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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 7, 2018 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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i think more doogan is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you need to state if you look at some of the before analogy. marc was the day that when he was five. going to has been the most contentious critically is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleeced work pretty much when i first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell it. it's a nod and a wink wasn't what i wanted to do. we've had more in this county then some states have had a collective thing to go and went to his website began featuring comments about his family the sheriff's wife and the newest squash you like a book you know i wish you'd stop then you should say and i'm left with stuff i
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believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral. critic in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political. men they know. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand islands. to join judges. eight hundred sixty days of. a russian w.b. . and a russian. show you how. the crimea. bridge was.
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witnessed the construction moving you need to transport. that will help them out of crimea. while google for more a bit but it's clear. france and belgium all through to the world cup semifinals after victories that left their fans ecstatic. was i. and tonight will find out who will be going head to head in the other semifinal with the hosts russia among the contenders with the genes to mob boss. is it was partly because i do believe he should also should be released. and in other news the chemical weapons watchdog
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the o.p.c. wus there is no traces of know of agents have been found at the site of the alleged attack in april in the syrian city of duma. was that it was. a chance demolition of a battle in village in the west bank has been suspended by an israeli cooled off the scuffles between protesters and police has moved in on the sides. and i welcome you watching r.t. international with me. well first off let's talk football with the world cup and russia now very much of the business side of things we now know the first teams to compete in the final for the championship france and belgium are through with heavyweights you are quite and
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brazil crashing out on friday i. i i i . and he. said he.
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and he. moved here so let's have a look at how things stand in the tournament just six nations still have the chance of lifting the children a trophy on july fifteenth friday storefronts break the hearts of euro guy belgium crush the dreams of brazil just weeks ago both losing side to actually favorites to win but as you already know it's such unpredictability that has made this world cup so thrilling and there's still so much more to come to saturday's games promise more high drama the first game of the day big one for the three lines as england take on sweden and the winner of that match will face either russia or
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croatia who come toto this evening is the first time in thirty two years that russia has got this far in the tournament and russia knocking out spain as you know was one of the big upsets so for them to go even further would be absolutely incredible. what more can we expect while her tears more chair is most likely morbius. thank you thank thank god we thank. her. yes yes. yes. i was. was. i was.
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hired. ok. russia and croatia reached the quarter final off the winning dramatic penalty shootouts croatia all one of the tournament favorites but russia all writing high on a new style wave of confidence off to their win against spain. team russia in the quarterfinals performing something just shorts over america giving the fight to the mighty spain and eventually knocking it right out of the tournament that night russian fans rule.
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that. little gold became a thing off to the two saves by the russian goalkeeper eagerly can fav in the final penalty shootout degree can fav himself already a star here at home became an even bigger internet celebrity at the time. now also drawing attention of course russia's head coach but he took the spotlight not only with these managing decisions and he's managing style but also with his emotions or rather the lack of them i should say a hint of a smile and a reserve of the pulled fists in triumph this is the rule that he allowed himself on the pitch.
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churches have some astonished have become known here in russia has them a stosh of hope another symbol for russian fans these russia's traditional headwear caution so here in central moscow in the hearts of the football fever i decided to familiarize fans of other national teams with these features of the russian fan culture. to know that russia's traditional elements of had wet. as in the. wind. perhaps rove. with the bald bald guy i have no idea i have no idea it's oh god that's that tricky stuff propped up to have this. you know what it is. it's this i mean yeah. it's actually this been done for girls it's called
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cautioning bush yes question it right on have you ever wanted to become a russian. mine. just look so am i let's do this you you can kind of hold it till all the but you know that's not yes it is no different. than the idea behind this goes. to help you a little bit right really right. ok ok selfie time so yeah yeah perfect like a natural you look like a natural you have something to chew something out yeah we have something else you know the russian chico i don't know his last name but i know him by his face just bald would. there must indeed and what i have for you here. i'm just going to give you this. do you think that maybe you could hold it like
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this and say if you was pretend you were a russian coach rich an english teacher in english we feel the power of the staci hey he's here you know how far they have to be at the moment give me the speech. you got you got to get better over going to search for we're going to cope or to we have all the fans here all or nothing come on it's your country is so tall and you need to make your own history come on good brother she run the russian players please i you remind me a mexico buddy spinner you haven't missed. two russian fans thank you thank you for the hospitality thank you for making it such an amazing experience continue supporting the team it's a wonderful world cup good luck and i hope that they would do with the world cup thank you for everything. you need to come on we were counting on you guys that was
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the plan russia mexico the final we give you a chance so if you give me a bad idea please when the cap. all the say is made by russian goalkeeper ico i can feel i have in the game against spain a surprise to many not though his former coach. your poor fifth total proportion the improvement there you have to say scored their penalty they showed he goes face close up on t.v. and i saw his eyes and then i knew everything would be fine and then i hid i always used to do that i turned away but i was two hundred percent certain that eagle would save the penalty for the last penalty the one he saved with his foot and i had a very similar situation myself and often told that story to him when i talk to my students about penalties i always tell them don't just stand there you have to make your opponent kick the ball in the direction you want in this on the union i had more penalty saves that any other keeper and in russian history i'm still ranked
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second i'm now waiting for a goal to replace me he has one more step to go but the us both are both written. with him and with me if we've been working together since igor turned fourteen the first thing that impressed me with the eagle is that he can breathe again for a goalkeeper it means that he always knows what's about to happen as soon as a post is made he's already standing in the right place if we look back at all the years we've been together he's often been criticised. wait he's not a goalkeeper type it's all we never listed and regardless of all that he continues to push forward after all these years. the mr will stay touch all the time even now during the world cup we talked briefly before each game you need to find the right words and i don't know how to explain this these words they just come to you if you can say something about the wind or about the weather or about the pitch you don't overthink it with these words they
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just come to you and these are the words that put the boys at least they know their father is with them and everything's fine if i forget to write to him he calls me and asks coach where are you i think this is the most important thing to have this kind of trust between the coach and the player with mr new. after the victory mosque zero zero nine did step eagle eagle i can see it when the keepers honor according to the zoo the book has perfect vision lining false reactions just like the sportsman himself now russian football fans are crossing their fingers for their team but they're ready to do more than that to ensure victory. because at that age the position. just pretty much just for the last. this is going to finish and we should deal with the food of the soup we like each other something
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that you did it was called if you don't use that this is easy to pick up because it almost it was war goodbye so the big. jeb bush knew who they voted for and you. can get though no second guessing yourself and ladies that i sure do see a lot of the. usual shows more of their stuff to me is a sure stuff is a question to the station just as part of that i see if i just. bought this the place to be there might be show me to some extent that the students feel that they will not deem some level as you put me to do and that is what i mean we do the job but i don't fumo but if you want i will get as i might be of those that know you seriously think i do. you should also should the police people do.


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