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he says much of america's political class truly believes russia is the number one enemy. there's an obsession in the united states with viewing russia not just as an adversary but as an x. one to me it's permeated both political parties there's actually talk a lot now about how what they regard as the interference in the twenty sixteen election is similar to pearl harbor when the japanese attacked the united states during world war two or al-qaeda and nine eleven and so there's this sense that russia is now an enemy on par with al-qaeda or the japanese during world war two russia is often talked about this way in the sense that any kind of connection with or interaction with russia is viewed as inherently suspicious or even worse and it's extremely dangerous and extremely toxic and it's one of the reasons why i decided to come here this morning posted a picture of myself and snowden in because i think it's very important to combat it
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too. now fountains of customized shoes have accused adidas of double standards the company let's suppose put that and what's on names on shoes but only if it deems the next step simple according to its own guidelines yes some of the rejections of customization requests have baffled customers.
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well we're back with the latest news and news in football at the top of the oust you that. welcome to our back to tonight i'm natalie mcgill we can't will be back next week but don't worry i brought my facial hair just like his so you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. what that. you can tell the difference
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well it doesn't matter because we've got a very special highlights and updates episode for you let's get started with how the pentagon spent twenty one trillion dollars that they can't seem to account for like it's a bunch of socks they lost in the dryer here's what you're trying to wrap his head around the lunacy eight twenty one trillion sounds but it sounds like something alex jones found tattooed across one of. my extra terrestrials fun. they probably chose it because they needed a lot of real estate to put a number that large. but the twenty one trillion number comes from the department of defense's office of inspector general the oh-i g. although as forbes magazine pointed out after mark skidmore began inquiring about the report the zero ideas web page was mysteriously taken down but luckily people had already grabbed copies of that report before it was taken down my favorite part
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is they have all fraud and ways top line. that you can call. you imagine could type of fraud and waste that they must hear on that hotline. hi i work here in the pentagon my name's patti lu and i mainly in charge a refill in the nk in the copy years because generals do not know how to use the copiers it's you know they can handle war but i don't know a copier and i wanted to report that someone here in my department gave taken the plans hold which are clearly partment plans and then. we must go through seven or eight times a week and it's ridiculous ok thank you patty ya'll write down the seven pens right below the section as to how you do. this.
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anyway here's more from the forbes article this past december the inspector general report indicates that unsupported adjustments are the result of the defense department's failure to correct system deficiencies you're blaming sproule years of dollars on failure to correct system deficiencies that's like saying i had sex with a widow with a hundred thousand waggled hairless aardvarks. because i wasn't looking where i was walking. normally and said. let's do this and we do a lightning round here where we go through all of these catastrophic problems with the twenty sixteen election and we see which ones we've fixed for the upcoming election are the voting machines any better nope are the exit polls any better no do we have a right choice of voting no do we have paper ballots not in most areas do we have one chain voting no that would be to verify
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a boat. we ended or altered the electoral system nope are we allowing third parties into the debates generally know as we wait in line at the polling places for three hours do people come around to entertain us give us food massage. geno's no no they do not. put an end to money in politics which is what's really at the heart of why our society is joe screwed up every day now you have we put an end to provisional ballots really pussy bow ballots never you know one we put an end to interstate cross-check not happening have we put an end to gerrymandering and have we put an end to voter suppression laws no can do has the d.n.c. faced any consequences for rigging the primary. no sorry bob. we've put an end to top secret voting software machines we can't check
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nine in but. but a russian click bait farm is on the lam for posting this image of bernie in a bit of a. really really one of the images. from the mahler dive we're we're devoting all our resources and all our mainstream media and all of our politicians time and money to figuring out a way to deal with that image. you want to know you on a budget and since you're not powerful images. i'm not homophobic i just turned me on the dog just now i am a fat list of all the ways our democracy is screwed makes you want to slit your wrists with an i voted sticker you are not alone but i've got some good news there are several court cases going for it to demand publicly viewable ballot images this
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would make it way harder to undermine the integrity of our elections instead our government would be able to focus on winning other things like say countries that want to drop the us dollar which we shows us is a practice that's uniquely american like wearing george. losing your factory job making george to a robot check it out this is a funny little habit of invading and destroying countries that stop using the dollar it has been so lugs that you start to realize it's a bit of a trend it is good you know and i like if you have a friend who is like dating a stark raving mad girl with no sense of humor and you're like jesus christ what is wrong with nerve and then he brags over there you know that now we're going to hang out again and then he starts dating another one exactly. yeah i guess that's his type you know he likes women to talk blenders and his head and dry
