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some of the russian defenders i'm stickin to marry are fernandez it was a bit of a knocking board but somehow they found themselves a lot of position and then back in the game i mean this first off russia has come flying off the blocks they had tremendous pace tremendous energy pressure good position off the ball fighting for everyone that's goal from jerusha fantastic left footed rocket really keeping the pressure on really the best attacking display since that demolition of saudi arabia five nil for them to concede such a soft goal really out of nowhere reminds me a bit of that match between japan and belgium when they were to an all down to two final few minutes the japanese just brand forward their manager i don't know what he was thinking probably shouting get back get back no defense that's exactly what happened here where was fernandez where was the left back only to central defenders they're completely unmarked and that gave them time and space and creations you just can't allow that sort of thing to happen they will punish you they will score that's what's happened to russia they really have to up their game sort out their defensive play from the back get them on the counter-attack and i think immediately
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you know when they when the russian school you're thinking the boss save you know keep it tight for the next ten fifteen minutes until halftime and they did initially and then the edges very disappointing go to concede from their perspective and i don't think we were the only ones either like we've got a bit of a bit of a crowd and. very much in the game. joining us here and i think that indication of how busy has been around the city the fans are just around the few hundred metres that way is really packed to lift the if the people won't come to the fans own the fans that will come to the people that's what we've done here on the part of square very strong stars and of course russia as well like you players available in sabah and when you're a big fan of golovin just behind the star struck you but cherish. they've got a fully viable squad apart from the friendship off hopefully they'll be able to make that we can see a substitution i believe. you don't see one of them talking we feel the strike is
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coming on soon so rushing about so much could be wrong for now knowing is any man's game a lot of fun from going on and we feel full possession and also the corrections that are having an easy time be swept aside all santina. confidently not looking so confident in this game as to be said being silenced by the russians pace i mean it's anyone's game and the russians having the best chances of the toss off i felt now at the crucial game for russia. against croatia into the second half and while fans of the three lions celebrate seeing that win over sweden where still wait and see what happens in this game still one goal and whoever wins takes all the good will have the latest throughout the coming hours including insight from neil harvey and peter schmeichel to say choose. most things today and with.
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joining me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. the fat money system is dying and so people are going to take my yeah yeah turn sick and parents accept that and they're going to have to broad passages they can put their cash into of mediums going to be this china social networking score and
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hope to get more frequent flyer miles and a free waiting down of that think tank or they can go down the path quite that which is individual. in the last days of the soviet union people were full of hope and anticipation of the upcoming changes underground music by young musicians of the time captured the mood perfectly what was it like to live and make music in that atmosphere. welcome back to the rest of the news the organization for the prohibit of chemical weapons has issued an interim report on the alleged use of chemical weapons in the syrian city of duma in april it says various chlorinated substances worth found in
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samples from two sites in duma yet the report also states no no the agents or they degradation products were detected the i.p.c. w has not yet reached a final conclusion about the allegations and its work is ongoing the chemical attack in question was allegedly carried out in june on april the seventh a week later france the u.k. and the u.s. launched air strikes against syria accusing president assad of using chemical weapons against his own people the russian military experts on the ground failed to find any trace of chemical weapons used in duma but the attack by western powers went ahead regardless. chemistry professor james tour says the organic compounds the o.p.c. w. found at the site and not necessarily related to any nerve agents. it leaves with ground or just were good. compounds that would be present from an industrial cylinder it has nothing to do with nerve agents that are getting compounds that they found were corsi to gas and then try to clear or see the gases and those are
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the types of compounds that any any organic chemistry lab or industrial site would have those are used as skin treatment agents used for work removal that has nothing to do with the chemical agent. the media western media outlets were quick to react to the report the b.b.c. even claimed proof of the use of chemical weapons use had been found that there since corrected the headline to reflect the fact the a.b.c. has yet to reach a conclusion back in april after the alleged attack us officials were all slimy it's a jump to conclusions the united states has excellent intelligence gathering as we saw what happened with information that led us to believe that sarin and chlorine gas were used in this most recent attack we certainly had a lot of media and social media indicators that either chlorine or sharon were used james tour also says he's been skeptical all along about whether that chemical attack ever took place. just looking at the attack looking at the cylinders i knew
