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our software uses a source code that is publicly available. that's why hundreds of thousands of programmers around the world can improve it extend it and fix bugs. the collective workforce of the swarm of programmers discovers and closes security gaps and efficiently produces state of the art software including the world's most widely used operating systems linux and then droid. unlike microsoft windows linux is available free of charge. any organization or administration can customize it for its own purposes without asking the corporation for permission nevertheless most government team managers believe that in public administration there is no alternative to microsoft even though this is long since become a profitable industry. does this kind i cannot even get this from the many smart for once they've done the flag of a design it's none of this of theirs it's not of the windows it's
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a was done to all patients start on all the fun is up in these cards in the file this i don't mean this in and it is going on in iran and again as it does not of others with merkel agents or love in the at least on this is a list it's a toilet of items on the bus by itself and the target both of us are not with another now and again but the home is the us your thoughts ideas with of i as a life border on incentive yet were as two to one vote as a town and a heart as into the smiths software's own mr and us boyhood to a cause of national and status definition i guess and does is this then as my my course of one of four years run for from one device that. is going against interest the and stand with their feeder the one into the seats and just as hopeless as it is even then i'd never heard it is very knowledgeable in by the business as but that's this india chef time buys. today open source programs can easily compete with. of product as the company open exchange chose. to use
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a software so i just consider office parkade from microsoft as its income. in this office has actually dusted industry for life and microsoft has so much. and i'm one of the best for that's really a to mean if. the human. mind is on that time let's move to texas etiam been so. unpleasant so do most of us muslims in attendance and the comment in the phone also from a few permanent vertical mental phenomena someone via target is that someone. is kept in permanent workflow but i know. this consider him a gun is my family doctors can be the reason this and saying cling to us i was just on lots of fun of it so i office software is the same someone seen as almost a cloud furnish one upping the stuff on them like. two mice none of that up front
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of me that's good but it's got his business and it's a buzzword on the phone and i answer that argentina called what i have ordered for the. phones till it comes in and then but nothing but it's enough and it's as if it's the system and that's my moment if i didn't like a damn it does the d.m.v. office your support justice system is in the as in for life i seen the allowance on benefit in the good thing as their goals. it wasn't an annoyance of one on one that was. just going to church of course and there's a vaccine for the infants it will depend. on and for the. camera. roughly once the shots for the. future. uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broken string out.
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down more on string i don't really don't t.v. . tax rises financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm the troika and you're. the fight straight hot thank you for. the story that's right if you looked at slavery. and that one other aspect of it and. that is that the cut out of the money out of the money that they'll let actually i. guess was a good time to. try to waltz there i'm.
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not allowed yet but i need not why not pick ten then again das up why x. chanting in the hall people we believe just a little bit here. but i can say what the bible said johnny but i don't want to look at a mother how do i like you so is it a little on the way to maybe a little of the people i don't want to put out a lot more security or the role of the mother brother to. the use of open source software has long been standard practice for private corporations. the global giants of the digital economy such as facebook amazon google paypal only work with open source they would never give their competitor
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microsoft access to their information technology by using their software yet european states continually surrender to the old monopoly through contracts. in these microsoft and governments come to an agreement on the conditions whereby government institutions may use the software giants programs. the german ministry of the interior is legally bound to allow inspection of such contracts however the ministry has blackened all the essential parts like prices conditions and security requirements the reason given trade secrets as claimed by microsoft in other words the corporation can decide what the public may learn about its dealings with taxpayers' money.
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with the framework contracts governments all state institutions from local authority to parliament to obtain software directly from microsoft resellers this is legally questionable because this type of treaty overrides european law. accordingly public authorities are prohibited from buying products and services exceeding the value of one hundred thirty five thousand euros from just one supplier there has to be a public invitation to tender the german government's head of i t p two but appears to have no problems with this how does he justifies circumventing public procurement law. in the. microsoft. microsoft mission and done. on t. in the time but. this is all it if i don't win if it in full partner i'll just have to do that. and hides under them history it's least of the stock and the.
