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tv   Sophie Co  RT  July 9, 2018 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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for the middle for truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome to. the arab spring began with high hopes. but with seventy years on turned the middle east into an open war and what went so wrong and what is next for the region we'll ask the former president of tunisia where they. started. seven years after the people of the middle east took to the streets demanding transparency democracy and inclusion the region is a wash with fanaticism. and launch our popular movement has failed in the arab world
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has the arab spring become the ultimate antidote against revolutions or will another wave of uprisings and goes to region once again. the former president of tunisia welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us now. seventy years ago they are spring infected the middle east with hopes that popular app risings would get rid of dictators and usher in an era of prosperity we have now only one success story out of many why has to manage to make this work so far but no one else. well first of all let me thank you for this invitation of course here in tunisia we are all extremely sorry paul what happened in countries like syria like yemen libya even in asia i think it's really a catastrophe that just because the people wanted to be free. you know what
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happened to the syrian people you don't want to happen to the libyan people etc. tunisia is concerned i can say that where we are if of course very pretty proud. because we have a she would a peaceful and democratic group who should but you know we are still we have a lot a problem. we are tackling a lot of problem we didn't solve all our problems so i wouldn't talk about success story i would talk about a half success story and i am very often asked why tunisia is so. is so different. in fact if we have this small success i can say it has nothing to do with the fact that we are smarter or we are different than syrian or libyan it has to do with the very structure of the traditional society i can say that this is lucky because. you know that we are a middle class society where you do get that society we have very strong civil
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society for many many many decades. also we are small country we don't have oil we don't have you know so we don't attract the greed of superpowers of so for. we are also mother and country this is this is very specific but i want to talk history you were first president after the revolution what was the biggest challenge for you is that i mean do you feel you have to feel the protesters demands and dreams one of the main important reasons for group pollution was the high rate of wouldn't really meant. high rate of corruption. high rate employment among among graduates and i can say that. if you consider this objective we didn't we didn't achieve much we still have a corrupt society we still have a corrupt corruption is everywhere in our work in our society we still have a high rate of unemployment and we still have
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a lot of bitterness you know especially in the hinterland so i would say that our success story is a half success story once again because we have achieved the political game the political objective but we didn't we didn't succeed in achieving the economy goes so i heard you say that you had nightmares back then that there'll be another revolution within the revolution was it hard for you to prevent and are there were upsizing from breaking out what i hope that. the huge challenges we are precinct currently are once again we're just facing economic problems if we can if tunisia can move forward if tunisia in one thousand the next election for instance you know. there could stay on the track with the state democratic states and improve the economic situation i think we can we can probably. improve the situation as a whole i think tunisian our people is a wise people is
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a moderate people and i can i can hope that we would not have to resort to a new revolution but if the economy situation would worsen again and again and again i'm afraid that people would say hey it's ok we were very impressed by the fact that we have freedom of expression freedom of association was not enough we want to want to eat and so when i would be. probably they would be more interested in some. regime that could bring. social development but the problem is that we have we have had this kind of regime . for more than two decades arkenstone what we call the strong with the big data and it's a throwback to the social and economic improvement the people to understand the leap between democracy and social development this link is not yet where understood
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like you said there's corruption tunisian unemployment rates are high finances are in disarray the tourism industry is threatened by terrorism i mean it's not that much better and under the former dictatorship right so how can you explain to young people what this was all really for if they don't see much difference. well first of all they see a difference they see a difference because for the first time tunisian leave they did then they don't labor under fear you know because under the dictatorship the situation was a psychological situation of the people was extremely extremely bad i think a delusion were very frayed that the secret police tunisian were pretty proud of everything and they. they use it to to to feel to shame it and of being just subject to to dictate to the dictatorship and corrupt dictatorship so i think they see the difference and they are this is why i think they they are if they would never accept the comeback of the dictatorship even if you have this
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democrat this economic problem but the but it all tunisians know that in fact. if you have had this with pollution it's not because well the people didn't want nobody you know would take to the street just because he's he's angry or people have taken to the streets because they want to rush to because there is tunisia would no longer accept to live under this high. level of oppression they hide in contempt the high level of poverty etc etc so in fact the main responsible for the revolution i would say it is in the dictatorship is the same thing in syria if this is syrian people you know took to the street it could be it it was only because of the syrian regime and it was of the same thing in libya in asia but you cannot you know we cannot say to the people look be very careful because if you revolt then you would have you will be punished and punished those people who would
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not accept this kind of blackmail you know if we come back to the same regime with the same problem with the same this is the outcome would be a new and pollution. one time or another it's just a matter of time. there are straight rallies in tunisia and people are setting themselves on fire just like in twenty eleven but with less restrictions on the same toys three public discourse with elections will live discontent just dissipate away or is it putting real pressure on tunisian politicians yes of course there is usually. for the first time here in tunisia and this is because of the regime of course we have public opinion and the public opinion is now playing an important role you know to put the pressure on to a petition to improve their their way. of behaving and you know when you have. i think it's very important for a pope for