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that this was not a chemical weapons attack that anything there may have been some cylinders that may have been exploded but those were typical industrial cylinders of common compounds but nothing to do with a chemical weapons attack and that's why the report said that there are. no chemical weapons agents were found at all whether they be nerve agents or chemical agents or mustard agents none of the agents or the byproducts degradation products were found. at least one palestinian was killed and twenty four were injured during further crisis at the gaza border on friday but have instructions were part of the already months long great march of return witnesses say israeli soldiers opened fire on protesters approached the fence however israel says a militant tried to strike an explosive device at soldiers near the border and the bomb exploded inside gaza and injured several palestinians israel also claims the islamic militant group hamas is fanning the protests at least one hundred twenty
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five palestinians are being killed by israeli gunfire since the process began back in march palestinians are demanding they be allowed to return to that creek occupation. meanwhile the planned demolition of a bedouin village in the west bank has been suspended by an israeli court if i scuffles between activists and police cheering the week is raining also it has moved in bulldozers to the site. was. precious has created a human chain to prevent the equipment from entering the village skirmishes reportedly left thirty five conclusion palestinian journalists and ticket claims israeli soldiers also i sat with porters that the easing of the un and various rights groups have all come out against the demolition a spokesperson for the un relief agency the palestine refugee and says the plan may violate international law or. things. in the village up absolutely terrifying the
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bed with themselves some of the most disadvantaged people in the middle east they and their children are living on a knife edge international humanitarian law prohibits the transfer of the population of an occupied territory without the genuinely and fully informed consent of the affected people regardless of the motives that consent is not considered genuine in an environment marred by the use of threats or physical force coercion fear of violence old us so the position is very clear what we may be witnessing could be a grave breach of the fourth day of the convention and it may amount to a war crime the un the humanitarian coordinator in jerusalem the director of under its west bank office members of the diplomatic community n.g.o.s the palace in north already that's been oppressed for all visit to the bedwyn but what are we supposed to do we are humanitarian aid workers we are you know
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the diplomatic community is diplomats what are we to do in the face of a highly equipped army using bulldozers well the demolition of the village had been approved by a court in may which said the settlement was even come under israeli law or israel plan to relocate the residents to an area twelve kilometers away after mr maher juma says people will continue to receive the plan. whenever this is happened is going to be clashes people is going to stand up and gives him they're not going to allow the evacuation of the people and destruction of their community we know that this is a crime against humanity this is this is our price to pay and i want to have and it's a lot of men who are going to defend it no matter what the price is this is a political decision and the nor that is a one to not just to evacuated and displaced the people of china what about that is there are a number of twenty four locations that are under the feet of expansion and this.
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placement after columbia. well sir alex ferguson coined that phrase in the screen he said he was for the host nation is even parasitics hit the post for croatia after fifty nine minutes well coming in from the left hand side which the russian defense failed to care paris search from probably about twelve yards out managed to hit the post back in favor it was was miles away from it but the russians breathe again is to one one in sochi russia against croatia. now north korea has called high level talks with the u.s. led by secretary of state mike pompei as requests of all the words are in stark contrast to from players own view of the proceedings talked about what the north koreans are continuing to do and how it is the case we can get our arms around that cheating what germany here meant present from both agreed to which was the complete denuclearization of north korea we made progress on almost all of the central issues we were expecting the u.s. to come up with constructive measures to help build confidence in the spirits of
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reunion in talks however the attitude of the us was indeed regrettable well as a result of the g. in the trial summit in singapore donald trump agreed to a number of points to provide security peace repaired trait the bodies of american prisoners of war and help with north korea's denuclearization however he didn't offer that much in return we're not reducing anything we're not reduced very little bit early for that we have to get things moving the sanctions will remain in effect we will be stopping the war games unless and until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should antiwar activist brian becker believes they'll be no progress unless the u.s. changes its hostile approach to north korea. it might pay always bringing the negotiating position of john bolton and mike pence to the negotiating table in pyongyang whereby the united states insists that d.p. r. k.