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reason it's a nice. gotcha nothing to. source and fuck you fuck. if it. is all an experiment and often it is a stand out so good as you know you did learn this photo missed in hundreds or one such big and fast. microsoft. microsoft it's. just kind of. you know. it's not that simple e.u. legislation expressly prohibits the preference of individual companies in procurement public. as well as the use of brand names and invitations to tender a lawyer specializing in i.t. and public procurement matures pabst has been examining this practice for the past four years at the netherlands university of groningen so do framework agreements
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with microsoft violate e.u. law yeah yeah that's very clear it violates european law and when you ask organizations you know why are you doing this the people responsible for a tender they usually know that standard file it's european law but they will say well even the european commission itself is doing it. how is it possible that tuckey you're thore are breaking their own rules my colleague maria majority from the journalist team investigate europe has been a long time correspondent in brussels and knows who to ask. ok who are we going to meet now and now we are going to meet. the sponsor of the entity inside it with. microsoft i was already told they are going to sign
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a new contract with microsoft next year so good luck to you. next contract with microsoft and you already negotiating a new contract tell jens the plan is to go for a negotiated procedure with microsoft for the desk top layer. and for call for tender with a reseller. for microsoft doesn't the practice to negotiate this framework contract violate the rules of procurement which demands open competition no they don't there are different procedures foreseen by the procurement rules and of course the procedure is called for tender but then the negotiated procedure is a procedure that exists in the rules and it's. it's fully legal and the conditions are that there is only one provider that can provide this particular solution the technical solution so there is no other possibility and what we've seen is that we if we didn't do what we're tender in open court for tender for provision we would
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land with microsoft anyway and it would be much more expensive because what you're doing now is negotiating a price list together with microsoft which gives this huge discount well it sounds very reasonable but this actually means that they have a problem within their organization. because they are obviously locked in. they are in a optimal situation because they are so dependent on working with microsoft that they are even thinking that they can't function without the microsoft software it says more about their own organization then. the topic of law because it basically means that they have internal problem that they have to fix but that doesn't mean that their account disregard for human
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what does the procurement law exactly say all the procurement law describes. social situations in which you ask for a brand name being locked in is not an excuse to disregard the procurement rules. there is another way in munich under the leadership of former s.p.d. mayor christian peter the city administration has converted eighty percent of all microsoft computers to the open source operating system linux since two thousand and four the project called limericks was considered a great success and was also copied in other european cities. in twenty twelve detail writer at the time head of economics in the city government negotiated with microsoft to relocate their german headquarters to munich in twenty fourteen writer
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himself became the mayor since then he's been working with the alliance of social democrats and conservatives to bring the city administration back into the arms of the monopolist if you just want and i. feel differently. and this time and i don't i guess yes it is this is a right not a good time while i'm a police i'm for i was killing this for you i'll take it. as it goes especially for gay freshman no busines you don't see pitted and this and done in the final debate the mayor rejects the arguments of the opposition about independence and data security with the linux system and argues in his closing words in a very personal well this must be here. at home and when it does well isn't seen as rooted in the. shift from here from this ng my conference really. soon fall is clearly. trying to. dimon
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this is. lincoln and to. me at least it wasn't here sitting down. is to look at the microsoft thinking list on for the full article distortion concerns it's not mention then says i had tried four hundred give just isn't. i mean i think it was definitively the youngest was you know it was over the last just as soon as you're eighty it was lucky enough to go into it if. it's fitted on windows to be very very effective. according to a survey the vast majority of city employees are quite satisfied with limit however the experts found that the eighty was poorly managed partly because the heads of departments were allowed to make their own decisions about how to use the programs but there was no fundamental technical problem as the previous head of munich's i
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t department told the industry news service. we can't interview the employees of the administration because they are not allowed to talk to us however an expert from the municipal department is prepared to talk to us anonymously so is there some truth in the claim that the open source system in the munich administration didn't work properly isn't it isn't touched him enough as it ought to still have a heart and that about it and cannot be for the long as. a lot of phones and as if you don't want to hit us what's in thousand formula. very often as of the in the past getting it went in as most noise for log system for microsoft office does what it believes we have no guns and for long as a convert or use of art that we don't hender should be dominant fleeing orders for an explosion that aren't even more just but funny a minute buzz on this kind take
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a show called has put it tick on for hundreds muscle. so he sticks to pretty to shove on the borders of excellence. and or clean his projects to and. would clean it gets fed doesn't fit soak up snake was acquitted she wouldn't eat sees a mushroom going to sleep no spanking for. microsoft sitting next to them both of us. does but you know if you want to show them by companies michael self-indulgent. you know so much you know and build up nice of faults from sunni and didn't need to last misdeeds and you know it's not going to he and you know some of us a little of this. you know that the incident in book focuses.