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a compromise because that people. become really citizens because before the state before the revolution they were just subject to the ship now currently they are citizens and they are free and they are proud of being free and they are for the first time once again we have a public opinion on the political scene that every politician is now very aware of the fact that he is well watched by the by this public opinion by the. by social media etc etc and this this is all i would say that this is our main game from the from the revolution that's for the first time in this country we are free people and we are proud of being free people and so and also resigned to the starting place or not really do you just get it you just said they were free people does the fact that you are free people and people are able to speak their minds freely mean that there is a less chance of a revolution because they can say whatever they want. yes but you know this pritam
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is made you use it to fight against the main sport the main problem that led to the reproduction which is corruption oh man problem in this country and all of the arab countries corruption is the fact that we have a corrupt elite and this corrupt you need to use it to use the state for its own benefit for the first time in our history and three thousand years in history in tunisia we have the public opinion we have people watching what's happening within the state watching what was it i would of course but here's this video you're saying it's your. opinion and people watching the politicians that means that there is less pressure on politicians because there is no danger all for revolution yeah . so your politicians can just insinuate whatever say because there is no pressure because there is no fear of a real illusion anymore. no no but we have a we're going to have elections on with every note everybody know that election no i have not nothing to do with the elections before they were lucian so this also is
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kind of. pressure but you know we're going to change the situation from overnight we have to be patient we have to we need we need some more time but i think as far as tunisia is now a democratic state i think we can we will stick to the same new freedom and we were not give up look when the the situation in. the other in libya syria and in yemen it's what you would see that the people are still fighting for their freedom they didn't give up even with the you know the high amount of blood and the high amount of repression of violence by the by the country would who should be parsed is still. fighting for their freedom and this is a new phenomena this is worth the no matter what the old regime would do the people would fight for their freedom and this is very new and this is very very promising
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all right we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to him and says i'm absolutely the former president of tunisia discussing the legacy i'll say arab spring seven years after a broke out stay with us. when lawmakers manufacture consent instant to the public will. when the room in close is protect them so. when the final merry go round lifts only one percent of. the time we can
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all middle of the room sick. room in the real news room. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me to peep out the cells with simple song alone even some company else with so they can find private companies to take over the utilities then he bought a telescope. allowed to wish you guys you got to but you buy them the going to go buy been pieces of us to quote them out. of more use than bill bill if bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than war it's about the hurt and the redistribution of all there was to this. date downwards
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do you want or will. myself a saying hold on we'll it's one of those jobs back to america by imposing sarus to equalize this trade picture and move toward a post china extraction model you know where as private equity extracts wealth using labor trials china's been extracting wealth using leverage trade shenanigans so this is just the reverse of that song as i hear it in some people's voices. understand that. understand more than people give him credit for.
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and we're back with. former president talking about the triumph some disasters of the arab spring revolutions talking about the our strength in the region as a whole the app rising can be traced to just mubarak or qaddafi or. they happened in so many countries at once but is it fair to bundle all his revolts together i mean surely different arab states had different reasons for the uprisings or did they not. well i think they have to have the same problem everywhere the same problem is once again dictatorship are hard to ship with massive human rights violation all this you know almost human rights violation in fact they were hiding the the the most important problem which is corruption the huge amount of money
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that have been spent by the local police everywhere and our board this was the inacceptable especially for the new generation because what the arab leaders in it understand that they are facing a new genre ration i call it the asian aeration this generation of young people where educated work will inform. being you know. extremely aware of the everything happening in the world etc. being part of this social network international social network it's about this asian immigration has nothing to do with the older generation my generation for instance where you have. people who are not educated who could accept everything you know i don't like the word arab spring i always talk about the arab volcanoes of the arab earthquake what happened in two thousand and eleven was just the first outburst of the volcano was even though you can big question of that if you have a new eruption of again those everywhere if we don't if the local regime the elites
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the roekel elite don't think of this problem of corruption of social justice so the layby and syrian cases lead to all out war in talking specifically about libya now the gadhafi regime managed to uphold the tribal power balance in a country with qaddafi gone their tribes have gone to war do you think it's a responsible to start a revolt without thinking about how to keep the country together after their waltz . i mean my class was you know the worse removing the dictator but losing the country in the process. yes well this is exactly what many people would say everywhere but i can't i can respond to this. who is responsible of the situation on p.b.s. i think this gadhafi was head of state for more than four decades why didn't he. do everything you know to promote education to promote social justice etc imagine
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that this nick paper has done this as promoted i would say that the minimum of the democracy the minimum of social justice is the minimum of i think the probably leader would be the one of the richest and the most stable country in the in the region but this is didn't happen so once again what's happened now in libya the outbreak of group lucian and the aftermath of the bush and it's the responsibility of gaddafi exactly it's the responsibility al bashir assad in syria is the responsibility of the dictatorship in tunisia i think if they imagine that all of those dictators behaved differently imagine that in syria for instance the bashar assad has accepted the minimal freedoms a minimum of social justice you wouldn't have this is the biscuit passed through from here. ok so i was going to debate one example that right now i'm not going to