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wall and that's his thing well invading and destroying countries that drop the petrodollar is starting to look like our thing. as the guardian reported in october two thousand rock insisted on dumping the us dollar the currency of the enemy for the more multilateral euro so not long after that the bush administration desperately wanted to force the w m d intelligence agency had to make it fit for innovation we now know the w m d's story was all. sewn large it had other smaller horse breeding. so clearly there were other reasons the u.s. needed to invade and one of the biggest ones was saddam switch away from the dollar but that's not all soon after libya began moving towards and african gold based currency and lining up all of their african neighbors to join them we invaded them
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as well with the help of nato author ellen brown pointed out this fact at the time of the invasion she says gadhafi initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro and called on arab and african nations to use a new currency instead the gold dinar john perkins the author of confessions of an economic hitman great book he has also said that the true reason for the attack on libya was gadhafi has moved away from the dollar and the euro clearly it's all about the banking all right if you are watching independent outside the mainstream news then you know that we could go there was an absolute massacre in gaza israeli snipers simply opened fire on thousands of unarmed palestinians killing at least eighteen and wounding well over a thousand videos have been released of snipers shooting protesters while they were simply you know walking around or praying but if you turned on the mainstream corporate media in the rare moment they covered it we had to really look for these
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videos try and find their reporting on it and then in the rare moment they did you get a more vague mysterious view of events the european union is calling for a transparent investigation this after the deaths of seventeen palestinians in clashes with israeli troops on friday deaths of seventeen palestinians but how did they do you know it's open to interpretation like a like a rorschach massacre you know it's a rorschach occur it was crazy nobody knows nobody knows how they got maybe maybe maybe they were playing pickle ball and things got out of hand you know maybe maybe they had some bad wrong. oysters of the gaza seven eleven they should have known never eat the oysters that are sold next to a homicide cannon all right everyone knows that everyone knows that by the way pepsi almost actually awful don't care hundreds of palestinians. the
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rats that took place on the gaza border hundred two were wounded in the own rest by what by who were they were they were just wounded they were they were wounded you know like there's other things just happen like a like a rainstorm or sleeping with your wife's sister it just happens you don't know she was slapped with that's all you. know you know so big point is it encrypted ledger of transactions that is global fast and free to use and perhaps the best way to explain it is to go through the arguments people have against it people say it's not backed by anything other by does that back by that there's no you know there's nothing to what are you going to hold you like i have a thing you know big going has no chickens ok there's no chicken right. but neither does the u.s. dollar it's not backed by anything either and over ninety percent of u.s. dollars aren't even printed so you can't even point to a green piece of paper with a racist white dude and say there yes. and you think
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yes very. big point is not the first digital currency because the u.s. dollar is a digital currency it's most of it is only on computers created by secretive central banks run by fact guys sitting around a long boardroom table sweating through their blazers and it's in underneath their moves you know. the reality of the situation. the federal reserve is a private entity and the federal reserve banks twenty fifteen estimated net income was a hundred point two billion dollars they didn't. transferred approximately ninety seven point seven billion of that to the u.s. treasury so that means a profit of about two point five billion dollars simply for going pull players or body but i. ended keep in mind keep in mind it's not printed all right most of the
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press so really they get two point five billion dollars we're just going. we have to go to a quick break but don't forget you can watch all of our videos at youtube dot com slash redacted tonight and make sure to follow us on twitter at redacted tonight we'll be right back. the film money system is dying and so people are going to take money out of theater and see and put it in secret and they're going to have to broaden past which is they can put their cash into obedience going which would be this china social networking score and hope to get more frequent flyer miles and a free waiting down of that or they can go down the pinpoint path which is individual something.
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they're not right now but i learned how to not have a lot out of the jungle didn't that not a lot of the lot of them want to get a little mad at you and. this was a good time to. try to move. mom. not that i wasn't good i had a little money enough why not act and then again why it generated the old people we believe this up to begin. little of my kids i don't want them up with john what are you the moment to tell them about how do a lot of kids or is it a little bit of them i'm a little work you might be old enough to go out to the people i don't want to put out a lot from which party would i go.


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