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twenty fourteen a bloody revolution to tell you the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful for the protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we're here to epidemiologists both bill you agree with the neighborly is that i know you're spoiling you know the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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does. what i mean. thank. you lady i look she's going to move he can if he has nothing to do but if. it was you know in the form of the media. i'm with you more game with a vague one within the north and the woman who was up in the phone while. i was at the field. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of
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the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. just host rush for three in a thrilling penalty shootout to set up a world cup semifinal against england. well england beat sweden two nil in normal time to reach the last four for the first time in twenty eight years. my colleague vs she joins you next hour with ink recap of saturday's world cup back shown and a review of the week's top stories coming up next here on our to international max and stacey talk cryptocurrency on the kaiser report.
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oh most guys are this is the report yeah we're in london fabulous london city of the future stacey i don't know about the city of the future but is certainly a city that demonstrates a massive misallocation of capital as money continues to pour into property speculation if you walk around central london it is a nonstop construction site and this made me think of the smells allocation of capital that we've seen across the west this is all we have since central banks basically became the economy we're seeing just in the past week or two that all these big banks banks are the ones that are supposed to allocate capital for us what are they doing they've all announced massive share buybacks tens of billions
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of dollars so i think that this new crypto space was really you came up with an interesting thing when you were having this conversation in paris we went to see amir tuckey speak in the second half you interview him but we were sitting outside the event and we were talking to one of his friends called harry help and who is a cryptographer and he works with all the old you know the cypherpunks like david charm and he obviously is sort of like i'm a bit queer maximus background but he had something interesting to say about this notion of initial coin offerings of why they're actually a good thing and here's a clip of you on their periscope with him so much more explanation of. where the bailouts happened particular tarp yes the government is the dumbest and most conservative sector of society tons of money now what's happened i suppose is that weird freaks block chains of is the tarp for themselves the people's tarp put it
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there. and they basically built themselves now to stick with it it's more likely to lead to innovation if you have tons of money around and crazy people and it is the bank so that's why i think i see it was probably actually a good idea of the global economy one yeah for the people never tarp was the was the program that they came out with during the two thousand and eight crisis to bail out the banks and it was approximately seven hundred billion dollars i believe and of course i got modified over time became sixteen trillion dollars but this is a nice thing idea that harry comes up with the socially that we know because it is a political action the genesis block as a highly politicized statement referring to the bailout and so that is carried through in this thinking that these types of i.c.a.o. as in crypto coins are the people's bailout effectively the people didn't get any of that money went right to the banks on the banks to not lend it out they did not
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lend it out in a productive capacity that's why we have no more wealth creation that has happened we have had wealth concentration these guys have sat on their capital gave it to their friends who have more than than enough wealth and capital they had no ideas no new jobs have been real jobs have been created just service sort of sector weight trysting jobs and stuff like that then we went into the conference this little talk that we were talking gave at the missile did be coing in paris and he had this other interesting concept that reminded me of that really fits with this headline from out of china because i mean we're talking was talking about he showed a clip from louis mumford who is an american story and then cultural commentator who was referring about b.f. skinner who is a psychologist who had that idea of conditioned behavior and positive reinforcement and how positive reinforcement is actually a more terrifying form of tyranny because people think that. you know they're being
