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the u.k. says one woman exposed to the nerve agent and the chalk this week has died another person still remains in a critical condition. croatia joined angola and france and belgium in the world cup semifinals after adding a nailbiting panel to shoot out against hosts russia. despite the laws russia fans celebrated long into the night and gave their team a hero's welcome back in moscow after they defied all expectations to reach the last eight.
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coming to you live from moscow you're watching the weekly here on our national. the u.k. government says a woman who was exposed to the nerve agent. in england has now died and hospital. thing brings us the latest. well we know that door instead he was exposed to the nerve agent named spree has now died in hospital in scotland yard's police have now launched a men's inquiry now charlie valley remains in a critical condition still a district hospital but the head of the u.k.'s counter-terrorism policing has said that this is shocking and tragic news and that their thoughts and prayers are with family at this extremely difficult time the u.k. prime minister to reason may has also spoken about this and she's that the she's appalled and shocked by the death of dorms now initially it was thought that the
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couple came into contact with contaminated drugs but counterterrorism police did confirm that the nerve agent was not the chalk now it's not the first time we've heard that the nerve agent know each other before it's been over four months now since you're in sick a script poisoned by the name of agents they managed to recover from its attack and it was only eight miles down the road in seoul spray where that incident happened but this investigation is still on going although the u.k. pointed its thing is that russia there was no concrete evidence and russia continually denied that they had anything to do with the attack but we can now give you a quick update on that case so far two people are predisposed to the right to tell the truth no but shock it remains deadly for long periods exposed to the nerve agent no which. he would to know these are you safe to have to do anything if you're going to be
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safe is that going to be a so it's a skill a should be there or we don't recruit. for you or your but your partner is there at the very very very rigid protecting the good. many name out. when you start x. in a funny little month just brushing against. those who read and write. the budget. which has been identified as the safe to contaminate to both of you so.
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it is now time that the russian state comes forward and explains exactly what is going on you know the all for is still there to the russian state to try the systems to tell us what happened former u.s. diplomat jim jatra is thinks it's time for the u.k. government to share all information it has on both cases. well to start with my reaction it's really terribly unfortunate this woman has has died and i certainly hope that the other victim pulls through let's remember of course that sergei screwball and his daughter yulia did recover from this after they were whatever this is after they were pronounced by the british media evidently with information from the british authorities that they were virtually gone or suddenly they're alive well and incommunicado nobody knows where they are so instead of just putting more fingers or releasing partial information with the implication that these two
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people were poisoned with some kind of residue from the first attack how about we get a real explanation of what happened in that first attack starting with the people involved i did the first thing i would do if i were a british citizen is demand that their government completely tell what they actually know russia has denied any involvement and with an obvious chalk incident after the first poisoning case in march moscow reached out to london with offers to call proration despite many questions still to be answered some sections of the western media have been quick to accuse russia as i had got stiff explains. could putin have really done it ordered secret agents to poison random drug addict and his homeless girlfriend with a lethal nerve agent all in the middle of a flawless world cup with billions watching russia yeah he could if you
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watch t.v. enough espionage and intrigue once again striking this sleepy corner of england that may have been left by the assailants who attacked the script files either it was left there during the preparation or after that attack russian intelligence was behind this but the fact is blood amir putin has flat out denied it he's refused to cooperate with britain. and if we don't we simply don't know how many more people can be can come into contact with this think about it it makes perfect sense a drug addict picks up no one quite knows what next he does something no one seems to know what though suddenly he's in hospital for almost a week being treated for what no one knew what with this much evidence how could you not blame russia it could only have been putin just like it was last
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time you argue that their source of. the chalk is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly i look at the the evidence from the people from from portland they were absolutely categorical i asked the guy so i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt we have not verified the precise source so to be clear you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that i was being very clear i thought i was being very clear to. the german program which is that. told us in. no uncertain terms that this was a military grade. they knew what it is not the business of important i do not know whether it's even possible for them to identify the origin in all seriousness it's an interesting narrative we have going here last
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britain's accusations which seemingly founded on a highly likely assessment therefore it's highly likely that it's highly likely that it's all russia's fault the decision taken by the russian government to deploy. on march the fourth was reckless and callous there is no cause of alternative explanation to the events in march other than the russian state was responsible we have already seen multiple explanations from state sponsored russian media regarding this latest incident we can anticipate further disinclination from the kremlin as we saw following the source we've come full circle they sat there for months ago making the same claims something happens accuse russia arguments collapse then quiet something happens again straight away they accuse russia you can guess what comes next. thailand's navy seals have
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confirmed four boys have now been rescued from the group of twelve and their football coach trapped in a cave and a north of the country for over two weeks the rescue operation was scheduled to resume on monday. when this operation a council. should be no more than twenty. just like today. i'm more confident. with. the group have been in the complex a since june the twenty third after having rains and rising waters to block their route out they were found nine days after they went missing authorities have pressed forward with the rescue operation amid fears the approaching monsoon season could cause water levels to rise and the group could be trapped for months.
