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you are preludes you'd never guess it is also. croatian heritage book both semifinals croatia breaching the house valiant effort by the russians but. got past the rockets each and then. functions where he didn't tell me what he thought some of those quotes are fond of well first of all most christ is have to hold my hands up to russia forget about it being a great world cup as was spoken to me as if that same perform fantastically well we have a very concerned about the law she's confederations cup as to what would hope for would russia go russia in the first half of my father but it same totally does come back into a second half probably just edged it but then once again russia full back and got that equaliser right before the penalty shoot out penalty shoot outs no matter how much you bring it down to a fine science still comes down to a little bit of luck we had that luck like we had the game before against denmark as well but little bit concerned two games hundred twenty minutes and penalties a little be considered especially playing starchy which as you know is very very
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hot england i thought was a very convincing performance against wade and i thought they should have put colombia way before the last ten minutes or so i thought colombia were poor up until that point but then played really well and made you think why they play that throughout the whole guy you think croatia do do and one of the first times in my life i think i can lose because i spent over half my life in england christian heritage which ever way it goes it doesn't really matter but yes i do believe that england will beat croatia and i'll play france in the font quite incredible to think i'm in france against england is more of a famous than it is a football game but. separated by twenty two miles of the english channel or if you friends french that's both these prediction i want to ask you and pick your brains about goalkeeping there have been lots of penalty shoot outs in this tournament. the psychology of why. we've both played them he missed a big penalty a. six and. callers you seem cold to me england set up he wants to own the process
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tell us what it's like for a goalkeeper is it much easier than a penalty taika and what goes through your mind when somebody stepping up so i could be big penalty number one definitely much easier it's your opportunity as a goalkeeper to be the hero which comes few and far between for a goalkeeper your mentality when a player comes up to take a penalty differs from a shoot out that it does from regular place of his regular play you pretty much know who the penalty take is going to be going to be staying calm on that worried normally likes to go but let's just sort of white and say in a shootout it's a lot different well it was for me anyway it was like i got to be five the ones who are going to be taking two three four or five they're going to be watching you so for those first couple i'm going to stay still for as long as i possibly can and go to the last minute if the people are going to type you have a penalty see you moving they'll just say right he moves very quickly said basically i can put it in my why i can change my mind lightly he'll move if a way and i see what you what you want to do is to make sure that that head goes down of the penalty take it because once the head goes down then it's the time to
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go the non-peak and foot is the important thing the vast majority of penalty take is that on keeping four points the way that the penalty is going to go excellent stuff balls as always great insights we hear in the last few days of the faithful world kopel it is the view of the semifinals when the fronts will be belgium will be england taking their place in the news nicky stadium sunday hands for the faith world cup final. goal make this manufactured to be sentenced to the public will. when the ruling
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class is some project over themselves. the final. be the one. making or middle of the room sit. room. was. it. was. france reach the world cup final with a one no victory over belgium instead of petersburg. go up for sure it's your life. after all you don't have that many.
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searches just a standoff is expected wednesday's nato summit in brussels softer donald trump accuses european countries are failing to pay their way in their lives. and an alleged victim of nerve gas poisoning in the u.k. town of em's three week gains consciousness it remains in a critical condition. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me the key erin france all through to the final of the twenty eighteen world cup in russia a soft defeating belgium one no instant pages but it will be the third final for frogs of twenty years they lifted the trophy in nine hundred ninety eight and lost on penalties to italy in two thousand and six so they'll be meeting the. it is
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a way these days it's any final. thoughts that go marching on to the world cup final and really what did you think of. well i think as i was telling you. the whole fun. that happened. what we could expect one ball would we need. and. one gold would create some reaction. and that happened more space for france to contract out more in the should to from from belgium but seeing the belgium players. they go home with a bad feeling a feeling that we could do more and better. feeling that probably.