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that they have been we're talking about things that didn't happen and we can't change my question is what is it saying step standing the way they stand right now is it worth losing the country by removing a dictator. yes but doing so the us would be look i would say to every country now living under a dictatorship look emersion what would happen if you get rid of the dictatorship so please accept the. present so please accept. corruption so please accept everything so it please accept because look it would be worst if you don't if you if you move forward if you ask if you stand for four for your dignity or for ites you can talk to people like this ok you can have. a measure now if any country. living under our dictatorship and say began for because if you do with it it is your fate would be worse no we cannot have you cannot talk to the people like this
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you you have to talk to the lesson would be too stupid to talk to the dictators everywhere was there the look you have to do something for your country because if you don't you you can have the destruction of your e.u. regime but also the destruction of your people your country this is what should be said to the dictator or another to the people this is should be a big lesson of the arab spring i do you think taters are listening now no they are not listening because the you know the dictator is a dictator i think has he hey listen don't know about the anybody here is. he's convinced that he's right all the time it's a price of power but you know this once again when you have the social and economic problem in the country you cannot blame the people who come you must blame the regime because the regime has the upper hand when you have the upper hand you you are responsible you can ask the people you know to accept you just because it could
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be worse if you are removed so the advertising that led to the russian revolution in one nine hundred seventy and it started chaotically but was quickly saddled badly organized underground revolutionary parties why didn't the arab spring uprisings have an organized political force to lead them and focus. well because you know when you live under a dictatorship the dictator would do everything you know to prevent any kind of peace for organizing you know political party or sole support to try to lead the revolution of course this is what happened in the end in libya gadhafi has done everything you know to prevent any kind of organization whether it was but it because all just n.g.o.s and so when one who as i were thrown there was it kind of a vacuum and you know when you have this kind of force you can you can have everything you can have this horrible violence going on just no yes no fortunately
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in tunisia because we have this tradition of being strong civil society to pull so many the case before that even before that the best way we were lucky because we have had this you know this. group of people leading the people who should and this is why we didn't we didn't have this civil war and so for so the arab spring protests got a lot of people really excited and the western leaders western media law school activists all of them were like opposite os but in the wave of excitement what happens to the voices of people who didn't want to come out to the streets for instance while people in benghazi want to see out people in tripoli were not as excited over the idea while people in homs wanted assad out people in aleppo where i'm very skeptical over the proposal is it inevitable ignoring this one side that isn't yelling as loud as the other. yeah. you know it's society.
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within a society you have the nose of. the society you have people who are happy with the regime because they you know that they have everything they want from this regime so it's quite normal that that in syria or even in tunisia you know people that is some of the population were was not very happy with where with the fall of the ship because a dictatorship is not just one his family that you know that enjoying. life and having to go out of money etc you have thousands of people you know living a very well under a dictatorship so i can imagine that in in syria in arkansas so do you see the danger of painting everyone who isn't partaking in the revolutionary fever asked the government or you say regime all the time you end up presenting them as
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a faceless mass of people without a voice i mean that's how civil war start there is always in a society a majority and minority and are going to sure that big minority big minority are we are extremely unhappy with their would the outcome of the arab spring but look when you when you have a crisis in the so important political crisis like we have had before the outbreak of brutal lucian what would what is the city's solution you cannot express your your your feeling your wishes as a majority because there are no election or fair election that you have to pick this week you don't have any any other solution you kind of. there look people look there are some people who are not who don't agree with you with that because they are unhappy with that we are with the regime and you're going to look stay quiet because you could have. the situation worse than if you're involved because we are going to you know. crush you. going to kill all of you we were going to
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burn the country etc you can opt out of this to the population the population would take to the street i would try to explain the sense because people who are no longer can no longer accept the situation where they live and this is this is the reality you have to accept this also. thank you very much for this interview or talking to mossad another team this former president of tunisia discussing the impact of the arab spring seventy years on in tunisia and other arab can trace that's it for this edition of so if you go i will see you next. thank you.
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so you. use your last years does. she. i mean some of you can see us from the from the ice. because
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you're going to stuff a lot of your. games there. from the moment also for them to. come before we start to get. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten point zero or crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need
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to remember one one doesn't show you can't afford to miss the one and only. in rapid succession donald trump will attend a meeting of nato leaders and then meet with russia's vladimir putin what can we expect from the donald and much much more on this edition of crossfire. i. think somebody. hit. something tonight. but.
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police say they're still unable to link the knot of agent used in the ames brands to dent to the one used to poison a former russian double agent back in march. the mother of a missing indigenous to go launches a six hundred million dollar lawsuit against canadian police alleging their diligence in this and similar cases involving aboriginal women. at the world cup benton's is last week our correspondent goes to test the quality of women's football in russia. it's what i call. football the heart of moscow. versus. an art.


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