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meanwhile another rescue operation was launched in thailand this week after a boat carrying chinese tourists sink nirpal cat on thursday evening forty one people of the one hundred five on board were confirmed dead fifteen are said to be still missing that weather was blamed for the incident. the us sacked the ration offended pendants us falling foul of social media censorship a facebook program designed to stamp out hate speech deleted parts of the document party's callup mop and explains the facebook algorithm has been removing content that is deemed to be racist or offensive not even the us declaration of independence has escaped the crusade against hate speech check out this not so frequently quoted grievance against the british empire back in seventeen seventy six that was recently removed from the site. he has excited domestic insurrections
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amongst us and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our front two years the merciless indian savages whose known rule of warfare is undistinguished destruction of all ages sexes and conditions no one thought twice about phrases like merciless indian savages back in seventeen seventy six but nowadays it's not exactly considered to be polite vocabulary however facebook sent an apology to the newspaper that posted it and overturned its ban so perhaps it's now ok so that to embrace a feeling for a public forum you can't go and talk to talk like other people but i think you can say your own opinion that's why we have freedom of speech you'll be teaching soon language use even the measures might be the same i know about freedom of speech so if it's stan and people don't want to read it they don't have to you know where that comes from where that's from the declaration of independence really wow wow amazing but i feel like we've evolved from a place. as far as
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a society of how we think about each other and our backgrounds from when the declaration was written maybe if they were rewritten in today's language would be a little bit more neutral facebook incident fits a pretty common trend in recent us politics americans just aren't sure how to deal with their own history and twenty eleven congressional republicans made a big show of reading the u.s. constitution aloud however they had to remove some key passages that were a little offensive you know things like african-americans constituting three fifths of a human being statues of george washington and thomas jefferson are now being desecrated because let's not forget they own slaves now statues of christopher columbus who slaughtered native americans are facing a similar rebuke george washington was a slave owner i don't care if it's a george washington statue or a thomas jefferson statue or robbery the statue they all need to come down the members and had slaves and i would repeat. should not pay poll somebody. we have had that kind of background it shows the absurdity of speech codes all together
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this whole idea that that words are violence and that just a false construct i think it's always ok to question your history but what the problem where we get off the rails as we like to say is when you try to apply today's standards to yesterday's standards and try to protect people from words if the words call for violence directed violence we ban those if the words are just offensive leave it alone let free speech reign. and the review of this weekend's the world cup action though the host nation lost out on spot kicks to croatia the cities here in moscow went on loan into saturday night that russian team has since returned from saatchi and been on stage at the found zone near the luzhniki stadium where they think the fans for their support. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. ah ah the. i am. told it was was that. he says. to foot. the bill. well i'm here has the show welcomes bach they're heroes they may have gone out on
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penalties to croatia but they. did to most no one has to say today for one it will just. be the head coach on the subject so when he spoke this whole crowd says fail at least silence he's a monster he's still here in russia has gone through the roof because this wasn't a team that was expected to do anything this was a team that was expected to go out at the opening round so what he produced and well they created was a team that has really cool the costs and minds of the russian people as we look at the i must say to you to link the two so that and sequoyah is willing if we look at the big money talks i love the big model that's all but we look at it zuba he has really strong reason that pinney and driven out so much and driven russia forward as well. timing of the sidelines telling the funds they can add up and suppose the
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. what are those memories that will always stay with me. the man they're held by that we play for you and was much appreciated by the fans on saturday night though there was a roller coaster of emotions across russia during that state game as the host nation were knocked out on penalties by croatia. and witnessed old the drama from our t.v. special football studio and simpy just back. i have . to fight to be dyslexic well wherever you watching us that i am very well thank you from polite skew here in russia is no caps about that i will concede with the sally about last night what a roller coaster of emotions we went through during the match between russia and
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clay shaw we had a bit of a crowd with us head on the way in palace square and all of us the current career included got a little bit wild thank you ali who was the why. and those scenes here were no exception to anything going on around the country apart from those lucky fifty thousand or so who had tickets to the such a stadium millions were watching the game glued to their screens not just here in the host country but also in croatia. i have. a
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have. a have i was to who he was who was good was who who was who was. certainly had a thrilling charged time of it fighting spirit there every minute of the game it seems one one off the normal time it was to sue after extra time the players giving their all all their emotions all the energy on the football field let's not want to leave the table obvious that sheriff goal. man is the rocket goal open the school ring. of people i've done it before. taking the lead with that fun and
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there's equalizer set in the crowd here absolutely. crazy or it wasn't it was a quiet motion you see it was disappointing a little bit that russia couldn't just keep it tight keep it together for ten minutes and initially they had to drop back so called hawking the boss which is what you're supposed to do manage the game but i feel maybe if you understood out of the show we discussed there's something called something of a bit of self can see just before half time and then you know they can see we looked at each other and said we're also going to get back into this and then up pops fernandez to make amends for the error but it was a really really they showed a lot of fight in the hearts of russia i think on the balance of things like racial did have some sort of a very good chance to kill the game off on the on they gave it their all as well the players at the end you know some muscular injuries you mentioned muscle crowd are going to find it very tough against england but they certainly deserve you know a shot at getting at the far left got the teamwork they've got the individual