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is all there it because it drives absolutely everything. but many of the players. they kept hiding and a little bit more in the in the last twenty twenty five minutes but they are much better than that and for beagle cajuns big players and many of the players they were not there in the beagle cajun friends was. who was good on the basics things of the game they defended well they were competent. they scored. a ball that probably was. from a near miss match the last man to touch it but they score and then they try to control the game which basically be they did we've. a fantastic performance by. and i seem to have. very good performance by bob bob
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the walls was meant to. play the game weeds with great maturity when we had to hold a position and to keep control of the game when the show to call for was useful to bring move on then for the have more freedom but that freedom not to do silly things you had freedom to keep the ball away from the bench was arius to keep to keep the ball to assist griezmann for a great chance he was very very mature and probably see the pictures for the goal now i mean it's another goal from a set piece in this world cup as you know set pieces are something. that you can train. your dog damage. more of your physical condition and when you are in a competition like these where the accumulation of comes you have just to recover
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then is very difficult to have training sessions of development of tactical situations that creates even more spending of energy. opening the door for more small injuries so what can you train said please you don't run. you don't spend any of your and there's attics or sees you do it you do it in a relaxed way you do it you do it as part of your. recovering sessions and you go for the set pieces. he said talking about energy as well living in a bath again showed he had some tricks and flicks as well he proved that he is a forty something for the future for france and this french team is easier you know . looks. i play with twenty years of football
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but. must be below twenty five. he played his first match with me with eighteen in real madrid that was two tolls and it's thirteen so he must be now twenty four years old all soul and reason. is young paul these young. lookers and t.t. . three d. i think on the lorries. three d. they are on the thirty's is a very very young team so far so good watching on that death i saw the croatia all england how do you say you said before the collation were tied how do you see the second and if i'm. you know i think. england is fresher. has younger players heads easy group phase where they plea to the matches and the match against belgium big change every player sold the
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players that are playing the they all had one match less than crewe issue to play because they didn't play against belgium and the majority of the players. are young feed the players when i look to the dean my seeing ashley young and so is three years old just today or yesterday something like that and a part of that the players are all very young and between england and croatia i think croatia has a great mentality. a fantastic mitchel player to control the game in the possession of the game but then when these. is a happy team is a team that you look at them and you see happiness is a team that they went from. either candidate to. candidate and i just hope because that that's
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what they really need i just hope that they are themselves and not break belgium. the majority of the player is they were themselves in big matches you have to be yourself a bit better the big match can make you a bit better that extra adrenalin that extra. feeling of how big i am. can only make you better. as france the guy watching on to the world cup final and for us we crossed to our mustache studio with neil and you. many thanks kate and many thanks jos a very warm welcome we are here on the rooftop of red square we've just been digesting that semi final. lots of french funds going crazy both here in russia and also of
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course in france itself let's take a look at what those fans have been getting up to after that final whistle went on france were into the world cup final. it was . france with a touching distance of the coveted trophy will they get it or not i'm sure the fans are thrilled just to have the chance let's go over now live to st petersburg and outside the stadium and hopefully we'll see want to see jubilant french fans at the already in the. it was it was. thousands of fans stream away from these. petersburg stadium we've seen
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a number of actually belgian finds pretty happy i was surprised to see a number of them cheering and shouting belgium belgium of course very proud of their team getting to that semifinal this was a generation of players who always seen as being the so-called golden generation young. hungry players who finally came into their prime but just couldn't do enough to win that game this evening the french france however a little common now but i can tell you they were absolutely jubilant with that picture he. was the was these fans hugely delighted i can imagine that there will be a party all night here in st petersburg who do you see you know if you.
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was was. was the was and many of them now figuring out how they're going to make their way to moscow they'll be scouring the web sites for flights and trains and even figuring out perhaps how to get up by bus and by car and then the question of how to get one of those golden tickets put out final on sunday in moscow out to these new stadiums so confronts the johnny goes dog as they seek to win the second well top who will join them will be england's own to be croatia we'll find out some more evening thanks through what will they be offering us in the final a lot of people are looking for to the performances of. young simply stop.


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