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true legend or friendship or mr al ager at first and foremost what he made of france's world cup so far city new. new government in performance of u.c. . on this period not on the could he do fosse surely do if you don't see if it meant to no mental to to perceive it. lizzie keep us and compete is your. point if you. don't risk up his own to what is such a silly fancy to do some of the supporters over the school disco feeder funds is on the money to some up. with a committee show mentor not to supposably they are speaking or semifinals one of my first memories of woke up for paul was the great french side that i just mentioned the show being in the semifinals ninety two inspiring ninety six in mexico of course we won the european championship but your midfield was only grazed the
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fields of all time out and out with the name is in french but in english or translates to be in the magic square luis fernando. michel platini in yourself was similarities between that me feel that you guys had in the french midfield of that i don't. know some keep that has cut when to cut and sees us cannot not will not push this. sitting me to. say but what he. must escape from work in the sit on was up but is it good or needed by law. to complete those of three on up on the ticket from you on the product at on that issue until the equity. exception then every new me should put in the least about us to keep the occident group which will to swim kitty difference your mom or me do you develop it if it could only keep more then what out. siddle if criticize him at all show elitism is
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a cancer that is pass. a difficulty culture kanchan will disperse and the bad guy who's taken the world cup by storm when he fit into that great french side during the eighties into your side with. the food and then put the two to sleep or . annoys you. you could return call on it illusory tibial it is it said that your nearest city is a desert says a bailable from there on there is a capacity needed but all illiberal of our overall greedy. to allocate the cause your levy law to put me to come to the keeper of trial be. loopy of wood and mark and say your city on every critic of us and humanity dog and that be an all or naught it be illusion if you keep all this you keep complaining cool board or not to teach us your the yeti demetria that is passed the match up by this
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bastard it was our individual among. what i dont we sit there where you do of course policy is somewhat of quite a relief to experiment a quality or only when it is a policy challenge or as coming from somebody from a stray you used the what you as a young boy ten years of age of as what you in one thousand eight hundred to be out the interview has been an absolute pleasure thank you so much missy will who.
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will so you will both be end or your not. just us. but i mean. the thing.
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you can tell us from the. culture in the form of the view. from people many people from. a trumpy and kind of view it is an understatement to say donald trump is an unconventional and an orthodox political figure because critics do have a point when they say trump appears to be harsher. than with real or imagined enemies then there's the middle east and iran. so obsessed with terrain.
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that i just i'm calling will show. up for the first time in a long. represented boy. and this is the. welcome it's a pretty neat. briggs you know i'm delighted that you can join us here at police headquarters in the center of milan this is actually the first ever police will give us a little bit of a history how panini started and how we got involved in making football stickers the panini family story is a typical italian story of the fifty's and sixty's so after war the search
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of a new live. for get about the past they started their activity in the publishing area by means of bind a little kiosk in the center a modern era and from there that expanded the activity through the period between one nine hundred forty five and one thousand and sixty into first a distribution agency and then a reworking. the so-called unsold copies of other publishers in into packets called surprise packets it was a success. and that gave is a penny of the eldest brother the idea to generate their first collection and that's where it all started. lovely to meet you want to show us a look at you've got
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a new school. straightaway the three lions are like you give us an idea how difficult it is to formulate a squad so far out and how you can manage him to do it knowing he is working hard that creation on the squads. of the sports and it turned into that what he's working the most normally is a crystal ball. and concentrate on this crystal ball and they could all be information be having it one of the information besides r.p. the work you know or to do if you're in the four years before the event. the world called still the calmest world and of course it's a mexico the us take a stadium so vish really was a fantastic opportunity to sell and the idea of collecting stickers around the world give us an idea of how successful that ended up becoming well.
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easy to say this was the first album which was conceived to be international so with. captions very simple captions about layers and just hard facts but by isn't stance and was a big success it was it was. and gave the panini brothers the. confidence to carry on for the future at international level. ok we'll call. these our what i don't know and here we are quite some time ok and this is the basis for mixing it up making. confronts us players and yes so what happens next simona that's what we have been mixing up because we mix together that all because yeah.
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so there's the england three lions poland colombia you can see there you go there like we did on the stand calling all show we got the french team of nine hundred ninety eight from the booth joined us on the show. ten million. people paying many stickers for you. know yeah i can give you a lot of talking about. one hundred. one. and this is where you stand this is a complete i mean. let me hold. you literally varian home. so we're going to record a reply. swaps is anyone doing oh more and more complaints now over. sure and instinct is that's all you.
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see of a country in a plane or a different planet different country different. weather will be and yet we are on the fuckin. yeah we. did a cold on the back. we are not there we can't. yeah riyad account and then we had reality that the week the buffy. who he is one is one and it's one noah. i remember this one because this is a book for the p.f. i. saw it was strange because i remember that they turned up to the liverpool training ground to may just just go on and ok if i switch it was a terrible fog that is unless i'm yeah a man's man. with robbie fowler the pictures is so much better and they're in the
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problem printing the stickers there's many white thirteen star eleven pounds for some a little bit heavier than that and i twenty four and robbie fowler annoy scored one hundred two goals between us but so you say eason's oh yes oh yes i can remember this like it was yesterday i own my goodness. yes some of the stadiums still there and. this is my favorite ever. look at some of these players for recently got siani betsy ross a. pietro. dinos off that played well in series for. the team that made me want to play for. says gino and say says you know socrates and there's the.
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look remember phil in these books and this is it was just a. fantastic. thank you very much for the memory. the memories of stickers yes the. way out so the fish will cope in russia in two thousand and. she can say we have the beautiful kremlin and red square behind us and she's made me way super excited but it strikes first one france against belgium the lowlands again. before nine hundred ninety eight both knocked out south american opposition what she confronts for us well france out of the tournament like real champions i was lucky to get that result to win against australia they've built themselves explode to get saddam hussein and did what they had to do against europe why they're looking very very good belgium must be feeling bulletproof you talked about
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knocking at south american countries they knocked out the favorites in brazil so they must think that they can beat anyone big decision for a bit about the belgian manager who is he going to play got a tactical run against brazil does he stick with the same table does he go a little bit different but the may still think france got the edge big decision today shows as well midfield as you bring about maturity or is he stick with. talented teams i think france will take it out how important is this for the premier league's of the last two or three years everybody talks about ronaldo messi the leader is the best this is a massive shot in the arm when you've got paul pogba so in france where you've got kevin de bruyne and a lot of these belgian players playing in the premier league for the premier league . well course it is the premier league in my opinion is the most of the tightening league in the world by weather and all it's the best it's very very difficult to judge but one thing i will say that i would say it goes deeper than any of the league in the world and this is just showing that now the representatives you just mentioned the tottenham players playing for england and that as well and for france you go to the race and people like that it is great for any league or around the
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world to have players represented at the very highest level and especially at the biggest competition in the world give us your prediction for france against belgium in the. tight game france to take it out probably after extra time right the second long we've. been in the game as they say on pride englishman you are preludes you'd never guess it is also. croatian heritage book both semifinals cry should be it in the house valiant effort by the russians but. got past the rockets each and then. functions where you didn't tell me what you thought some of those quotes are fond of well first of all most price is have to hold my hands up to russia forget about it being a great world cup as was spoken by many as it's that same perform fantastically well we have about.


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