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north korea unilaterally surrender and then it may be perhaps the u.s. will change that policy of hostility and a policy whereby uses economic sanctions to deprive north koreans of food and medicine if then was my power play was negotiating position that won't work for the d.p. r. k. and d p r k said it was regrettable that the us adopted this position this negotiating position but what that the p.r. k. also said is that they still want friendly relations with the united states and the path to denuclearization in the korean peninsula was a step by step confidence building and reset for a colt synchronized i've approached by both sides what actually worked out for. the upcoming summit between him and donald trump on july the sixteenth a barrage of criticism for u.s. democrats but he wrote the president doesn't seem that and i might even end up
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having a good relationship but they go on where else president. be prepared you know person apartness k.g.b. and. you know what put in stride. well signed with people well i b but they are totally prepared i think the parents of this stuff my whole life they don't see. an addition to the recent comments from trump about the upcoming meeting we've seen republican senators visit moscow ahead of the meeting now there was a response to those republican senators visiting moscow from various forces on social media among them prominent democrats. russian swoon with the shopworn song repugnant as nails on the blackboard and the misson attacking us with trump praising putin talking to him regularly meeting him alone with g.o.p. lawmakers visiting moscow on july the fourth with republican surrendering to
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russia's cyber attack the no longer seems to be a question that the kremlin controls the g.o.p. but eight g.o.p. senators suspending july the fourth twenty eighteen in moscow terms preparing for his visit my working theory is the senate is making sure everyone knows exactly how putin likes to be serviced they also saw jim carrey the prominent and well known comedian getting on social media and seeming to insinuate that because this meeting may have taken place on july fourth that somehow this was an unpatriotic move and urging people to register to vote now it's pretty clear that there are some forces in the united states that are quite optimistic about the upcoming meeting in helsinki however it seems also pretty clear that there are other forces that simply don't look forward to a possible thaw in tension between the two countries american or ungenerous glenn greenwald is best known for publishing the documents disclosed by the whistleblower edward snowden greenwald is currently in moscow for
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a cyber security conference and he says much of america's political plus really believes russia is the number one enemy. there's an obsession in the united states with viewing russia not just as an adversary but as an actual anime it's permeated both political parties there's actually talk a lot now about how what they regard as the interference in the twenty sixteen election is similar to pearl harbor when the japanese attacked the united states during world war two or al-qaeda and nine eleven and so there is this sense that russia is now an enemy on par with al-qaeda or the japanese during world war two russia is often talked about this way in the sense that any kind of connection with or interaction with russia is viewed as inherently suspicious or even worse and it's extremely dangerous and extremely toxic and it's one of the reasons why i decided to come here this morning posted
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a picture of myself and snowden because i think it's very important to combat that it too. now let's return to that much in sochi russia taking on croatia and it's still one wanted to look at the time there it's sixty seven minutes gone let's have a look at the goals then russia midfielder davies cherish as he absolutely put russia ahead with a rocket of a shot thirty first minute the ball coming in from the hof way line managing to swallow one defender and firing the ball from about thirty yards superbe strike on his left foot getting into the top corner but russia's lead only lasted eight minutes that defense switched off as croatian striker andre courage headed the born into level things have since also hit the post through ivan paris it is still balanced on a knife edge and don't forget the win that will play england in moscow next week.
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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know here i mean you know let's put. school in the middle of the fall the ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this shit over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure
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a secure and prosperous and democratic. corruption is everywhere and i want to know since i do we still have been employment and we still have a lot of bitterness you know especially in the hinterlands so i would say that our success story is a house it's a story once again because we have achieved the body to gave the political objective but we didn't tell you that we didn't succeed in achieving the economy goes. oh most guys are this is the report yeah we're in london fabulous london city of the future. i don't know about the city of the future but is certainly
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a city that demonstrates a massive misallocation of capital as money continues to pour into property speculation if you walk around central london it is a nonstop construction site and this made me think of the smells allocation of capital that we've seen across the west this is all we have since central banks basically became the economy we're seeing just in the past week or two that all these big banks banks are the ones that are supposed to allocate capital for us what are they doing they've all announced massive share buybacks tens of billions of dollars so i think that this new crypto space was really you came up with an interesting thing when you were having this conversation in paris we went to see amir tuckey speak in the second half you interview him but we were sitting outside the event and we were talking to one of his friends called harry help and who is a cryptographer and he works with all the old you know the cypherpunks like david
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charm and he obviously is sort of like i'm a bit queer maximus background but he had something interesting to say about this notion of initial coin offerings of why they're actually a good thing and here's a clip of you on their periscope with him so much more exploration of ours is that . the bailouts have a particular target yes the government especially the dumbest and most conservative sector of society tons of money now what's happening i suppose is that weird freaks block chains of is the tarp for themselves the people's tarp put it there. money and they basically built themselves now. it's more likely to lead to innovation if you have tons of money around of crazy people and it is the back so that's why i think our students are probably actually a good idea of the global economy when our yeah for the people never chart was the was the program that they came out with during the two thousand and eight crisis to
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bail out the banks and it was approximately seven hundred billion dollars i believe and of course i can modify it over time became sixteen trillion dollars but this is a nice thing idea that harry comes up with the socially that we know because it is a political action the genesis block as a highly politicized statement referring to the bailout and so that is carried through in this thinking that these types of i.c.a.o. is in crypto coins are the people's bailout effectively the people didn't get any of that money went right to the banks on the banks to not lend it out they did not lend it out in a productive capacity that's why we have no more wealth creation that has happened we have had wealth concentration these guys have sat on their capital gave it to their friends who have more than than enough wealth and capital they had no ideas no new jobs have been real jobs have been created just service sort of sector weight trysting jobs and stuff like that then we went into the conference this
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little talk that we were talking gave at the missile did be coing in paris and he had this other interesting concept that reminded me of that really fits with this headline from out of china because i mean we're talking was talking about he showed a clip from louis mumford who is an american story and then cultural commentator who was referring about b.f. skinner who is a psychologist who had that idea of conditioned behavior and positive reinforcement and how positive reinforcement is actually a more terrifying form of tyranny because people think that. you know they're being rewarded and they think that they're actually having some sort of free choice and they have they actually feel like they're creating some sort of better society when in fact it's a totalitarian maybe a thera top authoritarian society because here is a headline about social credit score in china where it's actually spreading across
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the world china's social credit system could interfere in other nations sovereignty china social credit system a big data system for monitoring and shaping business and citizens behavior is reaching beyond china's borders to impact foreign companies according to new research the system which has been compared to an orwellian tool of mass surveillance is an ambitious work in progress a series of big data and ai enabled processes that effectively grant subjects a social credit score based on their social political and economic behavior now we've covered this story but where this research leads to is that in fact it's starting to impact western corporations western businesses how they behave they have to modify their own behavior in order to access the market and the consumers in china so that this also lends and with the positive reinforcement of that b.f.