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rewarded and they think that they're actually having some sort of free choice and they have they actually feel like they're creating some sort of better society when in fact it's a totalitarian maybe off their a top authoritarian society because here is a headline about social credit score in china where it's actually spreading across the world china's social credit system could interfere in other nations sovereignty china's social credit system a big data system for monitoring and shaping business and citizens' behavior is reaching beyond china's borders to impact foreign companies according to new research the system which has been compared to an orwellian tool of mass surveillance is an ambitious work in progress a series of big data and ai enabled processes that effectively grant subjects a social credit score based on their social political and economic behavior now
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we've covered this story but where this research leads to is that in fact it's starting to impact western corporations western businesses how they behave they have to modify their own behavior in order to access the market and the consumers in china so that this also lends and with the positive reinforcement of that b.f. skinner had pushed to be a scanner he had an amazing insight in it because before his work you people were beaten into submission and beaten and tortured to do at the state one of them to do and then it was assumed at that time that to get people to act against their own self-interest would be very expensive you'd have to entice people with huge kind of financial compensation but would be a scanner shows that people will act against their own interest for a very small carrot a nickel a penny they'll do act against their own self-interest because people are silly in
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that way as china's. capitalizing on this with their social networking score and they're getting people to give away their sovereignty not that they had any in china to begin with but they're giving away what remains of it for a score on the social networking which gives a maybe an extra piece of candy at the at the drug store if they don't do it the state wants they can't get on public transportation they get you know thrown off the grid and so you know this is now playing out globally because people want to do business with china it's creeping into the global business infrastructure so american corporations that want to do business with china china saying that's great but you've got to buy into our social networking grid social score and american corporations of course being victimized by the same b.f. skinner like. draw into obedience are saying we're whatever bankers will do it for a nickel you know warren buffett's not a penny on the street he won't bend over a crack at me for i mean we have covered in many many in the media have covered the
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negative aspects of it that you're punished if you have a bad social credit score you won't be allowed on the plane they they excluded millions of people from flying home this past holiday season but it's the positive reinforcement that you can see acting through our society's already look at london it's a huge construction zone it's a disaster area i would say but nevertheless a lot of people think it's great because they're being the positive reinforcement is if you're a good citizen if you're a good sort of person then we'll give you say this help to buy we'll give you fifteen percent of credit if you go further into debt because that's the sort of citizen we want one that is in debt and speculating on property markets and here is how they how they control people with positive reinforcement and get them to buy into this system is that citizens with high credit scores can access better hotels rental homes and even schools while those with low credit scores can be temporarily
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a. minutely banned from taking planes or trains as happened to six point one five million people in twenty seventeen on the government's own figures a pilot version of the scheme run this year in hong's you city reportedly saw citizens with high social credit ratings get free access to gym facilities and shorter public hospital waiting times on the business side the brookings institute has reported that business that pay tax on time and abide by government demands will get better loan conditions and easier access to public tenders non-compliant businesses will face more difficult business conditions so look at our system whereby a certain banks get free access to cheap credit zero percent interest rates and the government the treasury will actually take all your bad debts off your books if you behave in a certain way if you provide basically a financial system that favors them and the people who are the elite the fear of
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money system is dying and so people are going to take money out of fear after and see and put it into crypto and they're going to have to broad past which is they can put their cash into obedience going which would be this china social networking score and hope to get more frequent flyer miles and a free waiting down at the gym jang or they can go down the big claim path which is individual sovereignty and used opting out of state control and that's the war of the twenty first century and this is how different states are going to react differently to the presence of crypto in some countries all cash is got rid of completely it's completely electronic cash like sweden for example so people now have to make this choice are they going to go down a beauty and gone and give their life away for free down it or are they willing to stand up and be a sovereign individuals obviously b.f. skinner would say that people will never.


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