of technocrats that have been at the helm of mexico and most latin american
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countries now for four maybe three four decades and this is this is clearly a move away from that and now what happens from this i think that's yet to be seen let's hope that it can begin to move in a direction that is actually against corruption. of the upcoming summit between donald trump and vladimir putin russia's ambassador to the u.s. . has given us an exclusive interview you can watch it on july fourth on our team america but here's a quick preview. as. very senior diplomat in a very experienced diplomat do you believe these two leaders will get along and what signals will you be looking for in their interaction to suggest that's indeed what happened frankly a little disappointed that you have decided to raise the issue so the first hour into you were sure that you will congratulate me with the u.s. to victory when the old car goes with. the most important
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event you know years to. flooded. by all. the was an opportunity for us to meet to your team but they hope that in twenty two in two six there will be such a part you need to because next makes the world cup in twenty twenty six we'll be in washington and then but now seriously as to the fourth or forthcoming summit between the president of course it's a very important a meeting between the two leaders everybody has been awaiting for these event. we were relations. she. for me it was clear that the would be just only opportunity for our world leaders to look at all easy shoeless all the returns between two to see
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together to look at each and to start talking as i'm sure you know part of the evidence the office of the director of national intelligence here in the united states presented to make the case for russia's meddling with to point a finger at this network r e t in say because of the issues we cover here as journalists were in fact working on behalf of the russian government what do you think about that. i remember my into you two american journalists when i just arrived and you'll see that they raised a lot of questions in this regard but to my regret to what i saw there were just two questions to my answers first. based on tone of you know that you interfere into. america. election i said no there is no process missed out of you know that mystical. is a spy that's all you'll see that what are heard from my distinguished american
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journalists how does not you feel i mean to have us in journalist tell me that your predecessor by you'll see that much disappointed that my distinguished american cortex at that time didn't interest at all what should we do together how to improve russian american relations why that is a for me i'll be back in thirty minutes with more news you are watching our interest. to make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the fine merry go round be the one percent. we can
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all middle of the room see. the real news is. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million one playa. book it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy
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a great so one more chance for. the face of this minute. became his national camera. roughly once they showed some new play you for the. future uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broccoli string at. lying around more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . in early february of two thousand and fourteen as the made crisis was getting more violent there was a phone call that was intercepted it was a call between the secretary of state for european affairs victoria nuland and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine geoffrey pyatt questions of credibility. private chats between top u.s. diplomats was leaked online. you
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know what he me. on the outside i just think. working for you. probably. so you had this remarkable phone call. of the u.s. government apparently talking about a coup or how they were playing to restructure the government of ukraine. exactly i'm not saying the whole u.s. government feels that way the there is there is division on this but the neo conservative element wants very much to change the strategic dynamic in eastern europe. very smart people and they've been at this for
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a long time they came in around the issue of propaganda they studied how to create hot buttons for the american people they had this experience when they were getting the american people to get excited about central america back in the one nine hundred eighty s. . and they've been applying those same strategies ever since they remain very dedicated to achieving their goals they still want to get rid of certain governments they want a regime change in syria for instance regime change in iran. very skilled at this and they have a lot of allies now inside the news media inside the government means that. they can do a lot to control the narrative of any story so i think in america these days we have somehow told ourselves that there are a lot of ways of dealing with these problems other than hard power lattimer putin cares about hard power the neoconservatives can now demonize a leader of a country that sells with the american people so you don't just sort of argue
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a policy you attack the leader so the neoconservatives became very skilled at picking out leaders finding their ugly traits and then highlighting them yet a cold bitch you might say was a rather clunky political leader but you make him into a devil he's he's totally corrupt and he's evil and he wants to kill people in the made in these wonderful white headed demonstrators so you get a black cat versus white hat and then you keep repeating that basic scenario and it works with the american people and got to realize what vladimir putin is he's an old k.g.b. colonel it wants to restore the russian empire you make them into demons and the american people find that the way they can understand the world once that happens it's very difficult for a journalist or anyone else to say you know hold it that guy he's got more of a gray happen a white hat or a black cat and if you say that you suddenly or you're unico which apologist or you're putting apologist and and then the attacks come on to the person saying it the journalist the academic or whoever. any good director will tell you that
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tempo and rhythm are the most essential components to hold an audience's attention . some are. pretty mean you know with my them so slay all of you must you suck it out of the news of. the chest to know will you. it can also be called a method of betrayal when the allies and followers are relentlessly thrown into the revolutionary flame. the idea is simple when the preparation were. he's found the trigger just needs to be told the second machine into full motion. the murder of politician rafi curry every lead to the cedar revolution. looking back at the mysterious poisoning of viktor yuschenko right before the orange revolution of two thousand and four we see now that he became
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a sacred victim himself. most political analysts believe the compassion of the ukrainian people at that moment tilted the scales giving him the presidency. the number of victims among the protesters during your own my done totaled over one hundred they are called to the heavenly hundred all the sacred victims were immediately mythologized. the beating of students on nov thirtieth two thousand and thirteen was the obvious trigger of your own my don. those who sent train provocateurs to the square very well realized that peaceful protesters were the ones who would get hurt the most. it's hard to keep protests going for months on end tension subside and people inevitably get tired. holidays are also a big danger for revolutionary masterminds people want to be home with their
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families and friends and one needs to get inventive to keep people in a cold tent city. on christmas day of two thousand and thirteen tabloid journalist and political want to be taught the on a chart of all was chosen to become the tool to whip the protests on my down back up a civic activist in journalist known for investigating corruption among senior officials was beaten outside you. iran's capital on christmas. her heroic deeds as a reporter looked more like petty crimes trespassing on the presidential residence of victory on a covert age leading the rioting crowd to seize the key of city administration building breaking into a car of the security service of ukraine it looked like tatyana was more interested in making news than reporting it and gaining name recognition that could be turned
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into votes for her struggling political career in the opposition party fatherland she gave the world media a christmas present in two thousand and thirteen when she was cruelly beaten by unknown assailants on the road despite the fact that in just three days all the suspects were arrested and confessed to beating tatyana during a road rage incident world media kept insisting upon the political background of the crime instantaneously tatyana became a heroic martyr uniting people around her image the beating coming amid political turmoil in ukraine this is draw if protests your own my done was once again center stage and tatyana in less than two months after the assault she was already healthy enough to attack the office of party of regions the party of victory on a covert let used to be jealousy much in the people in line at the look at this they did not just listen if you know they got it because it was like that who does
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he think one of the staff members sixty five year old i.t. specialist of lattimer's a hot of was killed during the attack. so where is tatyana now well she finally got her position of power in the new government. one month later the time for another act in the play came armenian ukrainian protester sir gagne go on was one of the first to arrive at my don he wasn't radical or violent but instead naive and full of hope. watching surrogate read a patriotic poem is like watching a casting tape for. the role of a sacred victim lead to simple mourning to the most. solicitous of a slower more this is. unfortunately sergei got the part betrayed by his brothers in arms this video would eventually go viral after sergei was killed early in the morning of january twenty second two thousand and four.


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