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talent and the moderate is rockish is my magic it should cetera they're going to give england a real run for their money i do feel they are and i think you mentioned that. one of you said for the for the science. they have a chance but i think they're going to have to manage that team really jeff because last night was really draining on them and eventually forced to keep the second game they've had to take to you carol. of course all over for the russians croats marshawn know they face england in the semi file in england i feel haven't really had to get out of second or third gear they're not really been challenged to the point where you think crikey they're going to lose are going to be knocked out of plays some beautiful soul will again some of favorites in argentina among them this is going to be quite an interesting game isn't it i think so i think in the we'll go into that feeling very confident we've been saying all along since in the loss to belgium in the group stage and came second day on the so-called easiest side of
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the draw and by you know seeing how it shapes up they played columbia they went to penalties it was difficult but really they deserved to go through the jinx at least for the jakes they won on penalties and then they preach we did yesterday with those goals one while and then you got me and then after that you look at it and you say well they play a team again across a shitty who are probably better technically but maybe struggling with fitness and you know being tired and fatigued as well and so england you know playing that game against sweden you know we can see those goals now actually they were in control of the game with girls coming from so the zero corner for me and always the coming in maguire jumping up off the fence top right hand corner there that's the first goal is first goal and fight for the international team finds a match they're going crazy they won the world cup and this other set piece for delhi out he's got plenty of time plenty of space does a few steps towards the goal on log those past three defend the swedish defense
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free fall asleep there was a bit of a softball to be offside trap and finds england in ecstasy heartbreak for the swedes of course they've done so well so you get past it now fan support is of course a huge factor in any games and the england fans who made it out to russia now urging their following the schmidt to do the same. i was going to sixty six. and pasted it off. to the public on your of oil i want to go to the world cup just the thing you need to go see you want to go there and so i actually go that is it's surreal so walk
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out and there's a huge stadium full of families politicos i didn't fly and lots of other noises well. yeah. but it's a feeling the main thing i was worried about was the alphabet because i can't touch understand anything. absolutely miles away i'm trying to put my head goes faster than just a minute and more well three tries. but then everyone speaks english it was very friendly. wolf and so i got to go to russia so the missing out on one of the things that are you are really. his body will give me. a friendly and. great food on the ice to fire and i said michelle.
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last found his father there is wife thinks he's going fishing. go on the scout it's on it's a really long fishing trip almost woke up has been some pretty full as well as trouble some attention across the big media social media platforms while this one english shout out final blogger spencer wrote he's been dogging many followers with his coverage of the tournament i. this bunch is in russian. so it's a road clearly clash between russia and spain we showed off to the game to get his
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take a little bit. of that everything often flying up in on trains of stayed in hotels i've stayed in apartments we've had absolutely zero issues in terms of the people with. the other way i'd say people have been so friendly and welcoming to the english and not just the english. i must say that one of things i love the world cup is the different kind of cultures you come into contact with and everything off saina said that the russians have welcomed that of open arms so i have to say it's been amazing and yeah i've gotten zero complaints i just hope more people can come out. we had that golden generation before us recording. these great players the stephen generals the front paws the way it really is no doubt this squad on paper was one of our strongest ever but it didn't really perform and whether that was because of pressure or rule or. being a team of individuals and auti what we have now seems much more like that you know
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i think we've got managing to me included a lot of people were skeptical as to whether he was going to have the experience of the know how to get them we paid but most importantly he's the right kind of character that we need to do right now and he's found a way of making these young players joe an easy young team is one of the youngest teams ever one of the youngest things at this woke up as well so we didn't go into the expectations often that's one of the key reasons for doing well and we had a good group the group for us to approach it was tough but we had two teams in panama no disrespect to them. that we were able to get wins against and ask us moments of. no question saturday was for the pajamas for the fans well that seems. to hold. you was. the fuel.
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the was that was was. was. was. ok this is how the semifinal is shaping up to go and will fight for a white shirt in moscow and wednesday it was the crowds of course but not england or stopping them going to the two thousand and eight euros likely a bit of a grudge match that cross played just the day before but you could say he despite that hoping to beat that name of belgium it will promises to be a real crock of
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a game we'll be covering it up will be i should point out all the kids baseball cop will be with you again soon. excuse me excuse. me that said for. our team for now about well we'll be back with more right at the top of the hour.
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etc see clearly although. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that
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mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. hello and welcome to worlds apart it's hard to find a more drab and yet more romantic period in the history of the soviet.


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