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skinner had pushed much of. an arena he had an amazing insight in it because before his work people were beaten into submission and beaten and tortured to do at the state one of them to do and then it was assumed at that time that to get people to act against their own self-interest would be very expensive you'd have to entice people with huge kind of financial compensation but would be a scanner shows that people will act against their own interest for a very small carrot a nickel a penny they'll do act against their own self-interest because people are silly in that way as china's. capitalizing on this with this social networking score and they're getting people to give away their sovereignty not that they had any in china to begin with but they're giving away what remains of it for a score on the social networking which gives a maybe an extra piece of candy at the at the drug store if they don't do it the state wants they can't get on public transportation they get you know thrown off
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the grid and. you know this is now playing out globally because people want to do business with china it's creeping into the global business infrastructure so american corporations that want to do business with china china saying that's great but you've got to buy into our social networking grid social score and american corporations of course being victimized by the same b.f. skinner like. drawn into obedience or saying where whatever matters will do it for a nickel you know warren buffett's not a penny on the street he won't bend over a crack at me for i mean we have covered in many many in the media have covered the negative aspects of it that you're punished if you have a bad social credit score you won't be allowed on the plane they they excluded millions of people from flying home this past holiday season but it's the positive reinforcement that you can see acting through our society's already look at london it's a huge construction zone is a disaster area i would say but nevertheless
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a lot of people think it's great because they're being the positive reinforcement is if you're a good citizen if you're a good sort of person then we'll give you say this help to buy we'll give you fifteen percent of credit if you go further into debt because that's the sort of citizen we want one that is in debt and speculating on property markets and here is how they how they control people with positive reinforcement and get them to buy into this system is that citizens with high credit scores can access better hotels rental homes and even schools while those with low credit scores can be temporarily or permanently banned from taking planes or trains as happened to six point one five million people in twenty seventeen on the government's own figures a pilot version of the scheme run this year in hong juice city reportedly saw citizens with high social credit ratings get free access to gym facilities and shorter public hospital waiting times on the business side the brookings institute
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has reported that business that pay tax on time and abide by government demands will get better loan conditions and easier access to public tenders non-compliant businesses will face more difficult business conditions so look at our system whereby a certain banks get free access to cheap credit zero percent interest rates and the the government. the treasury will actually take all your bad debts off your books if you behave in a certain way if you provide basically a financial system that favors them and the people who are the elite the fear money system is dying and so people are going to take money out of fear after and see and put it into crypto and they're going to have to broad pass which is they can put their cash into obedience going which would be this china social networking score and hope to get more frequent flyer miles and a free waiting down at the gym jang or they can go down the path which is
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individual sovereignty and used opting out of state control and that's the war of the twenty first century and this is how different states are going to react differently to the presence of crypto in some countries all cash is got rid of completely it's completely electronic cash like sweden for example so people now have to make this choice are they going to go down to beauty and go on and give their life away for free down it or are they willing to stand up and be a sovereign individuals obviously b.f. skinner would say that people will never organize themselves in a productive capacity to be free of tyranny well and again like here you have these people who are being rewarded handsomely if they are obedient and they probably feel like they are good citizens and their leg good people and they wear certain colored ribbons or responds and you know signaling virtue signaling essentially
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their virtues signaling their their good compliance with the norms you see this all the time on twitter in our own economies and our own cultures and societies whereby people say i have nothing to hide i don't care if the government takes all my data and spies on me i have nothing to hide because they don't realize that. economic and politically. solver and individual actually does have a lot to hide because you have your own free thought you have your own free assembly and that is something worth treasuring and hiding in protecting from these corporations from these data miners from these. authoritarians the prizes you get for beauty as our relatively good free down it in a few years will seem like a king's ransom but as more people opt into a bt and is going those prizes are going to shrink from don't it to a virtual down and to a virtual don't crum inflation in obedience going this not in regulation airy currency and so you end up with.


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